Street Fighter Alpha 2/Controls

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Street Fighter Alpha 2 is traditionally played with a lever and six attack buttons. Being an arcade game, the controls were optimized for its cabinet- But any controller can be adapted to compete.


This game uses eight directions for movement.

In some sections of this guide, numpad notation may be used: It's a simple way to describe directions as if they were numbers on a keyboard. Keep in mind that most if not all notations shown assume you're facing right.

7.gif 8.gif 9.gif
4.gif 6.gif
1.gif 2.gif 3.gif
7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3
up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward

Common Special Moves in Numpad Notation

  • 236 - Hadouken
  • 214 - Hurricane Kick
  • 623 - Dragon Punch
  • [4] 6 - Sonic Boom
  • [2] 8 - Flash Kick
  • 6248 - Spinning Piledriver

Button Layout

This game has six attack buttons: Three for punches and kicks, respectively. Lighter attacks are closer to the lever, while heavier ones are further.

Lp.png Light Punch Mp.png Medium Punch Hp.png Heavy Punch
Lk.png Light Kick Mk.png Medium Kick Hk.png Heavy Kick

Aside from their strength and speed, there is no standard to how each character's attack performs in-game. One character's light attacks may be appreciably weaker than another's. There is no button priority system to decide the winner of same-frame trades. Any mention of priority in this guide is to describe how well a normal's hitboxes perform against one another.