The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/Chin Gentsai

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Chin is short. Chin is a drunk-fu master. Winners don’t do drugs, but apparently alcohol is totally okay.

Chin has slow movement and his jump facility is low. His reach is also a problem. However, the strength of his defense and the height of his offensive ability stands out from the crowd. Including the addition of two new supers, he has been buffed at many points for UM.

Move list

At a glance

Normal throws
Gō Inshu (throw) f/b + C
Gyaku Ashi Nage (throw) f/b + D
Command move
Suiho Hyōtanshū f + A
Special moves
Hyōtangeki qcb + P
Kisuishu qcf + P
Ryūrin Hōrai dp + P
Kaiten-Teki Kūtotsuken hcf + K
Suikan Kan'ō d d + P, (ABCD)
┣ Chōshū Rikugyo (during Suikan Kan'ō) f + P
┗ Kaiten-Teki Kūtotsuken (during Suikan Kan'ō) f + K
Bōgetsusui d d + K, (f/b), (ABCD)
┣ Rōja Hanhō (during Bōgetsusui) u + B
┣ Rigyo Hanhō (during Bōgetsusui) u + D
┗ Kaiten-Teki Kūtotsuken (during Bōgetsusui) f + K
Super special moves
Gōran Enpō qcf qcf + P
Gōen Shōrai qcf hcb + P
Dai Gō Inshu (throw) hcb hcb + P (repeatedly)
Senchō Suiho qcf qcf + K

Normal moves

  • st.A and st.C – long reach, cancelable. These are a threat at mid-range.
  • cr.C – oddly high-priority hitbox; as an anti-air, not to mention its ground capabilities, it is powerful.
  • j.C – a two-step move; the hitbox has extremely high priority. If you use hops to get it out, it can even beat out lots of anti-air moves.

Command move

  • Suiho Hyōtanshū
  • f + A
  • Now cancelable even if not cancelled into. The reach is long, so the ease-of-use is not bad.

Special moves

  • Hyōtangeki
  • qcb + P
  • A “projectile” where Chin uses his drinking gourd like a yo-yo. The weak version does it once, the strong version does it twice. The strong version leaves you pretty open, and since the second hit’s reach is kind of short, it isn’t safe. Even if it nullifies a projectile, it can still hit.

  • Ryūrin Hōrai
  • dp + P
  • A low-altitude spinning rush. The hitbox has good priority, and it has autoblock at startup. The weak version does the jumping part right away; you can use it as an anti-air or for stuffing. The chip damage is okay, though this isn’t the best option unless you are attempting to finish with a chip or run down the clock.

  • Kaiten-Teki Kūtotsuken
  • hcf + K / f + K during Suikan Kan'ō or Bōgetsusui
  • Chin rolls towards the opponent and pops them a sort-of uppercut. The main purpose of this is to roll straight under projectiles that don’t skim the ground. The recovery has been shortened from OG, so you’re now more or less okay even if this is blocked. Moreover, you can now cancel it into Bōgetsusui.

  • Suikan Kan'ō
  • d d + P, (ABCD to halt)
  • Chin stops and stands still in a “drunken” stupor. The weak version gives lower-body invincibility; the strong version gives upper body invincibility. Press ABCD to return to normal. There are two derived moves from this one.
  • Chōshū Rikugyō
  • f + P during Suikan Kan'ō
  • Chin suddenly springs upon the opponent. The startup is quick, but you will definitely get countered if it is blocked, so you need to exercise caution.
  • Kaiten-Teki Kūtotsuken
  • f + K during Suikan Kan'ō
  • see description above

  • Bōgetsusui
  • d d + K, (f/b to adjust position), (ABCD to halt)
  • Chin lies down to “sleep”. Press ABCD to return to normal. There are three derived moves from this one.
  • This is completely defenseless to sweeps, but since his height is minimal, he will pass right under many projectiles and other non-low moves.
  • In UM, he will regain some life once four timer counts have passed.
  • Rōja Hanhō
  • u + B during Bōgetsusui
  • Chin springs forth towards the opponent. Will definitely get countered if it is blocked. The main use for this move is to punish opponents who go for the sweep.
  • Rigyo Hanhō
  • u + D during Bōgetsusui
  • Chin suddenly rolls backwards and splashes up a couple of kicks while he’s at it. The hitbox has good priority, so if you sucker the opponent in just the right way, it functions as an anti-air, and if it’s blocked, he still rolls backwards, so you’re not really left open anyway.
  • Kaiten-Teki Kūtotsuken
  • f + K during Bōgetsusui
  • see description above

  • Kisuishu
  • qcf + P
  • Chin takes a mouthful of jiu from his gourd and sprays it diagonally upwards. Even though it is technically a projectile, it is a relatively trusty anti-air. In UM, the move ends once it touches the opponent, so unless they avoid it entirely, you won’t be left vulnerable.

