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RT Aegis Icon.png Aegis is a character who uses armour to approach, and her charged jumping normals to deal damage.
Pros Cons
  • Solid ground/air normals.
  • Strongest anti-air normal in the game, that leads to follow-ups.
  • Armour installed makes her difficult to challenge in neutral.
  • Cancellable sweep.
  • Good forward throw.
  • Weak damage and tricky combo routes.
  • The worst forward dash in the game and average walk speed.
  • Sweep is her only low.
  • Relies on having armour installed.


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In Progress / Completed To-do
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  • Pros&Cons/Strengths&Weaknesses
  • Combos
  • Overview
  • Movelist w/ framedata


Aegis full.png

Health: 1050

Stun: 1050

Backdash: 29f (invun 1-10)

Initial Dash: 21f (no run)