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Genius physicist Bruce Banner was exposed to a large amount of gamma radiation in a military accident. As a result, he transforms into a monster - The Incredible Hulk - whenever his emotions get out of control. The Hulk is its own persona that Banner can not meaningfully control, and often goes on destructive rampages.

In UMvC3, Hulk is an aggressive "Big Body"-style character. His gameplan revolves around making opponents scared to attack against his heavily armored, or even invincible moves, then grab them with throws or command grabs once they start to block. Hulk doesn't have much aerial mobility but is deceptively fast and deals explosive damage when he lands a hit.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Absolutely nuclear damage potential, with very high base damage on normals, specials and hypers, and the highest minimum damage scaling in the game.
  • Can bully his way into close range with armored attacks like 5H, 6M and Gamma Charge (236X) to start his devastating offense. Hulk can force 50/50 strike/throw mixups using his Command Grab, his airthrow, his 2L, and frametraps with various armored attacks, all of which convert into big damage.
  • The quick OTG hit of his Gamma Tsunami hyper can support teammates via THC and DHC synergies.
  • As a big-body character, Hulk is vulnerable to instant overheads and other setups that do not work on normal-sized characters. Many combos are easier on characters of his size, and additional extensions are possible. He also has a harder time navigating dense projectile patterns than smaller characters would.
  • Hulk has very poor mobility, with an awkward fixed-duration dash and none of the other standard mobility tools found on other characters.
  • Hulk has virtually no air-OK specials, command normals, hypers, or aerial movement tools. His gameplan becomes significantly more linear if the opponent is able to escape to superjump height, and he suffers against flight-capable characters who can attack from above indefinitely, like Magneto and Morrigan.

Unique Mechanics

Hulk's grounded dash is a fixed duration "hop"-style dash. Unlike most characters, Hulk can not cancel his dash with attacks or by crouching, and thus he can not Plink Dash or Wavedash. He can, however, cancel his dash into a jump, and thus can indirectly cancel his dash into Special Moves with a Tiger Knee motion. During Hulk's forward dash, he can pass over small-body characters who are standing, normal-sized characters who are crouching, and any size of character who is knocked down, crossing to the opposite side.

Umvc3 hulk face.jpg
Character Data
Health 1,200,000
Ground Magic Series Light Start
Air Chain Combo Limit Three
Forward Dash Duration 40 frames
Backdash Duration 40 frames
Jump Duration 40 frames
Superjump Duration 81 frames
Walljump? No
Doublejump? No
Airdash? No
X-Factor Damage Boost (1/2/3) 40% / 70% / 100%
X-Factor Speed Boost (1/2/3) 0% / 0% / 0%
Minimum Damage Scaling (Normals, Specials) 30%
Minimum Damage Scaling (Hypers) 50%
Minimum Damage Scaling (X-Factor) 35%

Move List


Gamma Wave
Assist A
200Hulk 4Charge6M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
40,000 x3 47 28 123, 93
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Mid Otg.png, Softknockdown.png, Priority: Low, Durability: 5 per rock

THC Hyper: Gamma Tsunami. Recommended assist. Hulk rips up the ground, causing three rocks to launch upwards successively farther away from him. The outer edge of the farthest rock reaches roughly 2/3 of fullscreen distance. Each rock has only average durability, but because destroying one rock does not prevent the further ones from appearing, this move has a tendency to blow past other projectiles and hit opponents on the other side. Each rock is also OTG-capable, which can be useful for poinmt characters whose own OTG options are bad.

Gamma Charge (Anti-Air)
Assist B
200Hulk 623M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
40,000 x4 29 19 129, 99
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Mid Strk.png, armored frames 23-32

THC Hyper: Gamma Quake. Hulk rushes into the air, knocking up opponents on hit. This is a rare example of a DP-style reversal assist that actually has some kind of protection - one hit of armor. This assist knocks opponents very high into the air, making it awkward to use in combos.

