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Abel (SFIV)

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Move Analysis

Most noteworthy moves - standing far short, standing far strong, standing close strong, standing close fierce, crouching short & jab, crouching mk, crouching fp

Standing Close Punches

Standing Close Jab Whiffs on crouching opponents, grants no advantage on hit. It has the same startup speed as standing close fierce and does far less damage. It is still a very long normal at 28 frames so if someone jumps out of it, you are left wide open to a counter attack. One of Abel's least most useful normals - standing strong or fierce are better choices.

Startup: 4 frames

Damage: 25, 15

Combos Into: jab CoD

Standing Close Strong Is Abel's only standing close punch that hits on all crouching opponents. Forces stand on hit; combos into LP Change of Direction; the key component of Abel's only hit confirm combos. Does not stuff jump outs as well as standing fierce. Long duration leaves you open to counterattack if someone jumps over it. Useful if you are playing someone that is crouching a lot.

Startup: 5 frames

Damage: 50, 30

Combos Into: jab CoD

Standing Close Fierce Fast and strong but whiffs completely on most crouching opponents when you try to combo into it. This is the best follow-up for F+MK in a combo; however, if your opponent is crouching all the time, this move becomes less useful and you should shift towards crouching jab or standing close strong (neither will combo after F+MK unless it was counter hit) or punish with close roundhouse. Aside from being one of Abel's strongest combo starters, this move also stuffs jump outs after a blocked F+MK; if you time it properly, it can be used as an anti-air against characters directly above your head and can stop cross-up attempts. Works especially well to stop ambiguous tatsu jump ins from shotos. Can be FADCed after the second hit to get right in their face with a forward dash.

Can be canceled into super after the second hit; whenever possible, do this to maximize the damage your super can do instead of canceling into CoD and then super.

Startup: 4 frames

Damage: 80, 30

Combos Into: any strength Change of Direction, super

Standing Far Punches

Standing Far Jab A fast normal with decent reach. Only combos into itself (rapid fire) and can cancel into super. Whiffs on some crouching opponents. Can combo into step kick on counter hit. You can use this against characters like Gief and Akuma that like to pressure with standing far normals (Gief's far jab and strong, Akuma's far roundhouse).

Startup: 5 frames

Damage: 30

Combos Into: itself, super

Standing Far Strong Equally as fast as standing far jab. Can cancel into super, but it usually will not actually combo. Does respectable single hit damage. Has a lot of active frames (6) so it has good priority against other character's standing pokes. However, its long overall duration means it is easy to punish on whiff and if someone jumps over it, you can't anti-air them. Not very useful against characters with good crouching pokes (shotos).

Startup: 5 frames

Damage: 80

Combos Into: super

Standing Far Fierce Very slow but powerful punch with only a slight bit more range than far strong. Usually just comes out accidentally to punish a back dash here and there. Don't use it.

Startup: 12 frames

Damage: 130

Combos Into: nothing

Standing Close Kicks

Standing Close Short Abel kicks the other guy in the shins. Fast, no combo potential whatsoever, does not even chain into itself. Decent damage and short duration but 5 frame startup. +3 advantage on hit and its very low knockback make it a TT tick setup in theory but there is no reason to use this move when you can do crouching short instead.

Startup: 5 frames

Damage: 30

Combos Into: nothing

Standing Close Forward Visually identical to F+MK except it can be canceled directly into change of direction (jab version works best). Equal in startup and power to crouching strong but is unsafe on block; for this reason it is recommend that you use standing close strong or crouching strong instead of this move.

Startup: 7 frames

Damage: 70

Combos Into: change of direction

Standing Close Roundhouse A very unusual move, this move hits either high or as an overhead. If an opponent is standing and not blocking, it does 100 damage and 150 stun; if the opponent is crouching, it hits as an overhead for 30 damage and 50 stun and in specific situations can combo into crouching strong. This move can only be totally blocked standing. It has very high knockback and as a result does not work as a TT tick setup even in the corner; it does not cancel into anything.

This kick is useful if an opponent consistently crouching turtles after a F+MK, or if they are trying to jump away. It hits harder than one hit of standing close fierce and it has an overall shorter duration, giving more frame advantage if you reset someone out of the air with this move as opposed to fierce.

