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Akuma (SFIV)

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  • F - Forward - Tilt stick forward/towards the opponent. (X-axis)
  • B - Backward/Back - Tilt stick backward/away from the opponent. (X-axis)
  • U - Up - Tilt stick upwards. (Y-axis)
  • D - Down - Tilt stick downwards. (Y-axis)
  • QCF - Quarter circle forward/Hadouken/Fireball - Tilt stick downwards, then to downwards and forward, then forward.
  • QCB - Quarter circle backward - Tilt stick downwards, then to downwards and backward, then backward.
  • HCF - Half circle forward - Tilt stick backwards, then to downwards and backward, then to downward, then to downwards and forward, then forward.
  • HCB - Half circle backward - Tilt stick forwards, then to downwards and forward, then to downward, then to downwards and backward, then backward.
  • DP - Dragon punch - Tilt stick forwards, then to downward, then to downward and forward.
  • 360/FC - Full circle - Complete a full rotation of the stick.
  • 720 - N/A - Complete a 720 degree rotation of the stick.
  • Charge - Hold a tilt - Hold the stick in either B or D (Depending) then move to F or U respectively.

X-axis functions can be used interchangeably with Y-axis functions and vice versa. X-axis functions cannot be used in conjunction with another X-axis function and vice versa.

Six Button Notation

  • Jab - weak punch (also called LP)
  • Strong - medium punch (also called MP)
  • Fierce - fierce punch (also called HP)
  • P - any punch
  • PPP or 3P - all three punches simultaneously
  • Short - weak kick (also called LK)
  • Forward - medium kick (also called MK)
  • Roundhouse (RH) - fierce kick (also called HK)
  • K = any kick
  • KKK or 3K - all three kicks simultaneously

--NKI 14:42, 7 January 2007 (UTC)


  • ~ = Immediately after, e.g "Strong~Fierce" means press Fierce IMMEDIATELY after Strong, f~f means to double tap forward (dash).

State Modifiers

  • st. - The following move should be performed in the standing position (neutral in the Y-axis). i.e. st.Fierce, perform a Fierce whilst standing.
  • cr. - The following move should be performed in the crouched position (held down in the Y-axis). i.e. cr.Fierce, perform a Fierce whilst crouching.
  • j. - The following move should be performed in the "in the air" position (After having held up in the Y-axis). i.e. j.Fierce, perform a Fierce whilst in the air.

Miscellaneous Notation

  • Claw = American Vega = Japanese Balrog
  • Boxer = American Balrog = Japanese Bison
  • Dictator (Dic) = American Bison = Japanese Vega

Not everyone plays on the American version, and some character names are different in the Japanese version, so to avoid confusion, we should not use the names Vega, Bison, or Balrog.

--NKI 14:44, 7 January 2007 (UTC)

Move Analysis

Normal Moves

  • Far - One of Akuma's best normal moves because of the combo potential and speed. Link into a c.lp (which is an easy 3 frame link, and does 100 more damage), (which is a 2 frame link), (also a 2 frame link, but you need to be close to combo lk hurricane), (which is a 1 frame link), or s.hp (a 2 frame link, you need to be at a very close range, but far enough so you get the far version of Do not abuse this move in block strings, you are +/- 0 on block, do not continue to pressure them every time, you are not at frame advantage. Abusability is much greater against tall opponents who cannot duck the second hit.
  • Overhead Chop - forward + mp - Attacks crouching opponents. Not safe, no followups.
  • Dive Kick - down + mk - Performed at the apex of a forward jump. However unlike the demon flip dive kick, even if you hit, your not guaranteed a combo. It must hit deep. Greater air-to-ground priority than other jump-ins when aimed at the head, but you will get frame disadvantage on hit or block.
  • - Akuma's crossup, it's pretty good, use it.
  • - Your main ground poke, special cancelable (super cancelable too, but his super is can potentially beat focus with this cancel though). Extremely low hitbox, good for buffering AA ultra.
  • - Your sweep. -9 on block, unsafe at close range, but safe at max range. Long range, knockdown that sets up strong wakeup games, extremely good poke at the tip of its range. Extremely low hitbox, good for buffering AA ultra.
  • - Good poke, high priority, good for preemptive stuffing of moves, special cancelable, +5 on hit +2 on block (!) good tick/pressure move. Can confirm counterhit to link to cr.HK and f.HK.
  • c.lp - Akuma's fastest normal. 3 frames, + 2 on block + 5 on hit., c.lp link jab dragon punch is a strong, consistent, hit-confirmable knockdown. His best counter hit/throw move. (c.lp, walk up throw/c.lp walk up c.lp (counter hit) c.lp link dp/xx lk hurricane on standing) Use this move in link combos.
  • - One of Akuma's best meaty attacks, do it early on their wakeup to stuff throw attempts and get free combos, good tick as well +0 on block, do not use this move for counter hit/throw.
  • c.fp - Anti-air right above Akuma's head (ideal against crossups), narrow hitbox, but high priority. Forces opponent to stand, you can use this to your advantage in combos, ex: crossup (they are crouching s.fp xx fp fireball fadc c.fp (they stand) xx lk hurricane, fp dp.
  • s.hp (close) your most powerful single hit normal, use it for combos when you get a big opening, but they are too close for far