If used as an Alpha Counter, AA Gamma Charge can not be chained into its follow-up attacks, which makes it minus on hit or block.

Gamma Charge
Assist Y
200Hulk 236X.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
40,000 x4 33 8 131, 101
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Mid Strk.png, armored frames 27-36

THC Hyper: Gamma Crush. Hulk charges forward with a shoulder tackle. It has one hit of armor, but this does not activate early enough, and so Hulk is vulnerable to meaty hits when being called with this assist.

If used as an Alpha Counter, AA Gamma Charge can not be chained into its follow-up attacks, which makes it minus on hit or block.

Ground Normals

Stand Light
250Hulk 5L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
85,000 9 3 14
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
+2 -1 Mid -

Hulk's standing jab. Same startup as crouching L and this move is often used to continue combos, like j.5M > j.5M, land, 5L, but its large hitbox can also be used as an anti-air or punishing tool (ie blocked uncancelable footdive) or even as a crossunder midscreen! 2L is usually the better move for CQC situations though.

Stand Medium
250Hulk 5M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
90,000 13 3 33
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-10 -10 Mid Strk.png, armored frames 3-15

Standing M has armor from frames 3-15, the fastest armor in Hulk's repertoire. For confirm/combo purposes, it has considerable hitstun and can chain to Impact Punch (6M) for massive damage. 5M's high-angled & forward-reaching hitbox can also anti-air linear approaches. Unfortunately, 5M doesn't have the all-around reach of 5H, and its hitbox can potentially whiff on all but 20 characters when they are crouching, somewhat limiting its use on grounded foes.

Stand Heavy
200Hulk 5H.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
120,000 15 4 37
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -15 Mid Groundbounce.png into Hardknockdown.png, armored frames 6-18

Hulk's infamous smash, 5H has super armor from frames 6-18. Not only does it have a huge hitbox that can even reach opponents who are behind Hulk, but its Ground Bound and Hard Knockdown properties gives Hulk ample time to confirm an action afterwards. Hulk can often combo after this attack even if it trades, recovering while the opponent iis still bouncing. 5H's armor is not as fast as 5M, so the move isn't necessarily going to save Hulk in every situation - it is vulnerable to Rapid Fire L attacks, and other moves fast enough to hit twice and break its armor. 5H can also option select into ground throws, which is an excellent round-start option.

5H's long, but scary, armored startup make it a good target for kara-canceling into specials. At close range, 5H ~ 63214X early cancel will scoop opponents who are hoping to block the attack. Against opponents who try to mash out of this setup, you can simply let 5H finish, or kara-cancel into one of Hulk's Gamma Charge variants instead to beat their attack.

Crouching Light
200Hulk 2L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
58,000 9 3 19
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-3 -6 Low -

This move should see some use in Hulk's neutral, as it's his only low. Although 2L's 9f startup may seem undesirable compared to the average 5, it has above-average range. Hulk can set up simple frametraps by chaining 2L into 5H or canceling into AA Gamma Charge (623H > H). 2L is an important tool to discourage opponents from chicken blocking Hulk's strike/throw offense, since it will catch opponents who are holding up-back.

Crouching Medium
200Hulk 2M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
85,000 14 3 26
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-5 -9 Mid -

Note: not a low. 2M is good for continuing as chain combo filler, and works around 5M's inconsistency against crouching characters. Hulk moves forward roughly one character length during this attack, then retreats back during the recovery. Canceling the attack into another move will negate this retreat, giving Hulk extra effective range on his following attacks. Hulk can crouch underneath an incoming opponent and use 2M to move behind them for a tricky crossup, although this will lose to strong air-to-ground attacks like Doom's Foot Dive unless covered by an assists.

Crouching Heavy
200Hulk 2H.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
100,000 12 4 34
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -12 Mid Strk.png

Note: not a low. 2H is faster for covering the immediate area in front of Hulk than 5H, but it lacks the range and armor of some of Hulk's other normals. It does a large amount of damage, but 5M > 6M is still the more damaging confirm route. On some characters, Hulk can link 2H after a Gamma Wave OTG hit, leading to solo extensions.

