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After being experimented on by the Weapon X Program (the same program that is responsible for Wolverine and X-23), Wade Wilson gained a powerful healing factor that allows him to regenerate from most wounds and makes him nearly unkillable. He took the name Deadpool, and has attempted to join or associate with various superhero organizations. Unfortunately, his abrasive, somewhat psychotic, personality makes it difficult for him to get along with others. Deadpool is an expert combatant honed by years of mercenary work, who fights using a variety of weapons and gadgets.

In UMvC3, Deadpool is an obnoxious keepaway character who tries to keep his distance in neutral while harassing with his very fast Trigger Happy (236X) gunshot special. Trigger Happy also includes special Ninja Gift follow-up attacks, providing additional zoning options like shuriken and grenades. Deadpool's bola special (236X > H) allows him to consistently convert stray aerial hits, something that other characters can struggle to do. His array of combo-extending specials also give him plenty of ways to deal damage.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Amazing Keepaway & Zoning: Strong keepaway game with several extremely swift projectile options. Trigger Happy (236X) and Ninja Gift (236X~X) are powerful zoning tools that Deadpool can use to harass from a fullscreen distance.
  • Great Mixups: Deadpool's moveset consists of unique lows and mids that can chain into specials very easily, resulting in very accessible & consistent mixups that can often change.
  • Teleport: Deadpool's ability to cancel his special moves into his 421X Teleport (which is extremely fast, by the way) allows him to stay non-committal and escape even the most mobile rushdown characters.
  • Low Assist: Deadpool's low-hitting Quick Work assist allows his teammates to set up High/Low mixups very easily.
  • L3 Counter Hyper: Though Deadpool's L3 Hyper, 4th Wall Crisis, (623XX) has a niche use case and is rarely used in gameplay, if executed correctly, the damage output is very worthwhile.
  • Your opponent has to listen to Deadpool's voice lines.
  • Low Hitstun: Combo extensions fall apart quickly as Hitstun Deterioration progresses. This can make conversions off assists, such as Dr. Doom's Plasma Beam or Dante's Jam Session, limited.
  • Situational Assists: Assists have limited value in neutral.
  • Teleport is Inconsistent: Deadpool's Teleport malfunctions every three uses, forcing him to eventually take risks in order to continue running away.
  • You have to listen to Deadpool's voice lines.
UMVC3 Deadpool Nameplate.png
UMVC3 Deadpool Portrait.png
Health 900,000
Invulnerable Reversal(s) 623XX
Grounded Magic Series Full
X-Factor Damage Boost (1/2/3) 25% / 45% / 65%
X-Factor Speed Boost (1/2/3) 15% / 25% / 35%
Air Movement Options
Air Actions Air Jumps? Air Dash? Flight? WallJump?
1 Yes No No Yes
Minimum Attack Scaling
Normals Specials Hypers
10 10 40

Move List


Quick Work
Assist A
UMVC3 Deadpool AssistA.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
90,000 37 4 126, 96
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Low Softknockdown.png

THC Hyper: Happy-Happy Trigger. Recommended assist. Deadpool dashes across the stage, covering a little over half of fullscreen distance, then delivers a quick slash. He will also slash sooner if he comes into contact with an opponent before traveling his full distance.

As one of very few Low-hitting assists in the game, this assist can be used to set up High/Low mixups or even Unblockables when paired with an Overhead attack from the point character.

The Soft Knockdown from this attack ignored Hitstun Deterioration, preventing the opponent from air teching even late into the combo.

Assist B
UMVC3 Deadpool AssistB.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
70,000 37 3 122, 92
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Mid Otg.png, Forcedgroundbounce.png

THC Hyper: Happy-Happy Trigger. Deadpool slashes the ground in front of himself. The slash hits OTG and causes a Ground Bounce on hit. The Ground Bounce is forced, and so it will still knock the opponent up properly even if a Ground Bounce has already been used earlier in the same combo. However, this will also waste Ground Bounce if it has not already been consumed, preventing the point character from making use of their own Ground Bounces.

