The King of Fighters 2002/Ryo

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General Info

Crouch height: Medium
Jump: 4/33/1
Hop: 4/25/1
Dash: 3/10~∞/3
Backdash: 3/14/3
Wakeup: 21 frames
Recovery roll: 26 frames

Stand Crouch Jump Grab Run
Ryo02 stand.png Ryo02 crouch.png Ryo02 jump.png Ryo02 grab.png Ryo02 run.png


Snka.gif Snkb.gif Snkc.gif Snkd.gif
Ryo02 colorA.png Ryo02 colorB.png Ryo02 colorC.png Ryo02 colorD.png


Frames Advantage Cancel Block Hitbox Notes
Standing Close
Snka.gif 3/4/9 -1/-3 R,C,S,Su HL
Ryo02 clA.png
Snkb.gif 3/7/14 -9/-11 C,S,Su HL
Ryo02 clB.png
Snkc.gif 2/10/13 -3/-5 C,S,Su HL
Ryo02 clC.png
Snkd.gif 4/9/16 -5/-7 C,S,Su HL
Ryo02 clD.png
Standing Far
Snka.gif 3/3/8 +1/-1 R,C,S,Su HL
Ryo02 stA.png
Snkb.gif 7/2/14 -4/-6 HL
Ryo02 stB.png
Snkc.gif 7/4/19 -3/-5 HL
Ryo02 stC.png
Snkd.gif 12/4+4/16 -4/-6 HL
Ryo02 stD1.png
Ryo02 stD2.png
Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif 9/8/18 KD/-4 C,S,Su HL
Ryo02 stCD.png
Snka.gif 3/5/5 +2/0 R,C,S,Su HL
Ryo02 crA.png
Snkb.gif 3/3/5 +4/+2 R L
Ryo02 crB.png
Snkc.gif 2/2+3/23 -8/-10 C,S,Su HL
Ryo02 crC1.png
Ryo02 crC2.png
Snkd.gif 8/5/18 KD/-5 C,S,Su L
Ryo02 crD.png
Snka.gif 5/6/- -/- H
Ryo02 jA.png
Snkb.gif 2/7/- -/- H
Ryo02 jB.png
Snkc.gif 5/6/- -/- H
Ryo02 jC.png
Snkd.gif 4/4/- -/- H
Ryo02 jD.png
Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif 13/5/- KD/- HL
Ryo02 jCD.png
Neutral Jump
Snka.gif 5/12/- -/- H
Ryo02 juA.png
Snkb.gif 2/14/- -/- H
Ryo02 juB.png
Snkc.gif 5/6/- -/- H
Ryo02 juC.png
Snkd.gif 11/3+3/- -/- H
Ryo02 juD1.png
Ryo02 juD2.png
Snka.gif 5/5/- -/- H
Ryo02 hA.png
Snkb.gif 2/5/- -/- H
Ryo02 hB.png
Snkc.gif 5/3/- -/- H
Ryo02 hC.png
Snkd.gif 11/3+3/- -/- H
Ryo02 hD1.png
Ryo02 hD2.png
Command Normals

f + Snka.gif

17/9/11 0/-2 H
Ryo02 fA.png
f + Snka.gif
14/9/11 0/-2 HL
f + Snkb.gif 5/15/14 -/- S,Su
Ryo02 fB.png
Guard point: Active period. Is not an attack.
df + Snkb.gif 7/9/10 -/- S,Su
Ryo02 dfB.png
Guard point: Active period. Is not an attack.
Special Moves

qcf + Snka.gif

12/3+6/29 KD/-9 HL
Ryo02 QcfP1.png
Ryo02 QcfP2.png
Ko'ou Ken - qcf + P
  • Ryo releases a blast of energy from his hand. qcf + C travels a bit further than qcf + A, where qcf + A goes almost half screen
  • qcf + C does a very slight amount of damage more than qcf + A, but has greater recovery time
qcf + Snkc.gif 16/3+6/33 KD/-11 HL

qcf + Snkb.gif

25/3+3/17 KD/-5 H
Ryo02 QcfK1.png
Ryo02 QcfK2.png
Mouko Rajin Setsu - qcf + K
  • Ryo jumps into the air, landing with an overhead chop. qcf + D goes higher and further (almost full screen) than qcf + B
  • Has very good priority and is almost always safe on block
  • Overhead
  • Sometimes hits as a hard knockdown, but not always
  • Free cancellable into
qcf + Snkd.gif 27/3+3/21 KD/-9 H

