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Marvel Super Heroes/Controls

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U = Up

D = Down

L = Left

R = Right

J = Jump

Sj = Super jump

OTG = off the ground

LP = Light Punch

MP = Medium Punch

HP = Heavy Punch

LK = Light Kick

MK = Medium Kick

HK = Heavy Kick

3P = dash (LP+MP+HP) or F, F (note: you can cancel momentum from your dash by hitting the back input)

3K = super jump (default) (LK+MK+HK)

D, D, Start = taunt

PP = any 2 punch button simultaneously

QCF/236 = Quarter Circle Forward (D, DF, F)

QCB/214 = Quater Circle Back (D, DB, B)

HCB/63214 = Half Circle Back (F, DF, D, DB, B)

HCF/41236 = Half Circle Forward (B, DB, D, DF, F)

DP/623 = Dragon Punch Motion (F, D, DF)

QCD/412 = Quarter Circle Down (B, DB, D)

QCD+PP/412+PP = Infinity Counter (B, DB, D + PP)

QCD+P/412+P = Safety Roll (B, DB, D)

Activate an infinity stone once in your possession QCB+PP

For alternating colors hold up or down for 4 seconds on the character select screen for your chosen character. (example if you want Captain Americas alt color, then hold down for 4 seconds, whereas if you want Magnetos alt color then hold up for 4 seconds)