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Hina is a charge character who excels at controlling the midrange with her great normals and bullying the opponent into the corner with safe, difficult to parry pressure. Although she is not built for pure mixup-heavy aggression like the other "sword sister" Shimo, Hina is not a down-back defensive charge character. Hina's midrange pressure can be varied in several different ways to mess with parry timings and catch opponents off-guard, and once she lands a hit, Hina has powerful, simple hit confirms that put her back in her optimal range - just outside the opponent's footsies. Hina thrives when she can weave in and out of an opponent's range, baiting out normals and whiff punishing or applying powerful pressure that continues itself naturally similar to Street Fighter 4's Bison. In addition, almost every normal and special is very easy to confirm into one of her two supers, giving Hina a potentially enormous payoff for any random hit.

Unfortunately, Hina has a difficult time anti-airing without a charge, her walkspeed is pretty bad, and her normals in general aren't the best for abare at close range when compared to other fighters. In addition, it's very easy for Hina to be punished by an opponent who gets a read on her pressure, since many of her better long-ranged normals are laggy and easily whiff-punished or parried on prediction. Hina has a wide range of tools at her disposal, ranging from solid and predictable pressure tools to high-risk "gimmicks", so Hina players should mix up their approaches and neutral constantly to keep their opponents guessing.

Similar characters: SF4 Bison/Balrog

* Charge time: 42 frames


YataLP.png or YataHP.png YataLK.png or YataHK.png YataHBL.png or YataLBL.png
Hina Punch.png Hina Kick.png Hina Parry.png

-- Gongfuren

Move List

Command Normals

Df.png + Hp.png
B.png + Hk.png

Special Moves

B.png (charge) F.png + P.png
during Hp.png Yugizan, Dp.png + P.png
B.png (charge) F.png + K.png
D.png (charge) U.png + P.png
Hcf.png Uf.png + P.png

Super Special Moves

Qcf.png Qcf.png + P.png
Issen Kousan
Qcf.png Qcf.png + K.png

Move Analysis

Normal Moves

Standing Lp.png

Hina slices the air directly in front of her. Useful for mixing up your blockstrings. Cancel it into Yugizan or Bogetsu because 5A by itself is negative on block. Can be used to stuff certain pokes at a close range.

Crouching Lp.png

<Description here>

Jumping Lp.png

<Description here>

Standing Lk.png

<Description here>

Crouching Lk.png

<Description here>

Jumping Lk.png

<Description here>

Standing Hp.png

<Description here>

Crouching Hp.png

<Description here>

Jumping Hp.png

<Description here>

Standing Hk.png

Super cancellable only. Very strong button in most match ups, one of her strongest pokes in the neutral game. It is super cancellable but virtually impossible to confirm. Can buffer super 2 as a whiff punish, but in a few rare character specific instances the super may whiff (spacing dependant). Extremely useful for huge punish combos.

Crouching Hk.png

Hina slides feet first about a character length toward her opponent. It is always plus on block so it is very effective for a frame trap/throw game on its own. But it also can be cancelled into all of her special moves which allows Hina to apply a pressure game which is difficult to counter. See the strategy section for an indepth guide to Hina's pressure

The slide is also used to advance forward while maintaining charge. It is a good tool for stuffing pokes in close/mid range and for whiff punishes and punishes in general. It can be used similarly to Dhalsim's slide, she can low profile and travel under jumps at certain ranges. Her slide however despite being a low attack has a high hurtbox. She can be hit during her slide by low attacks AND by certain high attacks such as Kou's 5C.

Random notes: You can link her slide into her LP flashkick.

Jumping Hk.png

<Description here>

Command Normals

Sweep (Df.png + Hp.png)

<Description here>

Stepkick (B.png + Hk.png)

<Description here>

Special Moves

Yugizan (B.png (charge) F.png + P.png)

<Description here>

Tsuninazann (During Hp.png Yugizan (Dp.png + P.png))

<Description here>

Retsugizan (B.png (charge) F.png + K.png)

<Description here>

Shinenzan (D.png (charge) U.png + P.png)

<Description here>

Bogetsuzan (Hcf.pngUf.png + P.png)

Hina leaps forward and slices the top of her foe's head. It is an overhead. She leaps further depending on the button strength, with EX being able to cross up

The EX version in particular is infamous for its ability to steal the souls of unsuspecting foe's. Proven to work better in netplay than offline.

Super Special Moves

Kantanenzan (Qcf.png Qcf.png + P.png)

Issen Kousan (Qcf.png Qcf.png + K.png)

Frame Data

All standing normals must be parried high and all crouching moves must be parried low unless otherwise stated.

