The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match/Mature

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Mature... no matter which move you look at, it’s quirky. You should understand the quirks behind each move before using it.

Move list

Normal throws
Deathblow (throw) f/b + C
Backlash (throw) f/b + D
Command move
Crematory f + B
Special moves
Death Row qcb + P, qcb + P, qcb + P
Deicide hcf + K
Sacrilege dp + P
Ebony Tears qcf hcb + P
Metal Massacre qcb + K
Despair qcf + P
Super special moves
Heavens Gate qcb hcf + K
Nocturnal Lights qcf qcf + P

Normal moves

  • st.B (there is no cl.B) – two-step move; either one is cancelable. It is pivotal for combos.
  • cl.D – the bottleneck is that it’s slow to get out, but it is a two-step move and the second step is cancelable, which makes it convenient nonetheless.
  • st.A (there is no cl.A) – a powerful zoning move. The hitbox has been somewhat weakened.
  • j.B – a two-step move; use this for jumping in. If it touches right above the opponent or somewhere thereabouts, it can do crossup.
  • j.C – a powerful air-to-air. It is quick to get out, so don’t jump the gun.

Command move

  • Crematory
  • f + B
  • A two-step kicking move. The reach is long, but it isn’t cancelable, meaning there aren’t many uses for this.

Special moves

  • Death Row
  • qcb + P, qcb + P, qcb + P
  • A series of three slashes. Basically just for combos (this ain’t no Aoi Bana substitute). When blocked, it is safe to stop at the second step. Even if blocked, the third step will now reach the opponent.

  • Metal Massacre
  • qcb + K
  • Mature advances a little and slashes at the opponent. The weak version combos from strong attacks. It doesn’t leave you open if it is blocked; while you can use it as a zoning move, it’s not pretty good in that capacity. It can now do knockdown.

  • Despair
  • qcf + P
  • Mature arcs through the air, inverting herself and slashing from this upside-down approach. The landing stun is considerable, and even if you make the very tip touch, it’s dangerous. Though it’s not as if you can’t use the strong version as a psychic anti-air.

  • Deicide
  • hcf + K
  • Not the same as Vice’s Deicide. Mature whips her arm out in a strike throw attempt. It is slow to get out, the damage is low, and it leaves you very open. The weak version doesn’t swap positions with the opponent anymore; instead, it launches the opponent. Afterwards, you can juggle with Heavens Gate.

  • Sacrilege
  • dp + P
  • Mature does a multi-hit air spinning dance thingy (not easy to put into words, heh). The hitbox has high priority (mostly horizontally-oriented), the reach is quite long, and even if blocked, as long as the situation isn’t bad, it is hard to give a severe counterattack. However, it doesn’t have invincibility frames, so it’s not very useful for anti-air or interruption. It now does knockdown if the first step hits.

  • Ebony Tears
  • qcf hcb + P
  • A giant projectile. The command is a little difficult and it is slow to get out, but if you manage to get it out, it hardly leaves you open at all.

Super special moves

  • Heavens Gate
  • qcb hcf + K
  • A blockable moving throw in which Mature grabs the opponent and takes them to the corner (which is certainly advantageous). It has a lot of invincibility frames, but it is slow to get out, and only combos from strong attacks. It doesn’t leave you too open when blocked.

  • Nocturnal Lights
  • qcf qcf + P
  • A slashing autocombo. It doesn’t have invincibility. On the other hand, it’s extremely quick to get out, and if you use it for a reversal, it will often interrupt the opponent’s attack. However, if it touches an opponent in midair, it’s easily countered.



  • j.B > st.B (2 hit) >> strong Death Row ((qcb + C) x 3 ) or Nocturnal Lights (qcf qcf + P)
  • Basic combo. Possible even with j.B crossup.
  • cr.B > st.B (2 hit) >> whatever special move
  • Only when very close. Not much damage, but it still does it.
  • cl.D (2 hit) >> Heavens Gate (qcb hcf + K)
  • cl.D is slow to get out, so you don’t get many opportunities to use this, but the damage is somewhat high. Don’t let the chance to use this escape you!
  • weak Deicide (hcf + B) > Heavens Gate (qcb hcf + K)
  • Use this for meaties and such. The timing of the juggle will vary depending on the hit location of the Deicide (hcf + B), so aim carefully.

The Basics

If you can remember the peculiarities of her moves, it’s hard to go wrong.

First, far range. Here, you naturally use Ebony Tears, but when this happens, before you hit A, check if the opponent isn’t jumping. If they jumped, quit the command, and intercept with something like j.C. If you have gotten out a nice, clean, safe Ebony Tears, run in order to follow it up. If the opponent rolls, put in a combo for their eventual opening; if the projectile is blocked, use a blockstring, or go on the attack with j.B or something.

If you have succeeded in going on the attack, you should do a hop so that the top of it enables you to land j.B right above the opponent. By doing this, the second step will be a crossup. From there, you can go on to aim for a combo. Also, turtling them up with st.B, cr.A, or st.A is powerful. When any of them does a ground hit, Death Row will safely combo, so practice doing this reliably.

Also, in the midst of battle, try making them block weak Death Row and weak Sacrilege a few times. Try observing a few times whether and how they counter. If they seem to go for the counter every time, grab them with the super; they ought to ease up on the countering after that. If they’ve stopped countering, you can try for a normal throw.

Advanced Strategy