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Street Fighter is the name for a series of fighting games created by Capcom. Each Game in the Street Fighter library includes a series of updates over time, often leaving no single definitive version of any game although the most recent iteration is often the version most commonly used in tournament play.

Street Fighter was a pioneer in the fight Game genre, introducing over time complex joystick movements to create "special attacks", an on screen combo counter, air combos, super meter, and more. 1991's Street Fighter II was especially relevant as its huge commercial success made it Capcom's bestselling console game of all time and sparked a decade worth of fighting games.

Games in the Street Fighter Series

Street Fighter

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter III

Street Fighter IV

Alpha series

Street Fighter EX

Disambiguation of characters

Between the Japanese and American releases of the various Street Fighter games, three characters have had their names swapped from their original Japanese names. This may have been to avoid legal troubles regarding a character that resembles boxing athlete Mike Tyson in both name and image. For this reason, fans of the series have adopted an alternative set of descriptive names to help disambiguate which character someone is referring to, regardless of country or context.

Japanese name American name Alias
Vega M. Bison Dictator
M. Bison Balrog Boxer
Balrog Vega Claw

Incidentally, all three characters are Shadaloo bosses, making Sagat the only member of the four to remain unchanged.

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