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Asura Buster: Eternal Warriors

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Asura Buster: Eternal Warriors
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Y. Takahashi and team




JP: December 26, 2000

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Online Play

FightCade2 (PC)

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Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors (アシュラバスター -エターナルウォーリアーズ-), a 2000 fighting game by Fuuki that has way too much potential. The game is a sequel to the 1998 arcade game Asura Blade : Sword of Dynasty.

The gameplay system of Asura Buster is similar to its predecessor, in which it utilizes a three-button system while using a few of the same battle tactics such as air blocking, retreating and advancing, a roll and a jump up after being knocked down, a push back from within blocking, and a two-button launcher attack.
Like its predecessor, Asura Buster has a super gauge system that a player is able to fill up through either attacking, being attacked, or using special moves. Once that is done, they can then initiate either a Super Move, an EX Attack (which is a powered up variation of a special move) or a Boost Mode (which bestows special traits or characteristics upon the character for the remainder of the round, but forces them to not use Super Moves, EX Attacks, and two-button melee attacks).
The combo system in Asura Buster is the same as in Asura Blade, in which moves are chained into more powerful moves, and then into specials.
There are three new mechanics introduced in Asura Buster :

  • a one-time use "second chance" mechanic that allows the round loser to go back and win if they manage to defeat the opponent in 10 or less seconds without taking damage
  • replacing grabs with a quick guard break attack that stuns opponents
  • an air tech, in which a character is able to recover from a hit while midair through the use of 1 bar of meter

What kind of game is Asura buster?

Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors (アシュラバスター -エターナルウォーリアーズ-), a 2000 fighting game by Fuuki that has way too much potential. The game is a sequel to the 1998 arcade game Asura Blade : Sword of Dynasty.

it focuses a lot on interactions. stray hits from predictions in neutral can deal as much damage as a basic combo. getting to right position to start a combo is very hard for some characters and requires effort, cunning and planning to reach it

consuming meter leads to very powerful moves, but it can only be built when time advances, so players must be strategic about using it

it has an unconventional combo system and footsies game which rewards those who learn it with a fun and unique experience

How do most people play this game?

Asura Buster is primarily played on Fightcade 2, Fightcade is a matchmaking platform for retro gaming, bundled with different emulators for seamless online play. Fightcade is a free application that can be downloaded from the official Fightcade site.

How do I access a training mode?

To access training mode you need to download the fbneo training mode lua:

Are there any other resources for this game?

Which characters are good for beginners?

AB Character Difficulty Tier List.png

AB Character Playstyle chart.png

  • Yashaou and Sittara are Shoto archetype characters
  • Taros and Goat have simple but effective tools as Big button characters. With Taros being noticeably faster and more agressive
  • Rose Mary, Alice and Alice! carry the Zoner playstyle which may be harder to pick up for total beginners but is exactly what you may be looking for if that's your thing. Alice relies on a Puppet and stationary bombs while Rose and Alice! are projectile based zoners, main difference between the two is that Rose is actually fun(and is somewhat of a normal based zoner too)
  • Leon is a Charge character
  • Nanami is Nanami
  • Rokurouta, Chen-Mao, Zam-B and Zinsuke are all Rushdowns but with vastly different gameplans and tools

How can I play as Alice! or Nanami ?

Alice! and Nanami are secret characters, to unlock them either play for 1 match or highlight then press start on :

  • Alice! : Yashaou > Goat > Rose Mary > Taros > Zam-B
  • Nanami : Sittara > Leon > Alice > Chen-Mao > Zinsuke > Rokurouta

What Does The Tier List Look Like?

Tier List as of July, 2021

S: Alice!, Rose Mary
A: Yashaou, Sittara
B: Goat, Alice, Zam-B, Taros, Nanami
C: Zinsuke, Chen-mao, Rokurouta
D: Leon

Why shouldn't i play Alice when learning the game?

the difficulty isn't the only issue
when we discussed it we agreed to stop new players from maining her since she doesn't let you learn the game mechanics
when you play Sittara you understand that :

  • early jump-ins are punishable on hit
  • normal chains that end with heavy are punishable on block so you need to either special cancel it or bait the opponent
  • you can block-cancel a multi-hit special move to beat out your opponent's air special

Alice just kinda ignores all of that and plays her own way

Please read the system mechanics page

This page will help clear any confusion about unresponsive offence or lacking defence

Wiki Roadmap

80% complete

In Progress / Completed To-do


  • Controls, System, FAQ and Hud
  • Nanami (duh)
  • Goat (moves, sprites, framedata)
  • Taros (moves, sprites, framedata)
  • Yashaou (moves, sprites, framedata)
  • Sittara (moves, sprites)
  • Zinsuke (moves, sprites)
  • Rose Mary (moves, sprites)
  • Alice! (moves, sprites)
  • Alice (moves, sprites)
  • Rokrouta (moves, sprites)
  • Chen-Mao (moves, sprites)
  • Zam-B (moves, sprites)
  • Leon (moves, sprites)


  • Framedata
  • potential guide videos in the future
  • framedata (Sittara, Zinsuke, Rose Mary, Alice!, Alice, Rokurouta, Chen-mao, Zam-B, Leon)
  • simplifying the explanation of the unique combo system for new players

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