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Fatal Fury Special/Duck King

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Pros Cons
  • Fast in every way possible
  • Flashiest combos in the game
  • Extremely useful super move...
  • ...which is also extremely tricky to pull off
  • Effective only in close range
  • Unsafe specials

Moves List

Normal Moves


Move Name Motion
Rolling Neck F/B+HP when close to opponent
Reverse Breaker air, D+HP when close to opponent

Command Moves

Move Name Motion
Needle Low DF + HK

Special Moves

Move Name Motion
Head Spin Attack Charge B,F + P
Break Storm QCF,UF + K
Dancing Dive QCB + K
Beat Rush F,B,F + HP

Super Move

Move Name Motion
Break Spiral HCF,UF,D + LK+HP when close to opponent


  • Close A x 1-6 > far A > far B > Dancing Dive (D)
  • cr.C (2 hits) > Dancing Dive (D)
  • cr.B > cr.A x 1 – 3 > far B > Dancing Dive (D)
  • Far C > Dancing Dive (D)
  • Far C x 2 > Headspin Attack



  • Stand c-wicked has loads of priority,moves him forward,has good recovery which can be abused eg. stand c->stand c->stand c then if they try to counter, you can go into his duck dive combo(low a->low bXXduck dive(more later)
  • Stand a-the comboers weapon of choice. He can also do a rolento/gen style walking poking sequence. The close a hits ducking(ha!)opponents too.
  • slide-anti fb. I bet you could also do stuff like max range slide into his super grab as a good baiting tactic.
  • anti-air comes in the form his b break storm(d works also but the startup time is bit too much for my liking), low d(spin kick) slide, or jump straight up d.
  • His roll is safe, it's better to do it off a blocked normal(low c comes to mind), that way they cannot counter you. I always use the a version as it's a lot quicker and I don't think the c version combos from his weak attacks.
  • Duck can kill you with one combo. The infinite I posted earlier can be done anywhere! not just in corners...however it's very difficult to infinite them from the's a lot easier it you have their back to you. If you do get an opening from the front, do this combo: stand a x 5~6(hold forward)stand bxxD duck dive. Not only does this combo do about 50%, it also dizzies! furthermore, when you finish the combo, they are right in the corner where you can kill 'em with the infinite. Another dizzy

combo is jump d->low c(2 hits)d duck dive.

  • I still can't do his super yet, but I can imagine him doing stuff like from nearly full screen:whiff a roll into the grab super for a nice trick. Let's not forget about his kara cancels...

Credit to MiddleKick

  • They're are a number of way to get the opponent's back facing you: 1.get them dizzy then jump over them, voila! monster combo coming up! Sometimes you don't even need to jump over them. 2.They switch planes then come back to the original plane, sometimes they'll face the other way 3. The opposite of 2, you switch planes and come back, they can be doing a move, and when you hit them, you'll get their back facing you 4.Specials which cross under you..e.g I'm Terry in the corner, I jump straight up, Duck rolls into the corner, I land and have his back facing me. 5.Special which just leave them facing the other during their recovery. There is another way to get them facing the other direction(it's in the Max vids) I'm not sure about that one yet.

Credit to Josh-thefunkDOC


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Vs. Terry Bogard

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Vs. Wolfgang Krauser

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