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Marvel Super Heroes/Juggernaut

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Magic Series
Ground: standard zig-zag
Jumping: standard zig-zag
Super Jumping: standard zig-zag



f.HK (hold):





Special Moves

-- [ Juggernaut Punch: B,DB,D,DF,F+P ] --

A very powerful attack that does alot of damage and it can be used as a powerful counter attack and it has alot of range. It can be comboed and thanks to Juggernaut's super armor, its rather hard to knock him out of it. Just make sure this move connects, why? Simply because the recovery time is rediculous and opponent has loads of time to counter. Avoid using this move unless against a missed attack like a Proton Cannon, Pis-Thrust, or Maximum Spider.

-- [ Earthquake: F,DF,D+P ] --

An excellent move to use overall, you can probably call this his projectile. This move does excellent damage and a ton of block damage and best of all if blocked it pushes your opponent away leaving them in a difficult position to counter. Use this after the opponent has blocked your launcher or after you have knocked down your opponent. The recovery time is bad, but its not nearly as bad as his other moves.

-- [ Juggernaut Splash: B,DB,D,DF,F+K ] --

Well this is no longer a regular attack like it was in the previous X-COTA game. This move is an excellent attack if used properly and can also be used as an AC Finisher. This move is his anti-crouch counter and will do a ton of damage if it connects. The only problem with this move is that the recovery time is horrible. Even Spider-Man can counter with a Maximum Spider or Iron Man can counter with a Proton Cannon. Its sort of a dead give away when Juggernaut launches himself in the air awkwardly so use at your own discretion.

-- [ Power-Up: F,D,DF+2P, then P or K ] --

Well this move can be used as many times as Juggernaut wishes. He'll go into a short pose and exclaim "Power-Up." and then starts flashing red. Here's where he gets one crack at his opponent to deal some serious damage, if he misses with this move that mean the effects go away, if he connects it also goes away. But then again he can do this as much as he wants, try not to pull this off to often otherwise your opponent will counter while Juggernaut is in his pose.

-- [ (lift): D,D+3P(over object) ] --

This is basically a pretty useless move. There are only certain objects he can lift up like the horses on the carousel in Hulk's stage. This move does good damage, but the start up delay is horrible since its a dead give away when he picks up the object. The recovery time is almost non-existant.

-- [ (forward fist: F+FP ] --

Well this move is his launcher and you can follow up while you are in the corner otherwise cancel immediately into his Juggernaut Body Splash. It has a ton of range, even more than Hulk's standing fierce. The recovery time is bad, but you can cancel into a Juggernaut Earthquake to avoid retaliation.

Super Moves

[ Juggernaut Headcrush: D,DF,F+2P - Infinity Combo ] --

This move does immense damage and combos just as easily as the Berserker Barrage X and can be used to counter missed supers or even jabs. It doesn't do much block damage and the recovery time is horrible. What you can do is OTG with this super and cancel into another one, though the it's best that you catch someone in the air with the first Headcrush, that sends the opponent flying into the air and giving you a ton of time to use a 2nd headcrush before they touch the ground, giving your opponent no chance to roll. And with his super armor its sure to counter any attack as he absorbs projectiles and even low attacks.

The Basics

1. S.Jab --> Juggernaut Headcrush

2. S.Strong --> Juggernaut Earthquake

3. C.Forward --> Juggernaut Headcrush(OTG)

4. C.Forward --> Juggernaut Earthquake(OTG)

5. S.FWD.Fierce --> Roundhouse Juggernaut Body Splash

6. Fierce/Strong throw, C.Short, S.FWD.Fierce --> Roundhouse Juggernuat Body Splash

7. Juggernaut Head Crush, D.C.Short, S.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short,

  SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher
  Nothing hard here, after the Juggernaut Headcrush quickly dash and

continue from there.

8. J.Fierce \/ S.Jab, S.FWD.Fierce --> Fierce Juggernaut Punch

9. J.Fierce \/ C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher

  Basic Juggernaut Air combo, master this and you'll already be a master at


10. D.C.Short, C.Forward --> Juggernaut Headcrush, Juggernaut Headcrush(OTG)

   Nothing to worry about here, just quickly cancel as soon as you recover.

12. C.Forward --> Juggernaut Headcrush, D.C.Short, S.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab,

   SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher
   Basically the same as above just incase you don't have a second level of


13. In corner: D.C.Jab, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward

   --> Juggernaut Body Splash
   Well the only way I found the Juggernaut Body Splash to be used as an AC

Finisher is to stay in the corner and use either a Short or Forward version of the Body Splash, the roundhouse version just takes too long. When your opponent is knocked up a little by the forward quickly cancel and voila, you've got it.

14. J.Short, J.Forward \/ D.C.Short, C.Forward --> Juggernaut Headcrush, D.C.Short, S.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.Forward, SJ.Fierce \/ C.Short, S.FWD.Fierce

   Not much to say here, just make sure you dash towards your opponent after

the Headcrush, then after the SJ.Fierce you'll land before the opponent and be able to get a few more hits out.

Advanced Strategy


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