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Balrog (SFIV)

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Move Analysis

Normal Moves

cr fierce - general anti air
cr short, cr jab, cr strong, cr forward, far st jab - all are great block string pokes

st HP, HK - great pokes at max range (don't get baited by FA tho!)

jump straight up fierce P (hold b or f while still in the air) - good for avoiding fireballs ("wiggle" punch from ST)
jump in fierce P - your jump in to use for combos / block strings / air to air hits
jump in roundhouse - more of a "downward" hitbox. hitting at a 45deg angle


Normal Throws

Command Normals

Focus / Saving Attack

Special Moves

General notes about EX moves

  • Some EX moves have invincibility on start-up. Others have a 1 hit Super Armor and/or do multiple hits.
  • All of Balrog's EX specials have Super Armor except for the Headbutt, which has invincibility.

Dash Straight - Charge b, f+P

  • LP and EX versions are safe on block at maximum range (the tip of the glove)

Dash Upper - Charge b, f+K

  • Whiffs over crouching opponents
  • On hit, the EX version is fast enough to link into:



Dash Low Straight - Charge b, df+P

  • Trips opponent (must be blocked low)
  • Safe on block with proper spacing
  • Opponent can not tech/quick get up after knockdown

Dash Low Smash - Charge b, df+K - ARMOR BREAK

  • Breaks Super Armor
  • Knocks opponent down
  • Knocks opponent towards the edge of the screen

Dash Swing Blow - Charge b, df+P (hold) - ARMOR BREAK

  • Hits overhead (must be blocked high)
  • Breaks Super Armor
  • On hit, the EX version is fast enough to link into either:




Example combo: EX Dash Swing Blow ~ cr.LK xx HP headbutt, Ultra. This combo doesn't work on a crouching Blanka, due to the size of his hitbox.

Buffalo Head - Charge d, u+P

  • Invincibility frames on startup (can be used to go through projectiles)
  • HP version has a lot of horizontal range
  • Ca be used to juggle into Ultra

Rather than using up+P or uf+P, get into the habit of executing the move using UP-BACK. This way you keep your back charge, which is the key to juggle with your Ultra afterwards: Charge d, ub+P, [hold b as you land], f,b,f+PPP

Turn Around Punch (TAP) - Hold all three Punch or Kick buttons to charge, release to execute - ARMOR BREAK

  • Invincibility frames on start-up
  • Does more damage the longer you hold your charge (PPP or KKK)
  • On Counter Hit, can link into a cr.LP


Super Combo

Crazy Buffalo Charge - Charge b, f, b, f + P - ARMOR BREAK

  • Can be canceled from any normal or special moves
  • Invincibility frames on start-up
  • Unsafe on block

Holding a Kick button will execute an Upper for that punch. Great for juggling or catching people in the air.


Ultra Combo

Violent Buffalo - Charge b, f, b, f + PPP or KKK - ARMOR BREAK

  • main use is to juggle after a headbutt (also possible to juggle after TAP and Torpedo Punch, if you hit them out of the air)
  • goes through fireballs on start up
  • not safe on block (your opponent can punish you 2 ways: a) after blocking the last rush punch b) in between the 2nd last and last punch)

During the Ultra, Balrog does 5 continuous punches. The type of punch he executes depends on whether or not you are holding a Kick button.

Holding a Kick button - Upper punch animation (has more of a vertical hitbox, use this to juggle) Anything else - straight punch animation (has more of a horizontal hitbox, does not juggle)

Depending on where you are on the screen when juggling with the Ultra, there are optimal wave patterns for your punches in order to connect for max damage / hits.