200Hulk 5S.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
40,000 + 90,000 10 2(2)3 36
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
Launch -13 Mid Strk.png (first hit), Launch.png (second hit), Nocancel.png

Hulk's launcher. Although the hitbox and speed aren't bad, it is too unsafe on block to use in neutral. For combo extensions, 5S is a possible followup after Gamma Wave OTG in the corner for optimal damage, or for when an assist is unavailable; although the spacing for doing so will typically be considerably harder than just doing G.Charge(AA).

If only the first hit is blocked, S can be jump canceled (?).

Aerial Normals

Jumping Light
200Hulk jL.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
60,000 7 3 18
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
+15 +13 OH -

j.5L works as an instant overhead against normal-sized characters if set up via Fuzzy Guard, or works naturally against other Big Body characters. If successful, it can be converted with j.5L > j.5H > j.5S. jL doesn't have the hitbox to use as an air-to-air without cover. You can chain it into itself once as a gimmicky double overhead.

Jumping Medium
200Hulk jM.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
90,000 13 3 19
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
+19 +20 OH -

j.5M is rather slow to use for most things other than combos and conversions. You can try to set-up a guardbreak on incoming with it's large hitbox, but j.5S and Gamma Quake do that more easily.

Jumping Heavy
200Hulk jH.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
110,000 16 5 18
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -2 OH Stagger.png

j.5H will Stagger grounded foes on hit, and has a large hitbox. It will also halt Hulk's aerial momentum, leaving him to fall straight down afterwards. When used in a Launcher combo, the momentum halt from j.5H can cause Hulk to take longer to return to the ground, and so some combos omit this attack from air chains. If Hulk throws this attack out at regular jump height (or higher), he recovers in time to throw out a tricky j.5L overhead before landing.

Jumping Special
200Hulk jS.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
130,000 17 3 36
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- +14 OH Aircombofinisher.png, Groundbounce.png, Softknockdown.png

Although j.5S has a large hitbox that easily crosses up and massive frame adv. on block, its startup is deceptively slow, so it is vulnerable to getting stuffed in neutral. j.5S can be used to set up a gimmicky Guard Break on incoming, by land-canceling the recovery and then throwing the opponent as they recover from blockstun.

If used outside of a Launcher combo, j.5S causes a Ground Bounce on hit. This gives Hulk a consistent tool for converting air-to-air hits into a larger combo.

Command Normals

Impact Punch
Hulk Smash
200Hulk 6M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
115,000 / 140,000 16 ~ 46 5 28
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
+4 -7 Mid Strk.png, armored frames 10-19 (uncharged), frames 10-48 (charging), Chipdamage.png, Forcedwallbounce.png (fully charged)

6M is an armored, special-cancelable punch useful in hitconfirms and mixups. Hulk can charge 6M by holding down M, which will extend the duration of the armor (although it still only absorbs one hit). When fully charged, Impact Punch will force a Wall Bounce on hit, even if Wall Bounce has already been used in the same combo. Hulk can hold the charge to trick foes into attacking, only for it to be absorbed by the armor. Another use for holding the charge is to Kara-Cancel into Gamma Tornado (63214X), grabbing opponents who expect the attack and attempt to block.

Special Moves

Gamma Wave
[4]6X (Charge 45 frames)
200Hulk 4Charge6L.png
200Hulk 4Charge6M.png
200Hulk 4Charge6H.png
B.png, (charge) F.png + L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
40,000 x2 19 23 34
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -1 Mid Otg.png, Softknockdown.png, Priority: Low, Durability: 5 per rock
B.png, (charge) F.png + M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
40,000 x3 23 28 36
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -5 Mid Otg.png, Softknockdown.png, Priority: Low, Durability: 5 per rock
B.png, (charge) F.png + H.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
40,000 x4 27 32 36
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -6 Mid Otg.png, Softknockdown.png, Priority: Low, Durability: 5 per rock

Hulk rips up the ground, causing rocks to erupt from the stage successively farther away from Hulk. Heavier button strengths are slower but create more rocks, resulting in larger screen coverage. The rocks are OTG-capable, and can be spaced carefully to allow Hulk to solo relaunch, called a Gamma Wave Extension.

