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Fighter's History Dynamite/Jean Pierre

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Fhd jean.png


Meet the French turtle

Jean Pierre is a professional gymnast who decided to perfect his skills on a fighting ring. At surface level he can be seen as just the French nephew of Guile. He's got Sonic Booms, Flash Kick and air throw, but Jean definitely got much more than that. His offencive tools are just as great. On top of a good set of normals, Slide (Df.png+K.png) gives him an edge in fireball wars and Needle Shower (Tap Snka.gifSnkb.gifSnkc.gifSnkd.gif) can deal scary damage while also keeping opponents at distance and pressure them. Although it all comes at a cost of being relatively easy to stun and having a floaty jump.

With such a toolkit Jean can play both ways and adapt to matchups and situations in matches. He is surely one of the stronger characters in the game, being able to throw the Top-4 a challenge.

Weak Spot

FHD-jean-neutral.png FHD-jean-squat-1.png FHD-jean-squat-2.png FHD-jean-crouch.png
Frame count - 2 2 -

Jean's weak spot can be damaged mainly by crouching LPs + some standing LKs, so that's not bad. But still it's vulnerable to a wide variety of special moves. Also weak spot is unsafe in mid-air and while you doing a jump-in, it can be hit with pretty much any anti-air attack.

Regarding fireballs. While standing, Jean's weak spot is unhittable with projectiles by Matlok, Samchay, Clown and himself in mirror match. And while crouching, it's vulnerable only against Karnov. And so, use this knowledge to your advantage. But keep in mind that in air you still can land on a fireball with your weak spot.

Color Options

Punch Kick
Fhd-jean-color1.png Fhd-jean-color2.png

Moves List

Quick Reference

Special move name Input Nickname Note
Needle Shower Tap P.png hands HHS
Chojaku Needle Shower Tap simultaneously Snka.gifSnkb.gifSnkc.gifSnkd.gif hands instant HHS
Bal Rose Charge B.png,F.png + P.png fireball
Fric Frac Charge D.png,U.png + K.png flash kick anti-air, reversal
Rondato Charge F.png,Qcb.png + K.png hidden move, requires longer charge time, anti-air, reversal, second hit is overhead

Normal Moves

Light Punch Snka.gif

  • Standing LP (Close): activation range = 47
Damage 6 Startup FHD-jean-stand-close-LP.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Hand-knife stab. Chain-cancellable, but better not use it for chain strings because you will get weak version of Needle Shower instead. Your only viable move for this is crouching LK.

  • Standing LP (Far):
Damage 6 Startup FHD-jean-stand-far-LP.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit +5
On block +6
Frame count 2 3 4

Long range but can't be chain-cancelled.

  • Crouching LP:
Damage 6 Startup FHD-jean-crouch-LP.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Same as close LP above but crouching and a more range.

  • Jumping LP (Diagonal/Neutral):
Damage 12 Startup FHD-jean-jump-LP.png
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
Frame count 4

Great air-to-air. Can be used as safe jump-in but your jumping LK is better for this.

Heavy Punch Snkb.gif

  • Standing HP (Close): activation range = 64
Damage 28 Startup FHD-jean-stand-close-HP.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit -3
On block -8
Frame count 4 6 18

Hits deep jump-ins and usually beats them, cancellable. Used a lot for comboing into Hands.

  • Standing HP (Far):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-jean-stand-far-HP.png FHD-jean-stand-far-HP-recover.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit -3
On block -8
Frame count 4 6 (6) 18

Your best poke because of it's range and Jean does a step forward to do attack. Also hides Jean's weak spot behind.

  • Crouching HP:
Damage 28 Startup FHD-jean-crouch-HP.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit -3
On block -8
Frame count 4 6 18

Excellent anti-air button, it's hitbox priority beats out most of the jump-ins, good alternative to Flash Kick if you don't have your charge ready. Also has good horizontal reach and limb doesn't become vulnerable after active part. Good for cancelling into the Hands for big damage. Great normal overall.

  • Jumping HP (Diagonal/Neutral):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-jean-jump-HP.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
Frame count 4 4

Typical heavy aerial attack for this game, although with better priority than usual and lesser active frames.

Light Kick Snkc.gif

  • Standing LK (Close): activation range = 47
Damage 6 Startup FHD-jean-stand-close-LK.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit +5
On block +6
Frame count 2 3 4

Non-chainable Mid-kick. Pretty thick hitbox to damage weak spots, unlike LPs. Unlike other unchainables in the game, this attack has less recovery, so it combos into far LK.

  • Standing LK (Far):
Damage 6 Startup FHD-jean-stand-far-LK.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit +3
On block +4
Frame count 2 3 6

Non-chainable high-kick. This one is even thicker hitbox than close LK. Mediocre as an anti-air (because of lag) but useful to hit high weak spots.