Trigger Happy
Assist Y
UMVC3 Deadpool AssistY.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
15,000 x10 39 21 112, 82
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Mid Priority: Low, Durability: 1 per bullet

THC Hyper: Happy-Happy Trigger. Deadpool pulls out his pistols and fires into the air. By projectile assist standards, this is very fast. Unfortunately, Deadpool shoots at a very high angle which makes it almost impossible for this to connect on grounded opponents, and awkward to utilize in standard combos.

Can be called as an opponent enters the stage on incoming to hit them meaty with relatively little risk. If the opponent pushblocks these bullets, they are vulnerable to being airthrown.

Ground Normals

Stand Light
UMVC3 Deadpool 5L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
43,000 4 3 11
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-1 -2 Mid Rpdfire.png

Fast, mashable jab. Can be used as a hitconfirm tool or as an anti-air thanks to its great speed. If using 5L as an anti-air, chain directly into 5S, or go 5L > 2M > 5S to confirm into a Launcher combo.

Stand Medium
UMVC3 Deadpool 5M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
35,000 x2 8 6 17
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-3 -4 Mid -

Hits twice. Deadpool performs a thrust kick, with the first hit extending out to his knee, then the second hit occurring as he stretches out his leg to its full length.

5M has very good range and is a decent to throw out when fighting up close. It can be easily chained into 2H from any range.

Stand Heavy
UMVC3 Deadpool 5H.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
80,000 11 4 19
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
+3 -1 Mid Strk.png

Deadpool performs a hopping sobat kick. Despite the animation, Deadpool is not considered airborne during this attack.

5H causes a very large amount of knockback. On hit, it sends opponents flying away almost full screen. This prevents Deadpool from chaining directly into 5S (chains into 2H can work situationally). However, it does juggle long enough for Deadpool to cancel into H Quick Work (214H) and start a combo that way.

Crouching Light
UMVC3 Deadpool 2L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
37,000 5 2 14
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-3 -3 Low Rpdfire.png

Standard fast low attack. Can be used to mash out of pressure, but it is slower than 5L.

Crouching Medium
UMVC3 Deadpool 2M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
60,000 7 3 19
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-5 -5 Low Strk.png

Deadpool thrusts his elbow upward, knocking opponents a very short distance into the air. 2M has longer range than its animation would suggest, but it is still the second-stubbiest of Deadpool's normals behind 2L. Notably, a 5M connecting from the outer part of its range will whiff when chained into 2M, so consider omitting it from ground chains for consistency.

Crouching Heavy
UMVC3 Deadpool 2H.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
70,000 12 13 19
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -10 Low Strk.png, Softknockdown.png

Deadpool slides across the ground, traveling just under half of fullscreen distance. Has very good range and speed, making it a good choice to throw out and clip opponents who stop guarding, or to frame-trap with a delayed chain from 2L. Because it advances Deadpool so far forward, it helps stabilize the otherwise weird range of his normals. Just about any attack can chain into 2H to confirm and get close enough for a 5S launcher.

2H also significantly lowers Deadpool's crouching profile for the duration, allowing him to slide underneath certain attacks and projectiles while advancing forward.

Although 2H is technically unsafe on block at point-blank range, it can actually be made to be plus on block when spaced from far enough away. Furthermore, Deadpool can chain 2H into 236X~M (or any other Ninja Gift, but the grenade is very powerful) in order to escape to safety while also throwing out more projectile pressure.

UMVC3 Deadpool 5S.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
80,000 5 6 34
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
Launch -18 Mid Launch.png, Nocancel.png

Deadpool performs an uppercut, acting as his launcher. Despite the name and appearance, Deadpool's 5S is not a reversal, and it has no invincibility. However, 5S is extremely fast. At 5f startup, it is faster than many character's light normals, and comparable in speed to Deadpool's own L attacks.

5S does share the Shoryuken property of having awful recovery, and it very easy to punish on block. It should be avoided except when hitconfirmed into, which Deadpool can do easily thanks his long ground chains.

Aerial Normals

Jumping Light
UMVC3 Deadpool jL.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
44,000 5 3 15
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
+6 +5 OH -

Works as an instant overhead naturally against normal-sized characters. When used this way, Deadpool can not convert into any meaningful combo except by using assists or X-Factor activation.

Jumping Medium
UMVC3 Deadpool jM.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
60,000 8 3 22
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
+12 +11 OH -

Deadpool performs a dragon kick. Can hit fairly easily as a cross-up, and has a solid hitbox below Deadpool that is very difficult to low-profile.

