The King of Fighters 2002/May Lee

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Heroes have bigger boobs MayLee02 normalstance.gif

General Info

Crouch height: Medium
Jump: 4/39/1
Hop: 4/29/1
Dash: 3/10~∞/3
Backdash: 3/12/3
Wakeup: 25 frames
Recovery roll: 32 frames

Stand Crouch Jump Backdash Grab Run
Normal MayLeeN02 stand.png MayLeeN02 crouch.png MayLeeN02 jump.png MayLeeN02 backdash.png MayLeeN02 grab.png MayLeeN02 run.png
Hero MayLeeH02 stand.png MayLeeH02 crouch.png MayLeeH02 jump.png MayLeeH02 backdash.png N/A MayLeeH02 run.png


Snka.gif Snkb.gif Snkc.gif Snkd.gif
MayLee02 colorA.png MayLee02 colorB.png MayLee02 colorC.png MayLee02 colorD.png


Normal Mode

Frames Advantage Cancel Block Hitbox Notes
Standing Close
Snka.gif 3/3/5 +4/+2 R,S,Su HL
MayleeN02 clA.png
Snkb.gif 3/5/6 +1/-1 S,Su HL
MayleeN02 clB.png
Snkc.gif 6/2+3/21 -6/-8 S,Su HL
MayleeN02 clC1.png
MayleeN02 clC2.png
Snkd.gif 5/3(4)5/18 -6/-8 S,Su HL
MayleeN02 clD1.png
MayleeN02 cld2.png
Standing Far
Snka.gif 4/3/5 +4/+2 R,S,Su HL
MayleeN02 stA.png
Snkb.gif 7/3/12 -3/-5 HL
MayleeN02 stB.png
Snkc.gif 10/3+2/18 -3/-5 HL
MayleeN02 stC1.png
MayleeN02 stC2.png
Snkd.gif 8/3(5)2/11 -1/-3 HL
MayleeN02 stD1.png
MayleeN02 stD2.png
Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif 21/10/22 KD/-10 S,Su HL
MayleeN02 stCD.png
Snka.gif 3/3/4 +5/+3 R,S,Su HL
MayleeN02 crA.png
Snkb.gif 4/3/5 +4/+2 R,S,Su L
MayleeN02 crB.png
Snkc.gif 5/3+3/21 -7/-9 S,Su HL
MayleeN02 crC1.png
MayleeN02 crC2.png
Snkd.gif 8/2/19 KD/-3 L
MayleeN02 crD.png
Snka.gif 2/8/- -/- H
MayleeN02 jA.png
Snkb.gif 4/7/- -/- H
MayleeN02 jB.png
Snkc.gif 9/4/- -/- H
MayleeN02 jC.png
Snkd.gif 7/3+2/- -/- H
MayleeN02 jD1.png
MayleeN02 jD2.png
Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif 15/5/- KD/- HL
MayleeN02 jCD.png
Neutral Jump
Snka.gif 2/4+5/- -/- H
MayleeN02 juA1.png
MayleeN02 juA2.png
Snkb.gif 4/3+2/- -/- H
MayleeN02 juB1.png
MayleeN02 juB2.png
Snkc.gif 5/8/- -/- H
MayleeN02 juC.png
Snkd.gif 7/6/- -/- H
MayleeN02 juD.png
Snka.gif 2/7/- -/- H
MayleeN02 hA.png
Snkb.gif 2/6/- -/- H
MayleeN02 hB.png
Snkc.gif 7/6/- -/- H
MayleeN02 hC.png
Snkd.gif 7/7/- -/- H
MayleeN02 hD1.png
MayleeN02 hD2.png
Special Moves