  • Crouching LK:
Damage 6 Startup FHD-jean-crouch-LK.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Your best move to do chains. Fast, decent priority, good to cancel into a Chojaku Needle Shower or to push your enemy away (cr.LK x2, cr.HK xx Ball Rose).

  • Jumping LK (Diagonal/Neutral):
Damage 12 Startup FHD-jean-jump-LK.png
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
Frame count 4

This is your choice jump-in for cross-up attempts.

Heavy Kick Snkd.gif

  • Standing HK (Close): activation range = 52
Damage 28 Startup FHD-jean-stand-close-HK.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit -3
On block -8
Frame count 4 6 18

Great attack with massive hitbox.

  • Standing HK (Far):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-jean-stand-far-HK.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit -3
On block -8
Frame count 8 6 18

Okay-ish anti-air but comes out slow.

  • Crouching HK:
Damage 28 Startup FHD-jean-crouch-HK.png FHD-jean-crouch-HK-recover-1.png FHD-jean-crouch-HK-recover-2.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit kd
On block -8
Frame count 4 6 (6 + 6) 18

Great poke. Fairly speedy, great range, cancellable. Another of Jean's excellent anti-airs, useful to catch opponents jumping outside of the range of your cr.HP. Really good also to push your rival away if you cancel it into a Ball Rose (don't do this against Ray though, you'll eat a Wheel Kick). Staple move.

  • Jumping HK (Diagonal):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-jean-diagonal-jump-HK.gif Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
Frame count 4 8

Good attack with decent priority and (finally) safe weak spot.

  • Jumping HK (Neutral):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-jean-neutral-jump-HK-1.png FHD-jean-neutral-jump-HK-2.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
Frame count 4 3 3

Mediocre air-to-air with bad horizontal priority. Jean has other better aerial attacks.

Command Normals

  • Sliding Kick: Df.png + K.png
Damage Light
Startup FHD-jean-slidekick.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
On hit Light
On block Light
Frame count Light 4 3 12
Heavy 10 6 22

A versatile slide that comes in very handy in fireball wars. If your rival is churning projectiles like crazy, slide to punish them. Be careful with it because it's not safe on block at all though, so use it only if you are sure it will hit. You can use it as an anti-air if your opponent jumps over a Ball Rose outside the range of your cr.HK. It's also a good way to close distance after a dizzy.


Ground Throws

Damage 32 FHD-jean-throwbox.png
(From pushbox)
  • Frankensteiner: B.png/F.png + Snkb.gif / Snkd.gif

Jean tosses the opponent with his legs to the opposite side of a screen. Good move to start a defensive game plan (a.k.a start fireball spam) if it's needed.

Aerial Throws

Damage 40 FHD-jean-airthrow.png
(From pushbox)
  • Flying Mare: Ub.png/B.png/Db.png/Df.png/F.png/Uf.png + Snkb.gif

Another proof that Jean is Guile's nephew. Animation of this throw is exact same as Guile's Flying Mare lol. The third best air throw in the game after Ryoko's both command and normal throws in terms of range.

Special Moves

  • Needle Shower: Tap P.png and Chojaku Needle Shower a.k.a. Hands: Tap simultaneously Snka.gifSnkb.gifSnkc.gifSnkd.gif

LP version and ABCD version:

Damage 10
Startup FHD-jean-hhs-weak-1.png FHD-jean-hhs-weak-2.png FHD-jean-hhs-weak-3.png FHD-jean-hhs-weak-4.png FHD-jean-hhs-weak-5.png FHD-jean-hhs-weak-6.png
On hit +4*
On block -1*
Frame count 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2
Loop cycle 9 9

HP version:

Damage 10
Startup FHD-jean-hhs-strong-1.png FHD-jean-hhs-strong-2.png FHD-jean-hhs-strong-3.png FHD-jean-hhs-strong-4.png FHD-jean-hhs-strong-5.png FHD-jean-hhs-strong-6.png
On hit +10*
On block +5*
Frame count 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Loop cycle 6 6

*Frame advantage is measured relatively if only the first hit connects

THE ONE. You mainly goning to use ABCD version (aka instant version) even though HP version have thicker hitboxes and can better hit weak spots. By itself it only deals small damage, but when cancelled from a normal the third hit would deal insane damage. If you manage to dizzy someone, it's game over for him. If you aim to even have a passable Jean you need to be able to do this every time you confirm a hit.

