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Fatal Fury Special/Wolfgang Krauser

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Pros Cons
  • Excellent projectiles
  • Normals with tons of reach
  • Overwhelming corner pressure
  • Takes extra damage from hits to the head
  • Moves often whiff against small characters
  • Keeping yourself at the right distance can be challenging

Moves List

Quick Move List


Move Name Motion
Knee Smasher F + HP when close to your opponent
Lift Hang Blow DF + HP when close to your opponent
Neck Hang Blow F + HK when close to your opponent

Special Moves

Move Name Motion
High Blitz Ball QCB + P
Low Blitz Ball QCB + K
Leg Tomahawk QCF + K
Atemi Nage HCF + P

Super Move

Move Name Motion
Kaiser Wave CHARGE B,UF + LP + HP


  • cr.C/st. C/st. D xx QCB B
  • cr.C > Leg Tomahawk (B)
  • Close A > Close C > Leg Tomahawk (B)
  • (1P only glitch, has to be frame perfect) Meaty cr.A x 5 > far C or C+D


The Basics

Advanced Strategy


Vs. Andy Bogard

Vs. Axel Hawk

Vs. Big Bear

Vs. Billy Kane

Vs. Cheng Sinzan

Vs. Duck King

Vs. Geese Howard

Vs. Joe Higashi

Vs. Jubei Yamada

Vs. Kim Kaphwan

Vs. Laurence Blood

Vs. Mai Shiranui

Vs. Ryo Sakazaki

Vs. Terry Bogard

Vs. Tung Fu Rue

Vs. Wolfgang Krauser

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Big Bear
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Duck King
Geese Howard
Joe Higashi
Jubei Yamada
Kim Kaphwan
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Ryo Sakazaki
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Wolfgang Krauser