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Fighter's History Dynamite/Zazie Muhaba

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Fhd zazie.png



Zazie is karateka from Kenya. He is a founder of the African Nature Protection Society and decided to participate in the Great Grapple Tournament to raise some money for his organisation. The question is: does he able to overcome all the opponents and achieve victorious? Well, he has a really big chances for this...

Zazie is one of "The Four Gods" of the game and debatably the Top-1 character. He is a great rushdown character with long pokes due to his height. His Vulcan Hook (Tap Snka.gifSnkb.gifSnkc.gifSnkd.gif) can deal massive damage in combos as well as chip damage, plus at the same time used for keepaway game if necessary. His Ducking move (F.pngF.png+K.png) allows to not fear fireballs (but to fear sweeps). Hellfire uppercut (Qcd.png+P.png) can demolish all types of weak spots. All in all, Zazie is a scary force that should be taken seriously in every fight.

Weak Spot

FHD-zazie-neutral.png FHD-zazie-squat-1.png FHD-zazie-squat-2.png FHD-zazie-crouch.png
Frame count - 2 2 -

Having a weak spot on a head is already a bad thing by default, but Zazie's saving grace is that he's the highest character in the game. Just use stance shift to change your stance to standing one while being comboed. Not many grounded moves can hit your standing weak spot, but still, some characters have high kicks and axe kicks against you. And yeah, watch out for jump-ins and crossups.

Also, as you may see, Zazie got a misplaced weak spot on his second squat animation. This may help/harm you somehow, but not really.

Color Options

Punch Kick
Fhd-zazie-color1.png Fhd-zazie-color2.png

Moves List

Quick Reference

Special move name Input Nickname Note
Vulkan Hook Tap P.png hands HHS
Chojaku Vulkan Hook Tap simultaneously Snka.gifSnkb.gifSnkc.gifSnkd.gif hands instant HHS
Hellfire Qcd.png + P.png anti-air, reversal
Ducking F.pngF.png + K.png dash dash through fireballs
Step Back F.pngB.png + K.png step back → step forward, only first step is invincible
Deshikakato U.pngD.png + K.png flame kick hidden move, LK and HK versions are different

Normal Moves

Light Punch Snka.gif

  • Standing LP (Close/Far):
Damage 7 Startup FHD-zazie-stand-LP.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Usual jab that whiffs all crouching characters. Due to Zazie's height may be used as far anti-air.

  • Crouching LP:
Damage 7 Startup FHD-zazie-crouch-LP.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Same as st.LP but obviously doesn't whiff crouching characters.

  • Jumping LP (Diagonal/Neutral):
Damage 12 Startup FHD-zazie-jump-LP.png
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
Frame count 4

Great jump-in and air-to-air tool with solid priority.

Heavy Punch Snkb.gif

  • Standing HP (Close/Far):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-zazie-stand-HP-1.png FHD-zazie-stand-HP-2.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit -3
On block -8
Frame count 4 3 3 18

Zazie throws an uppercut with his back arm. Great anti-air alternative to Hellfire. But here's a thing that must be mentioned: actually this attack is listed in dev menu of the game as a command normal and actual HP normals are can be used if you hold B.png / F.png while attacking. Further info about them is listed in "Special Normals" section.

  • Crouching HP:
Damage 28 Startup FHD-zazie-crouch-HP.png FHD-zazie-crouch-HP-recover.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit -4
On block -9
Frame count 3 4 (16) 21

Crouching uppercut with okay priority. It's still useful but priority is not that great comparing with other cr.HP anti-airs.

  • Jumping HP (Diagonal):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-zazie-diagonal-jump-HP.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
Frame count 4 6

Typical aerial heavy punch, looks like j.LP with lesser priority.

  • Jumping HP (Neutral):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-zazie-jump-HP.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
Frame count 4 6

Identical to it's diagonal jump counterpart but hitbox is stretched downwards a bit.

Light Kick Snkc.gif

  • Standing LK (Close): activation range = 47
Damage 12 Startup FHD-zazie-stand-close-LK.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit +5
On block +6
Frame count 2 3 4

This one is the real bane to the most of the weak spots.

  • Standing LK (Far):
Damage 10 Startup FHD-zazie-stand-far-LK.png FHD-zazie-stand-far-LK-recover.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit 0
On block +1
Frame count 4 3 (3) 9

Incredible poke, Zazie use his leg to kick in the medium zone. Quick with outstanding range, you're going to be using this very much.

  • Crouching LK:
Damage 7 Startup FHD-zazie-crouch-LK.png Recovery
Chain cancel yes
Special cancel yes
On hit +6
On block +7
Frame count 2 3 3

Your best option for doing chain strings, because LPs will trigger your Vulcan Hook instead.