  • Bal Rose: Charge B.png,F.png + P.png
Damage 16 Startup FHD-jean-balrose.png Recovery
On hit +7
On block +2
Frame count 11 1 26

A nice Sonic Boom move that of course is very useful to zone and turtle it up. Since charge times are very short in this game, if you make use of charge buffering you'll always have another Bal Rose and a Fric Frac ready as soon as you recover from a Bal Rose you've just thrown.

  • Fric Frac: Charge D.png,U.png + K.png
Damage 32 FHD-jean-flicflac-1.png FHD-jean-flicflac-2.png FHD-jean-flicflac-3.png Recovery
On hit Light
On block Light
Frame count Light 2 4 3 40
Heavy 2 4 3 45

This is some turtle shit. Flash Kick that moves you backwards. This fact makes it somewhat safe on block, but don't get too happy with this when cornered. Your go-to reversal, it has plenty invul frames and works consistently, but be sure to not throw it out too early.

Hidden Move

  • Rondato: Charge F.png,Qcb.png + K.png

1st Part (the hop):

Damage 32 FHD-jean-rondato-1.png FHD-jean-rondato-2.png FHD-jean-rondato-3.png FHD-jean-rondato-4.png Landing,
weak spot
is absent
On hit -31*
On block -36*
Frame count 4 4 13 3 6

*Frame advantage is measured relatively from the first hit (the 13 frames one) to the second hit

2nd Part (the high jump):

Damage 32 FHD-jean-rondato-5.png FHD-jean-rondato-6.png Weak spot
FHD-jean-neutral-jump-HK-1.png Recovery:
(6) - if whiffs
(46) - if hits
On hit -27
On block -32
Frame count 6 4 3 4 10 3 1 6 46

The oddest move in the game. Jean does a small hop forward, dealing the first hit (not overhead). Then he does a jump up and lands with the second hit (an overhead). If it whiffs, you land on your two feet with only one frame of lag. But if hit connects, Jean does a big jump backwards, making you harder to punish. This move requires double charge time. Light and Heavy versions are identical.

Already sounds confusing, isn't it? Here's other quirk. At the second part of the move jump starts at the first 4 frames of invincibility. The ascend is really fast, thus making you hard to punish if you'll space the first hit right.

If we'll put aside those shenanigans, the move is not really useful. The best use for it as a reversal after knockdown or a long hit string.

The Basics

At a basic level, Jean is effectively Guile with a stronger offensive presence thanks to slide and HHS combos.

Bal Rose is a strong, but slow projectile that lets Jean run his mid and long range game. You won't be winning any fireball wars (especially vs Ray) but its an integral tool to your gameplan. Pester the opponent with Rose's, and when they attempt to jump in on you smack them with your incredibly strong cr.HP (which you can cancel into another Rose for more pressure)

Flic Flac Can be used in much the same way as a normal flashkick; its a reliable reversal that, at midscreen, can even put you back into your mid range sweetspot to spam Rose. Works great as a knockdown anti air as well, although requiring charge makes it a bit less all-purpose than cr.B

B, cr.D, Bal Rose, cr.B and cr.A are your more reliable neutral pokes. cr.D/B/A are all special cancellable, meaning they can be cancelled into Bal Rose to be made safe on block or into Needle Shower for a combo opportunity.

df.C/D can be used to slide under projectiles, which is one of your most important aspects in matchups vs other fireball characters like Ray, Samchay etc. Neither of them are safe on block, but if spaced properly you can avoid getting harshly punished.

Needle Shower can be decent for corner pressure thanks to its range and frame advantage, but it pushes you out of range pretty quickly and can be counterpoked easily. It's best neutral use is that it can shut down Lee's rush punches, but besides these few cases should be saved for combos.

Don't use Rondato. It can be used as a gimmick anti air, but unless it kills you'll still get punished. Reserved for swag and trolling only.


  • (cr.A/C xx ABCD(1 hit))xN, df.D

Basic Needle loop. Due to a glitch, sometimes this combo does insane damage. For some reason, this glitch happens much more often on crouchers. If the opponent doesn't know this, you can easily win the game in one combo. If the opponent does know about this, you can use cr.C to force them to block low again.

  • A/cr.B/D xx ABCD, B

Standing stun combo against most high weak point characters (Mizoguchi, Matlok, Samchay, etc) EXCEPT Zazie, as you have no normal beside D that can hit his weakspot standing, which is too slow to link after ABCD. As long as your first normal hits their weakpoint, you can use whatever. Those listed are just the most consistent.

This combo forces the opponent to either take the glitched damage crouch combos, or eat a stun into another combo (that already will do 90% of their life). Vs Zazie, you can do a gimmicky instant jump A to attempt to secure the stun after ABCD, or simply end the combo with df.D.

Anytime the opponent is hit with ABCD, you can link into df.D to finish your combo.

Advanced Strategy

Jean walks a fine line between rushdown and zoning. Vs characters with stronger, command fireballs (Yungmie, Ray, Samchay) you can't often win fireball wars, especially due to the speed of their fireballs as opposed to Bal Rose. In these matchups, you greatly favor your rushdown; Slide under fireballs, abuse the speed of ABCD, and fish for your game ending combos. It helps that the glitch hands will also hit their weakspots, giving you game-stealing damage.

Vs characters with weak fireballs or none at all(Lee, Mizoguchi, Marstorius), you can switch to full Guile mode; Bal Rose moves slow enough and has quick enough recovery to allow you to bully any of them from mid-long range. Keep a Flic Flac stored and you should have no problem wearing them down.


Ray Lee Zaz Kar Jea Miz Sam Yun Mat Clo Fei Mar Ryo
Jean - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Vs. Clown:

Its Clown. He sucks, you're good. Any of his special moves you can freely punish with a combo into ABCD or simply slide kick, and Bal Rose is a much better projectile than his cards. Don't get gimmicked and its an open-and-shut matchup.

Vs. Jean (self):

Bal Rose! Bal Rose! Bal Rose! Bal Rose! B

You target your own weakpoint rather nicely, letting you end games fast. Skill based matchup until someone gets hit.

Vs. Ryoko:

Just throw fireballs and cr.B if she jumps close, B if she jumps from afar. Ryoko can have a hard time catching up to you after a heavy Flic Flac, so it's not a bad idea to throw it out as a reversal often.

Vs. Karnov:

You can nullify fireball with Bal Rose due to Fireball's (relatively) long recovery and slow speed. You also have a unique way to deal with Balloon by using your air throw, meaning Karnov can't get away with nearly as much against you compared to several other characters, along with being able to hide your weakspot from 100 Kicks by crouching.

Vs. Lee:

Crouching A and ABCD is really useful here to stop Lee's rush punches. Do a Bal Rose, stick a cr.LP or ABCD to prevent retaliation, Bal Rose, etc. Crouching B will beat any jump in, so Lee will have to guess fireballs if he ever wants to get in from there. If he manages to get in close, push him away with cr.C x 2, cr.D xx Ball Rose.

Vs. Feilin:

You out-fireball, out-footsie, and out-damage Feilin. Punish her DP's and anti-air accordingly and you should have no issue. ABCD also hits her weakpoint very easily.

Vs. Yungmie:

You can keep up in a fireball war with Aura Smash, but Yungmie can easily wall jump over Bal Rose and punish your recovery. Thanks to cr.B and Flic Flac though, you can shut down her air game and approaches, all the while out-damaging her.

Vs. Marstorius:

Better turtle him to death with your fireballs. Also don't use your slide kicks against him, you'll be Double German'd if he blocks them. Mars can even grab you out of slide kicks, so be careful. I don't recommend using heavy Flic Flac, if you whiff it or Mars blocks it, he can catch you with Power Drill Slam while you recover.

Vs. Matlok:

Kind of like the mirror, if the other player had to play with one eye open, half of their fingers, and was upside down.

You're effectively "better" Matlok; While Spinning Wave is a much better fireball than Bal Rose, you can slide under it and advance forward. Overhead Kick (if you can react to it) should be no problem; cr.B anti airs it easily, even if they aim for a crossup. Matlok's high weakpoint is another plus for you, giving you easy stun combos. You can easily punish Hurricane with df.D as well.

Vs. Mizoguchi:

Bal Rose easily beats Tiger Bazooka in a fireball war, although Mizoguchi can use C tatsu to go over your projectiles, similar to your ability to slide under his. Thanks to the awkward placement of your weakpoint, you can also avoid a lot of Mizoguchi's combo damage while dealing a lot to him due to his high weakpoint.

Vs. Ray:

Very annoying matchup. Thanks to Big Tornado's speed, Ray can very easily out fireball you, forcing you to go on the offensive here. You effectively can't leave the ground due to Wheel Kicks speed and your giant jump, meaning you simply have to weather the storm. Use slide liberally, and make all of your hits count, since you can very easily TOD Ray due to his mid weakpoint and glitched hands damage.

Vs. Samchay:

Samchay is another character that can out-fireball you. Make use of slide and TOD him, since he has another awkward weakpoint to abuse with glitch damage. Ti Kau Koon can actually catch your slides, so be careful.

Vs. Zazie:

Complete and utter suckass. Ducking Hellfire alone invalidates your fireball game and slides, you can't hit his weakpoint easily, and he can easily punish Flic Flac. You can bait and throw attempts to Duck through your projectiles, but its risky. Hellfire also hits your weakpoint very easily, and his hands combos are more consistent and do more damage than yours.

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