Focus / Saving Attack

Special Moves

  • Air Fireball (Zankuu Hadouken) The punch button pressed determines the angle and speed. Light Punch being more vertical and slower, while Hard Punch moves across the screen and is the fastest. Medium is a mix of the two.
    • Use the Light Punch fireball, at the peak of your jump against opponents in the corner you have knocked down as they stand up. Land and confirm they are blocking the fireball (as opposed to say EX DPing), then follow up with a mixup (overhead, low, blockstring, throw, EX tatsu, etc.).
    • Use the Medium Punch fireball descending from a neutral jump and follow it in for hit confirmable combos and/or pressure, be prepared to AA if they try to jump it.
    • EX version throws two fireballs at the angles of mp, then fp, in that order, no matter which buttons you use to activate it, and starts significantly faster. Combos on CH (sometimes on normal hit depending on angle), and hit confirms to f.HK combos.
    • All versions of the air fireball have significant hitstun, ideally you want to do a far hk combo off a hit, however in a pinch you can sweep them from a very far distance.
  • Fireball (Gou Hadouken) = QCF+P - The regular fireball. Use to control spacing.
    • EX Version is 2 hits and knocks down. Best way to knock down a croucher in a combo. Significantly faster startup than normal red fireball, but best used in combos. (crossup c.lp, xx ex fireball)
  • Red Fireball (Shakunetsu Hadoken) = HCB+P - With HP you execute a three hit fireball. MP two hit, LP hits once.
    • Extremely useful move in fireball wars, big tool against Sagat and Ryu. Eats through other fireballs if you use mp/hp. Hp will eat an ex fireball and still hit them! Because of its slow startup you are forced to use it sparingly in fireball fights, but a very useful tool none the less. Also an extremely useful meaty attack should you get a far knockdown, fp does a fair amount of chip, and if they techroll they are basically forced to block it unless they have an ultra which blows through fireballs (DO NOT use this meaty on characters with a "move forward invincible" ultra (e.g. Cammy, Gen, etc)
    • Lesser # of fireballs grants faster recovery. The EX version hits 3 times like HP, but recovers as fast as LP.
    • In the corner EX red fb can be followed in to blockstrings, or followed up on hit by FP srk.
    • Even not considering the faster recovery, sometimes you WANT to have few fireballs, to mess with your opponent's mind. For example, you throw a red to match their normal fireball. Thinking it will override theres, they jump. Now if you did indeed throw a 2 or 3 hit fb, then you will still have a fb on the screen. Because of the fireball rules, you cannot throw an additional fb, but if you had originally thrown a 1-hit red fb which is now gone, you can pull ahead in the fb race by throwing another ground or air fb now.
  • Hurricane Kick (Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku) = QCB-K, Knocks down on hit. Hurricane kicks don't hit crouching opponents (Gief?).
    • Your go to combo move. After lk hurricane hits you have many options. Safest and most consistent is to do fierce dp, it does good damage and nets a nice knockdown. If you HAVE to kill them the most damage you can get off lk hurricane is LP dp (not fierce) fadc fierce red fireball. Mp dp in that combo does more stun, so use that if you feel you will stun them. On certain characters you can follow with cr.HK for an untechable knockdown.
    • Non combo options include c.lp, immediate crossup / s.fp xx lk demon flip grab etc...get creative, it can win you the round, but usually do the dp. Against large characters, can be followed up by cr.HK for excellent wakeups.
    • EX Version has juggle potential, which can be utilized in the corner with ex hurricane kick link fierce dp. Also hits crouchers, is safe on block, and complete mixup with throw (punishes all forms of tech).
    • Air Version also has juggle potential, but you can juggle with any move that will reach them in time. You can do air hurricane, link or fierce dp. Air HK version goes EXTREMELY far forward, it is a very, very useful tool to get yourself out of the corner. Executing HK version just after peak of jump can allow you to crossup an opponent your jump arc would not have normally crossed up, leading to a 50/50 on wakeups.
    • Air tatsu crossup game can be set up off of forward throw, sweep, demon flip throw, super and ultra. On crossup hit, sweep again to reset the mixup.
  • Demon Flip (Hyakki Shuu) = dp+k. The button pressed determines how far Akuma flips forward. Light flies the shortest distance, while Hard travels the farthest.
    • Kick button: Dive Kick — A GREAT move, because no matter when you initiate the Dive Kick, whenever you land it, you should always have enough time to go into a combo. This even works against tall characters like Sagat and Zangief. You can hit them in the top of the head and still combo. Aiming at the top of the head gives excellent priority, but risks opponent forward dashing underneath.
    • Punch button: Hammer Fist An armor breaking move that knocks down when it lands. Can he handy to set up a cross situation. Also gives an untechable knockdown to anyone who was trying to jump out of throw.
    • Light Punch and Light Kick: Throw — An extremely good move in SF4, does a LOT of damage for the type of move it is. and grabs deceptively quickly.
    • Slide Kick: Pressing nothing at all will make Akuma do a fast slide kick when he lands. Hits low, and will score a knock down. If you hit, no matter how early, you can combo(unless they jumped).
    • Best is standing fierce. if you gauge the distance right you can cross over with it as well.
    • EX Demon Flip has startup invincibility.
  • Teleport (Ashura Senkuu) = dp/rdp + ppp/kkk
    • There are 4 different types of teleports. Punch teleports move you far in either direction, kick teleports move you closer in either direction. All teleports have invincible startup, but vulnerable (although relatively safe) recovery. Punch teleport is one of the most important moves for an Akuma player to utilize. In many situations where you want to press a button, you should be doing punch teleport away from them instead. If they try to cross you up, punch teleport. If Gief comes near you, punch teleport.
  • Shoryuken (Dragon Punch) = dp+p
    • Your main anti air. Jab is 1 hit, Medium is 2, Fierce is 3. Fierce has the most (non ex) invincibility, it is your go to move for anti air, try to hit as deep as possible to avoid trades. This move has very fast startup(3 frames) and as such, is easily linkable off crouching jabs, and is a great punisher. Jab ALWAYS knocks down, it is possible for medium and fierce to only hit partially in combos, in which case you are screwed, which is why you want to use jab for any combos you aren't at point blank range for. EX also always knocks down, but at max range may only hit once for lousy damage. Useful in lk hurricane combos also. Because of damage scaling if you do dp fadc red fireball, jab dp does the most damage.
    • EX Version is completely invincible all the way up...use this in specific situations where you need full invincibility.

