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Minase Nayuki (asleep) (水瀬 名雪(寝)) is a strange, unorthodox character who fights with her unpredictable style of sleep-fu. As Nayuki consumes more strawberry jam, her offensive capabilities increase dramatically. Nayuki is well suited to a rushdown-pressure style of play once she reaches high levels of jam.

Nayuki is actually one of the heroines of Kanon, a visual novel produced by Key in 1999. She is Yuiichi's cousin, childhood friend, and has always been in love with him. Nayuki is the daughter of Akiko, and is also classmates with her friend Kaori. She is an extremely fast runner and is the captain of the school's track team because of this. On the other hand she is a very heavy sleeper, with a massive collection of alarm clocks that are able to wake up Yuuichi in the adjacent room, but do not seem to work on her at all. Nayuki really enjoys strawberry jam and strawberry sundaes, but is completely terrified at the mere mention of her mother's "special" jam. During Kanon, Yuuichi is warmly supported by Nayuki as he tries to help the people he cares about, but as he starts to remember what happened with Nayuki 7 years ago, things turn for the worse...

Stage: In Front of the Minase House (Day) (水瀬家前(朝))

BGM: 2 Steps Toward

Character-Specific Notes

  • Nayuki is able to air jump once, and air dash/backstep one to three times, depending on her jam level. Once Nayuki has air dashed/backstepped, she cannot perform any more air jumps until she lands or air recovers.
  • Nayuki's ground dash is actually a long leap off the ground. The first attack she does during her ground dash will be consided a ground attack and can be blocked both high or low, but subsequent attacks will be considered aerial attacks, and must be blocked high.
  • Nayuki's air dash/backstep is odd in that it sends her about 45 degrees downwards. Also, if Nayuki does not cancel her air dash/backstep with an attack, she will immediately go into a knockdown state when she lands on the ground.
  • There is a number just above Nayuki's SP gauge, indicating her current jam level. This jam level increases by 1 every time Nayuki does her "Strawberry jam is delicious" move (up to a maximum of 9), and decreases by 1 every time Nayuki is knocked down to the floor by the opponent (down to a minimum of 0). To summarize, as Nayuki's jam level increases, she gains new moves, some moves hit more times, other moves come out faster, the number of air dashes/backsteps increase, and her walking speed increases. The exact opposite can be said as Nayuki's jam level decreases.

Normal Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Move List Notation (EFZ).

Move Hits Damage Guard Move
5A 1 189 high/low ? yes ?
2A 1 198 low ? yes ?
j.A 1 248 high ? yes/any AD ?
5B(c) 1 446 high/low ? yes ?
5B(f) 4/5,+1 49~50x +348 high/low ? no/(back) AD ?
2B 1 447 low ? yes ?
j.B 3 149x high ? yes/any AD ?
5C 1 640 high/low ? yes ?
2C 1 542 high/low ? yes ?
j.C 1 ? high ? yes/any AD ?
Throw 2 1001 none ? no ?
j.Throw 2 1301 none ? no ?
j.66/44 1 596 ? ? no ?
Nayuleap [2-9 Jam]
6B 1 ? ? ? no ?

Weak Attacks


  • [description]
Nayuki turns to her back and brings up her heel, for a quick hit.
  • [usefulness]
quick hit that can be spammed and hits middle, is pretty safe on whiff, but has short range. cancels
into just about anything.


  • [description]
Nayuki (while crouched) will turn away and flick her cat tail forward for a quick hit.
  • [usefulness]
quick hit that can be spammed and hits low, pretty safe on whiff and has a bit more range than 5A.
just like 2A, can be canceled into anything.


  • [description]
Nayuki (in the air) positions herself in a body slam pose and jabs the opponent with her body.
  • [usefulness]
not really a body slam; this move is a quick attack that can be spammed in the air, is an aerial
attack so can only be blocked in the air or standing. can cancel into j.B or j.C. all delay is
canceled once you touch the floor, so you can lead it directly into an attack or jump.

