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Arcana Heart/Yasuzumi Yoriko

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  • Yoriko Yasuzumi (安栖 頼子, Yasuzumi Yoriko?) (cv. Yui Itsuki)

She is introverted, bookish, and obsessed with anything occult. One night, Yoriko performed a ritual and summoned Mike, the self-proclaimed “Demon King”. A contract was formed between the two of them, and now she is unable to part with her unusually-shaped companion. Against her will, Yoriko and Mike roam the city every night investigating the magical disturbance in the skies above Tokyo, causing mischief, and eating doughnuts.

While on break, Yoriko and Lilica decided to try summoning a low-level demon servant for Yoriko. She was a bit nervous to try such a ritual, but her fascination with the occult got the best of her. That night, the two of them got together, and Yoriko drew a magic circle on the ground. Before starting the ritual, however, she got nervous and ran to the bathroom. While Yoriko was busy splashing cold water on her face and talking to herself in the mirror for encouragement, Lilica was up to no good. She thought it would be funny to re-draw the incantation and not tell Yoriko. When Yoriko returned and began the ritual, she did not summon a low-level demon, but rather, she summoned Mike the “Demon King”. Naturally, Lilica feels a little guilty about this.

During the game some characters refer to Mike as Michelangelo the demon king namely those of extensive background, connections to the dark arts, or vast knowledge about arcanas namely Kamui, Lieselotte, and Mildred. Most of the other characters call Mike a Kitty-Staff much to his annoyance.

Move list


4/6AD: Spike's Dinner Special * Knockdown | 2500 dmg.

  • Spike sucks up the opponent and spits him out in the opposite direction. Standard grab with standard effects.

5AD: Spike's Violence is Great! * Launcher | 2500 dmg.

  • A three hit combo ending in 3C which propels the opponent in the air, allowing the user to combo off of the grab into something else using a Homing Cancel bar. The window for teching this grab is larger, so use sparingly.

j.AD: Even in the air, F O E-I mean, Spike's Violence is Great! * Wallslam | N/A dmg.

  • A two hit combo ending in a j.B that send the opponent into a wall for a wall slam. Can be teched out of, but if close enough to the wall the user can tech punish with another grab.

Normal moves

2A: Sliding cape poke | 500 dmg.

  • This is a standard poke using Yoriko's cape, in which the cape is slid along the ground. Range is okay, comes out at a decent speed, and is able to be comboed into itself about three times before the opponent is pushed back too far. This is only used for winning clashes, starting combos, and a good fast attack just in case you want to beat something out.

2B: Cape smack | 1000 dmg.

  • Think of 2A, except instead of the cape sliding on the ground it's in the air. Sort of more similar to Yoriko's 5A than anything, this comes out at a decent speed with twice as much range as Yoriko's 2A. This can be used as a poke if the 2A won't reach far enough to hit the opponent, and it does a good job at what it does. If it ever hits you have quite a bit of time to combo into something else, otherwise you're safe if it gets blocked or if you don't followup with anything else(Unless of course they Guard Cancel).

2C: Spike's rising hunger * Launcher | 2200 dmg.

  • So basically, Spike's face goes into the ground and comes back up about an inch away from Yoriko as an enlarged head roughly bigger than Yoriko's sprite, where he does sort of a bite animation before he goes back underground and into Yoriko's scared little arms. This move is very unsafe when not comboed into, and has sort of a slow startup when compared to all her other pokes. This is the normal that people will try to burst/guard cancel out of if they see it coming, as it leaves you wide open for getting hit. Puts the opponent into an airborne state if it connects.

5A: Spike's 'Talk to the hand' technique | 500 dmg.

  • An okay normal, Yoriko's cape turns into a hand and basically does a facepalm attack. It comes out pretty fast and has more range than her 2A, and it can be comboed into itself just like her 2A.

5B: Nice to meet you, I'm Spike | 1100 dmg.

  • Spike turns Yoriko's cape into what resembles a hand, and puts it into a position that seems like a handshake. The range is pretty good, with okay damage.

5C: Spike's angry lunge * Un-Cancelable | 3000 dmg.

  • A beefed up version of Yoriko's 6B, Spike is really mad in this normal as he basically blows himself up like with Yoriko's 2C and headbutts the opponent with teeth bared and everything. This normal can not be canceled into a special nor a super, and the only way to cancel it is to use a homing cancel. A pretty good poke if your opponent is far away, as the range on this thing is GREAT. If you have an opponent IAD-ing a lot, this is a good poke to use to get them out the air. Punishable on block.

j.A: Wanna fight? Spike's boxing dreams come true | 900 dmg.

  • Yoriko sits on Spike and her cape balls up a fist and jabs everything up to Spike's face. The range is okay and the normal comes out at a nice speed, but should only be used if you're trying to win a clash. Combo-able

j.B: Spike's headbutt | 1400 dmg.

  • Think of Yoriko's 6B in the air, and this is what you have. Great range, speed and priority, this is the air normal of choice for all Yoriko players. Very little players in the cast can match the range of this move, so this is what you'll be using in IADs, Air-to-air attacks, and for zoning purposes.

j.C: Go to hell! Spike's angry hammerface * Knockdown | 2200 dmg.

  • This normal is j.B except it has a vertical trajectory and it grounds the opponent. This is to be used when you want to end an air combo with a normal that grounds, and thats it. This shouldn't be used as a standalone normal, as j.B does a MUCH better job at what it does than j.C. The speed it comes out is nothing to be impressed at, and the lag you get for whiffing it/getting it blocked is nothing but a horror story waiting to happen.

Command Normals

6C: Spike's secret waltzing passion * Chargeable * Wallslam * Air Unblockable | 2200[2600] dmg.