Super & Ultra Move

  • Super Raging Demon (Shun Goku Satsu) *throw*
    • Without doing a level 2 or 3 Focus Attack, there's no known way to combo into this move.
    • Can't go through fireballs.
    • Approximately 30% damage (character dependent).
    • Cannot be escaped after the flash at point blank range
  • Ultra Raging Demon (Shun Goku Satsu) *throw*
    • Akuma's Ultra travels further than full screen's distance.
    • Approximately 60% damage when fully charged
    • Without doing a level 2 or 3 Focus Attack, there's no known way to combo into this move.
    • Can always be jumped after the flash if the opponent is not in move recovery or crumple stunned

Cannot combo into Super or ultra, because they will be in hitstun, not neutral
Cannot Super or Ultra anyone after a FADC shoryu, because they are airborne
Cannot tick throw into Ultra, because they will jump out after the flash
Cannot reset into an Ultra, because they have time to jump out after landing
Cannot air FB into Super or Ultra, because they will be in blockstun

CAN use a properly timed Ultra as an anti air
CAN use a properly timed Ultra to punish pokes
CAN use psychic Ultra to punish backdashes
CAN combo a Super or Ultra off of a Focus Attack
CAN use a Super at point blank range, and it will be inescapable after the flash
CAN use a Super as a tick throw; opponent cannot jump out unless it was a psychic jump
CAN use Super or Ultra to punish various moves ( Thanks MuKen)
CAN buffer it into various normals (primarily cr.HK) and learn to release on reaction to many responses by your opponent

Guaranteed ways to land a super or ultra.

  1. FADC -> Demon (focus attack has to land, have knock down properties of level 2, and the demon must be buffered during the dash). Works with Super or Ultra.
  2. Anti-air Demon. As an opponent is coming down from a jumping attack, if you position yourself correctly, you can land the grab as they come down. Works with Super or Ultra.
  3. Enemy Focus attack/certain power attacks. If you see a focus attack by your opponent, you can execute the demon with almost a certainty of it landing depending on the exact range. Certain players are also vulnerable during power attacks (such as Balrog's charge punches). Works with Super or Ultra. Can buffer into normals and still cancel to punish focus attacks on reaction.

Executing the Raging Demon

  • SUPER - LP,LP,->,LK,HP
  • ULTRA - LP,LP,<-,LK,HP
  • After tapping the first two LP, press forward or back, plus LK and HP all at the same time to execute the raging demon.
  • Directional and last two buttons may be input simultaneously
  • Diagonals also count for directional, even if moving from another (i.e. moving from 'd/b' to 'b' counts for ultra).
  • Can cancel out of ANY normal at ANY time even if whiffed entirely


- Basic -

  • [0] 247: c.LP-c.LP, c.LP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP
  • [2] 286: c.LP-c.LP, c.LP -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

Handy when you have a limited amount of time to get the first hit in.

  • [0] 322: HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP (can also use c.HP to start)
  • [2] 379: HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP (can also use c.HP to start)

Very easy to perform when someone leaves themselves wide open and you know you can get a max-damage starter. If you aren't 100% sure, use c.MP instead. This will do 30 less damage for each combo (but is very hard to mess up).

  • [2] 403: HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

This is a variation on the combo above. It is useful if you feel your execution (and the connection) is good enough. It is a slight increase over the 379 damage combo above, and it comes with a greater risk. If you miss at any point before the QCB+LK, your opponent is still standing. If you aren't 100% certain, stick with the early QCB+LK option.

  • [0] 200: c.LP-c.LP, c.MP -> QCF+PP

Most useful against crouching opponents since QCB+LK will not hit. In corner, DP+HP will connect after the EX Fireball for a total of 265 damage.

- Stand HK(far) -

  • [0] 329: HK(f), c.LP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP
  • [2] 377: HK(f), c.LP -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

Very handy when fishing for stand HK(f) hits. You can also use c.MP instead of c.LP which will add 40 additional damage to each combo. When playing online, c.LP is much more reliable.

- Jumping -

  • [0] 359: j.HK, c.MP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP
  • [2] 407: j.HK, c.MP -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

These are very basic jump-in combos that can be used in almost any jump-in opportunity. The reason I list c.MP instead of HP(c) is because depending on the range, HP(c) will come out and completely whiff. With c.MP, you can actually land and move up a short step before performing c.MP -> QCB+LK. You can actually walk up and HP(c) as well, but when you walkup c.MP, you are in perfect position to finish QCB+LK. If you decide to use HP(c), the combo will do 389 damage total. If you decide to use the DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP finisher, you will add 48 more damage (for 407 and 437 damage respectively).

  • [0] 282: DP+K,K (Dive Kick), c.LP-c.LP, c.LP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP
  • [0] 359: DP+K,K (Dive Kick), HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

Here are two variants of the Demon Flip Dive Kick combo. The first one is for use when you aren't sure if the dive kick will hit or not. If the Dive Kick is done close (in front or as a crossup), all three c.LP's will hit on most characters, thus giving you enough time to confirm the hit, then go into the QCB+LK. If you know that the Dive Kick is going to hit for sure, then opt for stand HP(c) into QCB+LK. This will net you a ton more damage. It's not recommended to use FADC cancels on the first combo due to the large amount of hits, but for the second combo, DP+LP -> FADC, DP+HP will net over 400 damage total.

  • [2] 377: (air) QCF+PP, HK(f), c.LP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

This combo is most useful when jumping straight up against opponents that like to c.MK or c.HK people that land from jumps. In order to get this combo consistently, make sure you take a step or two forward while the Fireballs are hitting in order to get in to the proper range for the far HK. If you are too far, your c.LP will miss. If you are too close, you will end up getting the close HK (which has no follow-ups).

- Focus Attack -

  • [0] 292: MP+MK (full), DP+HP
  • [2] 349: MP+MK (full), DP+LP, FADC, HCB+HP

Both combos are easily done if you miss the Focus Attack Dash.

  • [0] 383: MP+MK (full), dash, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP
  • [2] 422: MP+MK (full), dash, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

Very standard combos. You've seen this theme over and over. No need to explain.

  • [0] 564: MP+MK (full), dash, LP,LP,b,LK,HP (Ultra)

Pretty simple. Just practice your timing.

I do not recommend doing FA3 into Super Raging Demon. It only inflicts 404 damage total. You can use less meter and attain higher damage. Even the most basic non-meter combo is only 21 damage less.