  • Jumping LK (Diagonal):
Damage 12 Startup FHD-zazie-diagonal-jump-LK.png
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
Frame count 6

Good option to interrupt stuff like Mars' Lariats and hit head weak spots from afar.

  • Jumping LK (Neutral):
Damage 12 Startup FHD-zazie-neutral-jump-LK.png
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
Frame count 4

Heavy Kick Snkd.gif

  • Standing HK (Close): activation range = 47
Damage 26 Startup FHD-zazie-stand-close-HK.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
On hit +1
On block -4
Frame count 11 4 16

Another ridiculous hitbox, but this time it has long startup for a close attack. So, it's pretty good for a meaty.

  • Standing HK (Far):
Damage 30 Startup FHD-zazie-stand-far-HK-1.png FHD-zazie-stand-far-HK-2.png FHD-zazie-stand-far-HK-recover.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
On hit -3
On block -8
Frame count 9 3 3 (6) 18

An axe kick that hits once. Leg becomes vulnerable after second hitbox on 6 frames.

  • Crouching HK:
Damage 28 Startup FHD-zazie-crouch-HK.png FHD-zazie-crouch-HK-recover.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit kd
On block -8
Frame count 4 6 (6) 18

A basic sweep that turns out to be nice because of the fact that you can cancel it into stuff. Cancel it into LK Step Back against Mars/Ryoko and into Ducking against everyone else.

  • Jumping HK (Diagonal):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-zazie-diagonal-jump-HK.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
Frame count 4 6

Your main crossup.

  • Jumping HK (Neutral):
Damage 28 Startup FHD-zazie-neutral-jump-HK.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
Frame count 4 5


Special Normals

  • Far B.png/Ub.png/U.png/Uf.png/F.png + Snkb.gif
Damage 28 Startup FHD-zazie-stand-far-HP+F.png FHD-zazie-stand-far-HP+F-recover.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel yes
On hit +8
On block +3
Frame count 4 3 (6) 10

The actual f.HP: a fast straight punch. Your best poke due to plus on hit and block. Arm becomes vulnerable after active part on 6 frames.

  • Close B.png/Ub.png/U.png/Uf.png/F.png + Snkb.gif activation range = 63
Damage 52 total Startup FHD-zazie-stand-close-HP+F-1.png FHD-zazie-stand-close-HP+F-2.png Recovery
Chain cancel no/no
Special cancel yes/yes
On hit -3/0
On block -8/-5
Frame count 4 2 1 1 20

The actual cl.HP: a very damaging 2-hit hook punch. It's quirky to use because you may trigger a throw instead. To make it come out you can combo it from light normal or activate it with U.png+Snkb.gif. Hitboxes of both hits are identical, so opponent may fall from second hit.


Damage 20 FHD-zazie-throwbox.png
(From pushbox)
  • Helldriver: B.png/F.png + Snkb.gif

HELLDRIVER!! Zazie performs a suplex, that leaves an opponent near enough to walk in an keep the pressure. One con... low damage, especially comparing with other character's usual throws.

Special Moves

  • Vulcan Hook: Tap P.png and Chojaku Vulcan Hook a.k.a. Hands: Tap simultaneously Snka.gifSnkb.gifSnkc.gifSnkd.gif

First cycle:

Damage 12 per hit FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-adjust-1.png FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-1.png FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-adjust-1.png FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-2.png FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-adjust-2.png FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-3.png FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-adjust-3.png
On hit ABCD
On block ABCD
Frame count ABCD 1 2 1 2 1 2 1
LP/HP 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Loop cycle ABCD 10

Second cycle:

Damage FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-4.png FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-adjust-4.png FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-5.png FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-adjust-5.png FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-6.png FHD-zazie-vulcanhook-adjust-6.png
Frame count ABCD 2 1 2 1 2 1
LP/HP 1 1 1 1 1 1
Loop cycle ABCD 9

*Frame advantage is measured relatively if only the first hit connects

Hundred Hand Slap with a ton of possible uses. It's one of your main keepaway tools, nice damage dealer as well as chipping it. Also wipes out weak spots with ease. You going to use it alot. ABCD version has lesser gaps between hits and comes out instantly, so here's no reason to use P version at all. Keep in mind that Zazie's arms are actually vulnerable between active frames.

This move is not supposed to be steerable but apparently it can move by on pixel between loop cycles. So, whatever.

  • Hellfire: Qcd.png + P.png
Damage 32 FHD-zazie-hellfire-1.png FHD-zazie-hellfire-2.png FHD-zazie-hellfire-2-0.png FHD-zazie-hellfire-3.png Recovery
On hit kd/kd
On block -9/-4
Frame count Light 2 4 1 1 19
Heavy 4 4 1 1 19

Your main anti-air in the game and combo ender. Both hits deals knockdown on both versions. Yet another attack that demolishes weak spots, but this one can also do this against jump-ins, because usually weak spots on jumping characters are located in the front part of hurtbox.