L version is the fastest, and thus easiest to use for combo extensions. It is also the safest on block, and a decent way to end blockstrings safely if Hulk runs out of ways to extend pressure. M version has good reach while still being fairly quick. M Gamma Wave can loop an assist character caught by it indefinitely, continually OTGing them before they have a chance to recover, although the opponent's point character can try to interfere. H version travels nearly fullscreen. It tends to perform well against other grounded projectiles, since even opponents with good projectile durability can not prevent additional rocks from appearing underneath them. However, it is very slow, and vulnerable to being punished if the opponent simply chooses not to stay on the ground.

Keeping Gamma Wave Charge

Gamma Charge requires holding back on the stick for at least 45 frames in order to activate the move. In most cases, Hulk can simply start holding back a short time before he needs to access the move in order to build a charge. However, this presents issues if Hulk needs to advance forward while maintaining a back charge. Hulk has three methods to retain a back charge through a forward dash, if he needs to get closer for certain combo routes:

  • Charge Buffer - UMvC3 gives players some room for "sloppy" charge inputs, letting them release the back charge slightly early and still have access to it for the special. Players can take advantage of this by inputting a dash during the leniency window: [1] > 5XX > [1]6X. Release the stick to a neutral position and input a dash, then quickly return to holding a down-back charge, before completing the Gamma Wave input when your dash completes.
  • Block Dashing - If a character dashes on the same frame that they change from a standing block to a crouching block, they will dash forwards instead of backwards: [4] > 1XX > 6X. You can see a video example here.
  • Jump Cancel Charge Buffer - Works similarly to the normal charge buffer, but you jump-cancel the dash into Gamma Wave using a Tiger Knee input to perform it earlier: [1] > 5XX > 69X. You can see a video example here.

Gamma Charge
200Hulk 236X.png
Qcf.png + L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
50,000 x3 9 6 36
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-12 -12 Mid Strk.png, armored frames 9-15
Qcf.png + M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
50,000 x4 9 8 39
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-15 -15 Mid Strk.png, armored frames 9-17
Qcf.png + H.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
50,000 x5 9 10 42
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-18 -18 Mid Strk.png, armored frames 9-19

Hulk performs a large shoulder tackle, in which he charges at the opponent with a large front-facing hitbox. Gamma Charge has one hit of armor and can be followed up with one of three special follow-ups (see below). Button strength determines distance traveled and recovery time, with L traveling the shortest distance.

It is unsafe on hit or block, but is extremely oppressive if its recovery is covered by an assist. It deals solid chip damage, and will easily snipe assist calls, hard tags, and stray buttons from the opponent. If outside of Gamma Charge's range, Hulk can forward dash -> jump cancel -> Gamma Charge to cover the distance surprisingly quickly.

Gamma Charge has a tendency to catch both the opponent and their assist in a Happy Birthday situation due to its armor and large hitbox. In this situation, X-Factor canceling to secure a kill on both characters is very high value. If X-Factor activation is not considered, Gamma Charge's best solo conversion is 236X > L xx 236XX (Midscreen) or 236X > L xx 214XX in the corner.