Jumping Heavy
UMVC3 Deadpool jH.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
75,000 12 8 11
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
+14 +13 OH -

Aerial knee thrust. Has fairly poor range and is quite slow. Unfortunately, it is Deadpool's only airthrow OS. When throwing out this attack in neutral, buffer an 236X~X input. This can confirm into an H Ninja Gift on hit to confirm into a combo, or an L/M Ninja Gift on whiff/block to escape to safety.

Jumping Special
UMVC3 Deadpool jS.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
80,000 13 3 20
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
+18 +16 OH Aircombofinisher.png

Double-fisted overhead slam. Can hit cross-up.

Command Normals

Mad Wheel
UMVC3 Deadpool 6M 1st.png
UMVC3 Deadpool 6M 2nd.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
35,000 x2 25 7 14
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- +3 OH Hardknockdown.png, Nocancel.png

Deadpool performs a lengthy cartwheel kick, which hits twice. The second hit causes a Hard Knockdown, which Deadpool can then convert into a combo using 623H OTG. It is a generic standing overhead that Deadpool can chain into from his L and M grounded normals.

6M is very slow, and so players familiar with the matchup will regularly be able to stand block it on reaction. However, Mad Wheel also has a very large, very active hitbox. It has a often stuffs an opponent's attacks, and can be useful as an anti-air. Even against fairly powerful attacks like Doom's Foot Dive, it has a tendency to trade hits. Since both hits of 6M cause lengthy Hard Knockdowns, trades with this attack are almost always in Deadpool's favor.

Taunt (Select button or equivalent)
UMVC3 Deadpool Taunt.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
10,000 10 5 92
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-74 -75 Mid -

Although every character in the game has a Taunt, Deadpool's taunt is unique in that it is (somewhat) functional as an attack. Deadpool can chain any of his grounded normals into Taunt, which creates a speech bubble in front of him that has an active hitbox. Taunt can be special canceled at any point, and if Taunt connects with an opponent - hit or block - it can be chained into 5S as well.

Although Taunt does have some mechanical effects, its primary purpose is still to show off and be funny.

Wall Jump
(Backjumping against a wall) 9
UMVC3 Deadpool Walljump.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
- 8 - -
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - - -

Deadpool can Wall Jump by jumping into the edge of the screen, and then holding up-forward off of it. This gives Deadpool additional ability to stay airborne, combined with his regular Double Jump.

Special Moves

Trigger Happy
Have Gun, Will Shoot
UMVC3 Deadpool 236L.png
L Version
UMVC3 Deadpool 236M.png
M Version
UMVC3 Deadpool 236H.png
H Version
Damage Startup Active Recovery
15,000 x10 15 21 30
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-8 -14 Mid Priority: Low, Durability: 0.8(?!?) per bullet

Deadpool pulls out his twin pistols and fires a salvo of bullets. Different button strengths have identical frame data and properties, differing only in how the bullets are aimed:

  • L version causes Deadpool to crouch down and fire directly forwards. The bullets travel low to the ground, so they can not be ducked under, but are relatively easy to jump over. The bullets also have a tendency to travel underneath an opponent's projectiles and clip them from below, even if Trigger Happy might otherwise lost on Durability.
  • M version causes Deadpool to fire directly forwards while standing. These bullets are placed fairly high up, so normal-sized characters can duck underneath this attack harmlessly. Conversely, they can catch opponents trying to jump out of the way, and force them back down to the ground.
  • H version causes Deadpool to squat down and fire bullets up-forward at a steep anti-air angle. This basically can never hit a grounded opponent, and can also be difficult to hit airborne opponents due to the very specific angle.

Grounded Trigger Happy deals solid chip damage, especially in X-Factor, and is thus a useful part of Deadpool's zoning game. Because it holds Deadpool in place for the duration, it leaves Deadpool vulnerable if an opponent guesses your bullet pattern correctly. Like all of Deadpool's grounded specials, it can be canceled into Teleport (421X) at any point.

Trigger Happy also has a "follow-up" attack, Ninja Gift, which can be accessed by inputting a second attack button immediately after performing the Trigger Happy input: 236X~X.