This is also Abel's meatiest attack, with 6 active frames.

Startup: 6 frames

Damage: 100 if hits high; 30 if hits overhead

Combos Into: Standing far strong, standing far short (always). On counterhit, crouching strong and step kick.

Standing Far Kicks

Standing Far Short A very fast and far-reaching poke. Useful to follow a string of jabs if you need a tiny bit of extra damage, and for dancing around and playing footsies. On hit, makes a good setup for F+MK but it is relatively easy to escape from that range. Very short duration makes it a low risk move and 40 damage is respectable for something with this kind of speed. Does not outdistance a shoto This is your lifeline in the Zangief matchup.

Startup: 5 frames

Damage: 40

Combos Into: nothing

Standing Far Forward A move with limited utility but can become quite important against some people. Works to stop distant jump-ins (edge of sweep distance) but it tends to trade. It moves Abel forwards at the same time; with its relatively short recovery and the air reset the other character will be doing, it gives you a very good opportunity for mixups on their landing (watch the mash). This move goes over most grounded character's heads and if you mess up the F+MK input, this will whiff and leave you open for a counter attack.

Startup: 8 frames

Damage: 80

Combos Into: nothing

Standing Far Roundhouse Another slow but powerful move, with good reach. Limited use because of its retarded start up time; generally only comes into play if you want to reset someone after launching them into the corner. Usually comes out accidentally when you wanted close roundhouse instead.

Startup: 14 frames

Damage: 100

Combos Into: nothing

Crouching Punches

Crouching Jab Slower than most character's crouching jabs, this move still has good uses. It can combo into standing close strong and fierce, standing far strong, and super. It will not combo into change of direction reliably. It has small knockback (but greater than crouching short and standing close short). It is +3 on block, which makes it a very good TT tick setup, and is +6 on hit. On counterhit, can combo into step kick or crouching strong.

Startup: 5 frames

Damage: 30

Combos Into: crouching short, crouching jab, standing close jab, standing close strong, standing close fierce, standing close short, standing far jab, standing far strong. On counterhit, step kick and crouching strong.

Crouching Strong An important part of Abel's B&B combos and his most reliable punish starter from long range. This move has just a bit less reach than F+MK and equivalent speed. While the potential damage from a landed F+MK is higher, using crouching strong means you do not have to attempt a 1 frame link to get its full potential. This move cancels reliably into jab and strong CoD - strong CoD is safer on block than jab CoD. Combos into itself or step kick on counter hit.

Startup: 7 frames

Damage: 80

Combos Into: jab & strong change of direction, super. On counterhit, crouching strong or step kick.

Crouching Fierce aka Elbow One of Abel's highest damage potential moves. Individually it is a strong move, doing 110 damage, but it is the potential follow-ups that make it so good. This move can combo into Abel's ultra, falling sky, and Abel's reset game. It can be combo'd into from any strength Change of Direction, a jumping mk, or a counterhit F+MK. The first hit is just a normal attack, and you can cancel after this first hit into change of direction, a roll, etc. This first hit also forces the opponent to stand up. The second hit puts the opponent into a full float state in which you can follow up with any attack you want - change of direction, wheel kick, normals, ultra, etc. This is the most flexible state in the game; the highest potential damage is always ultra, then EX wheel kick (midscreen only), then falling sky. You can also hit them with a normal to get a bit of damage, and then reset them into an ambiguous situation (see the reset section). This move also cancels into Abel's super after the second hit; either cancel into the super immediately, or do a lk roll and then the super.

Crouching Fierce on the ground - on its own, this move is too slow to throw out recklessly. The best setup for this move is an FADCed change of direction. It can combo from any change of direction. It is easiest from fierce CoD, but the upshot of this is you can combo into crouching fierce from EX change of direction, which gives Abel the opportunity to combo into his ultra from an armored attack. The timing can be difficult because of the hit stun when you absorb an attack but this is a clutch tool that you can find a use for every once and awhile.