f b f + Snka.gif

13/2(4)x8/21 KD/-35 H
Ryo02 fbfP1.png
Ryo02 fbfP2.png
Ryo02 fbfP3.png
Ryo02 fbfP4.png
Zanretsu Ken - f b f + P
  • Ryo repeatedly punches in front of him. This move has a "sucking" effect, in the sense that it can pull the opponent in if they are close. If the opponent gets sucked in, Ryo does a 13 hit combo punching them away
  • Has autoguard before Ryo begins punching rapidly (frames 3-8)
  • f b f + A is a hard knockdown
  • Free cancellable out of on the last hit. It is only possible to juggle the opponent after f b f + C
f b f + Snkc.gif 13/2(4)x15/23 KD/-85 HL
dp + Snka.gif 5/3*12/11+16 KD/-21 Su HL
Ryo02 DpA1.png
Ryo02 DpA2.png
Kohou - dp + P
  • Ryo performs a rising uppercut that has great speed and priority.
  • dp + A does one hit, knocking down, while dp + C does two hits, where only the second hit knocks down. Usually, the second hit whiffs an opponent on the ground
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of on the first hit
  • Both versions are invincible for the full startup and the first three frames of the first active period
dp + Snkc.gif 5/3*17/16+13 KD/-21 Su HL
Ryo2 DpC1.png
Ryo02 DpC1.png
hcb + Snkb.gif 6/3*6/13+17 KD/-18 HL
Ryo02 hcbB1.png
Ryo02 hcbB2.png
Hien Shippuu Kyaku - hcb + K
  • Ryo jumps forward, kicking multiple times. hcb + B does two hits, going about 1/3 of the screen, while hcb + D does three hits, and goes full screen
  • both moves are severely punishable on block, especially hcb + D
  • free cancellable into
  • even if comboed into, his hcb + D will whiff on the third (and sometimes second) hits against a crouching opponent, giving them more than enough time to punish him
hcb + Snkd.gif 9/4*5(9)6/8+19 KD/-15 HL
Ryo02 hcbD1.png
Ryo02 hcbD2.png
Ryo02 hcbD3.png

f hcf + Snka.gif

1+12/-/53 KD/-23 HL
Ryo02 DM1.png
Haou Shoukou Ken - f hcf + P
  • Ryo releases a large fireball that does good damage
  • f hcf + A comes out faster but moves much slower than f hcf + C
f hcf + Snkc.gif 1+17/-/55 KD/-25 HL

qcf,hcb + Snka.gif

1+10/13/38 KD/-21 HL
Ryo02 DM2.png
Ryuuko Ranbu - qcf hcb + P
  • Ryo dashes across the screen. If he connects, he does a combo on the opponent. Otherwise, he stops and is open to attack
  • qcf hcb + A comes out slightly slower than qcf hcb + C. qcf hcb + A goes almost full screen, while qcf hcb + C goes full screen
qcf,hcb + Snkc.gif 1+12/26/38 KD/-21 HL
qcf + Snkc.gif~Snka.gif 1+14/13/38 KD/-21 HL
Ryo02 SDM.png
Ryuuko Ranbu - qcf + C~A
  • Ryo dashes forward. If he connects, he does a strong combo on the opponent
  • the range on this move is less than his qcf hcb + P DM version
  • unblockable
qcfx2+Snka.gif + Snkc.gif 1+6/9/34 KD/-25 HL
Ryo02 HSDM.png
Tenchi Haou Ken - qcfx2+AC
  • Ryo does a fast punch forward. If it connects, the opponent is knocked down and dizzied, allowing you to followup with any combo
  • doesn't do much damage but makes up for it with the ability to followup with combos that would end up doing more damage than an HSDM can normally do

Short Movelist

  • f + A (Overhead if not cancelled into.)
  • f + B (Parry)
  • df + B (Parry)

  • qcf + P

  • dp + P

  • hcb + K

  • qcf + K (Overhead.)

  • f b f + P

  • DM qcf hcb + P

  • DM f hcf + P

  • SDM qcf + C A (Unblockable.)

  • HSDM qcf qcf + AC (Causes dizzy.)


Cancellable moves

  • Close: A, B, C, D
  • Far: A
  • Crouch: A, C, D

  • Whiff cancellable normals are:
    • Close: B, C, D
    • Far: -
    • Crouch: D

  • CD is cancellable into command moves, specials and DMs

  • f + B and df + B are cancellables if autoguard is triggered.