Normal Combos:

[0] 163: c.LK-c.LP-c.LP, DP+LP (must be close) [0] 175: c.LP-c.LP-c.LP, DP+LP (must be close)

[0] 164: c.LP-c.LP, DP+LP (works from most ranges except super far) [0] 212: c.LP-c.LP, DP+HP (must be semi close for all 3 hits of DP+HP)

[0] 263: c.LK-c.LP, HP(c) -> DP+HP

  • [0] 229: c.LK-c.LP, c.LK -> QCB+LK, DP+HP (vs standing only)

[0] 269: c.LK-c.LP, c.MP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP (vs standing only)

  • [2] 308: c.LK-c.LP, c.MP -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP (vs standing only)

[2] 265: c.LK-c.LP, c.MP -> QCF+HP -> FADC, c.MP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP (vs standing only) [4] 322: c.LK-c.LP, c.MP -> QCF+HP -> FADC, c.MP -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP (vs standing only)

[0] 212: c.MP, LP, c.MK -> QCB+HK(2-hits)

  • [0] 322: HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP (can also use c.HP to start)

[2] 350: HP(c) -> DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

  • [2] 379: HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP (can also use c.HP to start)

[4] 442: HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

[2] 391: HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, c.LP,HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

  • [2] 403: HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

[2] 442: HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

[2] 411: HP -> QCB+HK(1hit) -> FADC, c.LP, HP(c) -> QCB+LK -> DP+HP [4] 441: HP -> QCB+HK(1hit) -> FADC, c.LP, HP(c) -> QCB+LK -> DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

  • [0] 389: jump HK, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

[2] 437: jump HK, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

  • [2] 455: jump HK, HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

[4] 485: jump HK, HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

[2] 503: jump HK, far HK(2hit), HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP [4] 524: jump HK, far HK(2hit), HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

[0] 313: crossup MK, c.LP, HP(c) -> DP+HP [2] 361: crossup MK, c.LP, HP(c) -> DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP [2] 395: crossup MK, c.MP -> QCF+HP -> FADC, c.HP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP [4] 425: crossup MK, c.MP -> QCF+HP -> FADC, c.HP -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

[0] 343: crossup MK, c.LP, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP (only if standing) [2] 382: crossup MK, c.LP, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, HP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP (only if standing)

[0] 359: crossup MK, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP (only if standing) [2] 407: crossup MK, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+LP (only if standing) [4] 455: crossup MK, HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP (only if standing)

  • [0] 359: crossup MK, c.HP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP
  • [2] 407: crossup MK, c.HP -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

[2] 389: crossup MK, c.LP, HP(c) -> QCB+HK(1hit) -> FADC, c.LP, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP [4] 401: crossup MK, c.LP, HP(c) -> QCB+HK(1hit) -> FADC, c.LP, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

[4] 396: crossup MK, c.LP, c.MP -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HK(2-hits), c.MP -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HK(2-hits), c.MP -> QCB+LK -> DP+HP

[0] 270: crossup QCB+HK, DP+HP [2] 330: crossup QCB+HK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

[1] 308: HK(f), c.MP -> HCB+KK

  • [0] 369: HK(f), c.MP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

[2] 414: HK(f), c.MP -> QCF+HP -> FADC, c.MP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

  • [2] 417: HK(f), c.MP -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

[4] 444: HK(f), c.MP -> QCF+HP -> FADC, c.MP -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

[1] 370: HK(f), HP(c) -> QCB+KK

Focus Attack Combos:

[0] 204: MP+MK (full), QCB+HK (2) (FADC not needed, cannot be max range) [0] 228: MP+MK (full), d+HK (FADC not needed)

  • [0] 383: MP+MK (full), dash, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

[0] 403: MP+MK (full), dash, c.MP, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

  • [2] 422: MP+MK (full), dash, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

[2] 433: MP+MK (full), dash, HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP [4] 454: MP+MK (full), dash, HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+LP -> FADC, HCB+HP

[2] 372: MP+MK (full), dash, c.LP,HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, c.LP,c.MP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP [2] 405: MP+MK (full), dash, c.LP,HP(c) -> QCF+HP -> FADC, HP(c) -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

All Focus Attack Combos assume max level charge.

Silly Combos:

vs Gief: 394: crossup MK, c.MP, LP(f), HK(f), c.MP -> QCB+LK, DP+HP

vs Gief: 360: crossup MK, c.MP, LP(f), HK(f), LP(f), HK(f), c.MK -> QCF+HP ... (can FADC here to continue)

vs Gief: 315: HK(f), LP(f), HK(f), LP(f), HK(f) ... (c.MK to continue combo...)

Special Notes:

c.HP stands a crouching opponent up (works well for QCB+LK). Most (if not all) jump in combos can begin with DP+K,K (subtract 30 dmg) or Dive Kick (subtract 40 dmg).

-SK hurricane, roundhouse hurricane. (i find the timing to be harder than the SRK)

-SK hurricane wont hit on crouched opponents so instead do a fireball or SRK. or if you have meter use EX hurricane.





Guaranteed Demons:
Blocked Rekka (CoD): Super only, after the 1st hit
Blocked Wheel Kick: Super only
Blocked Super/Ultra: Super and Ultra

Strategy: Abels’s ability to land his ultra with relative ease and ability to get in through your fireballs can make this match a pain for an Akuma player. Luckily for us, Abel doesn’t have a good anti-air. >:]

In general, Abel has a hard time dealing with jump-ins and pressure. This is one of the matchups where Akuma not only can but should be played with a rush down game plan. Once Abel has his ultra, your zoning game is severely hampered; if he catches you throwing a fireball when activating his ultra, he will pass through and put the hurt on you. If Abel gets on the offensive, just look for an opening to teleport out and try to take back the initiative.