This move can combo straight from a late jumping mk, but this is unreliable on most characters. On Ryu for instance, generally only the first hit will land and he recovers before you do, putting you at disadvantage. However, if Ryu is crouching, both hits will land. The second hit misses on Fuerte very often. In these cases, it is better to use crouching strong, or standing close strong and then combo into CoD FADC elbow. When using crouching fierce to punish Balrog's headbutt, remember you have to be standing right next to him after you recover. You have to be closer to Balrog for both hits to land than it looks like because of his bad posture.

Crouching Fierce as an anti-air - crouching fierce makes a very good anti-air if you can get the timing down right. Generally, just as the other character hits the apex of their jump, hit c.fp. Your goal is to hit them with just the second hit of c.fp so that it puts them into the full juggle state, at which point you can follow up with a normal reset, ultra, falling sky, or change of direction - EX falling sky. Even off a trade, you can land your ultra. There are some characters with jumping attacks that stick down so far it will stuff c.fp - Chun jumping fierce, Dictator jumping fierce, Vega jumping fierce, Shoto jumping fierce... You can try to throw out the c.fp early to force the trade but it gets difficult, since it will whiff if they bait it and do their jumping attack late.

If you do the c.fp too late, you will hit them with the first hit instead which isn't a bad anti-air. This will just reset the other character.

Startup: 7 frames

Damage: 80, 30

Combos Into: basically everything

Crouching Kicks

Crouching Short Abel's fastest low attack. Comes out in 5 frames; has to be blocked low. Can combo into crouching jab and itself (rapid fire). Due to its low knockback, it is possible to use more shorts than someone would be expecting before a TT tick. Can combo into standing close jab or fierce (1 frame link).

Startup: 5 frames

Damage: 20

Combos Into: itself, crouching jab, standing close jab, standing close fierce, super

Crouching Forward A wonky looking kick that is better than Gouken's similar one. 1 frame slower than crouching strong, with roughly the same range. The key difference is in how this move shifts Abel's hitbox; he himself leans back before the move before sticking his foot out. That makes this move a better anti-air. It works best against shallow jump ins and then can be canceled into a roll, giving you an ambiguous cross up. Due to the way Abel moves, it is also an effective counterpoke against characters like Sagat, Bison and Vega who have high, fast roundhouse kicks. It can combo directly into change of direction. This makes a good footsie tool in some matchups because of how man active frames it has. You throw it out, buffer a change of direction into it, and hope the other character walks into it or sticks out a poke that will then be stuffed by this move. This is especially useful against Gief.

Startup: 8 frames

Damage: 60

Combos Into: jab change of direction, super

Crouching Roundhouse/Sweep A long ranging but slow and unsafe sweep. It has the unique (for a sweep) ability of being canceled; you can cancel a sweep into a roll to make it somewhat safer, cancel into EX CoD to beat a counter-sweep from someone like Ryu (but its armor will be broken by a reversal), cancel into wheel kick for a surprising mixup, and FADC forward dash to make it somewhat safer (-3 instead of -10 on block) or back dash to get out of retaliation range. Abel's hitbox is still quite tall during his sweep and as a result, will be hit by Gief's lariet if you mistime it.

Startup: 11 frames

Damage: 100

Combos Into: does not combo into anything on hit; can cancel into specials, be FADCed on block

Normal Throws

F or B Throw Although Tornado Throw has way more range, there is still a place in Abel's game for his normal throw. It is 2 frames faster than TT - a normal throw is Abel's fastest move, coming out in 3 frames. You can tick into normal throws off more normals than you can TT for this reason. If a normal throw whiffs, the recovery time is less than half as long (20 frames as opposed to 39/45/51/54 for jab/strong/fierce/EX) so if a character has back dashed, you have usually have advantage and if a character jumped out you may be able to recover before they hit you with an attack as they fall back down. Abel has a respectable walking speed and an average throw range, so while his tick throw game is not as good as Chun or Akuma's, it is still very usable.

The disadvantage of a normal throw is that it can be teched. This has an upside; by training your opponent to tech normal throws, you can mix it up and eventually throw in a throw-invincible TT, doing huge damage in the process. Another possible use for a normal throw is to maintain corner position; a TT throws someone out into midscreen and it might be more desirable for you to keep someone in the corner (Dhalsim, Rufus, ...)