P = Straight K = Upper


KKKKK - Midscreen KPKKK or PPKKK - At or near corner PKPKK - At corner and if they are at or below your head height.

more details on how to juggle the ultra after a headbutt:


The Basics


B'n'B Combos

All of these combos(Barring the last four) can be started with a J.HP/J.HK or SA lvl2/3 crumple

1. C.LPx2 ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 176 Dmg, 280 Stun

2. C.LPx2 ~ C.LK xx HP Straight Rush = 148 Dmg, 280 Stun

3. C.MP xx HP Headbutt = 230 Dmg, 300 Stun

4. C.MP xx HP Straight Rush = 190 Dmg, 300 Stun

5. C.MK ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 228 Dmg, 310 Stun

6. C.MK ~ C.LK xx HP Straight Rush = 196 Dmg, 310 Stun

7. CS.HK ~ C.LK xx HP Straight Rush = 226 Dmg, 410 Stun

8. CS.MK xx HP Straight Rush = 210 Dmg, 300 Stun

9. HP/EX Overhead Rush ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 258 Dmg, 410 Stun

10. HP/EX Overhead Rush ~ C.LK xx HP Straight Rush = 226 Dmg, 410 Stun

11. HP/EX Overhead Rush ~ C.MP xx HP Headbutt = 298 Dmg, 460 Stun

12. HP/EX Overhead Rush ~ C.MP xx HP Straight Rush = 266 Dmg, 460 Stun

Notes: The reason why I have added Straight Rush into the combos is that HP Headbutt whiffs on a CROUCHING Blanka no matter the situation. Headbutt will also whiff certain characters after HP/EX Overhead Rush.

Intermediate/Advanced Combos

Again all of these combos may begin with J.HP/J.HK or SA lvl2/3 crumple

1. C.LPx2 ~ C.LK xx EX Rush Upper ~ C.LP ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 239 Dmg, 415 Stun

2. C.MP xx EX Rush Upper ~ C.LP ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 323 Dmg, 495 Stun

3. C.MK ~ C.LK xx EX Rush Upper ~ C.LP ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 308 Dmg, 475 Stun

4. CS.HK ~ C.LK xx EX Rush Upper ~ C.LP ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 338 Dmg, 575 Stun

5. CS.MK xx EX Rush Upper ~ C.LP ~ C.LK xx HP Headbutt = 343 Dmg, 495 Stun

Notes: All of these combos require the target to be standing. EX Rush Upper will whiff on crouching opponents.

Overhead Rush Followups

Big Thanks to Jay Wang for putting together this easy to read pdf file!

Super and Ultra Combos

1. C.MP xx HP Straight Rush xx Super = 466 Dmg, 300 Stun

2. CS.HP xx Super = 465 Dmg, 200 Stun

3. Lvl 1 TAP xx Super = 475 Dmg, 200 Stun





Fighting Abel is like fighting Makoto in 3S. It's a lot of guessing games on whether they're going for a mix up, cross up, throw, command throw, or reset. The best way to avoid all of those guessing games is to simply not let Abel get on the offense which actually isn't too difficult. Learn to throw his rolls on reaction so he stops using that as a way to get in. His footsie game is kind of lacking so you can out poke him consistently and basically control the game at mid range. His overhead kick can be a bit troublesome since your most reliable ways to counter it is a (very) early c.HP or headbutt, plus it armor breaks. Best thing to do against it is walk backwards, at best you'll avoid it, at worst you'll block and be at an advantage. When pressuring him on wake up you can simply neutral jump in front of him and that takes away all of his options. He can't throw or command throw you, the angle is bad for his air command throw to catch you, and if you did a j.fierce it'll stuff his overhead kick and any other anti air.



