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Tsukimiya Ayu (月宮 あゆ) is an agile, easy-to-use character, that fights using the mysterious power of her winged backpack. She seems well suited to an offensive style of play.

Ayu is actually the main heroine of Kanon, a visual novel produced by Key in 1999. Ayu is a strange girl that bumps into Yuuichi on his first day back in town. She loves eating taiyaki, is prone to saying "Uguu" when irritated, and generally act quite childish for her age. During Kanon, Ayu becomes fast friends with Yuuichi and reveals that she is constantly searching for something, but cannot remember when she lost it or even what that something was...

Stage: Tree of Beginnings (はじまりの樹)

BGM: The Town of Sunshine (日溜まりの街)

Character-Specific Notes

  • Ayu is able to air jump once, and air dash/backstep twice.
  • Ayu's ground dash is actually an air dash that moves forward and slightly up. Therefore, Ayu does not have any dashing attacks. Any attacks she does during her "ground" dash will be considered jumping attacks.
  • Ayu's ground backstep is actually an air backstep that moves backward and up.
  • Ayu's ground dashes/backsteps do not actually count as air dashes/backsteps, so she is free to jump or dash/backstep at the end of her "ground" dash/backstep.
  • Ayu's Medium attacks are chained either like 5B(c) 5B(f), or like 2B 5B(f).

Normal Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Move List Notation (EFZ).

Move Hits Damage Guard Move
5A 1 180 Ground Yes Yes Yes
2A 1 170 Low Yes Yes Yes
j.A 1 170 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
5B(c) 1 340 Ground Yes Yes Yes
5B(f) 1 350 Ground Yes Hit Yes
2B 1 350 Ground Yes Hit Yes
j.B 1 350 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
5C 1 550 Ground Yes No Yes
2C 1 550 Low Yes No Yes
j.C 1 500 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
Throw 1 1100 Throw No No No
j.Throw 2 1100 Air Throw No No No
j.S 0 N/A N/A Yes Yes No
Step Kick
6B 1 450 Ground Yes No Yes
Thumping Wing Upper
6C 1 600 Ground Yes Hit Yes
Uguu Press
j.2C 1 600 Any Yes No Yes

Weak Attacks


  • Ayu does a short karate chop with her arm.
  • [usefulness]


  • Ayu throws a short straight punch from her crouching position.
  • [usefulness]


  • Ayu does a short kick aimed up and forward.
  • This move is not too great at hitting ground opponents due to the angle of the attack.

Medium Attacks

5B (close)

  • Ayu punches with her wing-fist straight forward a short distance.
  • [usefulness]

5B (far)

  • Ayu lets a mid-sized wing expand out directly in front of her.
  • [usefulness]


  • Ayu's wings turn into fists poking diagonally forward-up, in a V-sign hand gesture. The hitbox for this move is very odd, as it does not even hit crouching opponents or point-blank opponents.
  • A very situation-specific move. The only possible use it could have would be a fast anti-air for opponents jumping in.


  • Ayu extends one of her wings into a long mitten and punches diagonally down-towards.
  • [usefulness]

Strong Attacks


  • Ayu turns her backpack-wing into a giant fist, which slams into the ground a medium distance away.
  • [usefulness]


  • Ayu claps her wings-turned-giant-hands a medium distance in front of her. It hits low and will knock down the opponent if it hits.
  • [usefulness]


  • Ayu does a backflip, letting her extended wings cut a mid-sized circle in the air directly in front of her.
  • [usefulness]



  • Ayu grabs the opponent slowly and tosses them behind her while falling to the ground. If Ayu whiffs her throw, she will fall the ground very briefly.
  • It's a throw with above-average damage and an amusingly obvious whiff-throw animation.

Air Throw

  • Ayu grabs the opponent, jumps up while lifting the opponent up with her wing-gloves, and then drives them into the ground while falling.
  • It's an air throw with above-average damage. It's useful for what it is.

Command Normals

Flight (飛行)

  • Ayu's backback spreads its wings and flaps, reducing the gravity affecting Ayu while she is in the air. She also gains some control over her movement left and right while in the air. Ayu can cancel out of flight mode early by pressing down, or by performing an attack.
  • [usefulness]

Step Kick (すてっぷきっく)

  • Ayu hops forward and delivers a kick.
  • While the setup time leaves much to be desired, if you can get this to connect, the quick recovery time and the hit stun should allow you to combo almost anything off of it.

