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Marvel Super Heroes/Blackheart

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In the comics, Blackheart is son of the demon Lord Mephisto. He's clashed with such heroes as Daredevil, Ghost Rider, and Spider-Man. He is the physical embodiment of evil

In the game, Blackheart is a character with tools best suited to zoning. His HP and HK attacks cover a lot of screen space and his Inferno move covers the height of the screen. Learning to play Blackheart will require alot of patience to those who decide to play him, as his dash is very different from the rest of the cast, and he may seem slow and sluggish at first; but with enough patience you can really be a real threat as a player.

If Blackheart activates the Reality Gem, he turns invisible.

Moves List


  • forward,forward or back,back

Blackheart's ground dash is special in that he travels through the ground during it, which can avoid some attacks.
If he is standing next to his opponent, he will end up on the other side of them when the dash ends.
You may also press 3 Punches + the desired direction instead of double tapping a direction to initiate the dash. You will most likely using his Air Dash instead of this but its good if you, as stated prior wanted to avoid certain attacks. Pretty situational though.

Air Dash

  • while airborne, forward,forward or back,back

Blackheart can air dash forwards or backwards. You may also press 3 Punches + the desired direction instead of double tapping a direction to initiate the air dash.
Doing either HP or HK in the air forfeits your ability to airdash.


  • forward + MP/MK or HP/HK

Normal Moves

Magic Series
Ground: Kick to Punch
Jumping: Kick to Punch
Super Jumping: standard zig-zag

  • All of Blackheart's HP attacks send out demons that latch onto the opponent and make the next move that connects do more damage (including throws).
  • All of Blackheart's HK attacks send out demons that latch onto the opponent and force the opponent to stay in place until the demons wear off.
The demons wear off a) after a second or two; b) if BH presses HK or HP again; c) if the opp. mashes out of it; or d) if BH gets hit.


LP: A quick jab in front of Blackheart;

LK: short poke with his tail. will push back opponents a good distance if blocked

MP: Blackheart's launcher;

MK: okay for keeping people out

HP: Demons fly out of his chest at a downward angle;

HK: a stomp that sends demons flying out in an arc. Can be super jump cancelled if the stomp touches the opponent.


LP: crouching hit with tail;

LK: good annoyance tool, fast startup

MP: knocks opponent back nearly full screen (on hit);

MK: good "get off me" move

HP: Demons fly across the ground;

HK: Demons crawl across the ground until they reach the opponent


LP: links into itself, important part of BH's air combos;

LK: for air combos

MP: BH throws a lightning bolt from his hands that drains super meter;

MK: a decent jump in and causes flying screen at the end of air combos

HP: sends demons downward at a shallow angle. The demons return to BH. Good for controlling the air;

HK: sends demons downward at a steep angle, also good for controlling the air.

Special Moves


  • Half Circle Back + Punch/63214+Punch
The button pressed determines the range of the attack.
LP: will hit directly in front of Blackheart
MP: will hit approximately 3/4 of the screen away from Blackheart
HP: will hit wherever the opponent is currently standing
note: After performing the motion for Inferno, press one of the following buttons to change the effect of the portal summoned
LP (or no button press): Lightning Inferno. Drains the opponent's super meter in addition to doing damage.
MP: Ice Inferno.
HP: Fire Inferno. Has the fastest startup of the three infernos.

Dark Thunder

  • Half Circle Forward + Punch/41236+Punch

Blackheart will shoot lighting from his fingers, and each punch variation with shoot at a different angle.

LP: Dark Thunder shoots directly across the floor
MP: Dark Thunder shoots straight out in front of Blackheart
HP: Dark Thunder shoots at a 45 degree angle upward

Super Moves

Infinity Counter

Dark Thunder

  • Back, Down-Back, Down + Punch

Infinity Combo


  • Quarter Circle Forward + All three Punches

Heart of Darkness

  • Quarter Circle Forward + All three Kicks

After the super finishes, if you're close enough, you can relaunch with s.MP or tack on a Fire Inferno.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


  • c.LK, s.MP, j.LP, j.LP, j.LK, j.MP, j,MK - basic air combo; dial it somewhat slowly

  • Inferno, Heart of Darkness - make sure to hit them with the super before they hit the ground, otherwise they will be able to tech roll. If they don't, the super can still OTG.


1. J.MK, C.LK -> C.MP

2. S.HK/S.HP/C.HK/C.HP, Inferno

3. Inferno, Inferno (OTG)

4. Inferno, Heart of Darkness (OTG)

5. Heart of Darkness, Inferno (OTG)

6. S.MP XX Armageddon


7. Inferno (close), S.MP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MP -> SJ.MK (FS)

8. J.MP -> J.MK, C.MK -> S.MP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MK (FS)

9. S.MK -> S.MP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MP -> SJ.MK (FS)

10. S.HK/S.HP/C.HK/C.HP, Dark Thunder (MP)

11. S.HK(close), S.MK -> S.MP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MP -> SJ.MK (FS)

12. (corner) MP/HP Throw, C.LK (OTG) -> S.MP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MP -> SJ.MK (FS)

13. (corner) MP/HP Throw, C.LK (OTG) -> S.MP xx Armaggedon

14. any Inferno (close), C.LK (OTG) -> S.MP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.MP -> SJ.MP -> SJ.MK (FS)

15. any Inferno (close), C.LK (OTG) -> S.MP xx Armaggedon

16. Heart of Darkness, Air Dash, S.MK -> S.MP-> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MP -> SJ.MK (FS)

17. (corner) S.MP -> SJ.LP-> SJ.LK -> SJ.MP -> SJ.MK (FS), J.MK (OTG) -> S.HK

18. (corner) Heart of Darkness, Air Dash, S.MK -> S.MP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MP -> SJ.MK (FS), J.MK (OTG) -> S.MK -> S.MP

19. (close) Inferno, S.MK xx Armaggedon, S.MP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK-> SJ.MP -> SJ.MK (FS)


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