Medium Attacks

5B (close)

  • [description]
Nayuki leans forward and attacks with a chop.
  • [usefulness]
can be used in sucession with proper timing but will cancel into f.5B if B is pushed too
soon, can also be canceled into 2B, C attacks, or into a jump.

5B (far)

  • [description]
Nayuki leans her head forward for an initial hit, leaps headfirst in a drilling charge, then lands
face down into the floor.
  • [usefulness]
from 0 to 5 jams it hits 4 times initially, above that jam level it hits 5 times. also on level 5
jam and above it gains a hit on landing. can be cancelled on landing hit for a ground C attack or a
special attack, or canceled into an aerial attacks during her leap. is useful to close gaps created
by guard push to continue a block string because the leap causes nayuki to move forward while
allowing nayuki to attack at the same time.


  • [description]
Nayuki (while crouched) collapses forward and stretches both her legs forward and back for a hit.
  • [usefulness]
Hits low, cancels into C attacks, and moves nayuki forward a bit. very useful to cancel into 2C for
an easy launch as f.5B will push the opponent too far for 2C to hit reliably.


  • [description]
Nayuki does a forward flip hitting multiple times with her arms and legs.
  • [usefulness]
It's a multi-hit attack, making it's active time pretty long, and can cancel directly into j.C. all
delay is cancelled if you touch the floor allowing you to lead into another attack or jump.

Strong Attacks


  • [description]
Naykui pulls keropi from behind her and slams it into the ground in front of her.
  • [usefulness]
can only cancel into special attacks. hits a very wide area, will knockdown airborne opponents into
the ground. if not canceled into anything she will flip over keropi, and fly forward completely
defenseless, putting her directly next to an opponent if they blocked, and in a bad position.


  • [description]
Nayuki (while crouched) grabs Keropi's head out from the ground and pulls him out.
  • [usefulness]
this cancels only into jumps and special moves. this move launches on hit and hits a tall vertical


  • [description]
Nayuki (in the air) pulls out Keropi from behind her and swings it quickly in front of her.
  • [usefulness]
hits a wide area, causes high knockback to aerial opponents. cancels only into jumps, air dashes (and
air dash attacks). all delays are cancelled if you touch the floor, allowing you to lead into an
attack or another jump.



  • [description]
Nayuki's basic throw. grabs the opponent's feet and picks them up, throwing them over her head.
  • [usefulness]
her basic grab, throws opponents behind her so if you can tick grab the opponent you can escape a

Air Throw

  • [description]
Nayuki's basic air throw. Nayuki grabs the opponent and throws them down at a 45 degree angle.
  • [usefulness]
an air throw, use on air-teching opponents to throw them down and possibly back into a corner after a


Air Dash/Backstep

  • [description]
Nayuki (in the air) gets kicked at a 45 degree angle toward the ground by Keropi.
  • [usefulness]
at high levels of jam these dashes gain a hit on them. use airdashes to cancel jump moves, and to move
around the stage quickly. all dashes can cancel into any aerial move. In fact, not canceling the dash
before nayuki hit's the floor will result in nayuki taking a downed state (does not decrease jam
level), where she will be vulnerable. the dash hit can be used to extend combo's or as an overhead
attack to crouch-guards.

Command Normals

Nayuleap (なゆリープ)

  • [description]
Nayuki takes a short but high leap and quickly extending her leg for a kick as she comes down.
  • [usefulness]
this move is an overhead so it can break crouch-guard. it's a pretty slow move, with long delay after
a miss. won't cancel into most attacks, and cannot be jump canceled.

Special Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Move List Notation (EFZ).

