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Guard Break

This replaces grab, a quick attack that stuns blocking opponents done with 22C input.

common followups are combos, launchers, knockdowns and some supers

countered by not blocking, jumping or attacking back

Guard Cancel

To use guard canceling you input a special or super move while you are blocking and before your opponent's attack ends in order to stop their offense or punish them.

It is one of the most important mechanics in the game and it is important that players know how and when to use it.

Boost Mode

activated with 22ABC, each character has their own unique Boost, which makes them stronger by giving them unique properties.

The effectiveness of these Boost Modes vary by character.

boost mode gradually depletes meter and ends when it reaches zero. characters with unusable parts of their meter thus have way shorter boost durations

EX Special Moves

All characters can perform an EX move for one bar of meter by pressing 2 buttons.
EX attacks vary wildly from their original attacks
some are even an entirely new move
Your character will flash during the EX move


on hit, Causes a big wall bounce and puts the opponent on indefinite hitstun until they hit the ground or use meter to tech it

can be combo'd universally with A>B>C or A>B>Launcher combos

most characters can add an air special or delay the launcher and do a ground special

if you hit an opponent with 3 launchers in the same combo they become completely invincible until waking up from the knockdown state
a lot of EX moves (Rose's 214EX), few meterless specials (Taros j.236x) and very rarely normals (Rokurouta's 6C) have last hits with the properties of a launcher. these hits count towards the 3 launcher cap.


Press 6 (forward) when in blockstun to push the opponent away, interrupt their current action and give you some breathing room. This only works if both characters are grounded.

Last Stand

Once per match, press ABC immediately when you're KO'ed. This will Activate Last Stand Mode. You have 10 seconds to defeat your opponent, who carries over their life bar.

If you get hit or don't win in 10 seconds, you lose the round. If you win, then you steal the round and win instead of them.

This adds a lot of depth to the game. Timeouts will not allow you to activate Last Stand, so if one player has a life-lead, they may choose to timeout instead of being aggressive, as they may not want to take a chance by KO'ing their opponent only for them to make a comeback in Last Stand. this dynamic makes both players constantly shift from caution to aggression depending on who can use this mechanic as a trump card. if you have decent enough mixups you can force your opponent who has the lifelead to play like they are 1 hit away from death

Additionally, players may want to Last Stand after a narrow loss in Round 1, or conserve it as a Hail Mary to prevent a match ending round 2 or 3 loss.

Note: In the instance of a Double K.O., whoever activates Last Stand first wins.

Air Blocking

Holding any backwards direction while in the air will let you block. Lows cannot be air blocked and you cannot block on your first airborne frame.

Air Teching

Several attacks in the game hit a character with so much power that they are flung in the air

When in aerial hitstun, press ABC to air tech. This makes you invincible until you land, but also makes you fall slowly, so the opponent might set up something while you fall. Costs 1 bar of meter.

Tech Roll / Jump

When knocked down, press a direction. You will slide along the floor in the direction pressed.
the tech roll has a punishible window so don't be predictable with it.
alternatively, you can also press back/neutral/forward jump. this will make your character bounce up but will fall slowly like a balloon. this helps avoid meaty guard breaks or meaty sweeps
both options can completely negate your opponent's okizeme if you make the right read
not using any will make the character slowly stand up after a short delay, this is the safest option but puts you at a disadvantage

Defense Modifier

While every character in the game has a set life point total of 239, each character has their own defense modifier applied to damage taken. The move's base damage will be multiplied by this modifier to calculate the final damage value.

Defense Modifiers
Characters Modifier
AB AliceSecret CSS.png Alice! 0.875
AB Taros CSS.png Taros, AB Zinsuke CSS.png Zinsuke 0.9375
AB Alice CSS.png Alice, AB ChenMao CSS.png Chen-Mao, AB Goat CSS.png Goat, AB RoseMary CSS.png Rose Mary, AB Sittara CSS.png Sittara, AB Yashaou CSS.png Yashaou 1.0
AB Leon CSS.png Leon, AB Rokurouta CSS.png Rokurouta, AB ZamB CSS.png Zam-B 1.0625

Infinite Momentum Glitch

Infinite momentum glitch is a glitch that can be triggered when changing from a grounded state to an airborne one (or vice versa). It applies velocity to the affected character that remains until they jump, block, or get hit.

The main known way of triggering infinite momentum glitch is to use specific command normals during the singular frame of prejump of a forward jump. The velocity the character would obtain from said forward jump instead gets applied to them after the move's animation is over. This only works with certain command normals, as others actually come out airborne instead.
Here is a table of which command normals behave which way.

Character Move Input Behavior
AB Alice CSS.png Alice 6B Performs the move while jumping
AB AliceSecret CSS.png Alice! 6B Performs the move while jumping
AB ChenMao CSS.png Chen-Mao 6B Triggers infinite momentum glitch
AB Goat CSS.png Goat 6B Triggers infinite momentum glitch
AB Goat CSS.png Goat 6C Performs the move while jumping
AB Leon CSS.png Leon 6B Triggers infinite momentum glitch
AB Leon CSS.png Leon 6C Performs the move while jumping
AB Rokurouta CSS.png Rokurouta 6B Triggers infinite momentum glitch
AB Rokurouta CSS.png Rokurouta 6C Triggers infinite momentum glitch
AB RoseMary CSS.png Rose Mary 3B Performs the move while jumping
AB Sittara CSS.png Sittara 6B Triggers infinite momentum glitch
AB Sittara CSS.png Sittara 6C Triggers infinite momentum glitch
AB Taros CSS.png Taros 6C Performs the move while jumping
AB Yashaou CSS.png Yashaou 6B Triggers infinite momentum glitch
AB ZamB CSS.png Zam-B 6B Triggers infinite momentum glitch
AB Zinsuke CSS.png Zinsuke 6B Performs the move while jumping
AB Zinsuke CSS.png Zinsuke 3C Triggers infinite momentum glitch

The second, rarer way of triggering infinite momentum glitch is by using air special moves that apply momentum and landing in specific, as-of-yet unknown conditions.
The most common cases of such are with AB ChenMao CSS.png Chen-Mao's j.214X divekick series.

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