qcf + Snkb.gif

12/14/4+12 HL
MayleeN02 qcfK1.png
MayleeN02 qcfK2.png
Lightning Needle - qcf + K
  • May Lee does a two hit kick having decent priority
qcf + Snkd.gif HL
> Kick.gif 13/3/33 HL
MayleeN02 qcfKK.png
Spinning Edge - K (after Lightning Needle qcf + K)
  • another kick forward, doing one hit
  • supercancellable
>> Kick.gif 1+3+9+6/6/23 HL
MayleeN02 qcfKKK.png
Approaching Beetle - K (after Spinning Edge K)
  • May Lee does a forward kick similar to her stand CD(N). She slides forward a slight bit while doing this move, and it comes out faster than her CD
  • knocks the opponent over, but doesn't combo and the opponent cannot be juggled after
> u + Kick.gif 18/15/22 HL
MayleeN02 qcfKuK1.png
MayleeN02 qcfKuK2.png
Into Sky - u + K (after Lightning Needle qcf + K or Spinning Edge K)
  • a two hit high kick that comes out fairly slow
  • it is possible to juggle the opponent after this move. Big combos are very possible after this move, but it is too slow to be of practical use
> d + Kick.gif 17/3/12 + 6[腰上M] + 15 L
MayleeN02 qcfKdK.png
Dinosaur's Footprint - d + K (after Lightning Needle qcf + K or Spinning Edge K)
  • May Lee performs a slide attack, knocking the opponent over
  • hits low
  • it is possible to juggle the opponent after this move, by changing to hero mode
> df + Kick.gif 15/3/27 H
MayleeN02 qcfKdfK.png
Leaping Swordfish - df + K (after Lightning Needle qcf + K or Spinning Edge K)
  • May Lee performs a fast overhead kick
> uf + Kick.gif 12/3/24 HL
MayleeN02 qcfKufK.png
Surprise Air - uf + K (after Lightning Needle qcf + K or Spinning Edge K)
  • May Lee does a two hit kick in the air, lifting the opponent off the ground
>> d + Kick.gif 11/4/11 H
MayleeN02 qcfKufKdK.png
Surprise Air Finish - d + K (after Surprise Air uf + K)
  • does a kick in the air having the same animation as her jump CD
  • very high priority and excellent recovery time
  • overhead
  • hard knockdown
hcb + Kick.gif or
> b + Kick.gif
6/16/22, 40/19/18 HL
MayleeN02 hcbK.png
Blazing Intercept - hcb + K or b + K (after Lightning Needle qcf + K or Spinning Edge K)
  • May Lee goes into a counter stance
  • can be done with hcb + K by itself, or b + K if done after the above two move
  • reverses air, high, mid and low attacks, as well as most special moves and some DMs. If the counter activates, May Lee does three kicks
  • the counter is not guaranteed to hit the opponent even if it activates. The three kicks she does are blockable, thus the opponent can block them if they happen to recover first
  • it is possible to juggle the opponent after this move. You can set up some big combos with this move, refer to the combo section


8+6/3/17 H
MayleeN02 qcbx2K.png
Gauze Tail Tinkerbell - qcbx2+K
  • May Lee jumps doing an overhead scissors kick
  • overhead
  • hard knockdown
  • has startup invincibility, can also evade low attacks
qcbx2+Snkd.gif H
Snka.gif + Snkc.gif,Snkb.gif + Snkd.gif

Snka.gif + Snkb.gif + Snkc.gif

7/6/4+18 HL
MayleeN02 SDM.png
Disposition Frog - AC BD ABC
  • May Lee does an anti-air kick similar to her crouch C
  • if it connects, she does a long combo on the opponent and ends up in Hero mode