If the Akuma player is smart then he'll runaway for most of the game since him being up close against Boxer is just asking for trouble. A combination of his air fireballs, multi hitting ground fireballs, and his teleport can make it very difficult to pin him down. The trade off is that when you do pin him down, your combos do absurd damage against him. Using your regular means of getting around fireballs still work in this match-up, it's just that it's not wise to use certain one's in certain situations. Don't ex.dash punch when Akuma is on the ground cause you'll eat a multi-hitting fireball, and don't TAP when Akuma is in the air cause you'll eat a slow moving air fireball. When Akuma is jumping within mid to close range you can do an hp.headbutt for free since he is more than likely going to air fireball. You'll pass through the fireball and hit him, and if you have ultra you can tack that on. If you're at a far distance and Akuma jumps, you can do a preemptive ex.dash punch since you'll absorb the air fireball if he did one and hit him out the air(this works even against ex.air fireballs). Also you can randomly charge TAP in case Akuma teleports in which you can release it and catch him during his recovery.


A big part of this matchup is reading the super/ultra meter. Because of Akuma's low health, the match is very much in your favour to begin with, and he'll run away accordingly building meter. As was said, use your regular means of getting in, and also you can use EX dash uppers on reaction if he jumps backwards. This all changes when he has meter. Once he has Ultra/Super, he's got a lot of ways to land it. Be careful with your specials, he can punish any on block with his Super. Once his Ultra meter fills the match switches. A good Akuma will be buffering his Ultra motion when he throws a fireball too, so dont even think about trying to EX armour through any unless you want to eat massive damage. The best way to avoid fireballs when he has Ultra is to just jump them straight up, because even a Headbutt through can be caught. In my opinion, the best way to beat Akuma is get in early, do your damage, then play it patient and pick your sure hit combo's for big damage to finish it off.



A lot of posters on both the Boxer and Blanka forums wonder why this match is so favorably in Boxer's advantage, but anyone with knowledge on this match up will say it's completely justifiable. When playing Boxer in this match-up you must be extremely defensive and turtle a lot. Focus on baiting Blanka to do any kind of move and beat or punish it. Here's a little break down on what to do:

-Punish vertical and rainbow ball with any dash punch that will reach -Beat horizontal ball with c.LP(you can literally just spam it) -Punish horizontal ball with dash straight(you can punish even on hit) -Beat/punish electricity with c.LP up close and c.HK from a distance, you can also throw him during start up, or stuff it with a deep jump in after the initial frames -Beat jump ins with headbutt, c.HP, and s.MP -Counter poke his footsies -Break his throws

All of this stuff can be done a pure reaction. He doesn't have a single safe special attack he can use, except for electricity done at point blank range which you can back dash away from. If he goes for super or ultra you can TAP straight through it putting you at full screen range, leaving Blanka having to work his way in again. Your pokes completely out prioritize his, so footsies are a pain for him to deal with. His best option is getting within cross-up and throw range, but since he loses at mid range he can't get cross-ups going reliably. And even when he does get within cross-up range your s.MP will beat him out, or you can TAP resetting the situation yet again. Everything about this fight is an uphill battle for Blanka, it's just that low-level Boxer players keep making the mistake of being offensive. Also just cause Boxer's headbutt misses on a crouching Blanka, and that his blanka ball armor breaks doesn't mean anything in this match-up honestly. You're not gonna be ex.dash punching a lot and you just replace your headbutt with a dash punch in combos.



This match will favor the player who can better: perform a headbutt combo after a connected jab series, AA jumps in with c.FP, find openings for Dash Overhead, and break/deliver throws. However there are additional and more complex means to work around these facts. This match up feels like a very complicated game of rock-paper-scissors.

