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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3/Sektor

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Sektor is actually the code name for unit LK-9T9. He was the first of three prototype cybernetic ninjas built by the Lin Kuei. Sektor was once a human assassin trained by the by the Lin Kuei. He volunteered for automation because of his loyalty to the Outworld invasion because he has no soul to take.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Glitch Jab Launcher: Sektor's launcher (HPHPdLP) begins with HP, so it can be glitch jab option selected.
  • Animation Freeze Punishes: Sektor can perform animation freeze punishes on blocked Uppercuts and corner attacks with pushback using Teleport Uppercut.
  • Near Universal Relaunch: Sektor can relaunch Female Ninjas with Glitch Cancel in the corner. Sektor can relaunch Kano, Male Ninjas, Sindel, Stryker with Glitch Cancel. Sektor relaunches every other character no matter what.
  • Weak Combo Damage: Sektor's combo damage is around 40%.
  • Relaunched Easily: Robots can be relaunched by every character except Reptile no matter what.
  • No LK, HK, Sweep Punish: Sektor does not have a special move that punishes LK, HK or Sweep on block.
  • Poor Jabs: Robot's LP Jabs have poor range and priority.
  • Poor Anti Airs: Sektor lacks powerful anti airs. He relies on spacing and movement to counter jumping attacks.
  • Weak Mids Sektor's mid auto combo only does 15%.

Notable Players

  • Ketchup (UK)
Umk3 Sektor pose.png
Character Data

Differences from MK3

  • Doesn't have changes

Move List

Basic Moves

Robot Ninja Basic Moves:

Standing HK is topps, uppercuts are somewhat bad in the sense they tend to miss in crucial situations similarly to Kung Lao's, for instance you have to take a step in if you want to counter a punishable move sometimes to hit an uppercut. The robot Ninja roundhouse is late on the hit and has some funky corner issues, good range, low height, better on far away jump ins, but if you can time an aaRH you might as well try and aaHP to teleport uppercut. LPs are really good for double run jabbing mid screen, they keep in tight on the opponent because you have to be closer to connect them. Sweeps have good range and recovery is the same as female ninjas. JK is good, jump punch is kinda tight and ball like, and is easily counterable. Ducking LK is quick and pointy, excellent to get out of runjabs or prevent them. Straight up JK is a great set up to cancel quickly with a teleport uppercut, just make sure it connects, and you have a decent combo/juggle for 50%.

Kombo Strings

  • HK, HK (15%)
  • HP, HP, HK, B + HK (22%)
  • HP, HP, HK, HK, B + HK (26%)
  • HP, HP, D + LP (18%)

Special Moves

Teleport Uppercut

  • F, F, LK
  • 9.5%
  • The Teleport Uppercut is a bit overrated on it's own, and definitely overabused by casual players, getting them into a lot of trouble. It has so many cons I will get in depth with. You should really only use this move if you link it off an anti air attack, or to punish full screen projectile turtles, in essence, any situation where you know it's going to hit and not be blockable. If you feel the need to do this move, you can use it almost like a dragon punch would be used in Street Fighter if you suspect an early jump attack by doing it as they jump and before they land, however, in any situation where you can get that, you're better off going for the aaHP first to add 6.5% there, and then you will knock them high enough to easily get the teleport uppercut after that. It has a strange punishment area, and sets up smaller, modified versions of normal punishers, but punishable nonetheless. If you can scout a cross up JK or JP, you can buffer the FF motion and get them in the middle of their cross up. If you're too late, it's blockable. If it's going to connect off a juggle, it always hits from the left side, so if you counter an attack on the right and cancel it to the teleport uppercut, it hits the opponent as they are falling into it, sometimes making extra juggle hits after it easier, otherwise it will almost always come up behind opponents. You can use it to bait an air attack by jumping in and attacking early, and do it right as you would normally expect to take a standing HK, but teleport out of it's range, it's possible to still block it however, so you might want to try baiting within the range of an uppercut counter situation, because the opponent's uppercut, if done during or after the decent of the teleport, will hold until the teleport uppercut connects. It's limit is 1 hit before hand, and breakable to two on just frames, but is hardly worth the effort. Be careful with overuse, it can be easily snuffed before leaving the screen by many moves like a LK, ducking LK, harpoon, freeze, sweep, uppercut if it's used as a fake out from the air, etc. Even after it leaves the screen on the way back up it can be snuffed with a ducking LK or a well timed uppercut, by specific characters only I believe, like Stryker. You can time a ducking LK to miss and avoid being hit by it completely and counter it as well. This is a nasty trick to use against a Sektor player who goes for it as a last hit of chip damage kill, to beat them specifically, but they will probably just go for smart missiles in this situation.

Dumb Missiles

  • F, F, LP
  • 12%
  • Dumb Missiles are a fast, straight forward projectile. You can use them to extend combos, to pin down your opponent after homing missiles, on jump aways, etc. You can throw them out from full screen against nonteleporters and Sektor will remain relatively safe. You can put a very big pause between the F,F and the LP part of the command. This is a good idea to throw people off and the sudden missile without the foot shuffle, or obvious block holding buffering. The Dumb Missile has no limit of use. After a grounded JK, the dumb missiles start up speed is reduced, making it combo easier.

