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Fighter's History Dynamite/Makoto Mizoguchi

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Fhd mizoguchi.png


Mizoguchi is the 28 year old (during events of FHD) high school student. He prefers partying to studying and is just the loudest guy you'll ever meet. Mizoguchi is NOT the main character of the game and plays the role of the reluctant "hero", as he keeps getting kidnapped and made to train and fight in tournaments instead of moving on with his life. Despite all of this, he's appeared in other games like Suiko Enbu and KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A.

In the game Mizoguchi is a mid-tier rushdown character with devastating combos. Despite looking like a Ryu clone, his fireball is kinda weak and his poking game is only okay, though his light Avalanche Punch (Qcd.png+P.png) can be safe on block. Get good at linking off his Scissor Kicks (Qcf.png+K.png) if you want to keep up with the top tiers - if he stuns you it can often mean death.

Weak Spot

FHD-mizoguchi-neutral.png FHD-mizoguchi-squat-1.png FHD-mizoguchi-squat-2.png FHD-mizoguchi-crouch.png
Frame count - 2 2 -

Mizoguchi's weak point is his headband, and as an average height character it's vulnerable to some standing pokes as well as any jump-ins and crossups. Stance shifting can help him a lot.

Color Options

Punch Kick
Fhd-mizoguchi-color1.png Fhd-mizoguchi-color2.png

Moves List

Quick Reference

Special move name Input Nickname Note
Tiger Bazooka Qcf.png + P.png fireball
KoRyuuSai Qcd.png + P.png dp, elbow anti-air, reversal
Renzoku Keri Qcf.png + K.png tatsu, flying kicks can be repeated up to five kicks, LK version can fly over projectiles
Gottsui Tiger Bazooka Qcf.png + Snka.gifSnkb.gifSnkc.gifSnkd.gif fireball, long startup
TsuuTenSai Qcd.png + Snka.gifSnkb.gifSnkc.gifSnkd.gif "The Big Blue" hidden move, rush (invincible) → anti-air, behaves differently if opponent was hit at very start (point-blank range)

Normal Moves

Light Punch Snka.gif

  • Standing LP (Close): activation range = 47
Damage 7 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-stand-close-LP.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Great attack to demolish dizzy spots with thick hitbox.

  • Standing LP (Far):
Damage 7 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-stand-far-LP.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Might be the fattest far jab in the entire game. Good for keeping the opponent far from you.

  • Crouching LP:
Damage 7 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-crouch-LP.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Same as st.far but crouching and a bit less range.

  • Jumping LP (Diagonal/Neutral):
Damage 12 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-jump-LP.png
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
Frame count 4

Best air-to-air at your disposal, but relatively to other characters it's not that great. Good for safe jumps. Stays out 'till you land.

Heavy Punch Snkb.gif

  • Standing HP (Close): activation range = 55
Damage 28 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-stand-close-HP-1.png FHD-mizoguchi-stand-close-HP-2.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit -3
On block -8
Frame count 4 3 3 18

A headbutt. Important for combos. However Ray, Lee, Feilin and Clown can duck the first hurtbox and realistically fall out of the combo. Comes out faster then stand HK.

  • Standing HP (Far):
Damage 30 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-stand-far-HP.png FHD-mizoguchi-stand-far-HP-recover.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit -3
On block -8
Frame count 4 6 (6) 18

Great poke, great far anti-air. Arm becomes vulnerable only after the active frames. Think of it in terms of Ryu's stand MP/HP in old SF, or just stand fierce in Alpha 1. Differences being that in FHD normals tend to have a lot of priority compared to other fighters.

  • Crouching HP:
Damage 30 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-crouch-HP-1.png FHD-mizoguchi-crouch-HP-2.png FHD-mizoguchi-crouch-HP-recover.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit -3
On block -8
Frame count 4 3 3 (14) 18

Your best anti-air by far. But if you'll mess up, opponent will 100% hit your dizzy spot.

  • Jumping HP (Diagonal/Neutral):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-jump-HP.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
Frame count 4 6

Not much use compared to his other air normals, other then a specific counter to certain normals, or to hit slightly lower when aiming for a dizzy spot.