Move Name Damage Hit Level Cancel Ability Startup Active Recovery Block Advantage Hit Advantage Total Frames
Stand Snka.gif 2200 Mid sp/su 7 2 14 -4 -3 22
Stand Snkb.gif 2600 Mid (any parry) sp/su 6 2 8 +2 +3 15
Stand Snkc.gif 6400 Mid - 11 2 21 -3 0 33
Stand Snkd.gif 5500 Mid su 9 3 17 0 3 28
Crouch Snka.gif 2000 Mid (any parry) su 5 2 12 -2 -1 18
Crouch Snkb.gif 2000 Low sp/su 6 2 8 +2 +3 15
Crouch Snkc.gif 5000 Mid (any parry) - 10 2 22 -7 - 33
Crouch Snkd.gif 4800 Low sp/su 10 4 12 +1 +3 25
Jump Snka.gif 2200 High - 5 2 - - - -
Jump Snkb.gif 2000 High - 6 7 - - - -
Jump Snkc.gif 5000 High - 8 2 - - - -
Jump Snkd.gif 5500 High - 10 3 - - - -

Df.gif + Snkc.gif

5600 Low - 7 2 28 -10 - 36

Snka.gif + Snkb.gif

1500 + 1500 + 3500 (6500) - - 4 2 23 - - 28

Snka.gif + Snkc.gif

3000 High - 24 2 9 +6 +6 34
Guard Crush

Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif

6000 Unblockable (any parry) - 22 2 19 +11 +2 42

B.gif + Snkd.gif

5000 Mid sp/su 14 5 14 +1 0 32
L Yugizan

B.gif (charge) F.gif + Snka.gif

5200 Mid (parry High) su 12 2 16 -1 +1 29
H Yugizan

B.gif (charge) F.gif + Snkc.gif

4000 Mid (parry High) su 12~33 3 20 -5 -3 34~55
> Tsuninazan

Dp.gif + P.png

3500 Mid (any parry) su 6 4 27 -11 - 36
EX Yugizan

B.gif (charge) F.gif + Snka.gifSnkc.gif

6000 Mid (parry High) su 9~? 3 21 -6 - 32~?
> Tsuninazan

Dp.gif + P.png

3500 Mid (any parry) su 6 4 28 -12 - 37
L Retsugizan

B.gif (charge) F.gif + Snkb.gif

5500 Low su 18 3 17 -3 - 37
H Retsugizan

B.gif (charge) F.gif + Snkd.gif

5500 Low su 17~? 3 22 -8 - 41~?
EX Retsugizan

B.gif (charge) F.gif + Snkb.gifSnkd.gif

600 Low su, Bogetsuzan 17~? 3 21 -7 - 40~?
L Shinenzan

Down.gif (charge) Up.gif + Snka.gif

5500 Mid su 4 2(1)2 32 -17 - 40
H Shinenzan

Down.gif (charge) Up.gif + Snkc.gif

6850 (4000 + 3000 [scales]) Mid su (first hit) 5 2(1)4 40 -24 - 51
EX Shinenzan

Down.gif (charge) Up.gif + Snka.gifSnkc.gif

4500 + 3000 + 3000 (9350 [scales]) Mid su (first hit) 5 2(1)4 41 -25 - 52
L Bogetsuzan

Hcf.gifUpright.gif + Snka.gif

3800 High su 22 2 16 +2 +8 39
H Bogetsuzan

Hcf.gifUpright.gif + Snkc.gif

3800 High su 24 2 17 +1 +7 42
EX Bogetsuzan

Hcf.gifUpright.gif + Snka.gifSnkc.gif

4200 High su 20 2 15 +3 +11 36

Qcf.gifQcf.gif + P.png

10000 (12000 if selected) Mid - (20)6 2 52 -34 - 59
Issen Kousan

Qcf.gifQcf.gif + K.png

13500 (16200 if selected) Mid*Low*Mid*Low*Mid*Mid (parry H/L/H/L/M/M) - (20)11 2(10)2(11)2(10)2(8)2(1)4 43 -27 - 107


Notation notes: [4]6, and [2]8 will be the notation for Hina's charge moves. A "/" means either button can be used. A "," signifies a link, "xx" signifies a cancel. Damage values listed in parenthesis.