- Always be looking for the roll to get an easy throw. From there you have an easy jump in setup.
- Use RH kicks to apply pressure, Abel has no answer for a well-spaced RH.
- He has poor AA, so abuse cross ups and demon flip mix ups
- Zoning is fine early in the match, but once he has ultra be careful when throwing fireballs
- When on the defensive look to teleport out, it’s going to hurt if he land a combo or command throw

Contributors: Pherai, Armagan, Duggish

Balrog (Boxer)

Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked Dash Straight: Super, must hit deep
Blocked Dash Low Straight: Super, must hit deep
Blocked Dash Overhead: Super
Blocked Dash Upper: Super/Ultra
Blocked Dash Low Smash: Super/Ultra
Blocked TAP: Super, must hit deep
Blocked Headbutt: Super/Ultra
Blocked Super/Ultra: Super/Ultra

Strategy: Balrog can be a tough matchup; his combos can do heavy damage and stun, he has several options to get through your fireballs, has a solid AA, and a strong mix up game. Stay cool, play patient, and you’ll soon realize that it’s not too bad of a matchup one you learn some of the options Akuma has to deal with this matchup.

Your Ultra plays a very large role in this matchup. If you throw a fireball and Balrog decides to EX charge through it, you can catch him with an ultra. If he jumps in at you, teleport out or ultra if you have it. Try to stay a safe distance away, zoning with fireballs and watching for rush punches. If you don’t have ultra and he EX charges through your fireball, be ready to teleport out. In general play very safely, zoning at all times while looking for that chance to demon for big damage.

- All of specials can be punished by Super on block
- Learn to buffer the demon after throwing fireballs, pressing FP only when you see him EX through
- Pay attention to his movements:
- If he jumps, he lost his Head butt charge
- If he moves forward, he lost all Rush Punch charges
- Always be on guard never go forward too long or you'll risk eating dash punches in the face
- Be wary of his TAP, only throw fireballs from a safe distance and vary the timing on them
- Don’t jump in on him, his AA is too solid. NEVER jump in if he’s has ultra or super.

Contributors: Minora, Royce, Armagan


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked close slide
Blocked far slide (Super only)
Blocked ball
Blocked up ball
Blocked Backstep ball (a reversal is too fast, wait a bit)
Blocked Super/Ultra (a reversal is too fast, wait a bit)

Strategy: Blanka can be a tough matchup for Akuma. EX ball passes clean through fireballs, the slide can go under poorly spaced fireballs on reaction, and he’s got some strong pokes that tend to break Akuma quickly. A lot of your regular zoning game is stripped away in this matchup, but with patience and careful baiting you’ll find yourself with the upper hand more often than not.

Originally Posted by Muken: Imo this matchup is all about playing mindgames and targetting his tools. You both know his EX will kill both your ground/air fbs, so put yourself in situations where it looks like you will do one, and then punish his ball. Once you have him scared to ball, start focus absorbing all his nasty 1 hit pokes and slides and punishing him for those too. Very well put post on your general game plan for fighting Blanka. Throwing max range hadooccasionally is not punishable by EX ball and should be your main strategy. Baiting EX ball using a jab hado is a great way to fish for that easy reversal Ultra. Teleport out when he approaches and just play the game at your own pace. Beat Lightning with any low hit (spaced properly) or with a fierce SRK. FADC that into your fierce Shaku and they’ll be much more hesitant to throw it out as frequently.

-Don’t jump in; lightning will win
- Punish blocked ball with ultra when you can
- Again, watch his movements, and know which moves he has lost charge on
-Punish slides with sweep if out of range for anything else
-Teleporting though his ultra is fun and works every time

Contributors: Muken, Lg420


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked cr.HK (Super only)
Blocked close drill
Blocked far drill (Super only)
Blocked Spike
Blocked Super/Ultra

- needed! -

Chun Li

Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked f+MK (Super only)
Blocked Spinning Bird Kick (Super only)
Blocked Hazan Shu (deep)
Blocked Super/Ultra

- needed! -

Crimson Viper

Guaranteed Demons:

f+MP (Super only)
Blocked MP Thunder Knuckle (Super only)
Blocked HP Thunder Knuckle
Blocked Super/Ultra

Strategy: Viper. With a cross up heavy playstyle, many combos into her ultra, high stun combos, ability to cancel moves and use super jumps…a good viper can be one of the toughest matchups out there. The key to beating her is to know what the hell she’s actually doing.

Viper can use her aerial Flame Kicks to attack from in front of you, on top of you, or cross you up and hit behind you. Teleporting out is the 100% safe choice, but beware firing it off too early, she may cancel the move and then you’re in trouble. Using a Shoryu against the flame kicks can work, but it’s a risk/reward situation if you guess where she’s going to be incorrectly.

Take care when zoning from max range, many Vipers will try to sneak a little bit closer so that they can Seismo you as you’re throwing a fireball. Remember that her Seismo cannot reach full screen, and just watch for when she creeps forward. Avoid getting hit by a Seismo at all costs, she can and will combo a burning kick afterwards, and can even tack on an Ultra afterwards as well.

-FA her Seismos to build your ultra meter, it has decent startup and if she cancels it you can follow suite
-Her Thunder Knuckles can be difficult to deal with, try to bait one and neutral jump, or tele out
-Watch for EX Thunder Knuckle and punish appropriately
-She has no projectile to meet yours, so baiting her to jump for a demon setup is easier than you might think

Contributors: GreySeraph, Duggish


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked Koryuken
Blocked MK or HK Dan Kicks (Super only)
Blocked Super/Ultra

- needed! -


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked Mummy deep
Blocked Drill deep
Blocked Drill shallow (super only)
Blocked Slide
After being hit by jump back HP
Blocked point blank Super (Super only)

Dhalsim is going to play keep away. Keep in mind that at full screen he can’t fireball you effectively and that his limbs will not reach you. Don’t jump, that’s what he wants. Just wait and bait his fireball, throwing occasional Shakus out to stuff them. All of his ranged options require some sort of action from you in order to be effective, be it jumping or trying to focus a fireball. If you find yourself cornered, try tossing out a fireball or two followed by an EX flip. Teleports are only going to get stuffed, since Sim’s never going to be close enough to you for it to be safe. Note the guaranteed demon off of a connected j.hp. Once you have ultra, fish for the j.hp from Sim, if he’s jumping backwards just throw the ultra and it will catch.

