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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3/Noob Saibot

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Noob Saibot


Noob Saibot is a playable character in the UMK3 Juggernaut Rom Hack.


Noob Saibot emerges from the darkest region of reality - a region known as the Netherealm. He belongs to a group called the brothers of the shadow, and worships an evil and mysterious fallen elder god. His mission is to spy the events taking place in the battle between the realms, and report back to his enigmatic leaders.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great Rushdown: Noob's pressure consists of kara jabs and mid launchers. His walk speed allows more efficient use of run meter during run jabs.
  • Male Ninja Normals: Male Ninjas have a great LP, HP, HK, RH and Uppercut.
  • Glitch Jab Launcher: Noob has two launchers (HPHPdLPHP, HPHPLP) that begin with HP, so they can be glitch jab option selected.
  • Increased Health: Noob takes around 75% of normal damage. Noob also does not take chip damage after the first hit of a blocked auto combo.
  • Universal Relaunch: Noob can relaunch every character in the game no matter what.
  • Fast Walk Speed: Noob has the fastest walk speed in the game. Even faster than Human Smoke.
  • Male Ninja Hurtbox: The Male Ninja hurtbox is the status quo for UMK3 combos. Expect most combos to work against you.
  • Poor Throw: The Male Ninja throw is negative on hit. At worst, it is universally punishable by uppercut in the corner.
  • No Special Moves: Noob does not possess any special moves.
  • Tall Running Hurtbox: Noob cannot run under instant air projectiles like Kabal's instant air Gas Blast or Mileena's instant air Sai.

Notable Players

  • ded (Bulgaria)

Differences from MK3

  • Changed from a palette swap of Kano to Male Ninja

Move List

Basic Moves

The Male Ninjas have excellent basic moves, good height and range on everything in relation to their sprite proportions, their roundhouse is extra wicked and can connect in almost any situation. The only thing that can be weird about them is their aaHPs. Sometimes they tend to miss in situations where you wouldn't expect them to and this is due to kara canceling with run to speed the last hit up, in this situation, often you can do aaHP,LP and it'll work, with slightly less damage, otherwise, always take an extra small step in before doing aaHPs.

Kombo Strings

  • HK, LP (15%)
  • HK, D + LP, D + HP (19%)
  • HK, HK, LK, B + HK (23%)
  • HP, HP, B + LP (18%)
  • HP, HP, D + LP, D + HP (22%)
  • HP, HP, HK, LK, B + HK (26%)

Finisher Moves


As Noob Saibot

VS Noob Sabit


Basic combos: HK, LP, aaHPHP, aaHP, JK/HK/ or LK - 6 hits 31%/30% JPS, HP, HP, D+LP, DHP, aaHPHP, aaHP JK/HK/ or LK - 9 hits 48%/46%

Basic Corner combo: HP, HP, D+LP, DHP, JK, RH, LK - 7 hits 44%

Advance combo example: JPS, HP, HP, D+LP, DHP, aaHPHP, aaHP, aaHP, aaHP, HK 11 hits 54%

Advanced corner combo example: JPS, HP, HP, D+LP, DHP, aaHPHP, JK, RH, HK - 10 hits 63%

Male Ninja Teleport Punch punisher: aaHPHP, aaHP, aaHP, aaLP, HK - 7 hits 45%

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