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Strengths Weaknesses
  • Scary Jab: Roger's f+1,2,1,2 is an i10 jab string that on CH is true and leads to a massive stun, leading to Roger's infamous combo. On top of this, Roger has an i8 1 jab, leading to Roger having very scary offense and pressure off of such simple options.
  • Mixups: Roger has 1, 2 and 1+2 break throws, in specific inheriting King's Giant Swing and Tombstone. On top of this, Roger's db+3 is an unreactable, fairly safe on block launching low that can combo into comical damage. This can make Roger a terror on offense once players freeze up in fear of her jabs.
  • High Damage: Roger sports fantastic damage once she launches, especially near walls. Making use of the lack of scaling on near to the ground wall hits with f,n,d,df+1 can skyrocket Roger's damage to nearly Touch of Death levels.
  • Safe: f+1,2,1,2 is safe on block, which is absolutely disgusting for the amount of damage it can do. Similarly, db+3 is fairly safe on block, and can lead to immense damage on hit.
  • Short Range: Roger is cursed with having little kangaroo arms, as her kind weren't made with the complexities of neutral in mind. She can have a very hard time in neutral getting in or keeping opponents out and many of her mixups can be defused with movement, making it hard to keep pressure.
  • Linear: Adding to her lack of range, she finds it extremely hard to keep opponents in one place, often having to give up pressure opportunities or take risks to keep opponents pinned down.
  • Lacking Standing Launchers: Without a standard launching df+2, Roger has a wall to the damage of her standing punishment. Once she can punish with a hopkick, Roger's damage potential skyrockets. Until that point, often times the best you can do is a simple jab punish.
Roger Jr.
Archetype Rushdown, Mixup
Stances RKT - b+1+2
Fastest launch yes
Fastest CH launch yes
Fastest wall splat
Archetypal Moves
Mid Check
Magic 4 Yes
Hopkick u+4
Power Low db+3
Snake Edge ss+4
Clef Cannon 1,2,3
Generic Moves
Remapped Moves
Missing Moves

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