-Teleport out from ultra setups
-If you can safely get in close, feel free to apply pressure since Sim’s close game is garbage
-Full screen away renders his fireball game almost useless and his limbs will not reach
-Focus Attacks can be a good way to get in after zoning and seeing what his tendencies are

Contributors: Grits'N'Gravy

E. Honda

Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked Butt Splash (Super only)
Blocked ex Butt Splash (Super only)
Blocked far Super (Super only)
Blocked close Super
Blocked Ultra
Blocked Ultra (between hits)

E. Honda can put the hurt on Akuma. Luckily for you, he has fewer options for getting past your zoning game than most of the cast, and has few options to go on the offensive with. That said, make him come to you and this matchup should be a walk in the park.

Standard zoning techniques apply here, baiting jump ins for you to Shoryu or demon. Watch out for his neutral jump HP, as he can move himself slightly forward or backwards when in the air to get over fireballs and gain ground. This move also does a painful 140 damage and as Akuma, you don’t want to eat that. Use RH kicks to apply pressure and punish pokes, and fireballs to force a jump in approach.

You can also play offensively vs. Honda, using crossups and demon flips to apply heavy pressure. Watch the timing on your jump-ins so that you avoid eating a Buttslam; and beware of Ochio throws. If knocked down, teleport out and start zoning to give yourself a moment before going back in.

-Forcing Honda to take the offensive is the safest option, as well as being easy to do
-FA his Buttslam on its way down for an easy BnB punish
-Honda has little to no way of dealing with your fireball game. Abuse this.

Contributors: Omega Blue, Duggish

El Fuerte

Guaranteed Demons:
Blocked Quesadilla Bomb
Blocked Run slide (Super only)
Blocked Super
backjumped Ultra

- needed! -

Fei Long

Guaranteed Demons:
Blocked double kick (deep)
Blocked Rekkas (mash Super, if he stops or delays at any time he will get caught)
Blocked Flame kick
Blocked Super/Ultra

- needed! -


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked Gekiro
Blocked Mantis Super/Ultra
Whiffed Crane Super/Ultra

- needed! -


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked cr.HK (Super only)
Blocked Dash punch (must hit deep)
Blocked ex Dash punch
Blocked Flip sweep
Blocked Tatsu
Blocked Super/Ultra

- needed! -


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked Flash kick
Blocked f+MP (Super only)
Blocked target combo (Super only)
Blocked cr.HK (do it between the two kicks)
Blocked Super/Ultra

- needed! -


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked Shoryu
Blocked f+MK (Super only)
Blocked LK or MK Tatsu (Super only)
Blocked HK Tatsu
Hit by his HK Tatsu (Super only)
Blocked EX Tatsu (Super only)
Blocked Super/Ultra
Blocked Super (between uppercuts)

- needed! -

M. Bison (Dictator)

Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked close slide
Blocked far slide (super only)
Backstepped Stomp (Kara the demon)
Blocked Psycho Crusher (not push-through)
Blocked MK or HK scissors
Blocked close Ultra

Bison can be a tough matchup for Akuma with his tricky aerial game and solid rush down techniques on the ground. Learning to walk backwards to negate his air game and taking care when zoning are key to this matchup.

Walk backwards when he flies up in the air, if it’s a Stomp then punish with your BnB of choice; if it’s a reverse, then just watch what he does and react accordingly. If he does a reverse and comes right at you with it, you can time an SRK to beat it clean every time. Be wary of air fireballs, as he can right under them. When zoning only occasionally throw fireballs, or else you risk a psychic EX Stomp or teleport for big damage on punish.

-Note if he makes a noise while jumping, if so it’s not a normal jump -Check the distances he’s jumping at and whether or not it’s a special or just his jump -Backwards jumping HP beats his headstomp cleanly unless you’re in the corner

Contributors: Tendersauce, Miz, Gr0wTesK


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked slide (Super only)
Blocked Soul Spiral (Super only)
Blocked Soul Reflect
whiffed AA throw
Blocked Ultra

Push normals and cross-ups, combo whenever you can, try to stay as close as you can and lighten up on the possible Hado's.

Contributors: Miz


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked Messiah Kick (do after first hit, if he flips you'll still block, so repeat)
Blocked f+MK (Super only)
Blocked Super/Ultra

Strategy: Rufus has many options to rush you down with. Knowing where the holes are in his approach so that you may punish them is half the battle.

Rufus players will use his dive kicks to triangle jump over your fireball game, his Tornado to nullify the one’s he doesn’t jump over, and his advancing normal moves (f+mk, d/f+mk) to get in. If you’re watching for them, you can beat dive kicks clean with an SRK or a FA. Be extra careful when jumping, since his j.HK > EX Snake Strikes will do HEAVY damage to Akuma; not to mention he can easily go into Ultra from it as well. Just avoid jumping when in range for his

In general, a defensive style is optimal, since Akuma can’t handle the high damage combos that Rufus can throw down.

- Teleport out when under heavy pressure
- When zoning, watch how he deals with your fireballs and react accordingly
- Don’t let dive kick pressure lock you down, learn to SRK them
- Messiah Kick can also be SRK’d on reaction

Contributors: BenD the Truth, Duggish


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked cr.HK (deep)
Blocked Shoryu
Blocked f+MP (Super only)
Blocked Tatsu (Super only)
Blocked ex Tatsu (deep)
Jumped Ultra
Blocked Ultra (close)

- needed! -


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked Tiger upper
Blocked close Tiger Knee
Blocked Super/Ultra

Strategy: Oh, Sagat. Top tier health, top tier damage, top tier combos, top tier. Luckily we can force Sagat to come to us unlike most of the cast, and that plays fairly well into our favor. Spacing, rhythm, and an appropriate amount of caution are key to winning this matchup.

At long range there will be a fire(fight!)ball fight. More than likely player will spam until one of them decides they’ve had enough and closes the gap; make that person be Sagat. FA some of his fireballs to build up your ultra while jumping over or blocking the rest until your health has recovered. Use red fireballs on occasion to force chip damage or if you’re lucky, beat one of his shots.