Gamma Charge Followups
236X > X
200Hulk 236XL.png
200Hulk 236XM.png
200Hulk 236XH.png
(During Gamma Charge) > L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
70,000 9 10 27
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -11 Mid Strk.png, armored frames 3-15
(During Gamma Charge) > M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
70,000 7 19 35
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -28 Mid Strk.png, armored frames 3-15
(During Gamma Charge) > H.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
70,000 9 10 32
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -16 Mid Strk.png, armored frames 3-15

Follow-up attacks to Gamma Charge, done by pressing any of the three normal attack buttons during frames 9-25 of Gamma Charge. Each follow-up has an additional hit of armor, besides the hit from regular Gamma Charge.

L version is an additional charge further forward in the direction of the original Gamma Charge. If it hits an airborne opponent high enough, Hulk can link a Snapback or a 623X afterwards. Has a deep enough hitbox to cross-under opponents if spaced and timed correctly.

M version sends Hulk charging into the air. It is catastrohpically unsafe and prevents Hulk from accessing any of his hyper cancels, so it is rarely used.

H version is a retreating tackle that Hulk can use to attempt to escape if the initial Gamma Charge is blocked. However, it has enough recovery that most characters can still punish without protection from Hulk's assists. This followup can be used for incoming mixup midscreen, but requires X-Factor to convert if solo.

Gamma Charge (Anti-Air)
200Hulk 623L.png
Dp.png + L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
50,000 x3 5 6 38
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-20 -22 Mid Strk.png, armored frames 6-11
Dp.png + M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
50,000 x4 5 19 44
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-25 -29 Mid Strk.png, armored frames 6-11
Dp.png + H.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
50,000 x5 5 25 48
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
-39 -43 Mid Strk.png, armored frames 6-11

Gamma Charge (AA) is an armored attack with a "dragon punch"-style hitbox. Like the grounded horizontal Gamma Charge, this move has three followups performed by pressing any of the three regular attack buttons afterward. The main differences between the strengths are their damage, active frames, peak height and the width of their hitboxes as Hulk rises.

Because L GCharge(AA) has the widest hitbox close to the ground, it is the most practical of them all for Gamma Wave extension, even being the only strength that can be landed on some characters.

The M strength is between the other two in stats and will probably see the least usage in neutral. On some characters like Shuma and Jill, it is the optimal option for Gamma Wave extension.

H G.Charge(AA) is sometimes used in the neutral for frametraps and mixup (Hulk can soar above the foe and do another followup to cross-up). At the start of round it can counterhit players mashing throw(tech) or attacks. It does the most damage for Gamma Wave extension, although with the most risk.

Gamma Charge (Anti-Air) Follow-Ups
623X > X
200Hulk 623XL.png
200Hulk 623XM.png
200Hulk 623XH.png
(During AA Gamma Charge) > L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
70,000 10 6 Until grounded+10
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
+6 -28 Mid Strk.png
(During AA Gamma Charge) > M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
70,000 10 6 Until grounded+10
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- +2 Mid Wallbounce.png into Softknockdown.png
(During AA Gamma Charge) > H.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
70,000 10 6 Until grounded+10
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- +5 Mid Groundbounce.png into Hardknockdown.png

Follow-up to AA Gamma Charge. Input any of the three attacks during frames 5-25 of 623X to perform.

L version is the least noteworthy of the followups. It leaves both Hulk and the foe airborne and doesn't recover until Hulk touches ground. Not very useful for much other than situational combo extension.

M version causes a Wall Bounce on hit. Useful for mid-screen combos to bring the other character closer to the corner and for corner Gamma Wave extension. As it moves Hulk forward, you could use this for mixup after a high G.Charge(AA) (on incoming, a crouching character, or someone waking up). However, it is vulnerable to being thrown if used raw.

H followup causes a Ground Bounce, making it the typical ender to a confirm with G.Charge(AA) to start an easy combo. If Ground Bounce has already been consumed earlier in the combo, it only causes a Soft Knockdown. Hulk is positive on block afterwards and can even frametrap after it with a normal or another special. Take care to not have it whiff due to pushblock. If an opponent X-Factor Guard Cancels this attack, Hulk can not hyper cancel fast enough to protect himself.