-Dash straight, low dash punches will hit many Rog players as they are usually trying to gain proper spacing by briefly walking.
-Dash punches work until the other Rog player begins to focus bait, then you have to change your strategy
-TAP ruins focus bait attempts and can set up for stupid mix-ups into EX headbutt/throw/dash punch. Both Rog players will end up throwing out a TAP at one point or another.
-TAP is also unreliable, and can be beaten by another unusually timed TAP or knocked out of the dash phase by lucky normals.
-Jump back FP will defeat a lot of pressure attempts (jump-ins in particular).
-Jump back FP can be easily beaten by EX Dash Upper and random TAPs
-Throws are extremely important and will attribute to key damage.
-A majority of pressure attempts (throw set-ups) can be beaten by jab spam into headbutt
-Jab spam can be beaten by a counter-poke into dash punch. s.RH also works very well.
-This can be beaten by an EX move of any sort (preferrably EX Dash Upper).
-Throw set-ups can also be easily escaped by jumping away.
-s.RH can prevent this after a feinted jab to throw set-up, yet again can be destroyed by EX moves.
-c.RH during a block string will often knock the other Rog player out of jab spam or flubbed throw break.
-If the player holds up-forward during your counter-poke c.RH attempt, you WILL absolutely eat a j.RH to headbutt combo. The recovery is no good and can't catch them before they jump.

All that said, the match, in the end, goes to who is more patient. Balrog doesn't have many hard counters for his own moves, so most of the match ends up being a guessing game. I need to experiment with using his super/ultra to punish blocked dash punches/TAPs.

Another important fact, LAY OFF HEADBUTT unless you plan on combo'ing it. This is the #1 factor in LOSING a match.


C. Viper


Just like in all the match-ups where Boxer has an advantage, it's best to play it defensively. Your pokes out prioritize her's, and even if you happen to trade you'll do more damage. Her spiral arrow has to be done from an unreasonably specific distance to make it safe, any other time you can punish it with a c.LP into whatever combo you want, or a throw. Boxer's c.HP will beat all of her air options including hooligan and cannon strike. Actually you can simply duck hooligan since she can't throw ducking opponents out of it, and the slide is terribly unsafe. But if she cancels it in mid air be prepared to break a ground throw. You can dash punch any blocked cannon spike, and c.HK any spin knuckles when they land(although they probably won't ever do that move).



Vega is hard only because you don't know how the hell he works. We all get plenty of shoto practice in but rarely vega practice so some vegas can be tough if you're lost. First thing to go over his what to do against any wall dive attack. Well you can TAP all of them. Worst case you'll just fly away from him, best case you'll hit him in the face. Other then that you really don't have too much to fear. Rush him down as quickly as you are able to. Most vegas use dive and flip kicks to keep you at a distance but as long as you tap the wall dives or FADC and don't overjump it shouldnt' be an issue.

Key to vega is to rush him down and put his ass in the corner. If he does his backflip at any time you can throw it. Use mixups and just keep him there. He has no answer for you in the corner, none at all except for a good ex flip kick and i'm pretty sure that you can meaty him at all times anyway. But if you push him in the corner quick he's not gonna have much of an EX meter anyway. You can c.HP his jumpins and he doesn't really have much for a crossup but again just get used to tapping his stuff.

Things to avoid (but this is for any matchup) don't rush punch him to far away his s.HK even owns all EX punches except for the low (might even own the low) midway shouldn't be an issue. And you shouldn't be at long range anyway dash him down and push him in the corner. Most people honeslty just have major trouble dealing with wall dive mixups and getting close enough to do damage. They get poked at vega's range and wall dived at the rest of the time. Once you learn how to get passed the wall dive the rest should be straight forward.


I originally heard this from MOD: Jumping forward will beat out vega's wall dive in flight seemingly without fail. It seems to beat out his throw and strike. I have verified this in many matches since hearing about it.

So, rather than run away with TAP, you can at least score a hit and force him to set up his wall dives with ex moves.

Also, I believe you will land at sweep range before Vega does after you score the hit on him, putting you at an advantage.




A lot of Boxer's regular means of getting around fireballs don't work against Dhalsim, cause he can simply throw out a limb and hit you out of whatever attack you were doing to get around the fireball. Luckily for you, Boxer's jump-ins beat or trade with Dhalsim's anti airs. Be careful on doing late jump ins though cause they'll lose to Sim's b.MP and b.HK. You should learn the range of his b.HK and jump right outside of it baiting him to do it then punishing. Up close Sim gets destroyed since he can't deal with c.LP spam, and you don't have to worry so much about his teleport as Akuma's since he'll end up right next to you still(unless you were going for a cross-up).