2B,2B xx [4]6A (6928)

2B,2B xx [4]6C 623C (8400)

2B,2B xx [2]8A (7120)

2B,2B xx [2]8C (7984)

2B,2B,2A (5880)

2D xx [2]8A (9475)

  • At max range can link either Shinenzan after 2D

2D xx [4]6A (9220)

2D xx [4]6C 623C (11175)

2D xx [4]6B/D (9475)

  • Using D here gives the same damage and less frame advantage so its not advised.

BL Counter 2D,2B xx [4]6A (12436)

4D xx [4]6A (9420)

4D xx [4]6C 623C (11375)

4D xx [4]6B/D (9675)

  • Using D here gives the same damage and less frame advantage so its not advised.

5A xx [4]6A (6620)

2C, [4]6D (9400)

2C, [4]6A, j.D (12240)

2C, [4]6A, 5C (12744) Corner Only

2C, [4]6B, 412369A/C, [2]8A (13684)

412369A/C, [2]8A (7650)

412369A/C, [2]8C (8595)

412369A/C, 2B xx [2]8A (8280)

412369A/C, 2B xx [2]8C (9036)

412369A/C, 2B xx [4]6A (8112)

412369A/C, 2B xx [4]6C 623C (9400)



UOH,2B xx [2]8A

UOH,2B xx [2]8C

UOH,2B xx[4]6A

UOH,2B xx [4]6C 623C

  • UOH is Universal Overhead. All above UOH combos are possible even if the opponent is standing!

1/2 Meter

2D xx [2]8AC (12742)

  • Can link the EX Shinen at max 2D range

2Dxx[4]6BDxx412369A/C, 2C, [4]6B, 412369A/C, [2]8A (17858)

4Dxx[4]6BDxx412369A/C, 2C, [4]6B, 412369A/C, [2]8A (18058)

2Dxx[4]6BD, 2C,[4]6D (15492)

  • Non optimal route. Only attempt if you miss the Bogetsu cancel of the BNB route(the combo above). Timing of the D Retsu varies based on how high you hit the opponent with 2C

4Dxx[4]6BD, 2C,[4]6D (15692)

  • Non optimal route. See above combo,

2C,[4]6AC, 412369A/C, 412369A/C, [2]8A (14926)

412369AC,2B,2Bxx[2]8A (8688)

  • Depending on spacing, sometimes only one 2B is possible.

412369AC,2C,[4]6B,412369A/C,[2]8C (12409)

1 Meter

Notes: All damage values are with Super2 Issenkosa(236236B) buffed

2B,2B,2A xx 236236B

2D xx [4]6B,236236A (15425)

4D xx [4]6B,236236A (15625)

2D xx [4]6A,236236B (18856)

4D xx [4]6A,236236B (19056)

2D xx [4]6BDxx412369A/C,2C,[4]6AC, 412369A/C,412369A/C,[2]8A (18376)

4D xx [4]6BDxx412369A/C,2C,[4]6AC, 412369A/C,412369A/C,[2]8A (18576)

2D xx [4]6BDxx412369A/C,[4]6AC, 412369A, 412369Cx4, [2]8A (17999)

  • Best corner carry. Note that an A Bogetsu is needed after the EX Yugi.

4D xx [4]6BDxx412369A/C,[4]6AC, 412369A, 412369Cx4, [2]8A (18199)

  • Best corner carry. Note that an A Bogetsu is needed after the EX Yugi.

5D xx 236236B (20890)

412369A/C, 236236B (15140)

412369A/C, 2B xx [4]6A xx 236236B (14458)

Anti Air routes

2C, [4]6B, 412369A/C, [2]8A (13684)

2C, 412369C, 412369C, 412369C, [2]8A (13166)

2C, [4]6D (9400)

2C, [4]6A, j.D (12240)

2C, [4]6A, 5C (12744) Corner Only

2C,[4]6AC, 412369A/C, 412369A/C, [2]8A (14926)

412369A/C, [2]8A

  • Anti air A or C Bogetsu hit also allows for a reset with 2B,2D, or 5D

412369AC, 412369A/C, 412369A/C, 412369A/C, 412369A/C, [2]8A (10767)

412369AC, [2]8A, [2]8A (8790)

  • Side-swap confirm. Side-swap occurs if ex bogetsu hits late in the opponents jump (if they are on the way down).

