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SFV Frame Data Glossary

How many frames a move remains active (can hurt opponents) for.


Attack level is L for low attacks (must be blocked crouching), H is for High attacks (which can be blocked high or low) and M for overhead (must be blocked standing). T is for throw attacks (which cannot be blocked).

Cancel options

Available cancel options.

  • "ch": Chain cancel, refer to description for options.
  • "sp": Special move.
  • "su": Critical art.
  • "vs[1/2]": V-Skill 1 or 2.
  • "vt[1/2]": V-Trigger 1 or 2 activation.
Confirm windows

Hit confirm windows written as Specials & CAs/Target Combos/V-Trigger. Notation may denote V-Skill only cancel windows in Specials.

  • Refers to the amount of time (in frames) you have to cancel into another move from the moment the attack connects with the opponent.
Crush Counter

Crush Counter hit advantage written as opponent state, frame advantage, and v-gauge gain on hit.


Attack damage on hit. Notation may denote multi-hit or "sweet spot" damage values on certain frames.


These are frame advantage values when the attack hits or is blocked. If the number is positive, then the move will end before the defender can act again. If the number is negative, the defender will be able to act before the attacker and maybe even punish. KD refers to knockdown on hit.

  • Note that generally, normal counter hits add an additional +2 to hit advantage in SFV.

Knockdown advantage against Normal, Quick Rise and Back Rise wake up options.


How many frames it takes for a move to finish after it's been active.


How many frames it takes before the move becomes 'active' or have a hit box. The last startup frame and the first active frame are the same frame, meaning all values are written as Startup + 1.


Amount of stun added to the opponent's stun bar on hit.