Hero Mode

Frames Advantage Cancel Block Hitbox Notes
Standing Close
Snka.gif 3/3(4)3/11 -2/-4 R,C,S,Su HL
MayleeH02 sta1.png
MayleeH02 stA2.png
Snkb.gif 2/3/11 -2/-4 C,S,Su HL
MayleeH02 stB.png
Snkc.gif 8/6/28 -3/-5 C,S,Su HL
MayleeH02 stC.png
Snkd.gif 6/5/18 -3/-5 C,S,Su HL
MayleeH02 stD.png
Lower body Invincible: Startup and active period.
Standing Far
Snka.gif 3/3(4)3/13 -4/-6 R,C,S,Su HL
MayleeH02 sta1.png
MayleeH02 stA2.png
Snkb.gif 2/3/11 +1/-1 C,S,Su HL
MayleeH02 stB.png
Snkc.gif 8/6/28 -3/-5 C,S,Su HL
MayleeH02 stC.png
Snkd.gif 8/6/22 -8/-10 C,S,Su HL
MayleeH02 stD.png
Lower body Invincible: Startup and active period.
Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif 32/5/43 KD/- A + B+C -
MayleeH02 stCD.png
Unblockable. Negates fireballs.
Counterwire. Hard knockdown.
Snka.gif 3/3/6 +3/+1 R,C,S,Su HL
MayleeH02 crA.png
Snkb.gif 2/3/5 +4/+2 R,C,S,Su L
MayleeH02 crB.png
Snkc.gif 6/3+2/18 KD/-5 C,S,Su HL
MayleeH02 crC1.png
MayleeH02 crC2.png
Snkd.gif 9/3/15 KD/0 L
MayleeH02 crD.png
Snka.gif 4/6/- -/- H
MayleeH02 jA.png
Snkb.gif 5/4+5/- -/- H
MayleeH02 jB1.png
MayleeH02 jB2.png
Snkc.gif 6/6/- -/- Su H
MayleeH02 jC.png
Snkd.gif 6/5/- -/- Su H
MayleeH02 jD.png
Neutral Jump
Snka.gif 4/6/- -/- H
MayleeH02 jA.png
Snkb.gif 5/6/- -/- H
MayleeH02 jB1.png
MayleeH02 jB2.png
Snkc.gif 6/6/- -/- Su H
MayleeH02 jC.png
Snkd.gif 6/5/- -/- Su H
MayleeH02 jD.png
Snka.gif 4/6/- -/- H
MayleeH02 jA.png
Snkb.gif 6/6/- -/- H
MayleeH02 hB.png
Snkc.gif 8/6/- -/- Su H
MayleeH02 hC.png
Snkd.gif 7/5/- -/- H
MayleeH02 jD.png
Command Normals
f + Snka.gif 3/5+11/19 -/- S,Su -
MayleeH02 fA1.png
MayleeH02 fA2.png
First active period: Full body guard point
Second active period: Guard point above knees
df + Snkb.gif 13/6/20 KD/-8 S,Su L
MayleeH02 dfB.png
Special Moves
qcf + Snka.gif (11, 2+2, 4+22) HL
MayleeH02 qcfA1.png
MayleeH02 qcfA2.png
Full Swing Chop - qcf + P
  • May Lee does a chop attack in front of her. qcf + C does a bit more damage than qcf + A but takes longer to come out
  • it is possible to juggle the opponent after qcf + C but not qcf + A
  • qcf + C has autoguard
  • qcf + C is supercancellable
  • if qcf + A hits relatively close to her, and it counterhits, it will do double damage since it will hit twice. This does not happen if it hits from too far away. The first hit of qcf + A does not push her back
qcf + Snkc.gif (26, 2+2, 5+21) Su HL
MayleeH02 qcfC1.png
MayleeH02 qcfC2.png
MayleeH02 qcfC3.png
qcf + Snkb.gif (14, 10, 20) Su HL
MayleeH02 qcfB.png
Shining Thunder Blow - qcf + K
  • May Lee leaps forward with her fist. qcf + B knocks the opponent down, while qcf + D keeps them standing. qcf + D keeps traveling through the opponent after it hits him
  • qcf + B does a little bit more damage than qcf + D. qcf + D goes full screen length while qcf + B goes about 3/4 screen
  • qcf + B extremely difficult to punish if done from a distance. There is no reason to use qcf + D unless punishing opponent from full screen away
  • qcf + B is a hard knockdown and counterwire
  • supercancellable into her qcfx2+P
qcf + Snkd.gif (19, 19, 21) Su HL
MayleeH02 qcfD.png
qcb + Snka.gif ({6+7}[全身M] + {2, 2, 3}[腰上M] + 5+ 24) Su H
MayleeH02 qcbA.png
"May Lee Cho~p!"(H) - qcb + P
  • May Lee jumps into the air with a chop attack. qcb + A comes out faster than qcb + C but recovers slower. Both moves do not knock the opponent over if they hit on the ground, qcb + C does slightly more damage than qcb + A
  • it is possible to combo after qcb + C with ground normals, as well as juggle your opponent
  • qcb + A is an overhead, but whiffs against crouching opponents besides Chang. qcb + C whiffs all crouching opponents. qcb + P is useless outside of combos
  • supercancellable into her May Lee Dynamic(H) qcfx2+P(air). The DM connects with the opponent if qcf + D was used, but it whiffs if qcf + B was used unless it counterhit
qcb + Snkc.gif (8[全身M] + 17 + 4[腰上M], 3[膝上M], 2[腰上M] + 1+ 9) Su HL
MayleeH02 qcbC.png
hcb,f + Punch.gif (0, 5[全身M] + 13 + 30) Grab
MayleeH02 hcbfP.png
"May Lee Break!" - hcb,f + P

