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Joe Higashi (KOF XII)

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Gameplay Overview

Normal Moves

A -

B -

D -

B -

C -

f+C -

D -

CD -

Crouching A -

Crouching B -

Crouching C -

Crouching D -

Jumping A -

Jumping B -

Jumping C -

Jumping D -

Jumping CD -

Command Normals

f+B -

Special Moves

Desperation Moves


Normal Combos

cr.B,cr.B,[B or A or cr.A],f+B xx dp+D - 211 damage - Using B for the 3rd hit gives the most damage, but A/cr.A gives advantage if blocked (206 is these are used). It's possible to do 3 cr.B's for 230.

cr.B,cr.B,B,f+B xx qcfx2+P - 330 damage - Cancel into the super very quickly when f+B hits.

[C or D or cr.C], CD xx qcfx2+P - 324 damage (353 with delayed CD) - Corner only.

Critical Counter Combos

Midscreen, no meter: [C],f+B xx dp+D, d/b,qcf+B, [d/b,qcf+B], CD xx dp+D - 442 damage

Midscreen, super stocked: [C],f+B xx dp+D, d/b,qcf+B, [d/b,qcf+B], qcfx2+P - 504 damage

Midscreen, super stocked: [C], d/b,qcf+B, d/b,qcf+B, wait, d/b,qcf+B, d/b,qcf+B, qcfx2+P - 505 damage

Either of the above combos can carry to the corner. If they do, you can end with CD xx qcfx2+P instead of just super by itself.

Corner, no meter: [C],f+B xx d/b,qcf+A, f+B xx d/b,qcf+A, h.[C],j.C, D,CD xx dp+D - 506 (526 with delayed CD, 519 with cr.B,cr.B,B,f+b xx dp+D)

Corner, super stocked: [C],f+B xx d/b,qcf+A, f+B xx d/b,qcf+A, h.[C],j.C, D,CD xx qcfx2+P - 597 damage (617 with delayed CD)