The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/Eiji Kisaragi

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Eiji is a great upper tier "Black Horse" (because he was reduced to a joke character but had a great and varied movelist for pro playing) Ninja focused in corner traps and keepaway far combat/ close rush mind games. huge asshole. Only assholes play Eiji so they can be huge assholes.

Moves List

At a Glance

Normal Throws
Kuuchuu Ippanzeoi (throw) f/b + C/D
Special Moves
Kikou Hou qcf + P
Kasumi Kiru qcb + P
Ryuukagejin dp + P
Kage Utsushi hcb + K
Tenba Kyaku rdp + K
Kagenui (air) qcf+ P
Desperation Moves
Zantetsu Nami qcf hcb + P
Zantetsu Iibamushiriken qcf hcb + K

Normal Moves

Kuuchuu Ippanzeoi: close, b or f + HP or HK

Special Moves

Kikou Hou - qcf+P

A version combos from heavy attacks, C version is slower but has a larger hitbox.

Kagenui - air qcf+P

Must be blocked low if it hits near their toe. Can OTG but it's not guaranteed off anything. Can be done from a front & backdash. No cancellable air normals.

Kasumi Kiri - qcb+P

Combos from light attacks. Can work well as AA. Long recovery period.

Ryuu Kagejin - dp+P

Reflects projectiles (including DM), massive active frames. Combos from heavy attacks but only on backturned. dp+A gives slight advantage (meaty does not give extra advantage) and no pushback when in the corner.

Kage Utsushi - qcf+K

B versions has high/mid level invincibility, D version has low, allowing you to move through projectiles with the right choice. D version goes further.

Kotsu Hazaki Kiri - hcb+K

B version combos from heavy attacks, D version travels faster. Massive active frames. B version is poor on block, but when meaty gives massive frame advantage. D version starts at neutral and improves from there.

Tenba Kyaku - rdp+K

D version combos from c.D [1 hit] (only connects properly on standing). Can link normals after both, depending on the situation.

Super Special Moves

Zantetsu Nami: d, df, f, df, d, db, b + P

Zantetsu Iibamushiriken: d, df, f, df, d, db, b + K

The Basics

Round start, Kikohou or Kasumi Giri , throw Kunais, reflect projectiles, if opponent its close Press D a lot, corner your opponent and rdp+B FTW.


  • j.C > cl.D (2 hits) >> qcf + A or dp + A or hcb + B or qcb + A
Main and best 3-in-1
  • cr.B > cr.A >> qcb + A
Low hit confirm
  • (Corner) J.D > cr.D (1 hit) >> rdp+B >(cl.A or cr.A >> qcb + A) or (cl.D (2 hits) >> hcb + B)
  • cl.D (2 hits) >> qcf hcb + K or qcf hcb+P
Best way to combo his Ryuko Ranbu Super
  • cr.B > cr.A >> qcf hcb + K or qcf hcb + P
  • (Corner) J.D > cr.D (1 hit) >> rdp+B > cl.D (2 hits) >> qcf hcb + K or qcf hcb + P

Advanced Strategy

Midscreen is your keepaway zone,Corner its your rush zone ,do your fireball super if you have one stock.