The flow of this match depends on who is on offense, cause whichever character is on defense has a hard time getting out. They also go pretty even at mid range since their pokes have about equal speed, range, damage, and priority. If you're on offense just pull off your regular rush down tactics, and you can get a lot of free jump ins since he doesn't have a reliable anti air against Boxer. Although Dictator can do random head stomps to beat out Boxer's jump ins, so if he has ex meter stocked try breaking his down charge before jumping in. When there is distance between the characters, Dictator will more than likely start spamming devil's reverse to build meter and bait you into trying to anti air it. Not only can he steer himself away from your anti air but also beat you out cleanly if he has appropriate spacing. The best thing to do is just walk up and FA it. If he starts going for head stomps just walk backwards to avoid them then punish. If you're in a situation where you can't walk backwards then just block it and FA if he does the followup attack, never FA the head stomp though cause it does too much damage, especially the ex version. His lk.scissor kicks are completely safe so don't bother trying to punish them, and they beat out a lot of your attacks. If he does any other version you can throw out an attack and beat him before he does his next attack. Also if he's pressed up against you while trying to scissor kick you can throw him during the start up cause he's still considered grounded during a good portion of the move. If he has you locked down in the corner with repeated scissor kicks you have a few options to get out. Jumping is probably the safest option and you can punish him on the way down, you can focus attack whatever move he does in between the scissor kicks but don't focus the scissor kicks cause they hit twice, also you can TAP in between moves but do it quick before the next move comes and stuffs you, and you can even ex.headbutt out but don't let them predict it or they'll block and punish. A mistake a lot of Boxer players do is get impatient while Dictator is rushing them down, don't try throwing out random pokes in a desperate attempt to get him away.


WALK BACK WHEN YOU SEE STOMP. i start charging SA2/3 after a backdash to make sure they dont come close. The key is simply to pay more attention to his meter than yourself. Dont attempt to throw him too often if you see if he has stock because he's definitely using exPC. if they abuse stomp/DR they're pretty bad because TAPs can catch their DR when they land.

if they're the type to use and after scissors alot, catch their pattern and unload an exRU in the face for a headbutt -> ultra opportunity. when they jump in, get ready to tech throws, because in my experience, they crossup throw, or tick throw after 1 or 2 quite often. sadly, theres not many combo bisons online who knows how to capitalise a hitting (like i can HEHE)


E. Honda

This match is extremely similar to fighting Blanka and Cammy. Basically you turtle the whole round and play defensively while focusing on baiting attacks and either beating or punishing them. Boxer can punish Honda's mp and hp.headbutt with dash straight, and his lp.headbutt with super, but his ex.headbutt is completely safe. You can beat all headbutts by simply spamming c.LP (although it may trade on occasions). All butt slams except the ex version can be beat by c.HP, you can also FA it for the crumble stun. Boxer completely controls mid range with his footsie game since his pokes beat out Honda's cleanly the majority of the time, and this keeps him out of ochio range which is one of the moves Honda has to threaten Boxer with(especially the mix-ups that come after it). Another thing to note is that c.LP will beat super and ultra (fuckin lol) except on the early part of its start up, and ultra is easily punishable on block, you can ultra back if you want to but super is safe on block. Unless Honda is pressed up right against you, you can beat hundred hand slaps with a s.HP.