Gamma Tornado
200Hulk 63214L.png
L / M version
200Hulk 63214H.png
H version
Hcb.png + L.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
92,000 ~ 200,000 11 2 28
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Throw Mashable, Hardknockdown.png
Hcb.png + M.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
92,000 ~ 200,000 16 2 23
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Throw Mashable, Hardknockdown.png
Hcb.png + H.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
92,000 ~ 200,000 18 2 21
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Airthrow Mashable, Hardknockdown.png

Hulk's command grab. All three strengths can be mashed for extra damage. Because their range, startup and recovery leave something to be desired, conditioning the foe to fear Hulk is the only way to land these. The L strength has less range and startup. The M strength has more range and startup, and throws the opponent further away from Hulk. The H version is an airthrow, for catching aerial characters. Unlike the other two strengths, H version does not chuck the opponent very far away, letting Hulk convert from any screen position with Dash jc. j.5L > j.5H > j.5S.

Hyper Combos

Gamma Tsunami
236XX (1 bar)
200Hulk 236XX.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
80,000 x5 6+15 24 39
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -11 Mid Otg.png, Strk.png, Priority: High, Durability: 3 per rock

Enhanced version of Gamma Wave. Hulk rips up the stage, causing several rocks to appear sequentially farther away. Consequently, it deals more damage if Hulk is closer to the opponent, and deals very little damage if done near the corner. It is a simple combo ender and an emergency OTG in situations where Hulk can not generate a back charge for Gamma Wave. Some combos optimize by sideswitching Hulk into the corner, and then ending with Gamma Tsunami to maximize its damage output, dragging the opponent across the entire stage.

Gamma Quake
623XX (1 bar)
200Hulk 623XX.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
35,000 per rock (~11 rocks) 6+9 81 89
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- +13 Mid Otg.png, Hardknockdown.png (every rock except the last one), Softknockdown.png (last rock), Priority: High, Durability: 3 per rock.

Hulk smacks the ground. After 34 frames, rocks begin to fall from the sky in the area Hulk hit. Gamma Quake leaves Hulk safe on block, but it takes too much time to activate in the neutral to use without an assist (even with distance, usually the other character can grab). Gamma Quake can end combos in places you don't want to use G.Tsunami and with assists (Drones etc) Hulk can link another hyper. If one bar is being used, there is not much reason to use this hyper over G.Crush in the corner or G.Tsunami after a wallbounce. On incoming, Hulk can use this hyper to force the enemy to block and even 'guardbreak' with H Gamma Tornado (63214H) if they pushblock the last few rocks.

Gamma Crush
214XX (1 bar)
200Hulk 214XX.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
60,000 x8 5+10 56 48
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -25 Mid Invuln until frame 73 (!!), Hardknockdown.png

Hulk leaps into the air, then drops back down carrying a large boulder, vaguely tracking the opponent's location. Gamma Crush does massive damage and is one of the most invulnerable hypers in UMvC3. Blatantly unsafe, it is high-risk/low-reward to attempt this move in the neutral without a safe DHC close by and some of Hulk's bad matchups have ways around it. Hulk can situationally link moves after G.Crush via assists (Hidden Missiles) or THC.

Gamma Crush's enormous damage mean that even a relatively short confirm into this hyper can kill an assist character if you happen to snipe one. 236H > L xx 214XX xx DHC is safe from punishment (depending on the second hyper), can frame trap an opponent who tries to mash between the hits and will decimate any assist character who happens to get clipped while also doing great damage to the point character.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
6H, 4H
200Hulk grab.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
80,000 1 1 -
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Throw Hardknockdown.png

Hulk's normal grab has standing heavy as an option select. As a weakness, it is an immediate hard knockdown that would too fast to OTG normally. It is important to have a mixup ready for their wakeup, although some teams can combo off the grab instead. Either an assist must be called before hand (Mystic Ray or Stone Smite) or Hulk must have meter and THC (the other THC must be a fast OTG).

