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Street Fighter EX2 Plus is a 2D fighting game with 3D graphics developed by Arika and released by Capcom in 1999. It was first released as an arcade game for the Sony ZN-2 hardware, it received a console release for the PlayStation 1 later that same year. Street Fighter EX2 Plus is an enhanced version of Street Fighter EX 2, which released in 1998. EX2 Plus retains the mechanics from the original EX2, such as "Guard Breaks", an unblockable attack done by pressing a punch and a kick button of the same strength (LP+LK, MP+MK, HP+HK), and "Super Canceling" which allows you to cancel special moves into supers and supers into other supers. The main new feature in EX2 Plus is the introduction of the "Excel" mechanic (which can be compared to the "Custom Combos" from the Street Fighter Alpha series), activated by simultaneously pressing a kick and a punch button of different strengths (MP+LK, LP+HK, HP+MK, etc.), Excel allows you to cancel any normal into any other normal or special, but specials can only be canceled into specials. EX2 Plus also introduces M. Bison, Sagat, Pullum Purna, Darun Mister, Vulcano Rosso, and Area as playable characters.



ub   u   uf        Jump Backward        Jump Up       Jump Forward
  \  |  /
b -- n -- f        Retreat/Block        (neutral)     Move Forward
  /  |  \
db   d   df        Defensive Crouch     Crouch        Offensive Crouch

Keep in mind that you'll need to reverse the left- and right-based
directions if you are on the second player (right) side.

LP    MP    HP     Light Punch      Medium Punch      Hard Punch

LK    MK    HK     Light Kick       Medium Kick       Hard Kick

P     = Use any strength Punch button.
K     = Use any strength Kick button.
(air) = The move can be performed while jumping (airborne).
(x#)  = Repeat the whole motion and button press x number of times.
[   ] = Not listed in the game's internal moves list

Game Mechanics

Standing Block Hold b when attacked

Crouching Block Hold db when attacked

Throw Techniques When close, press b / f + MP / HP

Tech. Hit As you're thrown, press b / f + MP / HP

Guard Break Press the same strength P + K (costs 1 level)

Cancel Break Do a Guard Break during a special move or Super Combo (costs 1 level)

Excel Activation Press a different strength P + K (costs 1 level)

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Tier List

S Tier

Garuda, Sharon.

A Tier

Vulcano Rosso, Dhalsim, Area, Doctrine Dark, Hokuto, Kairi, Skullomania, Shadow Geist, Guile, Nanase, Sagat, Ken.

B Tier

M. Bison, Cracker Jack, Pullum Purna, Ryu, Chun Li, Zangief, Darun Mister, Hayate, Blanka.

C Tier


Game Versions

  • Arcade (Sony ZN-2 Hardware)
  • PlayStation 1

The Characters