Light Kick Snkc.gif

  • Standing LK (Close): activation range = 47
Damage 7 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-stand-close-LK.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Good for combos, and aiming for mid to thigh range dizzy spots.

  • Standing LK (Far):
Damage 7 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-stand-far-LK.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit +5
On block +6
Frame count 2 3 4

Another decent anti-air. Good for combos, and aiming for mid dizzy spots.

  • Crouching LK:
Damage 7 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-crouch-LK.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Mizo's leg is invincible, only his body can be hit. Used in the general rock scissors paper game that FHD normals go by.

  • Jumping LK (Diagonal):
Damage 12 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-diagonal-jump-LK .png
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
Frame count 4

A crossup. Priority is similar to jump punch, comes out faster then lp, but at a lower angle then it. Thus it loses the air to air battle use that the jump punch also doubles as.

  • Jumping LK (Neutral):
Damage 12 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-neutral-jump-LK .png
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
Frame count 4

Long standing air to air attack. Deceptive hitbox.

Heavy Kick Snkd.gif

  • Standing HK (Close): activation range = 47
Damage 28 total Startup FHD-mizoguchi-stand-close-HK-1.png FHD-mizoguchi-stand-close-HK-2.png Recovery
Chain cancel no/no
Special cancel yes/yes
On hit -/0
On block -/-5
Frame count 4 2 1 3 18

A 2-hit axe kick. Starts closer then close stand HP distance wise. Thus the same combos do not work, or require greater timing if going for a close attack. Very important for combos. It can anti-air, however in general not as realistic as other attacks for the same circumstance.

  • Standing HK (Far):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-stand-far-HK.png FHD-mizoguchi-far-HK-recover.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit -1
On block -6
Frame count 6 5 (6) 17

An anti-air. Unfortunately stand HP actually works better then it in most realistic situations where you would use it. So it's use is a more minimal/specific counter.

  • Crouching HK:
Damage 28 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-crouch-HK.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit kd
On block -8
Frame count 4 6 18

A sweep. Deceptively long range. Remember that in FHD as long as the move is out, it can be canceled.

  • Jumping HK (Diagonal):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-diagonal-jump-HK.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
Frame count 4 6

It may cross up. However jump LK in general does the job better. Main use for crossing up would be to throw the opponent off with the diff stun times between the 2 attacks, and when going for ambiguous cross up. Where as doing the HK will cross up but keep you in the front, and the lk will cross up, and cross up.

  • Jumping HK (Neutral):
Damage 28 total Startup FHD-mizoguchi-neutral-jump-LK .png FHD-mizoguchi-neutral-jump-HK-2.png Recovery
Chain cancel no/no
Special cancel yes/yes
Frame count 4 2 1 3

Aerial axe kick. Can't really say anything about it.


Damage 32 FHD-mizoguchi-throwbox.png
(From pushbox)
  • Tsukami Nage: B.png/F.png + Snkb.gif

Mizoguchi choke slams the opponent into the ground. It leaves him at a good distance for many ambiguous mixups with crossups and hops with his Scissor Kicks. Unfortunately many DPs in the game are instant, so this is not as abusable as it would seem.

  • Ashi Nage: B.png/F.png + Snkd.gif

Mizoguchi tosses the opponent across the screen. Mizoguchi wants to stay close to the opponent most of the time, but go for it if you want to make space.

Here's an interesting bug: if Player 2 Mizoguchi kick throws Zazie to the left, Zazie will end up flying into Mizoguchi from the right side and fall at point-blank range. Zazie will push Mizoguchi to the left while in the air.

Special Moves

  • Tiger Bazooka: Qcf.png + P.png
Damage 16 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-tigerbazooka.png Recovery
On hit +3
On block -2
Frame count 21 1 30

A slow start up/recovery/projectile. Mizoguchi does take a low stance during the attack which is it's biggest saving grace.