El Fuerte

Focus Attack is your friend in this match, it eliminates 2 of his 3 options out of run which lead to a big damage combo because of his very poor stamina, just don't get predictable with it

Fuerte's will try and score a knockdown against you to mess you up with their very good mix up game which usually consists of run to cross up body splashes and then run to command grabs to catch you in a block, and all it really takes is one educated block or dodge and you can be back on the offense. This is the key as Fuerte really does not do well under pressure, he needs room to run around or walljump to attack you

Once Fuerte gets ultra DO NOT JUMP as Fuerte will catch you with an ultra 100% of the time coming down from any jump if they're good

It's hard to explain, a lot of people complain about the match because they never feel they've learned anything from playing a Fuerte, you just need experience and an understanding of what he's capable of and then he becomes a pretty easy match


Fei Long












Boxer's s.LP can zone Gief effectively on it's own. It's fast, has high priority, deceptively long range(longer than even a c.MP), and better frames than c.LP. At max range s.LP is outside of Gief's SPD range, and his only way to beat it cleanly is with an early lariat and green hand, but if he does either late you'll recover in time to punish, plus it hits Gief even when he crouches. Boxer has so many ways of cleanly beating lariat and green hand that it's actually risky for Gief to use those moves. I've gotten so many Gief players scared to throw out lariat's and green hands that I can chip away at their life freely with dash punches.

Another thing is that back dash is your best option on wake up. All back dashes have invulnerable start up which makes it good on wake up versus almost everything except fireballs and cross-ups. When Gief had me knocked down in the corner I simply back dashed and his SPD whiffed and I punished.


Matchup Videos

Find a great collection of matchup specific videos from top players at
Contributor: zaspacer

