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Street Fighter V/G/Introduction

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About G

Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, this mysterious fighter claims to be the "President of the World." He has a strong sense of unity and power, but the mystery still remains: who exactly is he? Is he related to Q, the mysterious fighter from Street Fighter 3? Was he a project made by the Illuminati? Does he have some sort of relation with Gill? We may never know.

G is a momentum-based, rushdown fighter with an oppressive ground game and excels at opening up opponents with good frame traps and normals, while also always threatening with a command grab. Being very momentum-based, it can result in G being a volatile character capable of rolling through the opponent's health bar once he gets a knockdown and is free to stack his levels/V-meter. Although he lacks in the defensive department, G makes it up as a solid character for those who want an aggressive playstyle with a simple game plan and versatile combos for micromanaging trading Presidentiality levels for Oki, or vice versa.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • With resources, his damage output gets very high and also has inherently great corner carry and Oki.
  • Great frame traps with normals and mixups with a command grab.
  • Solid pokes and anti-airs, potentially strong fireball, and many bursts-of-movements moves give him a great and versatile neutral game
  • Both 2 useful v-skills and 2 powerful 2 triggers give G a lot of versatility and options in matchups
  • Without any levels or resources, his damage is lacking, and loses several of his neutral tools
  • Has to burn resources quickly, when without any levels, to get a notable reward for his offense
  • Indifferent movement options
  • Severe lack of defensive options, no 3-frame or invincible reversal, resulting in reliance of V-Gauge and knowledge of matchup

Unique Mechanics

G's unique mechanic is Presidentiality, a level system that allows him to buff his special moves to emphasize his snowballing play style. G starts every round at Level 1 and can rank up to Level 3. His level is always indicated by the Globe icon next to the V-Gauge.

Level up by inputting G Charge (22PP). Anytime G is knocked down he loses 1 level (unless V-Skill 2 has been applied). G Charge can be used to cancel certain normals and specials, but with some rules:

  • G Charge can be held to increase the charge time and level up to 3 at once.
  • G Charge can be canceled into from 4HP, 6HP, 2HK, V-Skill 1 and special moves (excluding G Impact) however you cannot hold the input for any effect.
  • Standing LP, HP, LK, and all crouching punches can cancel into held G Charge.
  • V-Trigger 1 will force G to Level 3 presidentiality while it is active among other effects.

See the Strategy page for more information.

Final Patch

Players to Watch

  • Nemo
  • NuckleDu
  • Smug
  • 801 Strider