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Non-TAC Infinites

Though rare, some Infinites exist outside of TAC's

C. Viper: [1]
MODOK: [2]
Morrigan: [3]
Spencer: [4]
Wolverine: swiss cheese infinite, was patched out of the game on dec. 2011

Player One Only with Joe Bomb (confirmed?): [5]

TAC Infinites

The most common Infinites found to date

Amaterasu: [6]
Captain America: [7]
Chun-Li: [8]
C. Viper: [9]
Dante: [10]
Dormammu: [11], Legit and easier Infinite
Dr. Doom: [12], hype side switch, hype mid-screen
Dr. Strange: [13]
Firebrand: all sides, also works mid screen, [14]
Frank West: [15]
Haggar: [16]
Hsien-ko: [17]
Hulk: [18]
Iron Man: [19], New variations
Jill: Jump Loop Variant, Feral Stance variant
Magneto: [20]
MODOK: [21]
Morrigan: Jump Loop Variant, Soul Drain Variant, soul drain version with inputs
Nemesis: [22], #2
Nova: [23]
Phoenix: [24]
Sentinel: [25]
Spencer: [26]
Spider-Man: [27]
Strider Hiryu: [28]
Storm: [29]
Task Master: [30]
Trish: [31]
Thor: [32]
Viewtiful Joe: [33]
X-23: [34]
Zero: [35]