The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/Vice

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Move List

Normal Moves


Close cl.A/B/C/D are cancellable

Close C has relatively poor reach and pushes back afterward making it difficult to use in BnB's.

Close D does two hits making it very easy to hit-confirm into command moves or special attacks or even DM's, can even be used as a make-shift anti-air.

Standing Stand A is cancel-able/whiff cancellable

Stand B/C are good pokes, stand C is preferred over stand B because of the hitstun/start-up/ and damage.

Stand D can used as an anti-air poke but it's a little slow.

Crouching cr. A/B/C/D are cancellable/whiff cancellable

cr. A/B are chain-able

cr. B can only be blocked low

cr. C is a moderately good anti-air if used early enough, it can be canceled but only before her arm extends into the air

cr. D sweeps the opponent, whiff cancellable before the sweep

Jumping j. A/C are cancel-able

j. B is a very good meaty attack

j. C/D have good hitstun and can start help start ground combos but you have to use them really late

Blowback Attack Stand CD has good range much like her stand C except it comes out slower, whiff cancel-able/cancel-able

Jump CD comes out fast making it a good air-to-air when used early


Death Blow = b/f + C

Vice grabs the opponent then scratches them, simple stuff. Can be broken, regular knockdown

Backlash = b/f + D

Vice grabs them then tosses them behind her, good for setting up meaty jump-ins. Can be broken, reverse knockdown

Command Moves

Monstrosity = f + A

Vice makes a fist then hits them over the head, good for string normals into special attacks, overhead when used alone so it will hit crouching opponents regardless of blocking, hard knockdown when done to opponents in the air.

Special Moves

Gore Fest = hcb f + A/C close

Vice grabs her opponent then rushes forward dragging them across the ground, then throws them into the air, command grab properties, reverse knockdown.

Deicide = hcf + B/D

Vice does a quick swipe attack with her hand throwing the opponent to the other side of the screen, the weak version can combo from strong attacks and her command normal, the strong version range is a little further but comes out a lot slower, it can grab jumping opponents but only when they are close to the ground, causes a reverse knockdown.

Mayhem = qcb + A/C

A shoulder tackle, combos from just about everything except her command normal, the weak version is a lot safer on block than the strong version because of its recovery. ┗ Mithan's Robe = qcf + A/C

Follow-up jumping grab for additional damage, input the command as soon as the the shoulder hits but only if the shoulder hits otherwise she'll jump into the air completely missing the opponent along with some really nasty recovery.

Blackend = hcf + A/C close

Command grab, invincible at start-up making it a good reversal against un-expecting opponents, reverse knockdown when used without the follow-up Mithan's Robe. ┗ Mithan's Robe = qcf + A/C

Follow-up jumping grab for additional damage, input the command right before she throws them into the air.

Outrage = qcb + B/D

Vice does a barrage of kicks really fast making them as sharp as blades, weak version combos from weak attacks and does 4 hits but also pushes her hitbox back after about the 3rd hit, strong version makes her hop forward then do the attack for 10 hits but it's also not as safe as the weak version because of the hop.

Ravenous = qcb + B/D in air

An air variant of Outrage, can be combo'd into from her j. A/C.

Super Special Moves

Withering Surface - qcf x 2 + A/C

Vice leaps across the screen in an arc-like fashion to grab the opponent and slams them 3 times, weak version goes half-screen but the jump she does is high, it can be used to punish laggy projectiles from mid-screen, the strong version make her do a lower/faster jump and she goes about 90% of the screen, both version do 3 hits and she is completely invincible during the jumps arc. Invincible Start-up Grab DM

Negative Gain - hcb x 2 + B/D close

Instant command grab, Vice grabs her opponent and does a frankensteiner 3 times, combos from just about all her normals, st. D is the easiest way to combo into it, it can also be used in a variety of ways with quick max/evade. Grab DM Quick MAX/EVADE OK

Dying Fetus - qcf x 2 + B/D

Anti-Air Withering Surface, it works very well as a reversal but only on opponents that won't see it coming. In most cases jumping in on Vice usually isn't an issue but because she has this DM now she is can be a major threat and is more likely to keep her opponents grounded and close which allows for more chances to catch them with Blackend or even Gore Fest upo reversal, it's also more likely to keep them out of your face as soon because of the amount of options available. This super animation is almost the same as Withering Surface (with an additonal slam) but this super does consederable less damage. Anti-Air Grab DM

The Basics


  • (late) j.D > cl.D (2 hits) >> hcb f + P
  • cr.B × 3 >> qcb + A >> qcf + P
  • (Very close) cl.D (2 hits) >> f + A >> hcf + B or (qcb + C >> qcf + P)
  • This combo does a little more damage than the (cl.D >> hcb f + P). The (qcb + C >> qcf + P) does a little more damage than the hcf + B.
  • j.D > cl.D (2 hits) >> hcb hcb + K

Quick MAX

  • cr.B > cr.A >> [QUICK MAX] cl.D (2 hits) >> hcb hcb + K

Quick Evade Combos

  • f + A >> [Quick EVADE Attack] >> hcf + B
  • cr.B > cr.A >> [Quick MAX] cl.D (2 hits) >> [Quick EVADE Attack] >> hcb hcb + K

Advanced Strategy