Air Throw
j.6H, j.4H
200Hulk Airgrab.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
80,000 1 1 -
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- - Airthrow Hardknockdown.png

Unlike his ground throw, Hulk's air-grabs afford generous time to OTG with Gamma Wave. When solo, the most damage Hulk can get is a G.Wave to G.Crush. Having access to a THC means Hulk can combo from an airgrab almost any time, and can even sideswitch if the other hyper(s) are fast enough. It is also easier to throw other characters into assists, even more so with the aerial back grab (ie Drones, air back grab).

Snap Back
200Hulk Snap.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
50,000 1(?) 3 33
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -10 Mid Snapback

Animation and hitbox based on 5M. This means it can be inconsistent against most characters if they are crouching.

Hard Tag
Hold 14f A1.png/A2.png
200Hulk Tagin.png
Damage Startup Active Recovery
27,000 - 21 35
On Hit On Block Guard Properties
- -11 OH Softknockdown.png

If the hardtag "jump-in" hits late enough to give him enough frame advantage, Hulk can link G.Charge(AA) for a full combo! As a result, some characters can hard tag to Hulk during a combo to use him as a damage engine.

Team Position

Hulk is almost always played as a Point character. Although he has several powerful and armored attacks, many of them are quite unsafe on block. He relies on assists to protect him during the recovery of moves like Gamma Charge. Assists are also important to cover him while he approaches, especially against projectile-heavy zoning characters, who he struggles against. Giving Hulk two assist calls to work with drastically improves his neutral game and damage output.

Notable Synergies

Sentinel: The "Big Bodies" pairing is one of Hulk's most well-known shells. Sentinel Force (Charge) can be called immediately before Hulk attempts a Gamma Charge, and it will reach the opponent just as Hulk finishes the follow-up move. This lets Hulk quickly and safely take momentum in almost any situation where he is on the ground, and leads to devastating damage against opponents who do not respect Hulk's armor.

Players to Watch: KaneBlueRiver (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar), Shuffle (Hulk/Dante/Sentinel), JDog (Nemesis/Hulk/Sentinel), Tong (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar), General Reaction (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar)

Haggar: Haggar's Lariat assist adds a dangerous layer to Hulk's hit/throw mixup game. By calling Haggar before an airthrow attempt, the invincible Lariat will punish players who press buttons trying to escape. Additionally, Hulk can follow-up an airthrow or other early knockdown by calling lariat right before performing Gamma Wave. Lariat will juggle the opponent after the Gamma Wave OTG, allowing Hulk time to recover and perform a full combo, even midscreen.

Players to Watch: KaneBlueRiver (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar), Fooblat (Hulk/Wesker/Haggar, Hulk/Haggar/Doom), Jan (Hulk/Shuma/Haggar), Tong (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar), General Reaction (Hulk/Sentinel/Haggar)

Shuma-Gorath: Shuma's "Mystic Ray" is a fantastic all-in-one assist that covers just about all of Hulk's weaknesses. It hits OTG, which can help Hulk work around the more awkward parts of using his Gamma Wave as a solo OTG. It sweeps the entire stage, destroying projectiles along the way, so it can cover Hulk's approach very effectively (similar to Sentinel Drones). Although expensive, Hulk/Shuma can also perform an Unblockable setup by DHCing Gamma Quake (623XX) to Chaos Dimension (236XX) and then using Chaos Dimension's unblockable finisher while the opponent is stuck blocking rocks.

Players to Watch: Jan (Hulk/Shuma/Haggar)

Other Players to Watch: Airtola (Hulk/Nemesis/Taskmaster), Double A (Hulk/Nemesis/Taskmaster)


Solo Combos

2L > 5M > 6M xx 236H > L xx 214XX (644,000 for 1 bar, builds ~0.4 bars of meter)
2L > 5M > 6M > 5S sjc. j.5M > j.5M > j.5H > j.5S, land, 236H (whiff) xx 236XX (damage varies, builds ~0.6 bars of meter)

As basic as it gets. Deals okay damage, but much less than Hulk is capable of with assists or Gamma Wave extensions. Nice if you catch an assist character and want to delete them quickly.