Frame Data

Frames Frames Frames of Frames of Super Meter Block Cancel Ability
Move Name Damage Stun Startup Active Recovery Total On Block On Hit Block Stun Hit Stun Gain HL Chain Special Super Notes
Close LP 20 50 4 2 7 12 +2 +5 10 13 20 HL O O O -
Close MP 80 100 6 4 12 21 -2 +1 13 16 40 HL X X O -
Close HP 120 200 5 5 16 25 -3 +2 17 22 60 HL X X O Forces stand
Close LK 40 50 3 2 7 11 +2 +5 10 13 20 HL O O O -
Close MK 90 100 5 4 13 21 -3 0 13 16 40 HL X O O -
Close HK 100 200 7 2 13 21 +3 +7 17 21 60 HL X X O -
Far LP 20 50 4 2 4 9 +5 +8 10 13 20 HL O O O -
Far MP 90 100 7 2 16 24 -4 -1 13 16 40 HL X X O -
Far HP 100 200 9 4 21 33 -7 -3 17 21 60 HL X X X -
Far LK 40 50 4 2 10 15 -1 +2 10 13 20 HL O X O -
Far MK 90 100 9 3 12 23 -1 +2 13 16 40 HL X X O -
Far HK 110 200 8 2 20 29 -4 0 17 21 60 HL X X X -
crouch LP 20 50 3 2 5 9 +4 +7 10 13 20 HL O O O -
crouchMP 70 100 7 4 12 22 -2 +1 13 16 40 HL X O O -
crouch HP 110 200 7 5 21 32 -8 -3 17 22 60 HL X X O Forces stand
crouch LK 30 50 4 2 9 14 0 +3 10 13 20 L X O O Low attack
crouch MK 70 100 8 2 8 17 +4 +7 13 16 40 L X X O Low attack
crouch HK 90 120 8 2 22 31 -6 D 17 - 60 L X X O Low attack, cannot fast recover
Jump up LP 50 50 5 2 - - - 8 11 20 H - - - -
Jump up MP 90 100 5 4 - - - - 11 15 40 H - - - -
Jump up HP 110 200 5 9 - - - - 15 18 60 H - - - (translate)
Jump up LK 50 50 5 3 - - - - 8 11 20 H - - - -
Jump up MK 80 100 6 2 - - - - 11 15 40 H - - - -
Jump up HK 110 200 5 2 - - - - 15 18 60 H - - - -
Jump forward LP 50 50 4 3 - - - - 8 11 20 H - - - -
Jump forward MP 80 100 7 3 - - - - 11 15 40 H - - - -
Jump forward HP 110 200 6 7 - - - - 15 18 60 H - - - (translate)
Jump forward LK 50 50 5 6 - - - - 8 11 20 H - - - -
Jump forward MK 80 100 7 2 - - - - 11 15 40 H - - - -
Jump forward HK 110 200 8 6 - - - - 15 18 60 H - - - -
Focus Attack LVL 1 90 100 21 2 35 57 -21 -21 15 15 20 HL - - - -
Focus attack LVL 2 120 150 18+11 2 35 65 -15 D 21 - 40 HL - - - -
Focus attack LVL 3 170 200 65 2 35 101 D D - - 60 - - - - -
Forward Throw 140 160 3 2 20 24 - D - - 40 0.9 - - - Throw range 0.9
Back throw 140 140 3 2 20 24 - D - - 40 0.9 - - - Throw range 0.9
Dash Straight LP 100 100 13[4] 7 17 36(27) -3 -2 20 21 20/30 HL X X O Forces stand, charge 55f, *1
Dash Straight MP 110 150 22[7] 6 19 46(31) -6 -1 18 23 20/30 HL X X O Forces stand, charge 55f, *1
Dash Straight HP 120 200 35[7] 6 20 60(32) -8 -1 17 24 20/30 HL X X O Forces stand, charge 55f, *1
Dash Straight EX 120 200 35[7] 6 17 57(29) -2 +2 20 24 0/0 HL X X O Forces stand, body armor(translate), charge 55f, *1
Dash Upper LK 100 100 14[5] 4 20 37(28) -3 -1 20 22 20/30 HL X X O Forces stand, charge 55f, *1
Dash Upper MK 110 150 22[7] 4 20 45(30) -5 +1 18 24 20/30 HL X X O Forces stand, charge 55f, *1
Dash Upper HK 120 200 35[7] 4 21 59(31) -7 +1 17 25 20/30 HL X X O Forces stand, charge 55f, *1
Dash Upper EX 120 200 35[7] 4 18 56(28) -1 +4 20 25 0/0 HL X X O body armor(translate), charge 55f, *1
Dash Ground Straight LP 90 100 22[13] 8 21 50(41) -8 D 20 - 20/30 L X X O Low attack, cannot fast recover, charge 55f, *1
Dash Ground Straight MP 100 150 29[14] 8 21 57(42) -10 D 18 - 20/30 L X X O Low attack, cannot fast recover, charge 55f, *1
Dash Ground Straight HP 110 200 42[14] 8 21 70(42) -11 D 17 - 20/30 L X X O Low attack, cannot fast recover, charge 55f, *1
Dash Ground Straight EX 110 200 42[14] 8 17 66(38) -4 D 20 - 0/0 L X X O Low attack, body armor(translate), charge 55f, *1
Dash Swing Blow LP 80 100 31[22] 5 21 56(47) -5 +10 20 35 20/30 H X X O Mid attack, Armor break, charge 55f, *1
