Zaraki Kenpachi

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Move List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Special A - Itsumade socchi wo mite yagaru: d.u. attack button
Kenpachi instantaneously flash steps to the enemy.

Special B - Son na ni shi ni takya sou shiro: b.d.f. attack button
Kenpachi charges forward and swipes at the enemy, knocking them backwards.
(Kenpachi cannot be stopped whilst charging, unless thrown)
All versions: 1 hit, 8 damage

Special C - Kudara nee: d.d. attack button
Creates a mirror image of Kenpachi, the enemy cannot see the real Kenpachi until you attack or are damaged.

Special D - Taman nee na: f.d.f. attack button (chargeable by holding the attack button)
Kenpachi powers up, increasing the range of his sword.
Can be stacked upto 5 times for maximum range.

Special E - Jyama ta usero: d.f. attack button
Kenpachi holds his sword out like a spear and charges into the enemy, knocking them into the air.
Light version: 5 hits, 5 damage
Medium version: 10 hits, 10 damage
RF version: 17 hits, 15 damage

Super Moves

Super A - Ko no teido ka yo: d.f.d.f. attack button
Kenpachi powers up, allowing any attacks to combo, for instance, a strong into a light into a strong attack.
Also, for the duration, all of Kenpachi's attacks are treated as Supers and are unable to be cancelled.

Super B - Omae ni nara zenryoku de tatakatte mo yosasou da: f.b.d.f. attack button
A wave of spiritual energy shoots upwards and outwards from Kenpachi.
32 hits, 101 damage

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


28 hits, 69 damage: (must have a full Reiryoku gauge to use)
Super A -> s.L -> s.M -> s.H -> Special E (RF version) -> a.M -> a.M (FS up) a.M -> a.M -> a.M (FS up) a.M -> a.M -> a.H