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Robert Garcia (KOF XII)

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Gameplay Overview

Normal Moves

A -

B -

D -

B -

C -

f+C -

D -

CD -

Crouching A -

Crouching B -

Crouching C -

Crouching D -

Jumping A -

Jumping B -

Jumping C -

Jumping D -

Jumping CD -

Command Normals

f+A -

f+B -

Special Moves

Desperation Moves


Normal Combos

cr.B,cr.A xx dp+C - 150 damage - Be careful of range!

cr.B,cr.A xx hcf+D - 128 damage - Same as above.

cr.B,cr.A,f+A xx qcf+P - 157 damage - Most damage off a low with no meter, but no knockdown.

cr.B,cr.A,f+A xx qcf,qcb+P - 307 damage

[C or D or cr.C],f+B,f+A xx dp+C - 258 damage - Watch the range!

[C or D or cr.C],f+B,f+A xx qcf,qcb+P - 371 damage

[C or D or cr.C],f+B,f+A xx hcf+D - 236 damage - Very range-dependent.

cr.C,CD xx charge d/b,f+D - 214 damage (248 with delayed CD)

Critical Counter Combos

Meterless, midscreen: [C] xx f+C,f+C, j.BD, j.BD, j.BD, C,f+B,f+A xx dp+C - 448 damage

Meterless, midscreen to corner: [C] xx C,C,C,C,C,f+B,f+A, hh.[C],j.C, C,f+B,f+A xx dp+C - 451 damage

Meterless, corner only: [C] xx f+B,f+A xx dp+C, dp+A, dp+A, CD xx f,b,f+K - 512 damage

Super stocked, anywhere: [C] xx f+B,f+A xx dp+C, dp+A, f,f~[dp+A], CD xx qcf,qcb+P - 570 damage (588 in corner)