- command throw
- hard knockdown



( 1[全身M] + 28[暗転] + 5, -, 41) HL
MayleeH02 qcfx2A.png
"May Lee Dynamic!" - qcfx2+P(air)
  • May Lee flies through the air. If the move connects, she does a combo on the opponent. Otherwise, she does nothing and can be easily punished
qcfx2+Snkc.gif ( 1[全身M] + 28[暗転] + 5, -, 41) HL
qcfx2+Snka.gif + Snkc.gif ( {3 + 28[暗転] + 2}[全身M] + 3, 1, 1 + 2[全身M] + 31) HL
MayleeH02 SDM.png
"May The End"(H) - qcfx2+AC
  • uses the same animation as her Full Swing Chop qcf + P, except it comes out very fast, faster than the qcf + A
  • if this move connects, May Lee performs a damaging attack on the opponent. If it's blocked or whiffed, she does nothing
f, Snkb.gif,Snkc.gif, f, Snkc.gif ( {0 + 28[暗転] + 2}[全身M] + 7, 1, 1 + 2[全身M] + 32) HL
MayleeH02 SDM.png
Key of Victory - f B C f C
  • can be cancelled into from any normal at any point, even if it whiffs

May Lee's Bugged Mode

  • f + A
    • May Lee does a little splits kick attack similar to the animation of her jump D(N)
    • takes off 50% of an entire bar of health the first time it connects. If it hits again, it does 25%, then 12.5%, etc until it only does one pixel of damage
    • it is possible to juggle the opponent after this move

  • df + B
    • May Lee does a weird dance as she slides about 1/3 of the screen. This seems to have no use

  • qcb + A
    • May Lee does a little hop in the air. It builds some stock, and can be used with her hcb f + P glitchy move

  • qcb + C
    • two anti-air kicks which send the opponent into the air. Then she does some other kicks which whiff the opponent

  • qcf + A
    • May Lee does 3 kicks forward, then a low kick

  • qcf + B
    • one kick, followed by a weird dance that does nothing

  • qcf + D
    • May Lee does a two hit kick similar to her Lightning Needle qcf + K (N), then flies across the screen

  • hcb f + P
    • must be done up close like a throw. The opponent becomes stuck to May Lee
    • the opponent stays stuck on May Lee if she repeatedly dashes (if she keeps running without cancelling the run, the opponent falls off), or backdashing, doing qcb + A or doing close A/Crouch A. Repeating qcb + A will build stock and keep them stuck to you
    • when the opponent does fall off, they get damaged as if they were thrown

  • DM air qcf qcf + P
    • May Lee flies/teleports across the screen, doing some kicks. These kicks do not actually damage the opponent, but they send him into the air for a juggle

  • SDM qcf qcf + AC
    • you lose two stocks, and this move does nothing but some weird dance animation

  • HSDM f B C f C
    • she goes into a stance similar to her Blazing Intercept hcb + K counter, then performs the three kicks after it, sending the opponent into the air
    • if the first kick connects, then May Lee freezes in the air. The opponent cannot damage her in any way. If you wait for about 10 seconds, she goes back to normal

Short Movelist

All Modes

  • ABC (N/H) (Change from "Normal mode" to "Hero mode" and vice versa. All ground non-super, non-throw attacks may be cancelled into this move on hit/block and normal attacks may also be cancelled into this on whiff.)

Normal Mode

  • hcb + K (N) (Counter: any.)

  • qcf + K (N)
    • [FOLLOWUPS-1]
    • K
      • K
      • [FOLLOWUPS-1]

  • [FOLLOWUPS-1]:
    • b + K (Same move as hcb + K (N).)
    • u + K
    • uf + K
      • d + K (Overhead.)
    • df + K (Overhead.)
    • d + K (Low.)

  • DM qcb qcb + K (N) (Overhead.)


Hero Mode

  • f + A (H) (Parry.)
  • df + B (H) (Low.)

  • qcf + P (H)

  • qcb + P (H) (A: Overhead.)

  • hcb f + P (H) (Throw.)

  • qcf + K (H) (B: Counterwire.)

  • DM air qcf qcf + P (H)

  • SDM qcf qcf + AC (H)

  • HSDM f B C f C (H)


Cancellable moves

  • Close: A (N), B (N), C (N), D (N; 2), A (H; 2), B (H), C (H), D (H)
  • Far: A (N), A (H; 2), B (H), C (H), D (H)
  • Crouch: A (N), B(N), C (N), D (N), A (H), B (H), C (H), D (H)
  • Jump: C (H), D (H, High only)

  • CD (N) is cancellable into specials and DMs

  • CD (H) is unblockable, counterwire and negates projectile, but is cancellable only to mode switch (ABC).