Air Trigger Happy
"Stings, don't it?"
UMVC3 Deadpool j236L.png
L Version
UMVC3 Deadpool j236M.png
M Version
UMVC3 Deadpool j236H.png
H Version
Damage Startup Active Recovery
15,000 x10 15 21 20 / Until Grounded+8
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
+12 +6 Mid Otg.png (L version only), Priority: Low, Durability: 0.8 per bullet.

Air version of Trigger Happy. Deadpool pulls out his pistols and fires 10 shots, with button strength determining the angle:

  • L version is fired at a down-forward angle, and can hit OTG.
  • M version is fired directly horizontally forward.
  • H version is fired up-forward.

While performing Air Trigger Happy, Deadpool continues to sail through the air based on his previous jump arc, and the bullets will continue to appear from his current position as he moves. Deadpool does "float" slightly during Air Trigger Happy, causing him to fall more slowly and his jumps to travel further horizontally.

Not only does Air Trigger Happy allow Deadpool to remain mobile while zoning, this property lets him spread out his shots to cover a wider area. A simple keepaway strategy is to perform a regular jump, then input j.236M as Deadpool reaches the peak of his jump. Timed properly, Deadpool will fire a wall of bullets that cover jump height all the way down to the ground, then land-cancel his own recovery. This pattern is very difficult to advance on, except by Superjumping.

Like with the grounded version, Air Trigger Happy leads into Ninja Gift when input as j.236X~X before the bullets are fired. Additionally, Deadpool can cancel the landing recovery of Air Trigger Happy into Teleport, if he chooses.

Ninja Gift
UMVC3 Deadpool 236XL.png
L - Ninja Stars
UMVC3 Deadpool 236XM.png
M - Grenade
UMVC3 Deadpool 236XM Explode.png
UMVC3 Deadpool 236XH.png
H - Bolos
UMVC3 Deadpool 236XH Capture.png
Opponents hit by bolos are tied up in a Capture state.
"Present for ya!" (Shuriken)
(During frames 3-15 of Trigger Happy) ~ L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
40,000 x3 10 - 35
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-13 -14 Mid Airok.png, Priority: Low, Durability: 2 per shuriken
"Pineapple Surprise!" (Grenade)
(During frames 3-15 of Trigger Happy) ~ M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
80,000 10 - 35
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
+25 +3 Mid Airok.png, Priority: Medium, Durability: 1
"Get along li'l Doggy!" (Bolo)
(During frames 3-15 of Trigger Happy) ~ H.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
10,000 10 - 35
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -23 Mid Airok.png, Cptr.png, Special Hardknockdown.png (vs airborne), Priority: Low, Durability: 1

Pressing a second attack button during the startup of (Air) Trigger Happy will cause Deadpool to perform a backflip and throw out one of three gadgets. The second button's strength determines the object thrown, and the initial 236X input has no effect on the resulting special.

L Ninja Gift fires three shuriken in a spread pattern. It has decent coverage but no special properties and works as a generic keepaway tool.

M Ninja Gift tosses a grenade, which falls to the ground and bounces forward before coming to a stop. The grenade will explode after 100 frames, but will also automatically detonate if it comes into contact with an opponent. The grenade is an important space-control tool for Deadpool, as the threat of triggering the explosion discourages opponents from simply plink dashing up to from the ground.

H Ninja Gift tosses a set of bolos. The bolos place the opponent into a specific Capture state depending on whether they were hit while grounded or airborne. Grounded Capture holds the opponent in place in the location they were hit. Air Capture causes the opponent to fall directly down towards the ground. If an Air Captured opponent reaches the ground, they are placed into a Special Hard Knockdown state, where they can be hit OTG by any attack, instead of only attacks that are specifically OTG-capable. In either case, the Capture state lasts for 72 frames.

Bolos are the only Ninja Gift of the set that is meaningfully useful in regular combos, and it is an important combo tool as it allows Deadpool to consistently bring air combos back down to the ground through its special Hard Knockdown state. j.5H xx 236X~H is a generic air-to-air confirm that works at almost any level of hitstun and will give Deadpool time to land and follow up with an "OTG" Quick Work or other attack.