Once Sagat decides to move in, the going gets tough. At mid range he will be looking to Tiger Knee in. You can use your standing HK to poke at this range, but play it safe more often than not. The Demon Flip can work wonders against Sagat, use it when he’s going to fireball or as a mix up after some of your block strings. He can Uppercut these on reaction, so don’t be afraid to bait this with a HK or MK demon Flip from close range; you’ll fly past him, and your standing HK can catch up to his whiffed upper.

-Make him come to you, you can always win a fireball war
-Don't fall for his strings into safe knee, mix up the teleports with a j.RH Tatsu to get out of there
- Jumping in is generally not a good idea, since trades are greatly in his favor
- If Sagat has ultra, you must play it very safe

Contributors: Artowis, Minora


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked f+MK (Super only)
Blocked Shouoken
Blocked MK or HK Shunpukyaku (Super only)
Blocked Ultra

- needed! -


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked Super

Strategy: Recently getting attention due to his ability to keep away, treat this matchup like Dhalsim with more tools. As we know he takes damage like an infant and that must be exploited if/whenever you get the chance. If you miss an opportunity for a big combo, it might have been the only chance you’re going to get.

One thing to remember about Seth and his ultra in particular, is that he has many ways to land it. Once he has his ultra ready to go you essentially cannot fireball, jump, or walk forward more than a single step or so. It doesn’t do much damage, but if you’re low on life then it will actively shut down several of your options.

- Get in, deal your damage and get out - Be careful with your actions when he has ultra ready

Contributors: Artowis

Vega (Claw)

Guaranteed Demons:

blocked Flying Claw
blocked Flipkick
blocked d/f+MK (super only)

Strategy: When playing against Vega, its back to basics; Shoryu his jump in attempts, teleport when needed, and force him into action with fireballs. FADC’ing his Wall Dives will give you an opportunity to punish, but beware the throw. If you seem to always get thrown, simply short teleport out. Vega has no answer to your teleport, and sometimes this will lead to a free punish combo. Once you have the lead, just sit on it and run away, there’s not really anything that Vega can do to stop you.

For a change of pace, you can take the offensive in this matchup. His wanna-be flip kick is not a reliable AA, so feel free to cross up and dive kick pressure him into making a mistake. Pressuring with the HK works well to get you in range, once you’re there just stay in his face looking for that opening to dish out a big damage combo.

-Teleport away from his Wall Dives if you’re unsure about how to handle it
- Be wary of throwing fireballs when he has ultra
- Abuse his lack of a good AA to put pressure on and gain the lead
- Watch for patterns when he uses his dodging flip; bait and punish

Contributors: Artowis


Guaranteed Demons:

Blocked far long sweep (super only)
Blocked close long sweep
Whiffed Lariat (hit the recovery, not the Lariat)
Blocked Green Hand
Hit by Green Hand
Blocked ex Green Hand

Strategy: Zangeif. A simple enough matchup, but mess up twice and it could be lights out for Akuma.

If you get knocked down, teleport out. If you don’t, it’s going to hurt. Use lots of fireballs to zone, mixing in properly spaced sweeps and HK’s. Unless the HK connects, jump back or teleport away. There’s not much to this matchup, just try to read what he does in reaction to your zoning game and be ready for it. If he tends to green hand, block and punish; for lariats if you have the spacing down you can Demon Flip him as long as the dive kick is centered on his body. Use fireballs to bait a lariat, and punish with ex flip for big damage. Then return to your regularly scheduled programming and stay away.

- Stay away.
- Sweep his lariats
- Aim for Time Over if you have to
- Stay away!

Contributors: Minora, Tendersauce

Matchup Videos

Find a great collection of matchup specific videos from top players at
Contributor: zaspacer