Abel's mixup options after a landed normal throw are better than those he has after a tornado throw or change of direction because the opponent is right next to him on the ground and Abel recovers faster, giving you more time for ambiguous roll setups.

Startup: 3 frames

Damage: 130

Command Normals

Step Kick/F+MK The cornerstone of Abel's pressure game. This is a kick that can be dash canceled on hit or block. On block, you are at +1 and on hit, +4. This frame advantage allows you to keep up some pretty ridiculous pressure when you have trained the other guy to not mash out reversals and by constantly reseting things with F+MK, you can mix up high/low, tick into TT, and so on. On its own, it is a good poke that does good damage as well.

Startup: 7 frames

Damage: 80

Combos Into: standing close jab, standing close fierce. On counter hit, standing close strong, crouching strong, crouching fierce.

Focus / Saving Attack

Abel's Focus is faster than most, has a big hitbox (from his shoulder to the ground) and surprising reach (slightly less than crouching strong). It is useful for baiting and punishing pokes like Gouken's sweep, Honda's far standing roundhouse, and Chun's far strong fierce. These pokes are fast on startup and relatively safe on block because of the blockstun they have; focus attacks are not affected by blockstun so upon absorbing one of these attacks, you can let go of your focus to get a free hit or crumple.

Special Moves

Change of Direction This is Abel's rekka combo. After performing the first hit, you hold towards and hit either punch or kick to do either an overhead or low followup. This move has extremely limited use outside of combos because of its lengthy startup time. It does have impressive reach, almost half screen. The low mixups are slow to start and unsafe; you can be thrown out of second low's startup for free, can be hit by every ultra in the game in the startup to finish low, and if the full rekka is ever blocked you have over a second of recovery time while your opponent gets to do whatever he wants to you.

For this reason, make sure it is going to land by comboing it off a landed crouching strong, standing close fierce or strong, etc.

The first hit of Change of Direction has a lot of hitstun and blockstun. For this reason, on hit you can FADC into crouching fierce to set up your ultra or c.fp xx falling sky, which does more damage than finishing the rekka normally. On block, you can FADC to close distance with your opponent and give yourself some serious frame advantage to work with. An FADC forward dash after any blocked CoD puts you at +5 or more. People will tend to mash reversals after you burn two meters to keep up pressure; since you have enough frame advantage, you can roll out after a FADCed change of direction and they will have no chance to FADC their reversal, most likely giving you a great opportunity to punish.

The EX version of CoD gets one hit of super armor.

Falling Sky This attack is an anti-air grab that does not make a very good anti-air. It gets stuffed by almost every jumping attack and its primary use is as a combo ender after a c.fp launch. It does good damage and is an untechable knockdown. EX falling sky is invincible until its first active frame, which means it tends to trade; when FS trades, you do no damage whatsoever but take full damage from whatever attack hit you. If you have space, whiffing jab Falling Skies is a good way to build meter because of its relatively short duration. You can use Falling Sky to stop people from jumping or back dashing out. If you do an early falling sky and get it to trade with a jump-in, you take damage and the other guy falls to the ground in a juggle state. You can follow up with EX falling sky or reversal ultra to win the trade. Landing a Falling Sky gives Abel his best mixup opportunities because it is a hard knockdown with the opponent right next to Abel. You have the most time for roll mixups here - this is basically the start of the vortex.

Wheel Kick Abel's impression of Terry Bogard's Crack Shoot. It hits overhead and is very slow, but reaches in three distinct arcs. It will never hit someone full screen, but the roundhouse goes just under 3/4 screen (same distance as C. Viper's fierce seismo). If blocked or whiffed, wheel kicks are extremely unsafe. Care must be taken so that you hit your opponent with the very last active frames of the move - basically, just before Abel's extended foot hits the ground. If you hit this late, instead of it being -8 on block it is only -2 or -1 and as such can't be punished by most characters. If you hit a wheel kick too early, it will be punished badly. If poorly spaced, you can hit with a wheelkick and then be hit by a reversal so you always need to use the weakest wheel kick that will reach and you should always try and hit with the very edge of Abel's foot, just before he lands on the ground.

