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Fatal Fury Special/Cheng Sinzan

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Ffspeccheng colors.png


Pros Cons
  • Projectile flies in an arc
  • Specials can easily catch your opponent off guard
  • Extremely dangerous super
  • Slow walk speed
  • Normals are a mixed bag
  • Bix hurtboxes

Moves List

Normal Moves


Move Name Motion
Aiki Nage F/B+HP when close to opponent
Zutsuki Satsu F/B+HK when close to opponent

Special Moves

Move Name Motion
Ki Rai Hou QCF + P
Dai Taiko-bara Uchi Charge D,U + P
Ha Gan Geki Charge B,F + K

Super Move

Move Name Motion
Bakurai Hou Charge DB,D,F + LK+HP

* Bakurai Hou will absorb projectiles.


  • Close A x 4 > Far D
  • Close A x 1-4 > cr.A > Hagan Geki (B)
  • cr.C > Hagan Geki (B)
  • (in the corner) Kiraihou > Hagan Geki (B)


The Basics

Advanced Strategy

  • The C+D (knock into the back line) attack, the one where Cheng gathers Chi around his fist is an excellent anti air for attacks coming in at 45 degrees, the same attack on the back line isn't as good.
  • His standing "Hop Kick" Roundhouse is an excellent footsie weapon when used at full range. Try to hit the tip of low attacks with it. If an opponent tries to trip you with a long range sweep, kick his feet with the Hop Kick. Very effective! This footsie will cleanly beat just about any low attack. Experiment with this and the standing Short(when you need a quicker attack) against other attacks. They can beat things like Tung's lunge punch, I think even Duck's Ball. Incredible priority. Still experimenting but I think this could be one of the best attacks in the game.
    • Against Duck's Ball attack the crouching Roundhouse is best and sets up a good meaty fireball.
  • At closer ranges on the ground I like his standing Jab, its fast and has good range also you can immediatly cancel into the Hegan Geki (roll attack) for two hits even at full range.
    • Crouching Jab has better range, can snuff many attacks and can cancel into Kirai Hoh also. Because its performed croucching you are charged for all other specials. You cannot chain low jabs together though.
  • His jumping Jab has good range and priority for air to air combat. The Crouching double hit Roundhouse is a good pushout move.
    • And can be cancelled into the Kirai Hoh or Super after the first or second hits.
  • For me Chengs strong suit is the Kirai Hoh fireball. Because of its arcing motion its much more intimidating and harder to aviod than a normal fireball plus it explodes on impact with the ground, this is very usefull. Opponents jumping in at certain angles can be shot down with a well timed Kirai Hoh also remember that if you are ahead on energy you can always trade hits with certain fireballs (like Terry's) cause it flies over the top. The explosion frames have a number of uses, it is great as a meaty attack, allowing you to follow up with an almost instantanious fireball or roll (Im the type of player who will score any chip damage they can get). Opponents can't (so well) do the traditional jump straight up over the Kirai Hoh to negate fireball pressure cause they land on the explosion frames. Opponents jumping in at long range can be landed on the explosion frames as well as opponents who try the quick escape (double tap back) to avoid fireballs. I like to throw a Jab Kirai Hoh short of an opponent when I anticipate some sort of dashing attack from full screen distance, they will dash into the explosion frames.
    • Remember the Bakurai Hoh (Super) works just like the Feirce fireball so you can use these tactics with it as well.
    • The tactic I mentioned about trading hits with other fireballs cause Cheng's fireball flies over the top means that when you can do the Super this totaly shuts down many characters long range fireball game! Remember also Cheng's must be the easiest Super in the game, also it only 'seems' to need the same charge time as the normal fireball 2 secs not 3 as quoted in the FAQ.
  • The Short Hegan Geki (roll attack) is good for punishing whiffed attacks and covering distance quickly. I also like to whiff the Short Hegan Geki just short of an opponent and then throw them, just like Blanka's whiffed Ball into throw in SF2. The Roundhouse Hegan Geki is too slow and telegraphed to punish anything other than the largest openings.
  • The throw is great cause you can follow up with a meaty Kirai Hoh and then have options.
  • The standing Feirce, Roundhouse and short are all usefull for positioning, especialy for setting up meaty fireballs after throws.
  • The hold and headbutt throw is usefull for putting alot of distance between you and your opponent.
  • The Fierce Dai-Taikobarauchi (Flying Belly Blast) is great if you anticipate a fireball and can be used as an anti air. The Jab version can be manipulated heavily in flight to confuse your opponent like Bisons flying fist thingie in ST (it certainly confuses CPU AI Billy Cane!). If you hold back with this you will go back down the same as you came up after reaching the height of the jump, so you can bait opponents into whiffing anti airs then punish them with a Short roll. I will have to experiment with this move much more cause I'm sure its got some really good uses. Anyone?
    • The great thing about both the roll and the belly blast is that they knock down, this sets up Cheng's meaty game which is very strong thanks to those wonderfull explosion frames.
    • Cheng, although he has a fireball motion should always be charging downback unless you need to use a standing attack. That way you can go into Belly Blast and Super at any time.
  • Thats all I can think of right now, anyone else please add. Overall I think Cheng is a very strong character, although much of his fireball pressure game is negated if you use the line system. He is certainly MY srongest character.*
    • Just to add a little to my Cheng SinZan profile. After experimenting more with the standing Roundhouse "hop kick" it seems more and more like DJ's crouching Strong in ST. Its strange, it can snuff alot of moves (even high ones) without even seeming to make contact. Ofcourse proper vs play is essential to test out its true uses but it seems really good.

Credit to Crayfish

  • Cheng's fireball is way weaker in Special. The good thing is that it travels a lot farther than it did in FF2, and is more floaty and travels more slowly. However, it has WAY more startup *and* recovery time than in FF2. Like I said, that move was lethal in FF2 because he could throw like 5 or 6 of them in a row; the FB had no recovery and almost no startup time. Seeing the fireball in Special now is just...ugh. One other major loss he suffered is that his far standing C is no longer bufferable; in FF2 it was, and far standing C -> fireball was a great tactic.

Credit to Josh-TheFunkDOC


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