Dash Swing Blow MP 90 150 38[23] 5 21 63(48) -7 +10 18 35 20/30 H X X O Mid attack, Armor break, charge 55f, *1
Dash Swing Blow HP 100 200 51[23] 5 21 76(48) -8 +10 17 35 20/30 H X X O Mid attack, Armor break, charge 55f, *1
Dash Swing Blow EX 100 200 51[23] 5 21 76(48) -5 +10 20 35 0/0 H X X O Mid attack, Armor break, body armor(translate), charge 55f, *1
Dash Ground Smash LK 100 100 21[12] 8 20 48(39) -5 D 22 - 20/30 HL X X O Armor break, charge 55f, *1
Dash Ground Smash MK 110 150 28[13] 8 20 55(40) -7 D 20 - 20/30 HL X X O Armor break, charge 55f, *1
Dash Ground Smash HK 120 200 41[13] 8 20 68(40) -9 D 18 - 20/30 HL X X O Armor break, charge 55f, *1
Dash Ground Smash EX 120 200 41[13] 8 16 64(36) -1 D 22 - 0/0 HL X X O Armor break, body armor(translate), charge 55f, *1
Buffalo Headbutt LP 130 200 8 11 10+13 41 -13 D 20 - 30/40 HL X X X 1~7f (translate), 1~18f cannot be thrown, 8~18f (translate), charge 55f
Buffalo Headbutt MP 140 200 10 11 10+13 43 -13 D 20 - 30/40 HL X X X 1~9f (translate), 1~20f cannot be thrown, 10~20f (translate), charge 55f
Buffalo Headbutt HP 160 200 12 11 9+13 44 -12 D 20 - 30/40 HL X X X 1~11f (translate), 1~22f cannot be thrown, 12~22f (translate), charge 55f
Buffalo Headbutt EX 150 200 12 11 9+13 44 -12 D 20 - 0/0 HL X X X 1~15f invincible, charge 55f
Turn Punch LVL1 130 200 30 7 13 49 -2 +2 17 21 30/40 HL X X O 1~18 invincible to strikes, Armor break, charge 32f (0.5s)
Turn Punch LVL2 150 210 30 7 16 52 -5 -1 17 21 30/40 HL X X O 1~18 invincible to strikes, Armor break, charge 121f (2s)
Turn Punch LVL3 180 220 30 8 18 55 -8 -4 17 21 30/40 HL X X O 1~18 invincible to strikes, Armor break, charge 241f (4s)
Turn Punch LVL4 210 230 30 9 21 59 -12 -8 17 21 30/40 HL X X O 1~18 invincible to strikes, Armor break, charge 481f (8s)
Turn Punch LVL5 250 240 30 10 22 61 -14 -10 17 21 30/40 HL X X O 1~18 invincible to strikes, Armor break, charge 961f (16s)
Turn Punch LVL6 280 250 30 11 24 64 -17 -13 17 21 30/40 HL X X O 1~18 invincible to strikes, Armor break, charge 1441f (24s)
Turn Punch LVL7 410 260 30 12 26 67 -20 -16 17 21 30/40 HL X X O 1~18 invincible to strikes, Armor break, charge 1921f (32s)
Turn Punch LVL8 460 270 30 13 29 71 -24 -20 17 21 30/40 HL X X O 1~18 invincible to strikes, Armor break, charge 2401f (40s)
Turn Punch LVL9 510 280 30 15 32 76 -29 -25 17 21 30/40 HL X X O 1~18 invincible to strikes, Armor break, charge 2881f (48s)
Turn Punch Final 560 290 30 16 36 81 -34 -30 17 21 30/40 HL X X O 1~18 invincible to strikes, Armor break, charge 3380f (56s)
Super Combo 60x4*105 0 1+9 6(8)6(7)6(8)6(15)3 13 105 -14 - 17x4*19 21x4*- 0/0 HL X X X 1~11f invincible 1~9(translate), (translate), (translate), Armor break, (translate), 1~4(translate)
Ultra Combo 45x8*53x3 0 1+10 3*3(8)3*3(7)3*3(8)3*3(15)x3 39 114 -25 D 17 21 0/0 HL X X X 1~11f invincible, (translate), (translate)
Frames Frames Frames of Frames of Super Meter Block Cancel Ability
Move Name Damage Stun Startup Active Recovery Total On Block On Hit Block Stun Hit Stun Gain HL Chain Special Super Notes

*1 (all dash punches): startup changes according to distance; brackets are startup when sticking close; charge time 55

*2 (ex dash punches): 1 ~ end of active frames has armor

*3 (all turn punches): 1 ~ 18 invincible to strikes; armor breaks

The 1 frame discrepancy you see between Startup+Active+Recovery and Total is because when it says a move has 4 frames startup, it really has 3 frames startup and hits on frame 4. It was written this way so you don't have to do any math to figure out what frame a move first hits on.