EX wheel kick gets fireball invincibility and a faster startup time; it is still unsafe on block if spaced poorly. It reaches as far as forward wheel kick. It also does two hits of damage instead of one, but it does less damage and half as much stun on one hit compared to a short wheel kick.

Tornado Throw An exceptionally strong command throw. One of the best command throws in the game; it has great range, is invincible against all other throws (including Zangief's SPD, super and ultra) and is relatively fast. An important part of Abel's mixup game is making people afraid of tornado throw; to get out of TT range, people will try and back dash, jump out, mash shoryukens, etc. and it is your job to properly anticipate what they are going to do so you can punish or stuff their move. Landing tornado throws should not be your top priority; if the opportunity presents itself, go for it, but do not force it.

If you whiff a tornado throw you are extremely vulnerable to a counter attack. The whiffing animation is 39 frames, minimum, which means Abel is frozen in place completely open for over a second. If you whiff a jab TT, there is almost two seconds that you can't do anything in. For this reason, you can't be reckless with them and you have to create situations where a landed TT is nearly guaranteed.

EX tornado throw loses throw invincibility, but gains hit invincibility. Using EX TT, you can catch all of Balrog's dash punishes, throw people out of normal moves, and catch Rufus's c.fp. It can make a good reversal against meaty attacks as well, but a whiffed EX TT has the longest recovery of all the versions of TT.

Super Move

Abel's super is unusual. Depending on which button you use determines what his super is invincible against.

Jab - physical attacks

Strong - throws

Fierce - projectiles

Jab can grab jump ins, sometimes shoryukens, etc. Strong will beat any throw. Fierce is only really useful against characters whose fireballs do not make a block string within sweep distance - Ken being the best example. Jab will grab long range pokes - Seth/Dhalsim's arms (jumping or not), Rufus's c.fp, etc.

Ultra Move

Abel's ultra rules. It is one of the strongest ultras in the game, one of the easiest to land, and one of the most flexible.

Invincibility Notes

Abel's ultra has upper body invincibility for the duration of its startup dash (14 frames). During this time, you have nothing to worry about from any attack you could block standing (some overheads will still hit you). It also has full body invincibility for the first five frames. It has full body fireball invincibility for its duration and can be used to punish poorly spaced fireballs - the window varies by character and fireball used. For the full ultra to land, you only need to hit their outstretched hands.

This invincibility can be exploited in certain situations; if a Dhalsim gets carried away with long ranged attacks like f+rh, you can use your ultra to move through his outstretched limbs and hit him. It will beat Honda's headbutt and ultra clean, and beat all of Balrog's rush punches except the low and overhead.


The majority of Abel's ultra setups involve a c.fp. This move launches the other character up in the air; then there is a small window in which you can hit them with your ultra. After a grounded c.fp, they will roughly be even with the top of Abel's head and that is when you want to do the ultra. Some characters are easier to hit than others (Sagat and Zangief especially) while others are trickier. Care must be taken so that you do not mess up the input and get EX falling sky instead. After an anti-air c.fp, you want to wait until their head is even with Abel's (they should be stretched vertically up and down as well). If they are further away, you can do it earlier. This setup does not work reliably if they are too close to the corner.

You can also follow up a Change of Direction with an ultra. If you hit CoD on an airborne opponent, this bounces them up a short way into the air. You can land your ultra if they are above Abel's head - you want to execute the ultra as they are just above Abel's face. You can use EX change of direction as an ultra setup against characters who poorly space an airborne attack like Akuma's single air fireball, Balrog's headbutt, Vega's df+rh, a dragon punch, etc.

In some situations, a traded EX falling sky can be followed with an ultra. If the opponent hit you with a roundhouse or fierce attack, it is not likely to work since you will not recover from hit stun in time to get them.

Since all versions of Change of Direction can combo into c.fp, any time you land a CoD and have two EX bars you can combo into your ultra. If you have three bars, you can use an EX CoD to beat a ground attack, FADC into c.fp and then launch into your ultra directly from an armored attack.