Glitch: Bolos are subject to a glitch that allows Deadpool teams to reset Damage Scaling mid-combo. If an opponent is placed in the air Capture state of bolos, and is then hit by an assist attack just before they would recover from the Capture state and tech out, the combo will be treated as if it reset for the purposes of Damage Scaling, even though the combo does not actually drop or give the opponent any chance to escape. The timing for this is extremely strict, but it has been very well-documented and can even be practically landed in a real match with proper team composition.

Explanation and Proof Video
Second proof-of-concept video
Sample Bolo Reset combo using MODOK beam assist
Sample Bolo reset combo using Doom beam assist
Example of Bolo Reset combo being used in a real match

Quick Work
UMVC3 Deadpool 214X.png
"Quick as the wind!"
Qcb.png + L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
90,000 13 4 34
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -16 Low Softknockdown.png
Qcb.png + M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
110,000 18 4 34
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -16 Low Softknockdown.png
Qcb.png + L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
130,000 23 4 34
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -16 Low Softknockdown.png

Deadpool dashes forward, and then performs a Low slash with his katanas. Also lowers Deadpool's profile, allowing him to dash underneath certain projectiles and punish them. Heavier button strengths travel farther and knock the opponent higher into the air. Primarily a tool for combo extensions. If the H version hits, Deadpool can perform a short dash up 5S to continue the combo. In X-Factor level 2 or 3, Deadpool can link Quick Work into itself as a simple infinite.

All versions of Quick Work are not subject to hitstun deterioration.

Quick Work has a special follow-up attack, Chimichangas! which can be performed by pressing H with specific timing after the Quick Work hit. This follow-up is shared with the one for Katana-Rama (see below).

UMVC3 Deadpool 623L.png
L Version
UMVC3 Deadpool 623M.png
M Version
UMVC3 Deadpool 623H.png
H Version
Damage Startup Active Recovery
70,000 13 3 30
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -11 Mid Strk.png, Otg.png (H version only), Groundbounce.png (H version only)

Deadpool slashes his katana. Button strength determines the angle of the slash:

  • L version is angled upwards
  • M version is angled directly forward
  • H version is angled downwards, and can hit OTG.

Katana-Rama is primarily notable for the H version, which is Deadpool's main OTG tool. Katana-Rama has a special follow-up, Chimichangas!, which can be chained from the OTG hit of 623H to cause a Wall Bounce and solo relaunch.

(During Quick Work or Katana-Rama) > H
UMVC3 Deadpool 623XH.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
70,000 13 3 30
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -11 Mid Wallbounce.png

Cancel Windows:

  • Katana-Rama (Any strength) - frames 15-20 on hit/block
  • Quick Work L - frames 24-25 on hit/block
  • Quick Work M - frames 45-46 on hit/block
  • Quick Work H - frames 55-56 on hit/block

Deadpool performs a follow-up slash with his katana. Causes a Wall Bounce on hit, which is especially useful for picking up after an OTG 623H. If Wall Bounce has already been used earlier in the combo, causes a Soft Knockdown, but Deadpool can still cancel into a hyper and catch the opponent before they reach the ground.

Chimichangas is not subject to hitstun deterioriation.

UMVC3 Deadpool 421L.png
L Teleport
UMVC3 Deadpool 421M.png
M Teleport
UMVC3 Deadpool 421H.png
H Teleport
Damage Startup Active Recovery
- 25 - -
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - - -

Deadpool's teleport. Upon activation, Deadpool warps to a specific location on screen depending on button strength:

  • L version teleports to the far left side of the screen.
  • M version teleports to the center of the screen.
  • H version teleports to the far right side of the screen.

These teleport locations are fixed and are not dependent on which side Deadpool is facing nor the opponent's position. Teleport can not cross up a cornered opponent, but it can cross up opponents in other screen positions.

Besides being a generic mobility tool, Deadpool's teleport has two important properties:

First, Deadpool can cancel his other grounded special moves into Teleport at any point. This is important for his keepaway game as it allows him to remain non-committal, and also gives him access to a basic offensive gameplan where he can teleport up to an opponent using his own projectiles as cover.

Second, every third use of Teleport will cause a malfunction (see below), in which Deadpool does not teleport but instead explodes.