Move Hits Damage Guard IC
Strawberry jam is delicious
S 0 N/A N/A N/A
Feint Jam
2S 0 N/A N/A N/A
Keropi is here
236A 1 ? all ?
236B 1 ? all ?
236C ? ? all ?
236S 0 N/A N/A N/A
Nayu-chan Kick
623A 1 ? high/air ?
623B 1/2/3 ? high ?
623C 3+jam level ? all ?
41236A 1 ? all ?
41236B 1(?) ? all(?) ?
41236C ? ? ? ?
214A/B/C 0 N/A N/A N/A
> Unyu?
> A 1 ? high ?
> Keropi is there
> B 1 ? all ?
> Unyuu
> C 1 ? all ?
> Unyu~
> 2C 1 ? all ?
> Strawberry jam is delicious
> S 0 N/A N/A N/A
> Feint Jam
> 2S 0 N/A N/A N/A
> Rolling Movement
> 4/6S 0 N/A N/A N/A
Black Demon [SP Level 1-3]
236236A 1 ? all ?
236236B 1 ? all ?
236236C 1 ? all ?
Beam [SP Level 1-3]
214214A 4 ? all ?
214214B 8 ? all ?
214214C 16 ? all ?
Super Electric Shadow Bullet [1/3 HP, SP Level 3]
C236236 ? ? all ?


Strawberry jam is delicious (イチゴジャムおいしい)

  • [description]
Nayuki raises a jar of jam above her head, sits down with her back toward the opponent, and eats a
spoon of jam.
  • [usefulness]
causes the jam level to go up by 1. very quick move, but leaves you defenseless for that single
moment. best move nayuki can do.

Feint Jam (フェイントジャム)

  • [description]
Nayuki Raises a jar of jam above her head.
  • [usefulness]
very quick move, does not increase your jam and does not leave you defenseless. might trick your
opponent into thinking you were going to eat a jar of jam and attack you, leaving themselves wide

Keropi is here (けろぴーはここ)

  • [description]
Nayuki drops keropi in front of her and kicks it forward.
  • [usefulness]
Angle changes with button pressed, RF version has multiple hits. A goes low and moves almost
parallel to the ground, B goes up at a 45 degree angle to hit airborne opponents, and C does a
longer ranged version of A with multiple hits. A and B can be used to keep opponents away, C has
invincibility frames up to the part where she kicks Keropi. great for keeping opponents away, C has
enough invincibility frames and hits to be viable to push away the opponent and give you time to
JAM. doesn't cancel into much, but you can chase down the keropi for a cross up. C version cannot
cancel into anything except eternitys.

Nayu-chan Kick (なゆちゃんキックだおー)

  • [description]
Nayuki leaps forward while kicking.
  • [usefulness]
A version does a single quick kick flying up at a 40 degree angle, higher jam makes her go higher.
at high levels of jam, can cause wall bounce. B version does a different amount of kicks as jams
increase, initially doing a single very low flying kick, and growing steadily higher to 2 or 3 high
flying kicks. C version does rapid flying kicks, while floating 45 degrees up slowly, finishing with 
a final knockdown kick, with the number of kicks increasing per jam level. C version has
invincibility frames throughout and is an RF attack. does not cancel into anything except eternitys.

~ ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers Rolling~ (ころがるんだお~)

  • [description]
Nayuki curls into a ball and rolls quickly, uncurling at the end.
  • [usefulness]
A version has a hit at the end as she uncurls, will knockdown opponent if hits. A version makes
nayuki roll forward, quickly allowing quick escape from a corner under an airborne opponent. B
version rolls backwards and is unconfirmed whether it has a hit or not. C version is an RF attack
and causes Nayuki to do the A version with multiple hits during the rolling phase. does not cancel
into anything except eternitys, but has a low recovery time allowing you to get in a hit/combo
before they hit the floor.

Zzz~ (くー)

  • [description]
Nayuki falls into a deeper sleep, lies down head first into Keropi. looks similar to a downed state.
  • [usefulness]
Nayuki's stance change move. causes her to go into Zzz~ stance.

Unyu? (うにゅ?)

  • [description]
Nayuki leaps forward in a body slam pose.
  • [usefulness]
and overhead flying attack, can knockdown opponent. flys over a wide area.