Summary of Ultra Setups:

- after a c.fp any time midscreen

- after an anti-air c.fp (2nd hit) anywhere

- after an anti-air change of direction (first hit only, sometimes you will need to FADC forwards)

- after a traded falling sky

- after a focus crumple

In the corner:

- You can hit Abel, Balrog, Blanka, Sagat, Seth and Zangief with the ultra easily

- You can hit Chun, Viper, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Fei Long, Guile, Sakura and Rose but it will whiff sometimes for no reason

- You can hit everyone else by doing a jab COD FADC forwards, ultra

- When in doubt, jab COD FADC to guarantee the ultra.

Kara EX Change of Direction

With careful timing, you can cancel the startup frames of an EX change of direction into Abel's ultra. This lets you hit confirm into the ultra and use it to beat attacks it normally could not (sweeps). The easiest input is QCF+PPP, QCF+PPP. For this to work, your EX Change of Direction needs to absorb an attack almost immediately after startup. If you do the CoD too early, it will still absorb an attack but it cannot be canceled and then the normal change of direction combo will come out.

The Basics


Abel can begin a combo with a forward-jump mk or fp if the jump-in is deep enough.

No Super Meter

1. Close fp (one hit) xx fp Change of Direction xx Second High xx Finish High

222 Damage, 225 Stun, 160 Super Meter

2. Cr.fp (one hit) xx fp Change of Direction xx Second High xx Finish High

212 Damage, 225 Stun, 140 Super Meter

3. Twds+mk xx Forward Dash -> Combo #1

280 Damage, 305 Stun, 200 Super Meter

4. OR xx mp Change of Direction xx Second High xx Finish High

207 Damage, 225 Stun, 120 Super Meter

5. Cr.fp (both hits) xx lk Marseilles Roll -> fp Sky Fall*

270 Damage, 350 Stun, 200 Super Meter

6. or cr.lp -> Combo #1

230 Damge, 255 Stun, 180 Super Meter

7. xx cr.lp xx cr.lp xx cr.lp -> far lk (this is also his standard blockstring)

119 Damge, 205 Stun, 100 Super Meter

8. xx cr.lp xx cr.lp -> far mp

130 Damage, 210 Stun, 100 Super Meter

9. Anti-air cr.fp (second hit only) xx lk Marseilles Roll -> fp Sky Fall

200 Damage, 250 Stun, 120 Super Meter

  • For Combo #5, you do a lk Marseilles Roll to hit-confirm the cr.fp and for the extra meter. However, on some characters you have to omit the roll.

2 EX bars

10. Close fp OR cr.fp (one hit) xx fp Change of Direction xx EX Focus Cancel xx Forward Dash -> Combo #3

11. Close fp OR cr.fp (one hit) xx fp Change of Direction -> EX Focus Cancel xx Forward Dash -> Combo #5

12. OR xx mp Change of Direction xx EX Focus Cancel xx Forward Dash -> Combo #3

13. OR xx mp Change of Direction xx EX Focus Cancel xx Forward Dash -> Combo #5

Full Super Meter

14. Close fp (both hits) xx Heartless (Super)

15. Twds-mk xx Forward Dash -> Combo #14

16. Cr.fp (both hits) xx lk Marseilles Roll xx Heartless (Super)

17. Combo # 8 xx Heartless (Super)

Ultra combos

  • No Super Meter

17. Cr.fp -> Soulless (Ultra)

18. Anti-air cr.fp (second hit only) -> Soulless (Ultra)

19. Level 1 Focus Attack (Counterhit only) OR Level 2 Focus Attack OR Level 3 Focus Attack xx Forward Dash -> Soulless (Ultra)

20. Level 1 Focus Attack (Counterhit only) OR Level 2 Focus Attack OR Level 3 Focus Attack xx Forward Dash -> cr.fp -> Soulless (Ultra)

  • 2 EX bars

21. Close fp (one hit) OR cr.fp (one hit) xx fp Change of Direction xx EX Focus Cancel xx Forward Dash -> cr.fp (both hits) -> Soulless (Ultra)