  • KoRyuuSai a.k.a. Avalanche Punch: Qcd.png + P.png
Damage Light
48 total
FHD-mizoguchi-avalanchepunch-1.png FHD-mizoguchi-avalanchepunch-2.png FHD-mizoguchi-avalanchepunch-3.png FHD-mizoguchi-avalanchepunch-4.png FHD-mizoguchi-avalanchepunch-5.png FHD-mizoguchi-avalanchepunch-5-0.png FHD-mizoguchi-avalanchepunch-6.png Recovery
On hit Light
On block Light
Frame count Light 2 3 1 1 2 1 4 11
Hard 2 3 1 1 2 1 5 21

A 3-hit quick rushing elbow, your main reversal and optional anti-air. 1,5 out of 3 hits are invincible. The 1st hit always connects with the 2nd, but the 2nd not connects with the 3rd if opponent is far enough. However it is fast, and the LP version is awkward to punish and spammable. But it doesn't have enough invincibility to beat any other said DP-ish attack if done at the same time. The HP version is good for combos.

  • Renzoku Keri a.k.a. Scissor Kick: Qcf.png + K.png (can be repeated up to 5 kicks on ground and 4 kicks in air)

1st Part (initial kicks):

Damage 1st
(on ground)
(in air)
FHD-mizoguchi-scissorkick-mid.png FHD-mizoguchi-scissorkick-mid-adjust.png Recovery:
(17) - LK version
(12) - HK version
(varies) - cancelled from air normal
Last 4 frames are landing
On hit Light
On block Light
Frame count 2 6 4 2 2 17 12 varies
Loop cycle - 8 -

2nd Part (final kick):

Damage 24* FHD-mizoguchi-scissorkick-end.png FHD-mizoguchi-scissorkick-end-adjust.png Recovery:
(21) - LK version
(17) - HK version
(varies) - cancelled from air normal
Last 4 frames are landing
On hit Light
On block Light
Frame count 8 2 2 21 17 varies

*If comboed from the previous hit

Mizo performs a flurry of flying kicks while advancing forward. On hit you can combo into them, but better use HK version for it. On block the first four hits leave you at a slight disadvantage though in general not enough for you to actually be punished. Which then lends it self to rock paper scissors type mixups. The last hit has more recovery and is punishable more realistically. Good for chipping damage. Useful for ambiguous cross ups as a stand alone move after a knock down. LK version goes over fireballs and can be used to try to slowly gain distance, or to hop over an opponent. The air version can only be done if an air attack has hit the opponent and is still in stun, and your still in the attack animation of said attack. Comparing it to how most every other special attack in FHD works, its priority is negligible, however it does go over lows. Though even that is a bit slower than it "looks".

  • Gottsui Tiger Bazooka a.k.a. Screaming Tiger Bazooka: Qcf.png + Snka.gifSnkb.gifSnkc.gifSnkd.gif
Damage 80 Startup FHD-mizoguchi-supertigerbazooka.png Recovery
On hit +14
On block +9
Frame count 91 1 19

Beefed-up version of Tiger Bazooka. If you thought startup of the normal fireball was long, so this one charges up for roughly 1,5 seconds. That's abysmal. And if you somehow manage to at least unleash it, opponent will be ready to block it. What a trash.

The only real way to land it is to cancel into it right after you dizzied an opponent. But do you really want to use it if you can do one of your powerful combos that may deal greater damage? Maybe, if projectile will hit an exposed weak spot for additional damage.

Hidden Move

  • TsuuTenSai a.k.a. "The Big Blue": Qcd.png + Snka.gifSnkb.gifSnkc.gifSnkd.gif

1st Part (the initial spin):

Damage Grab

86 total
FHD-mizoguchi-avalanchepunch-1.png FHD-mizoguchi-bigblue-2.png FHD-mizoguchi-bigblue-3.png
(from pushbox
to hitbox end)
Frame count 2 2 3

2nd Part (the uppercut):

Damage Normal
3 hits)

39 total
FHD-mizoguchi-bigblue-4.png FHD-mizoguchi-bigblue-5.png FHD-mizoguchi-bigblue-6.png FHD-mizoguchi-bigblue-7.png FHD-mizoguchi-bigblue-8.png FHD-mizoguchi-bigblue-9.png FHD-mizoguchi-bigblue-10.png FHD-mizoguchi-bigblue-11.png FHD-mizoguchi-bigblue-12.png Recovery Landing
On hit kd*
On block -30*
Frame count 6 2 1 2 2 2 1 2 4 31 6

*Frame advantage is measured from the third hit

The almighty elbow uppercut also known as "The Big Blue". In general there are 2 versions of the move. If the first spin hits, Mizoguchi rises into the air with a Shinryuken-ish attack that deals around 35%-40% damage. If the first hit misses, Mizo does a small rush forward with an elbow DP for 3 hits. This version of the move is completely invincible (besides throws) 'till Mizoguchi starts to fall. Unfortunately it's duckable by everyone in the game except Jean, Zazie and Mastourious.