  • df + B (H) is cancellable. But nothing will combo after.

  • f + A (H) is cancellable if autoguard is triggered.

  • She can cancel all normals and special moves (that connect when she is on the ground), into the modeswitch (ABC). She can cancel all whiffed normals into the modeswitch (ABC) but not whiffed command moves or specials.

Super cancellable moves

  • qcf + K (N) > K
  • qcf + C (H)
  • qcb + P (H)
  • qcf + K (H)

Free cancellable into moves


Free cancellable out-of moves


Moves with Invincibility

  • st.D (H) / cl.D (H) (Lower: startup & active.)
  • DM qcb qcb + K (N) (Full: startup.)

Moves with autoguard

  • qcf + C (stratup (??).)

Other Notes

  • May Lee cannot block in hero mode. Because of that she cannot use guard cancel in hero mode either.

  • May Lee cannot use j.CD in hero mode.

  • Her cr.C (H) whiffs if used against crouching opponents

  • To enter May Lee's bugged mode, the opponent must do a free cancel which must either be blocked or whiff. She cannot block in the bugged mode and only has access to the commands of her Hero mode moves. If she is hit, or she uses the modeswitch (ABC), the bug goes away.


Basic Combos

  • st.C (H) / st.D (H) >
    • HSDM f B C f C (H) {Max Mode + 1 stock}
    • SDM qcf qcf + P (H) {Max Mode + 1 stock}
    • qcb + A (H) >> DM air qcf qcf + P (H) {1 stock}
    • hcb f + P (H) (Close.)
    • qcf + A (H)
    • df + D (H)

  • cr.C (H) > qcb + C (H), qcb + A (H) >> DM air qcf qcf + P (H) {2 stocks}

  • (st.B (H) / cr.B (H)) x N >
    • HSDM f B C f C (H) {Max Mode + 1 stock}
    • SDM qcf qcf + P (H) {Max Mode + 1 stock}
    • hcb f + P (H)

  • cl.D (N; 2) >
    • DM qcb qcb + K (N) {40%} {1 stock}
    • qcf + K (N,1) > ABC, st.D (H) ...
    • qcf + K (N,2) >
      • K (N) >> DM qcb qcb + K(N) {55%} {2 stocks}
      • K (N) >
        • uf + K (N) > d + K (N) {33%}
        • df + K (N) > ABC,
          • st.D (H) >
            • qcb + A (H) >> DM air qcf qcf + P (H) {75%} {2 stocks}
            • qcf + A (H) {50%}
            • hcb f + P (H)
            • df + D (H)
          • j.D (H; Buffer: qcf uf + D) > DM air qcf qcf + A (H; Buffer: qcf + P) {55-60%} {1 stock}

  • cl.D (N; 1) > ABC, cr.C (H) >
    • qcb + C (H),
      • j.D (H) {42%}
      • DM air qcf qcf + P (H; Buffer: qcf uf qcf + P) {55%} {1 stock}
    • qcb + A (H; Delayed) >> M air qcf qcf + P (H) {55%} {2 stock}

  • qcf + K (N; Blocked) > K (N; Blocked) > d + K (N) > ABC, qcb + A (H) >> air qcf qcf + P (H) {48%} {2 stock}

  • hcb + K (N; Counter),
    • j.CD (N)
    • > ABC, DM air qcf qcf + P (H; Buffer: qcf uf qcf + P) {50%} {1 stock}

  • cr. C (H; Opponent in air) > ABC, qcf + K (N; 1) > ABC, qcf + B (H) {24%}


  • cl.D (N; 1) > ABC, cr.C (H) >
    • qcb + C(H), wait split second, qcb + A (H) {43%}
    • ABC, qcf + K(N; 1) > ABC, qcb + A (H) >> DM air qcf qcf + P (H) {60%}

  • hcb + K (N; Counter) > ABC, qcb + C (H),
    • qcb + A(H) >> DM air qcf qcf + P (H) {70%}
    • ABC, qcf + K (N) > ABC, qcb + A (H) >> DM air qcf qcf + C (H) {72%}


  • Corner: cl.D (N; 2) >> BC, run, cl.D(N; 1) > ABC, cr.C (H) > ABC, qcf + K (N), SDM AC BD ABC (N)