22. Twds-mk xx Forward Dash -> close fp (one hit) xx fp Change of Direction xx Ex Focus Cancel xx Forward Dash -> cr.fp (both hits) -> Soulless (Ultra)

23. OR xx mp Change of Direction xx EX Focus Cancel xx Forward Dash -> cr.fp (both hits) -> Soulless (Ultra)



Matchup Videos

Find a great collection of matchup specific videos from top players at
Contributor: zaspacer

Frame Data

Frames Frames Frames of Frames of Super Meter Block Cancel Ability
Move Name Damage Stun Startup Active Recovery Total On Block On Hit Block Stun Hit Stun Gain HL Chain Special Super Notes
Close LP 25*15 30*20 4 3(8)3 11 28 -3 0 13*10 16*13 20*20 HL O O O (translate)
Close MP 50*30 50*50 5 3(8)2 14 31 -2 +4 13 16*13 40*20 HL X O O (translate), First hit forces stand
Close HP 80*30 100*100 4 3(8)2 20 36 -4 0 17 22*21 60*20 HL X O O (translate), (translate)
Close LK 30 50 5 2 9 15 0 +3 10 13 20 HL X X X -
Close MK 70 100 7 2 16 24 -4 -1 13 16 40 HL X O O -
Close HK 100[30] 150[50] 6 6 16 27 -4 0 17 21 60[20] HL[H] X X X 6-10f hits [HL], 11-12f hits [H], Forces stand
Far LP 30 50 5 3 5 12 +3 +6 10 13 20 HL O X O -
Far MP 80 100 5 6 11 21 -3 0 13 16 40 HL X X O -
Far HP 130 200 12 3 17 31 -2 +2 17 21 60 HL X X X -
Far LK 40 50 5 3 8 15 0 +3 10 13 20 HL X X X -
Far MK 80 100 8 3 15 25 -4 -1 13 16 40 HL X X X -
Far HK 100 200 14 2 19 34 -3 +1 17 21 60 HL X X X -
crouch LP 30 50 5 2 6 12 +3 +6 10 13 20 HL O O O -
crouchMP 70 100 7 3 10 19 +1 +4 13 16 40 HL X O O -
crouch HP 70*40 100*50 8 2*2 22 33 -6 D 17 22*- 60*20 HL X O O 1st hit forces stand, 2nd hit launches
crouch LK 20 50 5 3 7 14 +1 +4 10 13 20 L O O O Low attack
crouch MK 60 100 8 5 13 25 -4 -1 13 16 40 HL X O O -
crouch HK 100 200 11 3 25 38 -10 D 17 - 60 L X O O Low attack, cannot fast recover
Jump up LP 50 50 5 4 - - - - 8 11 20 H - - - -
Jump up MP 80 100 5 6 - - - - 11 15 40 H - - - -
Jump up HP 100 200 5 4 - - - - 15 18 60 H - - - -
Jump up LK 50 50 5 8 - - - - 8 11 20 H - - - -
Jump up MK 80 100 4 6 - - - - 11 15 40 H - - - -
Jump up HK 100 200 5 4 - - - - 15 18 60 H - - - -
Jump forward LP 50 50 5 8 - - - - 8 11 20 H - - - -
Jump forward MP 80 100 5 10 - - - - 11 15 40 H - - - -
Jump forward HP 100 200 5 8 - - - - 15 18 60 H - - - -
Jump forward LK 50 50 4 5 - - - - 8 11 20 H - - - -
Jump forward MK 70 100 5 6 - - - - 11 15 40 H - - - -
Jump forward HK 110 200 5 5 - - - - 15 18 60 H - - - -
F+MK 80 100 7 2 16 24 0 +3 17 20 40 HL X X X 8f Forward Dash Cancellable
Focus Attack LVL 1 60 100 21 2 35 57 -21 -21 15 15 20 HL - - - -
Focus attack LVL 2 80 150 18+12 2 35 66 -15 D 21 - 40 HL - - - -
Focus attack LVL 3 140 200 65 2 35 101 D D - - 60 - - - - -
Forward Throw 130 140 3 2 20 24 - D - - 40 0.9 - - - Throw range 0.9
Back throw 130 140 3 2 20 24 - D - - 40 0.9 - - - Throw range 0.9
Change of Direction LP 30 50 14 3 29 45 -7 -2 24 29 20/30 HL X X O -