Keropi is there (けろぴーはあそこ)

  • [description]
Nayuki grabs a keropi out of the ground and flings it forward, as she falls back.
  • [usefulness]
you can control the angle of it's descent by holding 4 or 6. try to aim for the opponent. covers
a large area and is great for anti air. but a bit slow.

Unyuu (うにゅう)

  • [description]
Nayuki does her 5C move.
  • [usefulness]
similar to 5C, but done out of a low position.

Unyu~ (うにゅ~)

  • [description]
Nayuki does her 2C move.
  • [usefulness]
similar to 2C, a launcher.

Rolling Movement (ローリング移動)

  • [description]
Nayuki does rolling move.
  • [usefulness]
Does not attack like the standing versions. can cancel into some attacks at the end of the roll.

Eterny Specials

Black Demon (くろいあくまだおー)

  • [description]
Nayuki drops a black Keropi with a fuse in it's head.
  • [usefulness]
after a while the keropi will explode dealing massive damage, higher levels do more damage. keep
your opponent in a non-guarding state and near the bomb until it explodes by keeping them in attack stun.

Beam (びーむだおー)

  • [description]
Nayuki flys up with 2 keropi dolls, the keropi dolls begin to fire laser beams which go across the
entire screen
  • [usefulness]
different levels cause you to fire different amounts of lasers and at different rates of fire. great
for tacking on damage at the end of a combo, or building space between you and the opponent.

Final Memory

Super Electric Shadow Bullet (超級だおー電影弾)

  • [description]
Nayuki gets picked up by Keropi and is spun at high speeds, nayuki takes the form of a giant
rotating ball with only her head being stationary and drills into the opponent. keropi then fires
nayuki forward, still drilling the opponet, and then explodes on contact with the wall.
  • [usefulness]
Nayuki's final memory, does a crazy high amount of damage, and hits the opponent many many times.
it can be used at any time you are not in stun, on the floor, have full eternity guage, and are less
than 1/3 of max health (blinking hp). a very good use of eternity meter, but refrain from using it
and rely more on your skill please, but don't be afraid to use it if you meet the requirements.

Strategy, Tactics, and Combos


easy BnB Combo: (close, 2-9 Jam) 2ABBC [jump] j.BC. Does about 2000 damage, and does not need any RF or SP bar.

"notes: not a very good combo. but good for starting off nayuki. you can also jump cancel and do another j.BC at the end." -nephi999

here are some better combos (just to help people out, but it might get me hurt in the end)


  • half BnB:(2-6 jams) 5/2AAA...*,c.5B,f.5B,5C,623B,jam--Nephi999 10:50, 4 January 2008 (UTC)
  • full BnB:(7-9 jams) 5/2AAA...*,c.5B,f.5B,5C,623B(2hits),IC,j.B,j.C,Jump cancel,j.C,forward AD hit,j.C--Nephi999 10:50, 4 January 2008 (UTC)

half BnB goes straight into a knockdown, so you can jam up quickly while maintaining advantage and momentum, if all goes well you'll jam right into the 7-9 tier and can flow right into a full BnB.

'*mix-it up here, use neutral or crouching however you like, up until they start getting out of range for the c.5B.

Tactics go here

Win Quotes

Japanese English










Earthquake dao~



Strawberry jam

is delicious...









(To Ayu)



(To Ayu)





In-game References

External References

  • Nayuki's "Super Electric Shadow Bullet" move (pronounced Choukyuu Daou Deneidan in Japanese) is based on the "Choukyuu Haou Deneidan" technique from the School of the Undefeated of the East, from the anime series Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Kanon References

  • The house in the background is the Minase household, where Nayuki lives.
  • The fact Nayuki is dressed in pajamas, and fights while half-asleep, are references to her amazingly heavy sleeping habits.
  • The large frog that Nayuki uses is her beloved stuffed frog Keropi.
  • The strawberry jam Nayuki eats to increase her powers is one of her favourite foods in the game.
  • The fact that Nayuki (asleep) is the only character to try to run away during Akiko's "There is also some that isn't sweet" move is a reference to her overwhelming fear of her mother's "special" jam.
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