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In the comics, Captain America is Steve Rogers, who used to be an ordinary college student until he enlisted in the US Army and received an injection of the Super Solder Serum. The serum altered his physiology into that of a man at the peak of human conditioning. He fought against the Nazis in WWII and later joined the Avengers as its leader.

In the game, Cap is a well balanced character with high priority and high damage normals, and useful special moves. Cap plays similarly to Cyclops from X-Men COTA, very shoto-esque. Highly regarded as one of the best characters in the game. Playing as Cap means that while you have a very excellent combo game; you also have can play the away game with his projectile. However when compared to Spider-Man (another shoto-esque character), Cap is pretty basic and barebones.

When Captain America activates the Power Gem, his special attacks will hit multiple times. The animation for Star and Stripes during Power Gem is similar to the Hyper Stars and Stripes super move that he gains in all subsequent games.

Moves List

Angled Kick

  • while jumping, d+HK

Double Jump

  • u while jumping

Press up again in midair after a jump to do a double jump.

Forward Throw

  • f+MP or HP when close

Kick Throw

  • f+MK or HK when close

This throw puts the opponent into juggle state.

Normal Moves

Magic Series
Ground: Stronger
Jumping: standard zig-zag
Super Jumping: standard zig-zag


LP: standard quick jab. LK: a quick kick to the shins. helpful combo starter
MP: Cap's main launcher; MK: press the button again to kick twice
HP: w/shield: a wide swing that knocks opponents back full screen. w/o shield: hammer swing that does not knock back;
HK: staple part of almost every ground combo. Inflicts massive amounts of hitstun.


LP: its a crouching jab, good to hit confirm some combos; LK: Cap's fastest low
MP: used in combos; MK: equivalent to a shoto c.MK, but this one can be unblockable in certain situations
HP: Cap's other launcher. Lacks range compared to s.MP and the range is even worse without the shield.
HK: A sweep. The recovery isn't great but don't forget that it can be cancelled into special moves


LP: start air combos with this; LK: for air combos
MP: tends to miss in air combos so omit it. But it can make an okay close range jump in; MK: can cross up
HP: w/shield: powerful jump in which can also cross up.
In air combos, it can chain to HK if you time it properly. w/o shield: hammer swing that has terrible range. In air combos, this notably does not cause flying screen.
HK: very high priority kick, good jump in and combo ender

Special Moves

Shield Slash

  • QCF+P/236+P
The button pressed determines the angle of the attack.
LP: low angle (can OTG)
MP: straight
HP: high angle (can hit opponents in the air)
If you do not retrieve the shield, the properties/animations of some moves change, notably his punch attacks and Stars and Stripes.

Stars and Stripes

  • DP+P/623+P
The button pressed determines the height that Cap travels when he performs the move, as well as the damage. LP being the lowest and HP being the highest.
The LP version recovers quickly enough that you can dash in and use an OTG attack.
This move has a lot of invincibility frames during the rising part of the animation.
If Cap performs this move without the shield, the MP and HP versions do multiple hits and DO NOT knock down.

Charging Star

  • HCF+K/41236+K
This move can be used to blow through projectiles.


  • HCB+P/63214+P
Use this move to switch sides with your opponent when you are close to him. It is invincible during the middle of the animation.

Super Moves

Infinity Counter

Stars and Stripes

  • Back, Down-Back, Down+ 2 Punch
  • 421+PP
Just as invincible as the special move version.

Infinity Combo


  • Quarter Circle Forward + All three Punches
During the forward dash part of this move's animation, you are invincible to projectiles. However, you can still get stuffed on startup.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


A1. cr.LK, s.MP, j.LP, j.LK, j.MK, j. HP, j.HK - standard launcher -> air combo

A2. LP Stars and Stripes, dash, OTG cr.LK, s.MP, air combo

A3. cr.LP, cr.MP, s.HK xx LP Shield Slash - replace the Shield Slash with HK Charging Star if you wish to push the opp. to the corner

A4. cr.LP, cr.MP, s.HK xx FINAL JUSTICE

A5. s.LK, s.HK xx FINAL JUSTICE - this version works on more characters

A6. Kick Throw, FINAL JUSTICE - is very easy to time on lightweight characters, hard or impossible on heavyweights (Blackheart, Juggernaut, Hulk)

A7. s.HP xx FINAL JUSTICE - corner only

1. D.S.LK -> S.MK -> S.HK XX 236+LP

2. D.S.LK -> S.MK -> S.HK XX 41236+HK

3. D.S.LK -> S.MK -> S.HK XX Final Justice

4. D.S.LK -> S.MK -> C.HK XX 236+LP (OTG)

5. J.HP, S.LP -> S.HP

6. J.HP, S.HK XX 41236+HK

7. J.HP -> S.HK XX Final Justice

8. -> cr.MK -> cr. HK XX 236+LP (OTG)

9. HK Throw, 623+HP


10. D.S.LK -> S.MK -> cr.HP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MK -> SJ.HK (FS)

11. D.S.LK -> S.MK -> cr.HK XX 41236+MK (OTG)

12. J.HP, cr.LP -> cr.MP -> cr.HK XX 236+LP (OTG)

13. J.HP, D.S.LP -> S.MP XX 623+MP (or HP version in the corner)

14. J.HP -> J.HK, cr.MK -> cr.HP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MK -> SJ.HP (FS)

15. -> cr.HP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MK -> SJ.HP (FS)

16. MK Throw, juggle with Final Justice

17. MK Throw, -> SJ.LP -> SJ.MK -> SJ.HK (FS)

18. MK Throw, SJ.HP Air Throw

19. HK Throw, J.LP -> J.LK -> J.MK -> J.HP

20. (corner) HP Throw, -> cr.HP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MK -> SJ.HP (FS)

21. 623+LP (as an air counter), (OTG) -> cr.HP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MK -> SJ.HK (FS)

22. J.LP -> J.LK -> J.HK, D.S.LP -> cr.MK -> cr.HP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.HP (FS)

23. J.HP, D.S.LK -> cr.MP XX 623+LP, (OTG), cr.HP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.MK -> SJ.HK

24. D.S.LP -> cr.MP XX 623+LP, D.S.LK (OTG) -> cr.MK XX 236+LP

25. D.S.LP -> cr.MP XX 623+LP, D.S.LK (OTG) -> S.HK XX Final Justice

26. (corner) HK Throw, 623+LP, -> cr.HP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK -> SJ.MP -> SJ.MK -> SJ.HP (FS)

27. (corner) J.LP -> J.MK -> J.D+HK,, S.MP XX 623+LP, cr.LK (OTG) -> S.MP -> SJ.LP -> SJ.LK ->SJ.MP -> SJ.MK -> SJ.MP (FS) -> SJ.HK, SJ.HP -> SJ.HK

28. (corner) J.LP -> J.MK -> J.D+HK,, S.MP XX 623+LP, cr.LK (OTG) -> S.HK XX Final Justice


29. Captain America's MARVELous Combo:

Enemy must be in corner. J.LP -> J.LK -> J.HK \/ D.S.LK -> S.MK -> cr.HP XX 623+MP, cr.LK -> S.MP -> SJ.LP-> SJ.LK -> SJ.MK -> SJ.HP; While enemy starts falling back down and passes you (you'll still be in same Super Jump), SJ.HP. When enemy starts falling back down, Jump up and meet them in the air with J.LP -> J.LK -> J.HP, ad infinitium.


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