  • cl.D (N; 1) > ABC, cr.C (H) >> BC, cr.C (H), wait until she recovers, qcf + C (H) > ABC, qcf + K (N; 1),
    • SDM AC BD ABC (N)
    • ABC,
      • DM air qcf qcf + P (H) {60%}
    • ( qcb + A (H) >> DM air qcf qcf + C (H) {75%}

  • cl.D (N; 2) > qcf + K (N) > K (N) > df + K(N) > ABC, cl.D (H) >> BC, st.C (H) >
    • SDM qcf qcf + AC (H) {85%}
    • HSDM f B f C C (H) {85%}


  • Counterhit: CD (N) > ABC, qcf + B (H) {15%}

  • Counterhit & corner: CD (H) > ABC, qcf + K (N, 1) > ABC, qcb + A(H) >> DM air qcf qcf + C (H) {55-60%}

  • Counterhit: qcf + B (H),
    • DM air qcf qcf + P (H) {35%}
    • qcb + A (H) > DM air qcf qcf + C (H) {50%}

Attack Strings

  • (cl.D (N; 1) > ABC),
    • cr.B (H) x 2 >
      • qcf + A (H) > ABC
      • df + B (H) > ABC
      • cr.D (H) > df + B (H) > ABC
    • cr.B (H), cl.D (H) >
      • qcf + A (H) > ABC
      • df + B (H) > ABC

  • cr.D (N) / st.D (N) > ABC, st.C (H) >
    • qcf + A (H) > ABC
    • df + B (H) > ABC

  • cl.D (N; 2) > qcf + K (N) > K (N) > df + K(N) / d + K (N) > ABC, st.D (H) >
    • qcf + A (H) > ABC
    • df + B (H) > ABC

  • cl.D (N; 1) > ABC, cr.B (H) > qcf + A (H; 1) > ABC, move forward slightly, use any of above strings


May Lee is one of the strongest characters in the game, once you get past her execution barrier. Her gameplan involves massive pressure with her long attack strings, which involve repeated switches between her two modes. All of her normals and special moves (that don't make her go into the air), can be cancelled into her ABC modeswitch, even normals that cannot be cancelled into special moves, like her Far D(N). Cancelling a move into the modeswitch has negligible recovery time, so most of the time the opponent would either get hit if they tried to do anything between your mode switch strings, or would be in blockstun. That said, only some hits should be cancelled into the modeswitch - mainly hits that do not push May Lee far enough to prevent her from following up with another move quickly enough.

She doesn't have any particularly fast anti-airs that would be useful for her on wakeup. Her crouch C(N) is probably her highest priority (and fastest) anti-air, although it should not be attempted to be used on your wakeup, when the opponent is already coming down and about to hit you, as you'll get stuffed. It is best used for opponents that high jumped in and are relatively high in the air when you decide to anti-air. Her far D(N) is good for stopping opponents close to you that are attempting to jump. And once again, this is a relatively safe thing to do since you can modeswitch at any point during the move, including on whiff. Her crouch C(H) is also noteworthy, although it is a bit slow to do on reaction to a jump. It is better to do this move in anticipation to a jump, and cancelling into the modeswitch, whether it connects, or you guessed wrong. Crouch C(H) also has a juggle property, allowing you to combo after (even if it didn't counterhit an opponent in the air). The usual combo to use is cr.C (H) > ABC, qcf + K (N,1) > ABC, qcf + B (H), with better options available if in the corner (refer to combo section). May Lee has no reliable anti-air for when the opponent is about to hit you with an air attack and you haven't gotten up yet. It is best to block in this situation.

May Lee has a great mixup with her unblockable stand CD in hero mode. If timed right, it can hit the opponent just as they are waking up, giving them little opportunity to counter with a fast wakeup move. It is also able to counterhit people out of some wakeup moves, such as Iori's dp + P, and counterhitting will result in a counterwire which can lead to some big damage. If the opponent attempts to roll out of the way, this is even worse since May Lee can cancel the CD into her normal mode at any point during the move, thus allowing you to combo or throw them. This move can be used for mindgames by making the opponent think he can counter it, then cancelling to her normal mode in the last instant, blocking and punishing the opponent if they did decide to do attack or roll.

May Lee is also one of the few characters that can cancel her CD counter (N). It can only be cancelled into her hero mode (ABC), and you should always do this to keep the pressure on, preventing the opponent from taking advantage of recovery rolling the counter. In the case that the CD counter (N), you can actually combo after. Outside the corner, the only thing that can combo is qcf + B (H). In the corner, you can combo her qcf + A (H) or qcb + A (H).

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