Super cancellable moves

  • dp + P (1)

Free cancellable into moves

  • dp + P
  • qcf + K
  • hcb + K

Free cancellable out-of moves

  • f + A
  • dp + P (1)
  • f b f + P (Last hit.)

Moves with Invincibility

  • dp + P (Full: startup & active (1st part).)
  • DM qcf hcb + P (Projectile: dash.)

Moves with autoguard

  • f b f + P (startup (middle).)

Other Notes

  • Doing Ryo's SDM (qcf C A) is nearly impossible, due to a glitch. The motion of the Ko'ou Ken qcf + C overlaps with this move. Thus, attempting to do it results in qcf + C coming out. The only reliable way to do it is to do the qcf + C part of the motion during a state where he is not able to do his Ko'ou Ken qcf + C. Such states are:
    • right before waking up
    • just as you land from a jump
    • just as you recover from a roll
    • recovering from a move that is not cancellable into qcf + C
    • supercancelling from his Kohou dp + C (1)
    • cancelling a CD attack (this is an exception)
    • activating maxmode
    • possibly some other ways


Basic Combos

  • cr.B, cr.C > ...

  • cr.C / cl.C >
    • dp + C (1) >> qcf hcb + A [53%] {2 stocks}
    • DM qcf hcb + A [44%] {1 stock}
    • DM f hcf + A [40.5%] {1 stock}
    • qcf + C [24%]
    • qcf + A [22%]
    • hcb + D (May miss some crouchers. Out of the corner 1st hit will whiff, but still combo.) [28%/24%]
    • hcb + B (Out of the corner 1st hit will whiff, but still combo.) [24.5%/21%]
    • dp + A [19%]
    • f + A [18%]
    • f b f + P (Point blank) [28%]

  • cr.B, cr.A >
    • dp + C (1) >> qcf hcb + A (Very close.) {2 stocks}
    • hcb + D (Point blank, because will not combo if 1st hit whiff.)
    • hcb + B (If not close 1st hit will whiff, but still combo.)
    • dp + A

  • cr.B x 3, st.A > hcb + B {28%}

  • f + A (early on opponent's wakeup), st.A / cl.A > hcb + B {22%}

  • f + A >> BC ~ DM qcf hcb + C [44%] {2 stocks}


  • cl.C > f + A >> BC, HSDM qcf qcf +AC (quickly),
    • j.C, cl.C > hcb + D {75%}
    • j.C, cr.B, cr.C > DM qcf hcb + A {88%}

  • (Already in maxmode) f + A >> dp + C (1) >>
    • DM qcf hcb + A {48%}
    • DM f hcf + A (Buffer: hcf + A) {42%}

Normal Links

  • cr.B, cl.C / cr.C

  • f + A (very early on the opponent's wakeup), st.A / cr.A

Attack Strings

  • cr.D / CD > qcf + B / qcf + A

  • cr.B, cr.C > qcf + B / qcf + A

  • (cr.B, cl.C) / cl.D > f + A (delayed)


  • Since Ryo's f + A is an overhead and is not cancellable even if cancelled into, you should exploit the "glitch" which allows the command normals to not lose their properties if you cancel into them a bit late. Thus, you can do close C or close D, then late cancel the move into f + A if they blocked, making it hit as an overhead. The main disadvantage to doing this is that the opponent could do a very fast attack in between the cancel, such as Kim's _d u + B. Note that Ryo's crouch C cannot be cancelled late in it's animation, so doing crouch B, crouch C, delayed f + A will not work. Using crouch D instead of close C or close D also works, as his crouch D is late cancellable as well. This gives you an effective low into overhead attack string which is far less punishable than doing crouch D into qcf + B.
  • His f + A overhead is very meaty compared to most moves. If done very early on a waking up opponent, Ryo will recover fast enough to be able to land a far A, hcb + B/HSDM combo. Thus, Ryo has a good high/low game with his f + A, qcf + B, crouch B and crouch D. It is especially good to cancel his crouch D into a qcf + B overhead and mix this up with f + A and crouch B, crouch C mixups
  • The f + B parry is a great move for countering predictable yet high priority and unpunishable moves, such as Robert's air qcb + K, May Lee's qcf + B in Hero Mode, Terry's qcb + P, etc. After parrying the move, cancel to dp + C (if the opponent was airborne) or dp + A or qcf hcb + P if the opponent was parried on the ground.

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