[2]8A, 236236A (11500)

Air BL Counter hit, 412369A/Cx5,[2]8A (16387 with j.D starter)

  • By "air BL counter hit" we mean an anti air or air to air hit that causes the air BL counter state

Air BL Counter hit, 412369AC,412369A/Cx3,[2]8A (15308 with j.D starter)

  • By "air BL counter hit" we mean an anti air or air to air hit that causes the air BL counter state

Video of Hina BNB anti air routes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI7LouT7TE0

General Hina combo Notes:

For many of Hina's combos involving a Bogetsu juggle either A or C Bogetsu's can be used and will do the same damage, although using the C version will provide better corner carry. Note that the C version has 2 more start up frames and can sometimes be more difficult to land. Judge the spacing properly.

Anywhere that there is a Shinenzan ender after a juggle combo you can instead reset with 2B, 2D or 5D. Depending on the combo the 2D and 5D resets can be more difficult. 2B reset grants the most frame advantage but least damage. 2D reset is solid midscreen and 5D is recommended for corner resets.


Hina is a powerful character with strong, simple hit-confirms and who can easily transition between multiple different playstyles based on the matchup and the opponent's tendencies. Similar to SF4's Bison's Scissor Kick pressure, Hina can bully opponents to the corner by poking with crouching Snkb.gif into Yugizan, Retsugizan, or Bogetsuzan, each of which have different parry timings, are mostly unpunishable against most characters when spaced, and all of which can be hit-confirmed into a super. If the opponent blocks a L Yugizan, which should be your bread-and-butter space control and pressure tool, Hina can Retsugizan to catch opponents walking backwards with a fast long-range low, use her fast crouching Snka.gif or standing Snkc.gif to counterpoke, go over lows with Universal Overhead or Bogetsuzan, or continue the pressure with stepkick, dash up throw, or crouching Snkb.gif or Snkd.gif. Most characters have only limited tools to defeat this midrange pressure game, and as long as you remain unpredictable such as to not get parried, Hina can quickly force opponents to a purely defensive game where she can get them to the corner or eat a beefy simple hit confirm into super. Hina's jumping normals are serviceable and have decent range if you want to mix up your approach, although in general she is best played mostly on the ground.

Defensively, Hina has a respectable number of options. Standing Snkc.gif, although not special cancellable, has a good hitbox and can be used in the midrange as way to catch movement and limbs. Crouching Snka.gif is Hina's fastest normal, is slightly disjointed, and is a great way to check lows. Hina has one of the game's few invincible meterless reversals in H Shinenzan as well, and it functions as a serviceable anti-air, hitting slightly behind her as well to check cross-ups. Because of her slow walk speed and relatively slow normals, Hina can have a difficult time anti-airing opponents when caught without a down charge for Shinenzan. If put out fast enough, crouching Snkc.gif offers a full juggle combo and has a decent enough hitbox (though somewhat smaller than the animation implies). One of the less obvious but stronger options is to meet the opponent midair and challenge with her fast neutral jump Snka.gif or even a back jump Snkc.gif. In general, however, Hina players must be adept at parrying aerial approaches and must be mindful that their anti-airs not become predictable and parried on prediction. In part due to this weakness and in part due to the generally aggressive nature of the game, Hina players cannot simply hold down-back and try to counter every approach their opponent makes unless they already have a significant life lead - Hina is most suited for a strong midrange style of play where she weaves in and out of the opponent's range and aggressively controls as much space as she can.


vs. Azure

(No strategies)

vs. Kotaro

(No strategies)

vs. Aja

(No strategies)

vs. Kou

(No strategies)

vs. Hanzo

(No strategies)

vs. Jyuzumaru

(No strategies)

vs. Dark Jyuzumaru

(No strategies)

vs. Hina

(No strategies)

vs. Shimo

(No strategies)

vs. Jet

(No strategies)

vs. Chadha

Hina has the advantage on the ground. Stay at mid range to chip his guard/health with A-Yugizan, B-Retsugizan, 5C etc. A-Yugi and 5C can break Chadha's normal attacks (including his 5A and 2A).

However, It's necessary to anti-air to keep that advantage. For example, crouching High Parry -> C Shinenzan to punish both of the Chadha's JD and empty jump -> throw. If you can punish his JD a lot, Hina's 2C also works for high damages. Do not forget mixing-up anti-airs(Parry, jump parry, jump attacks, Shinen and etc.). It is important because Chadha can do a deep jump in light which will beat a crouching High Parry -> C Shinen, so vary your options!

If Chadha is turtling with neutral JD wait until he lands, use parry, sometimes EX-Bogetsu, or sometimes 5C. If you always commit to an option after he lands he can counter with a Dropkick or read your attack, so keeping a balance between waiting and punishing or attacking is important.

(Thank you to OsamuraiZamurai for the Chadha tips!)

vs. Crow

(No strategies)

Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm