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Fighter's History Dynamite/FAQ

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What game versions are there?

  • Arcade (MVS)
  • Neo Geo (AES)
  • Neo Geo CD
  • Sega Saturn
  • PS4,XBO,NS (via Arcade Archives)


Where's the discord?

Where can I watch this game?

There are plenty Japanese arcades which stream this game sometimes. Search keywords "ファイターズヒストリーダイナマイト" for "Fighter's History Dynamite" and add "大会" for "tournament"

Mikado GAME-NEWTON A-Cho GAME (There's also a playlist of all of Mikado's FHD uploads here)

You can also find some older match footage at Ars Magna

For NA tourneys with commentary, check nycfurby's Aug 2020 tournament or the DYNAMITE tourney


What does the tier list look like?

A universally-agreed upon tier list for this game is impossible to come up with, since it seems as if every player has differing opinions on where the characters fall in the tiers.

Here's one example:

Top Ray, Lee, Zazie, Karnov
Upper-Mid Jean
Mid Mizoguchi, Samchay, Yungmie
Lower-Mid Matlok, Clown, Feilin
Low Marstorius, Ryoko

The placement of Marstorius in the tiers is one that there are rarely agreements on - some think he could be as high as Upper-Mid, others think he's much lower (one Japanese tier listing had him ranked as dead last). He has some very tough matchups and it can be hard for him to get in on characters with projectiles, but once he gets in he has a nasty mixup game that can easily win him the round. So he's a bit of a wildcard since a lot of his matches can go either way.

Don't treat any tier list as gospel, as practically every character has something going for them and can be competitive against most of the rest of the cast. This is also due in part to the game's dizzy system, since they can happen in an instant and turn the match around.

Here's some other examples:

2004 list

1. Ray
2. Zazie
3. Jean
4. Karnov
5. Lee
6. Samchay
7. Yungmie
8. Mizoguchi
9. Feilin
10. Matlok
11. Marstorius
12. Clown
13. Ryoko


What do the matchups look like?


2003 matchup chart

This one is really debatable but here it is:

Ray-555666666687981 (+16)
Lee5-55666666676474 (+9)
Zazie55-5666466576471 (+6)
Yungmie555-555566566771 (+6)
Karnov4445-56655667669 (+4)
Samchay44455-6565656768 (+3)
Mizoguchi444544-566656665 (0)
Clown4465455-55446865 (0)
Jean44445445-6565864 (-1)
Matlok444455454-656763 (-2)
Feilin4455444654-44760 (-5)
Ox23344556454-7458 (-7)
Ryoko344434445463-351 (-14)
Marstorius1663434223367-50 (-15)

Source : FHD Maniax


Any useful links I can use?

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Liu Feilin
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Matlok Jade
Makoto Mizoguchi
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Ryoko Kano
Samchay Tomyamgun
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