Super special moves

  • Gōran Enpō
  • qcf qcf + P
  • Chin takes a mouthful of jiu and performs an amazing firebreathing stunt, complete with loads of damage (or maybe just some mediocre chip damage). The weak version aims diagonally upward; the strong version aims forward. The MAX version does it forward, spewing a large quantity of flames. It has invincibility during startup, which continues until the hitbox comes forth. Although there is a problem if the opponent manages to get behind you, the weak version is good for anti-air, and the strong version is good for interrupting.

  • Gōen Shōrai
  • qcf hcb + P
  • A rushing move with Chin clad in flame. It has full-body invincibility on startup, the startup is quick, and the damage is good. The main problem with this move is that the first step has short reach, so it isn’t all safe. There is no longer any difference between the weak and strong versions; they’re both like the weak version in OG now.

  • Dai Gō Inshu
  • hcb hcb + P (repeatedly) at throwing distance
  • A strengthened, command-throw version of his C throw. In the same manner, you can mash the buttons to increase the damage. The grabbing range is very short, but the damage is generally worth it. The MAX version is extremely powerful, because it automatically gives the opponent alcohol poisoning a dizzy state.

  • Senchō Suiho
  • qcf qcf + K
  • Chin skips along, advancing forward, and tops it off with a taunt (lalala!). The damage is minimal and it leaves you wayyyy open, but it can do OTG (it’s not a given). If you make it to the end, it will decrease the opponent’s gauge.
  • Yes, it is a taunt move.


  • (j.C or j.A > cl.C) or Suiho Hyōtanshū >> weak Hyōtangeki or Kisuishu or strong Gōran Enpō
  • Basic combo. In the corner, strong Hyōtangeki will also work.
  • cr.B >> cl.B >> strong Ryūrin Hōrai or strong Gōran Enpō
  • This is only real combo from low hits.

The Basics

At mid-range, use standing strong attacks and other zoners to silence the opponent best you can. From there, go on to attack with sh.C, then aim for stuff like fakeout cr.B or a throw, then aim for stuff like the overhead Suiho Hyōtanshū. His C throw (Gō Inshu) is now escapable, but in return he now has a command throw (Dai Gō Inshu). Now, it takes a gauge stock so you can’t go shooting it off lightheartedly, but the returns are good.

Chin is one of the strongest defenders if you have gauge. Even with just weak/strong Gōran Enpō, you could probably say that the setup is perfect. Also, particularly if you are in MAX mode, this combined with Dai Gō Inshu puts you in an extremely powerful state. However, if you can only rely on the gauge, that will not be enough, so you have to do actual defense even when you have no gauge.

At any rate, strong Ryūrin Hōrai is powerful. Although you are liable to be countered when it is blocked, it generally does a good job as a reactional anti-air/stuffer, so it’s likewise pretty safe to use. Be that as it may, this does not mean that Ryūrin Hōrai has invincibility frames; one single hit of it does not do much damage at all, so trading hits would kind of suck. For that reason, if you have the allowance for it, do yourself a favor and flash weak Kisuishu or Rigyo Hanhō to reduce the likelihood that the opponent will want to jump.

When the opponent is really close to getting KO’ed, finish them off with Gōran Enpō; not only will it do the job pretty reliably, it will also give the opponent a pretty wary disposition towards your moving, which is an extremely important mind game.

For reversals, Gōran Enpō (strong or MAX) or Gōen Shōrai and a roll-checking C throw / Dai Gō Inshu are pretty safe. When you are cornered, there is absolutely no chance of the opponent avoiding a proper Gōran Enpō, so it’s probably going to be your safest option. The risk for Gōen Shōrai is high, so if you don’t take careful aim when using it, nothing good will come of it.

Conversely, when doing meaties, the three options of low hit with cr.B, overhead with Suiho Hyōtanshū, and Dai Gō Inshu have high returns, no matter which one does the damage; they are both safe and powerful.

Advanced Strategy