Change of Direction MP 35 50 16 3 25 43 -3 +2 24 29 20/30 HL X X O -
Change of Direction HP 40 50 17 3 25 44 -3 +2 24 29 20/30 HL X X O -
Change of Direction EX 40 50 16 3 25 43 -3 +2 24 29 0/0 HL X X O 1-16f Hyper Armor
Second Middle 40 50 15 4 28 46 -9 -4 22 27 10/20 H X X X
Second Low 50 50 22 4 24 49 -5 -1 - 26 20/30 L X X O
Finish Middle 80 40 10 2 44 55 -35 D 10 - 10/30 H X X X Armor break
Finish Low 150 100 22 2 53 76 -44 D 10 - 30/30 L X X X Armor break
Wheel Kick LK 120 200 20 7 2+19 47 -8 -3 17 22 30/40 H X X X 1~26f (translate), Forces stand, (translate)
Kick Wheel MK 140 200 24 7 2+20 52 -9 -4 17 22 30/40 H X X X 1~30f (translate), Forces stand, (translate)
Kick Wheel HK 160 200 27 7 1+22 56 -10 -5 17 22 30/40 H X X X 1~32f (translate), Forces stand, (translate)
Kick Wheel EX 120*60 100*100 17 7*3 2+19 47 -6 -1 17 22 0/0 H X X X 1~26f (translate), Forces stand, (translate)
Marseille Roll LK - - - - 27 27 - - - - 20/0 - - - - 5~26f hit invincible, can be thrown, (translate), EX(translate)
Marseille Roll MK - - - - 30 30 - - - - 20/0 - - - - 5~29f hit invincible, can be thrown, (translate), EX(translate)
Marseille Roll HK - - - - 32 32 - - - - 20/0 - - - - 5~31f hit invincible, can be thrown, (translate), EX(translate)
Marseille Roll EX - - - - 32 32 - - - - 0/0 - - - - 1~31f hit invincible, can be thrown, (translate), EX(translate)
Sky Fall LP 0*140 100 5 2 31 37 - D - - 30/0*100 - - - - (translate)
Sky Fall MP 0*150 150 6 4 31 40 - D - -- 30/0*100 - - - - (translate)
Sky Fall HP 0*160 200 9 6 31 45 - D - - 30/0*100 - - - - (translate)
Sky Fall EX 0*160 150 6 2 31 38 - D - - 0/0 - - - - 1-5f hit invincible
Tornado Throw LP 180 100 5 2 51 57 - D - - 30/80 1.3 - - - 1~6f cannot be thrown, Throw range 1.3
Tornado Throw MP 200 150 5 2 45 51 - D - - 30/80 1.1 - - - 1~6f cannot be thrown, Throw range 1.1
Tornado Throw HP 220 200 5 2 39 45 - D - - 30/80 0.9 - - - 1~6f cannot be thrown, Throw range 0.9
Tornado Throw EX 200 150 5 2 54 60 - D - - 0/0 1.25 - - - 1~6f hit invincible, can be thrown, Throw range 1.25
Super Combo 0*335 0 1+5 2 41 48 -32 D 10 - 0/0 HL - - - 1f invincible, 2~7f LP strike invincible, MP throw invincible, HP projectile invincible
Ultra Combo 60*491 0 1+13 2 46 61 -30 D 17 - 0/0 HL - - - 1~5f invincible, 6~15 (translate), Armor break, Pursuit property
Frames Frames Frames of Frames of Super Meter Block Cancel Ability
Move Name Damage Stun Startup Active Recovery Total On Block On Hit Block Stun Hit Stun Gain HL Chain Special Super Notes

The 1 frame discrepancy you see between Startup+Active+Recovery and Total is because when it says a move has 4 frames startup, it really has 3 frames startup and hits on frame 4. It was written this way so you don't have to do any math to figure out what frame a move first hits on.