However I said IN GENERAL. There are also a couple of other versions you can get. One is a four hit version of the same move. And another is a spin, that will then "teleport" next to the opponent and then go into the Shinryuken-ish version of said move.

The Basics

Makoto Mizoguchi its a basic shoto balanced special character focused in low rushdown, his powered up specials are useful in resets and post stun stuff but can be countered easily.


  • cr.LK, cr.HP xx b,db,d+HP or qcf+HK (x5)
  • j.HK, st.HP xx b,db,d+HP or qcf+HK (x5)
  • st.LK, cl.HK (1 hit) xx Big Blue
Unavoidable stun vs Jean and Lee. Can use any Heavy into Big Blue if you've already landed 1 weak point hit.
  • cl.HP/HK xx qcf+HK (x4), cr.LK xx b,db,d+HP
  • qcf+ABCD, cl.HK, qcf+HK (x4), etc. or Big Blue

Tatsu loops

Video explanation

These are mostly useful as a stun punish. "Light" here means any light you can chain (cl. or cr. LP or LK). Landing close HK is important, it has less pushback than other heavies but still combos into tatsu.

  • j.LK xx qcf+HK (x3), cl.HK (1 hit) xx qcf+HK (x4), Light, st./cr.HP xx qcf+HK (x5)
  • j.LK xx qcf+HK (x3), cl.HK (1 hit) xx qcf+HK (x4), Light, cl.HP/HK (1 hit) xx qcf+HK (x4), Light xx b,db,d+HP

Advanced Strategy


Ray Lee Zaz Kar Jea Miz Sam Yun Mat Clo Fei Mar Ryo
Mizoguchi 4 4 3 4.5 3 - 5 - 7 7 - 7 7

Vs. Clown:

  • 7 - 3

One of Mizoguchi's clear cut winning matchups. Clowns only saving grace is the fact Mizoguchi's regular combos do not work vs him.

Vs. Jean:

  • 3 - 7

On paper the match appears quite lopsided. However the general idea of Mizoguchi having some situational yet damaging combos help keep him in the match.

Vs. Ryoko:

  • 7 - 3

Although a generally bad match for Ryoko, having some of the most realistic counters to Mizoguchi's spammable moves help keep her and her player from leaving the machine before the match starts.

Vs. Karnov:

  • 4.5 - 5.5

Ease of use is probably what keeps this match from being even. Mizoguchi has a lot of counters that if done will instantly win you the ground, however what Karnov does is easier then what you have to do to win.

Vs. Lee:

  • 4 - 6

Mizoguchi has a lot of answers to Lee. But again ease of use comes into play. Lee is also one of the characters that Mizoguchi's normal combos do not work on.

Vs. Feilin:

Another balanced match, she is better than Mizoguchi in air to air

Vs. Yungmie:

Vs. Marstorius:

  • 7 - 3

Another easy match but beware the Power Slam. Mars has a hard time getting around you fireballs, especially the LP version.

Vs. Matlok:

  • 7 - 3

Another easy match of a shotokan vs a turtler, but Overhead Kick can be a good counter agaisnt your Tiger Shot

Vs. Mizoguchi (self):

Most people pick Ray.

Vs. Ray:

  • 4 - 6

A bit unfair matchup, use your SRK instead of your Tiger Fire.

Vs. Samchay:

  • 5 - 5

Fair matchup, try to counter Knees with your kicks series or wait if he whips a tikakou

Vs. Zazie:

  • 3 - 7

A bad match. A lot of your counters to his patters are high risk and low reward.

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