Frame Data

Frames Frames Frames of Frames of Super Meter Cancel Ability
Move Name Damage Stun Startup Active Recovery Total On Block On Hit Block Stun Hit Stun Gain Chain Special Super Notes
Close LP 30 50 4 2 6 11 +3 +6 10 13 20 O O O -
Close MP 70 100 3 2 13 17 -1 +4 13 18 40 X O O -
Close HP 100 200 4 2 26 31 -10 -6 17 21 60 X O O -
Close LK 40 50 5 2 7 13 +2 +5 10 13 20 O X X -
Close MK 70 100 5 2 14 20 -2 +1 13 16 40 X X O -
Close HK 40*70 125*75 6 2*4 17 32 -3 +2 17 21*22 60*20 X X O -
Far LP 30 50 3 2 5 9 +4 +7 10 13 20 O O O -
Far MP 80 100 4 2 13 18 -1 +2 13 16 40 X X O -
Far HP 120 200 6 3 16 24 -1 +3 17 22 60 X X X -
Far LK 40 50 3 2 8 12 +1 +4 10 13 20 X X X -
Far MK 80 100 9 2 13 23 -1 +2 13 16 40 X X X -
Far HK 50*60 125*75 7 2*2 16 34 0 +5 17 22 60*20 X X X Forces stand
crouch LP 30 50 3 2 7 11 +2 +5 10 13 20 O O O -
crouch MP 70 100 4 3 9 15 +2 +5 13 16 40 X O O -
crouch HP 100 200 6 4 23 32 -9 -4 17 22 60 X O O Forces stand
crouch LK 20 50 4 2 9 14 0 +3 10 13 20 O O O Low attack
crouch MK 70 100 5 3 13 20 -2 +1 13 40 X O O Low attack
crouch HK 110 200 6 3 24 32 -9 D 17 - 60 X X X Low attack, cannot fast recover
Jump up LP 50 50 4 7 - - - - 8 11 20 - - - -
Jump up MP 80 100 5 3 - - - - 11 15 40 - - - -
Jump up HP 100 200 6 3 - - - - 15 18 60 - - - -
Jump up LK 40 50 5 6 - - - - 8 11 20 - - - -
Jump up MK 80 100 6 4 - - - - 11 15 40 - - - -
Jump up HK 100 200 5 3 - - - - 15 18 60 - - - -
Jump forward LP 50 50 4 7 - - - - 8 11 20 - - - -
Jump forward MP 80 100 5 3 - - - - 11 15 40 - - - -
Jump forward HP 100 200 6 3 - - - - 15 18 60 - - - -
Jump forward LK 40 50 4 6 - - - - 8 11 20 - - - -
Jump forward MK 70 100 6 3 - - - - 11 15 40 - - - crosses up
Jump forward HK 100 200 7 3 - - - - 15 18 60 - - - -
F+MP overhead 30*50 50*50 17 2*2 17 37 -5 0 13 18 40*20 X X X Forces stand, Mid attack
D+MK (air) 60 100 12 Until ground - - - - 10 13 40 - - - Mid attack
Focus Attack LVL 1 60 100 21 2 35 57 -21 -21 15 15 20 - - - -
Focus attack LVL 2 80 150 18+11 2 35 65 -15 D 21 - 40 - - - -
Focus attack LVL 3 140 200 65 2 40 106 D D - - 60 - - - -
Forward Throw 130 120 3 2 20 24 - D - - 40 - - - Throw range 0.9, cannot fast recover
Back throw 130 120 3 2 20 24 - D - - 40 - - - Throw range 0.9, cannot fast recover
Hadoken 60 100 14 - 44 44 -4 0 18 22 10/20 X X O -
Hadoken EX 60*60 100*100 14 - 44 44 -1 D 13 - 0/0 X X O Juggles
Shakunetsu Hadoken LP 50 100 25 - 50 50 -4 D 13 - 20/30 X X O juggles
Shakunetsu Hadoken MP 50*50 50*100 25 - 57 57 -3 D 13 - 20/16*16 X X O juggles
Shakunetsu Hadoken HP 50x3 50*50*100 25 - 63 63 -1 D 13 - 20/16x3 X X O jjuggles
Shakunetsu Hadoken EX 60x3 100x3 25 - 50 50 +12 D 13 - 0/0 X X O juggles
Hadoken (air) 40 50 14 - 14 - - - 20 24 10/20 - - -
Hadoken EX (air) 40*40 50 8 - 7 - - - 20 24 0/0 - - -
Shoryuken LP 130[70] 200 3 14 17+18 51 -28 D 20 - 30/40 X X O 1~2f invincible, 3~16f lower body invincibility, 3~4f cannot be thrown
Shoryuken MP 80*80 100*100 3 2*12 25+18 59 -34 D 20 24*- 30/30*16 X X O 1~4f invincible, 5~16f lower body invincibility, 2nd hit juggles
Shoryuken HP 80*60*50 100*50*50 3 2*2*12 28+18 64 -37 D 20 24*-*- 30/30*10*10 X X O 1~6f invincible, 7~18f lower body invincibility, 2nd~3rd hit juggles
Shoryuken EX 80*60*50 100*50*50 3 2*2*12 28+18 64 -37 D 20 24*-x3 0/0 X X O 1~18f invincible, 2nd~3rd hit juggles
Hurricane Kick LK 70 100 11 2*2 12+8 40 -9 D 20 - 20/20 X X X 7~20f lower body invincibility to projectiles, launches allowing non-juggle followups
Hurricane Kick MK 80*40*40 100*50*50 5 2x3*1 16+12 54 -8 D 20 - 20/20*10*10 X X O 7~26f lower body invincibility to projectiles, 1st hit forces stand, 2nd~3rd hit juggles
Hurricane Kick HK 80*40x3 100*50x3 5 2*1x5 13+8 57 -1 D 20 - 20/20*10x3 X X O 7~36f lower body invincibility to projectiles, 1st hit forces stand, 2nd~4th hit juggles
Hurricane Kick EX 40x5 50 11 1x5 18+3 48 -1 D 20 - 0/0 X X X 6~27f lower body invincibility to projectiles, 1st~4th hit forces stand, juggles
Hurricane Kick LK (air) 60 50 9 2x3 10 - - D 20 - 10/30 - - - launches allowing non-juggle followups
Hurricane Kick MK (air) 70 50 9 2x3 4 - - D 20 - 10/30 - - - launches allowing non-juggle followups
Hurricane Kick HK (air) 80 50 9 2x3 4 - - D 20 - 10/30 - - - launches allowing non-juggle followups
Hurricane Kick EX (air) 40x5 50 7 1x5 4 - - D 20 - 0/0 - - - juggles
Demon Flip - - - - - - - - - - 20 - - -
Demon Flip EX - - - - - - - - - - 0/0 - - - Flies toward opponent
Hyakki Gouzan 100 200 7 15 14 74 -11 D 17 - -/40 - - - Low attack, cannot fast recover
Hyakki Gousho 110 200 8 2 4 - - D 17 - -/30 - - - Mid attack, Armor break, cannot fast recover
Hyakki Goujin 70 100 11 Until ground 4 - - - 17 21 -/30 - - - Forces stand
Hyakki Gousai 150 200 3 2 4 - - D - - -/60 - - - Throw range Light 0.95, Medium 1.05, Hard 1.15, EX 1.3, cannot fast recover
Teleport PPP - - - - 57 57 - - - - - - - - 1~48f invincible, (translate)
Teleport KKK - - - - 49 49 - - - - - - - - 1~40f invincible, (translate)
Super Combo 330 0 1+0 35 13 47 - D - - 0/0 X O X 1f invincible, (translate)
Ultra Combo 600 0 1+4 33 19 55 - D - - 0/0 X O X 1~6f invincible, (translate)
Frames Frames Frames of Frames of Super Meter Cancel Ability
Move Name Damage Stun Startup Active Recovery Total On Block On Hit Block Stun Hit Stun Gain Chain Special Super Notes

The 1 frame discrepancy you see between Startup+Active+Recovery and Total is because when it says a move has 4 frames startup, it really has 3 frames startup and hits on frame 4. It was written this way so you don't have to do any math to figure out what frame a move first hits on.