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Tekken's controls are split into two sets, attacks and directions.

  • Four attack buttons: left punch (Tk 1.png), right punch (Tk 2.png), left kick (Tk 3.png) and right kick (Tk 4.png).
  • Eight directional inputs: up (Tk u.png), down (Tk d.png), left (Tk b.png), right (Tk f.png) and the corresponding diagonals

Universal Movement

  • Holding forward (Tk fp.png) will make you walk forward
  • Holding back (Tk bp.png) will make you walk backwards and guard mids and highs.
  • Holding down (Tk dp.png) will make you crouch and duck highs.
  • Holding up (Tk up.png) will make you jump.
  • Tapping forward (Tk f.pngTk f.png) twice will make you dash forward.
  • Tapping backward (Tk b.pngTk b.png) twice will make you backdash.
  • Tapping up (Tk u.png) will make you sidestep into the background.
  • Tapping down (Tk d.png) will make you sidestep into the foreground.
  • Tapping up and then pressing and holding the input (Tk u.pngTk up.png) will make you sidewalk into the background.
  • Tapping down and then pressing and holding the input (Tk d.pngTk dp.png) will make you sidewalk into the foreground.


  • Tapping diagonally down-forward (Tk df.png) right as a low attack connects with you will make your character do a low parry.
  • Tapping back,back then diagonally up-back (Tk b.pngTk b.pngTk ub.png) while your back is against the wall will make your character do their wall jump attack.


The Tekken 5 Controller Setup screen, where Player 1 and Player 2 both have L1 bound to LK+RK, or 3+4.

A bind is a button that is assigned to two attack buttons at once. Tekken 5 allows you to set binds and customise your controls in the "Controller Setup" menu in "Options". You are allowed to set any of the face buttons, bumpers or triggers to any single attack button or a combination of two attack buttons. Tekken 5, unlike Tekken 7, doesn't allow you to bind all four attack inputs to one button (e.g. 1+2+3+4 isn't a bind the game supports.). Binds allow easier access to attacks that require multiple buttons to be pressed at once, such as generic throws or moves like Nina's Ivory Cutter. Binds are legal in competitive Tekken.


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