Teleport Malfunction
421X (every third use)
UMVC3 Deadpool 421X Malfunction.png
UMVC3 Deadpool 421X MalfunctionExplode.png
"Curses, foiled again."
Damage Startup Active Recovery
100,000 (30,000 to Deadpool) 18 2 98
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -79 Mid Otg.png, Hardknockdown.png, also puts Deadpool in a Hardknockdown.png

Every third use of Teleport, regardless of button strength used, will cause Deadpool's belt to instead fizzle and then explode. The explosion covers the area around Deadpool and can hit opponents in addition to damaging Deadpool himself. The explosion also hits OTG, and it can even be used intentionally in some niche combos.

Regardless of whether the explosion also hits an opponent, Deadpool is sent flying into the air, and then falls to the ground for a Hard Knockdown. Despite the appearance- and the fact that he takes damage - Deadpool is not actually in hitstun during this time. He can freely cancel being "hit" by the explosion into hypers or into X-Factor. However, if Deadpool lands on the ground without canceling into anything, he enters a real Hard Knockdown state where he actually is vulnerable to OTG attacks from the opponent.

Teleport Malfunction is not subject to hitstun deterioration.

Hyper Combos

Happy-Happy Trigger
236XX (1 bar)
UMVC3 Deadpool 236XX.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
10,000 x40 ~ x80 13+1 114 41
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-11 -20 Mid Airok.png, mashable, Priority: High, Durability: 1 per shot, scales by 0.97

Hyper version of Trigger Happy. Deadpool rapidly fires his pistols, creating a stream of bullets. This is Deadpool's standard combo ender, as it deals solid damage, is easy to land, and is very friendly for DHCs. It is also fast enough to be used on reaction to assist calls in order to snipe them.

Air Happy-Happy Trigger
j.236XX (1 bar)
UMVC3 Deadpool j236XX.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
10,000 x40 ~ x80 13+1 97 24 (or Until Grounded)
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-2 -5 Mid Otg.png, mashable, Priority: High, Durability: 1 per shot, scales by 0.97

Air version of Happy-Happy Trigger. Deadpool floats in the air, firing his pistols at a down-forward angle. It shares the grounded version's damage and speed, and so it can be useful to throw out raw against slow attacks or assist calls from the opponent.

This hyper can hit OTG, and a Tiger Knee hyper hitting OTG just off the ground recovers fast enough that Deadpool can link 623H afterwards as well.

Cuttin' Time
214XX (1 bar)
UMVC3 Deadpool 214XX.png
UMVC3 Deadpool 214XX Cinematic.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
50,000 x4 + 230,000 15+0 10 35
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-6 -21 Mid Invuln frames 11-19, Strk.png, scales by 0.9

Cinematic level 1 hyper. Deadpool dashes forward, similarly to his Quick Work special. If the opponent is hit, they are pulled into a cinematic where Deadpool repeatedly cuts them, ending in a large slash that knocks opponents into the air for a Soft Knockdown. Although it deals more up-front damage than Deadpool's gun hyper, it is more awkward to combo into, and less friendly for DHCs.

Cuttin' Time has 0 frames of post-flash startup. This means that if an opponent at close range is not already blocking when the super flash begins, the attack can not be blocked. Similarly, opponents can not X-Factor cancel in time to protect themselves at close range. This is dubiously useful because Cuttin Time does not have frame 1 invincibility and does not function as a reversal, so if the opponent is in a situation where they are that close, Deadpool is likely going to get hit.

4th Wall Crisis
623XX (3 bars)
UMVC3 Deadpool 623XX.png
UMVC3 Deadpool 623XX Cinematic.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
400,000 5+1 80 24
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Counter Invuln until frame 6, Hardknockdown.png

Cinematic counter hyper. Deadpool walks forward for 80 frames. If he is struck by a physical attack from the opponent's point character, it triggers the counter, pulling the opponent into a cinematic where they are dealt heavy damage ending in a Hard Knockdown. Deadpool can follow up this knockdown with a dash-up 623H to OTG into a full combo.

