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Iori Yagami (KOF XII)

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Gameplay Overview

Normal Moves

A -

B -

D -

B -

C -

D -

f+D -

CD -

Crouching A -

Crouching B -

Crouching C -

Crouching D -

Jumping A -

Jumping B -

Jumping C -

Jumping D -

Jumping CD -

Command Normals

f+A -

f+A~A -

Special Moves

Desperation Moves


Normal Combos

Iori has a lot of combos, so I'll just list some examples here. Number of light hits and moves used will vary by range, so just learn what combos from what and go from there. From lights (A or cr.A), you can combo into f+A, f+A~A, qcb+A, dp+A, and qcf,qcb+A. Qcb+C, qcb+K, and hcf+C require heavy attacks (C, D, f+A and f+A~A). Don't use D for combos, though, as it has very short range. His best combos involve his command throw, which I'll get into last. Also, his dp+C is used in some specific combos because of the range/recovery, but as an ender dp+A is better because it does more damage.

cr.B,[st.A or cr.A],f+A xx qcb+C, dp+A - 181 damage - Meterless max damage midscreen from a low.

cr.b,[A or cr.A],f+A~A xx [dp+A or qcb+K or qcf,qcb+P] - 161 or 165 or 304 damage - With super this is max damage from a low midscreen

C,CD xx [qcb+K or qcf,qcb+P] - 164 or 323 damage (193 or 352 with delayed CD)

From long range:

cr.B xN,cr.A xx [dp+A or qcf,qcb+P] - 107 or 264 damage (with 1 cr.B) - Max damage if you land a cr.B,cr.A from absolute max range, dp+A or super are the only things that will combo.

cr.A,f+A xx [dp+A or qcb+K or qcf,qcb+P] - 102 or 106 or 259 damage - From a little closer you can combo f+A into this stuff. qcb+K does more damage than dp+A but does not knock down (can be a good thing).

Corner only:

[lots of things] xx qcb+C, C - 213 damage

C,CD xx qcb+C, qcb+A, dp+A - 268 damage (delayed CD not possible)

C,CD xx qcb+C, qcf,qcb+P - 365 damage (394 with delayed CD)

Combos into command throw (hcf+C):

As mentioned above, Iori's best combos involve his command throw. I'll list followups to the command throw below this section.

[A or cr.A],f+A xx hcf+C - His A is his fastest attack (cr.A is 1 frame slower), so this is the easiest way to confirm into the throw, or to combo from a jump-in.

C,f+A xx hcf+C - Maximum damage option into the command throw.

C xx hcf+C - Another good option if you are too far to combo something into f+A before the command throw.

Command throw (hcf+C) followups:

All damages listed are from starting from hcf+C by itself.

hcf+C, f,f~CD xx qcb+B (whiff), qcb+A, dp+A - 218 damage - Max damage midscreen, without meter. Perform the CD relatively early.

hcf+C, f,f, CD xx dp+C, qcf,qcb+P - 357 damage - Max damage midscreen. Dash in close before doing the CD.

hcf+C, f,f~CD xx qcb+B (whiff), qcf,qcb+P - 324 damage - Easier, less damage. Perform the CD early.

hcf+C, dp+C, qcf,qcb+P - 307 - Easiest combo into super, least damage.

hcf+C, dp+C, sj.CD - 169 damage - Good combo to stay on top of the opponent.

hcf+C, f,f~CD xx qcb+B (whiff), C xx qcb+K (whiff) - 169 damage - Another combo that allows to pressure, but instead of knocking down, it lets them flip onto their feet.

hcf+C, dp+C, qcb+D - 148 damage - Yet another combo, very easy.

hcf+C, hh.A or B or D - 84 or 107 damage - Flips the opponent and allows you do run and cross under them for a mixup. D is a little more difficult to time, while A and B are easy.

hcf+C, dp+C, CD xx dp+C, CD xx qcb+C, qcb+A, dp+A - 386 damage - Back to corner (i.e. throwing them into the corner) only, max damage for no meter.

hcf+C, dp+C, CD xx dp+C, CD xx qcb+C, qcf,qcb+P - 468 damage - Another corner combo, maximum damage with meter.

Critical Counter Combos

Iori's only has a couple CC combos you need to learn, since they all end with hcf+C. He also gains about 70% meter before he even has to use his super, do you won't find yourself doing meterless CC combos often.

Anywhere: [C] xx qcb+B, qcb+B, qcb+B, h.[C], (dash or walk up a tiny bit), C,f+A xx hcf+C - Refer to the list above for hcf+C followups. Max damage without meter is 497, with meter is 593.

A certain distance from the corner: [C] xx qcb+B, qcb+B, C,A+B (crossover), [C] (let yourself move forward), C,f+A xx hcf+C, dp+C, CD xx dp+C, CD xx qcb+C, qcf,qcb+P - 642 damage - The combo after hcf+C is the last combo from the hcf+C followup section. I just typed it all out since you'll never need the meterless version here (Iori gains a full super bar by the time you need it), unless they are close to KO and you want to save the meter.