Thumping Wing Upper (どっかんはねあっぱー)

  • Ayu does an uppercut using her backpack wings. This move has guard attack properties during startup, and will launch the opponent if it hits.
  • This move acts as her natural launcher. This move is good for comboing if you lack RF meter.

Uguu Press (うぐぅぷれす)

  • Ayu stops in the air and belly flops straight down. If the attack connects or is guarded, Ayu will bounce back into the air. However, if the attack misses completely, Ayu will fall to the ground in a knockdown state, completely vulnerable to attack for about a half-second.
  • This move is excellent for performing air-crossups, and because Ayu bounces back into the air whether it hits or it is guarded, it is quite safe against characters without anti-air capabilities. However, do not whiff this move if you value your life.

Special Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Move List Notation (EFZ).

Move Hits Damage Guard IC
You there, outta the way~
236A 1 800 Any Yes
1 500 Any Yes
236B 1 800 Any Yes
1 500 Any Yes
236C 1 800 Any Yes
1 500 Any Yes
Shinin' Arrow [+Aerial]
623A ≈4 ≈780 Any Yes
623B ≈4 ≈780 Any Yes
623C ≈6 ≈935 Any Yes
j.623C ≈5 ≈1220 Any FIC
Taiyaki Assault [+Aerial]
214A 1 800 Any FIC/Yes
High Yes
214B 1 1000 Any FIC/Yes
High Yes
214C ≈7 ≈1310 Ground Yes
High Yes
Shinin' Swing Wing Punch [SP Level 1-3]
236236A 5 ≈2050 Any Yes
236236B 8 ≈2920 Any Yes
236236C 10 ≈4320 Any Yes
Halo of Immortality [+Aerial, SP Level 1-3]
214214A 6 ≈1080 Any No
214214B 12 ≈1550 Any No
214214C 34 ≈2670 Any No
Wings of Light [SP Level 1-3]
641236A 1 2200 Any Yes
641236B 19 ≈2730 Any Yes
641236C 21 ≈3920 Any Yes
Miracle Poem [1/3 HP, SP Level 3]
AA4BC 1 1000 Any No
≈9-23 ≈2000-3000 Any No


You there, outta the way~ (そこのひとどいて~)

  • A version:
    • Ayu runs towards the opponent for about 1/2 the screen, before faceplanting into the ground. Both the initial tackle and the faceplant count as hits. This move will knock down the opponent if it hits.
    • This move isn't too good on it's own. It should be used mainly during a combo.
  • B version:
    • Same as the A version, except that Ayu now runs for about 2/3 of the screen.
    • [usefulness]
  • C version:
    • Same as the B version, except that Ayu now runs the full length of the screen, and if the initial tackle hits the opponent against the corner before hitting the ground, they will wallbounce.
    • [usefulness]

Shinin' Arrow (しゃいにんアロー)

  • A version:
    • Ayu does an rising uppercut, and throws an arrow-shaped feather sharply upwards. Most of the damage is caused by the physical uppercut at the beginning of the move. This move has upper-body invincibility during startup frames.
    • This move can be used as an effective wakeup move against an opponent you predict will try to pressure you with high attacks. The move has a lot of recovery time for the opponent to take advantage of though, so try to at least have an IC ready in case the opponent avoids or blocks this move.
  • B version:
    • Same as the A version, except the move has lower-body invincibility during startup frames.
    • The usefulness of this move is the same as the A version, except switch "high" with "low".
  • C version:
    • Same as the A version, except the move has total invincibility during startup frames, and hits more often for increased damage.
    • It is possible to use this as a catch-all wakeup move which will protect both high and low, but it is quite a waste of your precious RF meter.
  • Aerial C version:
    • Ayu quickly throws an arrow-shaped feather sharply down at the ground, creating an explosion where the feather lands. Most of the damage is caused by the explosion at the end.
    • Really, the only use for this move is as a rarely-used surprise projectile attack, which it fulfills in a decent way.

Taiyaki Assault (タイヤキ突撃)

  • A version:
    • Ayu rides on a giant taiyaki, moving in a small arc. If the attack makes contact with the opponent, Ayu will bounce back into the air without being able to do anything until landing. If the attack misses, Ayu will land on the ground in a knockdown state for a split second. If the taiyaki is still rising, the opponent can block this in any state. However, if the taiyaki is falling it can only be blocked standing.
    • [usefulness]
  • B version:
    • Same as the A version, except that this move's arc covers the entire screen.
    • [usefulness]
  • C version:
    • Same as the B version, except that this move hits multiple times until the taiyaki lands, and that this move can no longer be blocked in the air while the taiyaki is rising.
    • This attack is very useful as a multi-hit anti-air attack, or a combo extender.