2L > 5M > 6M xx 623X (2 hits) > M, 623H (whiff) > H, 5M > 6M > 5S sjc. j.5M > j.5M > j.5H > j.5S, land, 236H (whiff) xx 236XX
2L > 5M > 6M xx 623X (2 hits) > M, 5H > 5S sjc. j.5M > j.5M > j.5H > j.5S, land, 236H (whiff) xx 236XX
2L > 5M > 6M xx 623X (2 hits) > M, 623H (whiff) > H, 5M > 6M > 5S sjc. j.5M > j.5M > j.5H > j.5S, land, [4]6L xx 214XX

Basic solo extension on a grounded confirm. Despite appearances, You can do the wallbounc extension even if 2L catches from long range. If you use the Wall Bounce while close to the corner, catch with 5H instead of a 623H (you won't be able to make it whiff). If the Launcher combo ends in the corner, you can end with OTG Gamma Wave into Gamma Crush for more damage, or go into Gamma Wave Extensions (see below).

63214H (Airthrow), dash jc. j.5L > j.5H > j.5S, land, short walk forward, 5M > 6M xx 623X > M, 5S sjc. etc.

Solo confirm off anti-air command grab. Keep in mind you consume Ground Bounce on the throw conversion with j.5S, so you won't have it later.

Combos off counterhit j.5H

Gamma Wave Extensions

When spaced properly, a Gamma Wave in the corner will hit twice, with a slight delay between hits. This gives Hulk a very large amount of frame advantage, allowing him to link afterwards for an OTG relaunch. This is easiest to do with L Gamma Wave, which has shorter recovery, and its shorter startup also gives Hulk additional time to reposition. As a general rule, the sweet spot for a Gamma Wave extension is with Hulk is when he is standing directly in front of the knocked down opponent, without "shadowing" any part of their hurtbox himself.

Gamma Wave extensions are typically tacked on to the end of any combo that knocks down near the corner, and can extend in various ways. However, extensions can vary depending on hitstun deterioration and also are not consistent between characters, requiring Hulk players to have a thorough understanding of these quirks to utilizie them effectively. The typical Gamma Wave follow-ups are:

  • Gamma Charge Anti-Air (623X) - Very fast at 5f startup, deals great damage and gives Hulk access to both his Wall Bounce and Ground Bounce follow-ups if he hasn't already used them earlier. Most common and important.
  • 5S Launcher - If Hitstun deterioration is still low, lets Hulk get a full relaunch into another knockdown for more Gamma Waves. Even if hitstun is heavily decayed, 5S sjc. 236X or 5S sjc. Snapback via Tiger Knee input can still add some extra damage.
  • 5M / 2H - Doesn't work on some characters and requires strict timing. Basically extra damage before canceling into Gamma Charge if it works.
  • 5L - If Hitstun has deteriorated so much that no other extension is possible, force opponent to air tech for a reset.
  • Snapback - Easiest link at 1f startup.
  • Gamma Crush (214XX) - This one may be obvious, but it's worth noting that this placement guarantees that Gamma Wave will never still be active after the first hit of Gamma Crush (as is prone to happen with some characters like Frank).

Video Timestamp of Comboman's Tutorial, talking about Gamma Wave Extensions.

The typical Gamma Wave setup to end most combos is:

(Anything that knocks down in the corner)[4]6L, 623X > H, [4]6L, 623X > M, land, 5H xx 236XX

But other extensions may be tailored to the specific combo and opponent. The Hulk Compendium below is a full resource on different Gamma Wave Extensions for every character in the game:

X-Factor Combos


Sample Team Combos


Hulk extensions with Magneto, Doom, Shuma, Strange

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