  • Ducking: F.pngF.png + K.png
FHD-zazie-ducking.png FHD-zazie-ducking-recover-1.png FHD-zazie-ducking-recover-2.png
Frame count Light 13 3 3
Heavy 17 3 3

Zazie dashes forward while being invincible. That's your main answer for all fireball wars. This move forces opponents to throw their projectiles wisely, but f they would throw even one fireball mindlessly it will be a free punish. But at the same time you shouldn't spam with it, your enemy will have whole 6 frames to sweep you. Also throws are working against Ducking, even at invincible frames (because in FHD only pushbox is needed to perform a throw). Especially be aware of command throws, for Mars and Ryoko this move might be a free damage. Unless...

The most important quirk about Ducking is that it can be cancelled into Hellfire, thus creating a "Dashing Hellfire" technique! It's a staple move in Zazie's toolkit that opens even more opportunities to punish from afar and extend combos. It can be done in several ways:

1) F.png, Hcf.png + K.png ~ P.png

2) F.pngF.png, Qcd.png + K.png ~ P.png

3) F.pngF.png, B.png + K.png, Db.pngD.png + P.png

Choose the most comfortable for you.

  • Step Back: F.pngB.png + K.png
Grounded 1st Hop Landing 2nd Hop,
full body becomes vulnerable
Frame count Light 2 7 10 7 2
Heavy 2 7 14 7 2

Zazie performs two slight hops. HK version is hop back → hop forward, and LK version is hop back → hop on place. Zazie is invincible from very start to the moment between hops. Possibly this move can help avoid attacks as it was intended but on practice it's rarely seen used by players.

Hidden Move

  • Deshikakato: U.pngD.png + K.png

LK version:

Damage 40 Startup FHD-zazie-LK-flamekick-1.png FHD-zazie-LK-flamekick-2.png Recovery
Chain cancel no/no
Special cancel no/no
On hit kd/kd
On block -/+1
Frame count 4 1 1 2 13

HK version:

Damage 32 Startup FHD-zazie-HK-flamekick-1.png FHD-zazie-HK-flamekick-2.png Recovery
Chain cancel no
Special cancel no
On hit kd
On block 0
Frame count 14 2 1 13

Zazie's high damaging flame kicks. The input is quirky and usually this move used to be canceled from normals, but if your hands are quick enough you can perform it without cancel. LK and HK versions are tweaked cl.HK and f.HK attacks respectively. Both of them deals knockdowns on hit and safe on block. LK version is nice tool for safe pressure and HK version is great combo ender.

The Basics

Ducking into Hellfire is a staple. The timing is tricky, but you're unstoppable to most opponents when doing this. You can also do a chain like → Ducking → Hellfire.

Zazie is a big hitbox character that is a power striker with poking and medium zoning strategies, you have excellent normals for pokes and combos, anyway your main con will be about begin a good crossup punching bag and a riskful due to your high weak point.


  • cr.LP x N xx Vulcan Punch
  • j.LK, cl.HP xx HK flame kick or Hellfire
  • j.HK, cl.HP xx ABCD
  • (Corner only, hold →) point-blank st.LP, cl.HP xx HK flame kick
  • cr.LK, Chojaku Vulkan Punch, cr.LK Chokaju Vulkan Punch (STUN!) (While in stun) cr.LK st.HP HK flame kick
  • cr.LK st.HP HK flame kick
  • cr.Lk cr.LP LK flame kick
  • cr.LK st.HP Dashing hell fire, HK flame kick, Or just hellfire
  • On a certain amount of characters: cr.LK st.HP LK flame kick

Advanced Strategy

Your main objective about ducking will vary depending on the projectile-or-not and also height and speed, but watch out with their crossups. He is considered of the Top 4 in the game because his matchups can be considered a basic programming flowchart.


Ray Lee Zaz Kar Jea Miz Sam Yun Mat Clo Fei Mar Ryo
Zazie 5 5 - 5 6 6 6 4 6 6 5 7 6

Vs. Clown:

A Bad matchup, Clown can stun you with Head Stomp and his projectile even is bad can hit you after a Ducking, try to jumping kick him and corner him with Mash Fists, Hellfire and Flame Kick are the good answer for a Roll

Vs. Jean:

One of the easiest matchups for him, it had a lot of answers from his projectile to the rondato, mash fists are the best and also try to stay on the ground.

Vs. Ryoko:

Vs. Karnov:

Vs. Lee:

Vs. Feilin:

Vs. Yungmie:

Vs. Marstorius:

Vs. Matlok:

Vs. Mizoguchi:

Vs. Ray:

Vs. Samchay:

Vs. Zazie (self):

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