The counter does not work on projectiles, any attack originating from an assist character, or throws, leaving Deadpool vulnerable to these types of attacks. Since the counter still has 1 frame of post-flash startup, the opponent usually has at least one way in which they can cancel their attack to protect themselves on reaction to the super flash - such as by canceling their attack into Flight, into X-Factor activation, or into a projectile hyper. This greatly stacks the risk-reward of using the counter against Deadpool, and makes it very rarely used.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
6H, 4H
UMVC3 Deadpool GroundThrow.png
UMVC3 Deadpool GroundBackThrow.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
80,000 1 1 -
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Throw Hardknockdown.png

Deadpool shoots the opponent, causing them to fly away in the direction of the throw, ending in a Hard Knockdown. Deadpool can follow this up from any screen position with (dash up) 623H OTG.

Air Throw
j.6H, j.4H
UMVC3 Deadpool AirThrow.png
UMVC3 Deadpool AirThrow.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
80,000 1 1 -
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Airthrow Hardknockdown.png

Deadpool slashes the opponent with his sword, resulting in a Hard Knockdown. Backthrow knocks the opponent very far away, which can make follow-ups difficult or even impossible. Air Forward Throw consistently sends the opponent straight down while causing Deadpool to switch sides, and so he can easily follow up with a 623H upon landing.

Snap Back
UMVC3 Deadpool 5H.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
50,000 2 4 19
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -1 Mid Snapback

Animation and hitbox based on 5H.

Hard Tag
Hold 14f A1.png/A2.png
UMVC3 Deadpool HardTag.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
30,000 - 22 32
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -14 OH Softknockdown.png


Team Position

Deadpool is most commonly picked in the Point position. As a keepaway-focused character, he appreciates having assists to cover parts of the screen and restrict his opponent's movement. He also has some merit being picked in the Second position. Quick Work is a quick (haha) horizontal-covering assist that can support a point character's advance and - since it hits low - can be used to enable Unblockables. Although fairly unpopular, his Katana-Rama assist can provide an OTG option for characters whose OTGs are underwhelming. As a DHC support, Deadpool's hypers are not the most damaging, but are relatively easy to combo into.

Notable Synergies

Dante: Jam Session is an incredible assist for most characters, and keepaway characters like Deadpool particularly appreciate how it discourages superjumps. Its weakness as an assist is that players can struggle to convert off the awkward hitstun and knockback caused by Jam Session. Deadpool excels at these kinds of tricky conversions, a simple j.5X xx Bola will usually work, so this assist is particularly dangerous in Deadpool's hands. Deadpool can also use this assist as a mixup tool against airborne opponents, calling it right before using Quick Work or Teleport to cross under the opponent. Since Dante and Deadpool's level 1 hypers are similar, both being forward-aimed multihit projectiles hypers, it is very easy for either of them to DHC to the other for full damage. Dante can also use Deadpool's low-hitting Quick Work assist to set up either unblockables or dangerous high/low mixups, since he can jump-cancel his normals using Bold Move to quickly access overhead attacks.

Players to Watch: Dual Kevin (Deadpool/Dante/Hawkeye) Wedge (Deadpool/Dante/Strider), Sykilik101 (Deadpool/Dante, Vergil/Strider)

Strider: Not only is Strider a very capable anchor for rounding out Deadpool teams, Strider's Vajra assist is an excellent tool for amplifying Deadpool's zoning and off a hit from the air can provide a hard knockdown. From there you can convert from a Katana Rama and go into a full combo. Strider also synergizes really well with some of Deadpool's other good partners like Dante and Vergil. Vajra also provides a 50/50 incoming mixup and can extend combos.

Players to Watch: Javibaby (Vergil/Deadpool/Strider), Wedge (Deadpool/Dante/Strider), Sykilik101 (Deadpool/Dante, Vergil/Strider)

Akuma: Tatsu is a good assist.

Players to Watch: Zenpool (Deadpool/Ryu/Akuma, order varies)

Other Players to Watch: Rei-chan (Deadpool/Doom/Wesker), SexyBeast (Deadpool/Doom/Taskmaster)

Alternate Colors

Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4 Color 5 Color 6 Alt Color
UMVC3 Deadpool Color 1.png UMVC3 Deadpool Color 2.png UMVC3 Deadpool Color 3.png UMVC3 Deadpool Color 4.png UMVC3 Deadpool Color 5.png UMVC3 Deadpool Color 6.png UMVC3 Deadpool Color Alt.png