Eterny Specials

Shinin' Swing Wing Punch (しゃいにんぐるはねぱんち)

  • A version:
    • Ayu winds up, and does a powerful dashing punch with a huge backpack-wing fist.
    • This move is easily comboed into, and can easily be chained into other combos with an IC, making it a very useful move.
  • B version:
    • Same as the A version, except that Ayu hits more and deals more damage.
    • Because of the low increase in damage of 900 for an extra level of SP, it would be better to use the A version unless you really needed the extra damage.
  • C version:
    • Same as the B version, except that Ayu hits more and deals more damage.
    • [usefulness]

Halo of Immortality (えいえんのこうりん)

  • A version:
    • Ayu spins and creates a halo of wind directly in the space in front of her.
    • [usefulness]
  • B version:
    • Same as the A version, except the wind stays longer.
    • [usefulness]
  • C version:
    • Ayu quickly creates three halos, one at a time, at differing distances and speeds. The best place for the opponent to be would be about 2 character widths away.
    • [usefulness]

Wings of Light (ひかりのつばさ)

  • A version:
    • Ayu turns her wings into spikes that shoot out of the ground around her, hitting the opponent once.
    • [usefulness]
  • B version:
    • Same as the A version, except that the spikes drill into the opponent causing many hits in a short period of time.
    • [usefulness]
  • C version:
    • Same as the A version, except that the spikes launch the opponent twice before drilling into the opponent.
    • [usefulness]

Final Memory

Miracle Poem (奇跡の詩)

  • Ayu holds out an small angel doll, suddenly changes her outfit in an explosion that launches the opponent, and generates lots of feathers that float across the screen that shock the opponent. Ayu is completely invincible until the move ends and she gets her normal outfit back. User control is given back to you while Ayu is falling back to the ground.
  • [usefulness]

Strategy, Tactics, and Combos


Some no-name corner combo: (close, in corner) j.BC [land] 2B 5C 236C [jump] j.BC 214C [IC] [wait until just before hitting the ground] jC [air dash] jBC [land and jump] j.ABC [jump cancel] j.BC 236236C [air dash] j.BC 214B.

Wings are Fun

Use her two air dashes, ground-to-air dash, and her "Flight" move to generate your mixup game. I forget how exactly, but it's possible.

Win Quotes

Japanese English



In the end...
In the end I'd like the person I want to meet to be there...

That's why, until then...



This power...
I don't want it!

I just... I just want to be able to stay here, that's all...!


U, uguu...



I'm so sorry...

But my time is up and I have to go...



Do your best!
Even when we lose something...

Surely, we can get it back if we try.

(To Akane)



(To Akane)

A-about the match...

I think you were too easy on me...

(To Nayuki)

ずっと寝てる? (汗)

(To Nayuki)

Could it be that you're always sleeping? (sweatdrop)

(To Makoto)


(To Makoto)
This feeling...
Perhaps you are also...

Forget about it!
Eh heh heh...




I still...
I still have time!

So... please!

Let me stay like this now...

(To Ayu)


(To Ayu)
It's amazing! You're my spitting image.

Next time let's go eat some taiyaki together.



In-game References

Game References

  • Ayu's "Shinin' Arrow" move is based on Cable's "Psimitar" move, from Marvel vs Capcom 2.
  • Ayu's "Shinin' Swing Wing Punch" is based on[Rock Howard's "Shine Knuckle" move, from Capcom vs SNK 2.
  • Ayu's "Wings of Light" move is based on Geese Howard's/Rock Howard's "Raging Storm" move, from the Fatal Fury series.

Kanon References

  • The basis of Ayu's "You there, outta the way~" move, where Ayu runs straight into you full speed, is a reference to how she typically meets Yuuichi in the game.
  • The name of Ayu's "You there, outta the way~" move is a phrase she says straight from the game.
  • The taiyaki that Ayu rides in her "Taiyaki Assault" move is a reference to her love of taiyaki.
  • The angel doll Ayu holds up during her "Miracle Poem" move is an important item to her in the game.
  • The fact that Ayu is crying during Akiko's "There is also some that isn't sweet" move is a reference to her previous experience with Akiko's "special" jam during the events of Kanon.
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