Smart Missiles

  • F, D, B, HP
  • 12%
  • Smart Missiles are a very unique projectile. They move slowly, home in, and there can be multiple on screen at once. There is a nuance about their collision detection however. If you attack while a missile is out and your character is in a frame after the hot box appears, the missile will usually explode, do no damage, and have no stun effect. It is easy to avoid them with ducking LKs, sweeps, standing HKs, LKs. This is good to use when the Sektor player thinks the missile enables a free rush down opportunity. You might want to mix corner run jabs with smart missiles and throw out a 3 hit pop up combo knocking them into the missile, setting up a couple more hits from the juggle. There is no limit to the number of missiles you can have on screen, however, once it approaches the 4th, the 1st one's time limit expires just after, and that will only be seen if the other player moves around enough but doesn't attack. It is possible to keep spamming the missiles while teleporter are moving around and they will eventually catch up with them if they aren't fast enough. Mix up dumb missiles with the smart missiles in these situations to make cross patterns that are hard to escape. If you do a smart missile and get a juggle opportunity, try to set it up so they hit the missile in air, to increase overall juggle damage. If you have a couple smart missiles out, watch for counter rush down and go for a kara jab when they are close, this way you will either throw them, or block their combo, and either way you have friendly missiles coming in to save you from the rush down.

Finisher Moves

Fatality 1

  • LP, RUN, RUN, BL (Sweep)
  • Sektor stands in front of his victim and a clamp comes out of his chest and crushes his victim into a bloody mess of bones and body parts.

Fatality 2

  • F, F, F, B, BL (Full Screen)
  • Sektor shoots out a flame from his hand and scorches his victim.


  • RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, D (No Block in Winning Round) (Past Sweep)
  • One of those ring the bell with a hammer carnival amusements comes out of his chest and Sektor hits it with a hammer ringing the bell.


  • F, F, D, U (Mercy First) (Next to)
  • Sektor turns into a big bat and flies off the screen, then he returns and knocks his victims head off with it's wing.


  • B, D, D, D, HK (No Block in Winning Round) (Past Sweep)


  • Hold RUN, Wait 1 Second, D, D, Release RUN (Round 3) (Past Sweep)

Stage Fatal

  • RUN, RUN, RUN, D (Next to)


As Sektor

Sektor is ranked around 18th in UMK3, a lower-mid or higher-low tier character, however you want to look at it. The main things that separate him from Robot Smoke are the air throw, and harpoon. Your main game is going to be run jabs, mixed with smart missiles, as many as you possibly can so missiles are constantly exploding. Go for his 2 hit kick combo, and on occasion his 3 hit pop up which sets up a mediocre juggle opportunity, and tracking jump attacks with teleport uppercuts. After a teleport uppercut you have the choice of the guaranteed damage, or the tactical end by doing a roundhouse and setting up smart missile traps. At this point against non teleporters it is a good idea to throw out 2 smart missiles. Some downsides overall to the the Robot Ninjas are: they have some juggle advantages and vulnerabilities in terms of taking hits, watch for them. They can be relaunched by just about anyone with a launcher combo, easier than most to time, and they are harder to juggle in certain situations, particularly for Ermac and Human Smoke. Kung Lao can spin them and I believe Nightwolf after his autocombo in the corner when it is performed on the "just frame" so not only will you take the 34% or more from the auto combo but you're stuck in the corner infinite. Anyone who can get a ducking LK after their autocombo in the corner on anybody can get a standing HK after their combo on them, for example: Liu Kang, HP starter, 7 hit combo is 38% standing damage protected HK is 46%. Always stick a sweep in after teleport uppercut combos because often times they will catch people on a wake up, but if they block you are safe since the distance is so far.

VS Sektor


Sektor can relaunch combo everyone except Sindel, Stryker, and the female ninjas only because he cannot combo his pop up off a starter mid screen on them otherwise, he can make them stand up.

Basic Juggles:
1. JK, teleport uppercut, aaHP, dumb missile 4 hits 29%
2. teleport uppercut, aaHP, dumb missile 3 hits 28%
3. jump punch starter, HP, HP, D LP, aaHP, dumb missile 6 hits 36%

Advanced Juggles:
1. jump punch starter, HP, HP, D LP, aaHPHP, JK 7 hits 41%
2. jump punch starter, HP, HP, D LP, deep jump kick, aaHP, JK 7 hits 46%
3. aaHP, teleport uppercut, aaHP, HP, JK 5 hits 45%
4. aaStraight Up JK (or regular JK canceled quickly, either way), teleport uppercut, aaHPHP, JK 5 hits 50-54% (some characters you cannot get two HPs on and it always depends on how high you connect the teleport uppercut or their collision detection)

Corner Juggles:
1. aaHP, teleport uppercut, close RH, aaHP, dumbe missile
2. jump punch starter, HP, HP, D LP, JK, RH, HK 7 hits 51% (JK must hit very high and RH must hit as soon as possible or it will be blockable)
3. aaHP, teleport uppercut, straight up JP, RH, HK 5 hits 57%


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