  • This is a funny normal to look at, as Spike holds Yoriko as if they were in some cheesy romance flick, before flinging her at the opponent as an attack. The startup isn't so great, and the recovery is nothing fun either, but it can be charged to be turned into an unblockable. The range is that of a 6B, and is never really used in a fight. Yoriko counts as airborne when she leaves the ground, meaning lows won't hit her.

3C: Shoryuken! Spike's heavenly uppercut * Chargeable * Launcher * Air Unblockable | 2200[2800] dmg.

  • Spike place's Yoriko's hat on his own head and performs an uppercut using the cape as his fist. The fist goes slightly above Yoriko's head, and has practically no horizontal range at all.

6A: Gimme those knees! Spike's low blow | 700 dmg.

  • This is a funky normal. Spike aims his face at the opponent's knees/ankles and headbutts the area, while Yoriko is sort of refusing the strike by trying to pull him away. This hits now and can be comboed into other normals not involving A. Comes out at an semi-fast speed, with little recovery.

3A: Spike prods the sky | 700 dmg.

  • This a purely vertical attack involving Yoriko gently raising Spike a little over her head. Can be comboed into itself and other normals, and has no horizontal range at all. Good for clashing with an opponent coming in from the air, and thats it. Sort of a normal that you use if you aren't sure your other anti-airs'll get punished.

6B: Super headbutt tackle! Spike's ferocity shows * Air unblockable | 1100 dmg.

  • A smaller version of Yoriko's 5C with an air unblockable slapped onto it. Not very good as an AA because it's so horizontal, this should only be used if you KNOW your opponent is going to IAD or try to jump out of your pressure strings. Can be comboed into any of the C normals, has good speed, range, and safe if used correctly.

3B: Spike kisses the ground * Airborne state | 1200 dmg.

  • Sort of a ground version of Yoriko's 6B, Spike launches himself to become almost parallel with the ground, and hits the opponent with his face. This normal has a GREAT combination of speed range and priority for a poke that can be used to stop attacking foes in their tracks. This normal actually puts the opponent into an airborne state, meaning you can combo into things like 236c or other moves you can't easily do to an opponent on the ground

9/6/3C (Air only): Spike spits hot fire * Projectile | 1500 dmg.

  • This is a great move. Depending on what direction you're holding when you press C, Spike will spit a fireball out of his third eye in that direction. The fireball itself can be clashed, but is GREAT for zoning or for messing with your opponent's head. Upon shooting the fireball, Yoriko will go into a recoil state where she'll be pushed back in the opposite direction she shot in. For example, if she were to shoot in front of her, she'd go backwards a little, and if she shot below her she'd go upwards a little. It has an okay startup that you CAN be hit out of if the opponent is close enough to you, and you can be punished if the opponent is close enough and the fireball whiffs. I say again, this is a GREAT zoning tool.

1/2C (Air only): Whee! Around and around they go * Knockdown | 2500 dmg.

  • This normal looks pretty funky too. What happens is that Yoriko spins around Spike's base while sitting on it, while her cape does a sort of attack that hits below her. Upon getting hit the opponent will be grounded, allowing you to get into position for RAPE UPON GETTING UP. Range is not so good, there is a slight startup time, and does a job that other normals do so much better.

Special Moves

Hell's Punishment is Coming - 236A/B/C (Air and Ground): Three tackles for the price of one

  • This is probably Yoriko's most used special(s) out of all the other ones, for the sheer amount of ways they can be used. Depending on which button you press, you'll get a different version of the special used for different situations. I'll explain each version in detail with their own section.

236A: Spike's blitzing tackle of fire! * Low * Airbornes opponent * Super cancelable | 2000 dmg.

(Ground): Yoriko will go into a sort of fetal position standing up before Spike's face blows up to the vertical size of Yoriko's standing sprite, and does a fast missile-like attack that goes against the ground while Yoriko helplessly holds onto Spike from behind. This attack counts as a low, and covers ground very fast compared to her other methods of travel(excluding homing). If blocked, Spike will bounce off the opponent and into the air, where you'll then gain back back control of Yoriko(You'll be able to act as if you jumped up into the air). If the move connects, Spike will continue the dash for the same amount of distance as if the moved were whiffed. The move is pretty safe on block, but you can be punished with the startup time that it has.

(Air): The same distance covered on the ground you get in the air, the same effects on block, on hit, and on whiff. Control is given back to the player after the move ends. Basically the same thing as the ground version except in the air.

236B: We're going back to hell * High * Airbornes opponent | 1800 dmg.



236C: Get out of the air! You're no bird! * Airbornes opponent | 2400 dmg.



Hades' Spouting Anguish - 421A/B/C: * Can be held to stay out longer * Air-Unblockable | 1925-2340-2735 dmg.

  • The giant pillar of doom, as said by other Arcana Heart players. This move is very so-so, as the recovery can be really bad at times leaving you way open. But then again, there are some times where this can be perfectly used for zoning/defensive runs. What basically happens is that Yoriko does the same animation for her 2C, but instead of Spike's giant face coming out, you'll get a vertical Spike tower that increases in height(and damage) the longer you hold the button. Depending on what button you press determines how far the tower comes out from you(A being the closest, B being medium, and C being just a little over 5 character distances(or two kiras away)). The recovery on this move is pretty bad, and the startup time is nothing to be happy about either, so I'd say that you only use this with the C version or when you're ABSOLUTELY sure it'll connect. It gets to be so much better when powered up.

Drill Bad Spin - 214A/B/C (Air Only): Overhead | 1600 dmg.

  • Spike wraps himself and Yoriko up with her cape, and the cape makes a drill shape before descending all the way onto the ground. This move counts as an overhead, and is pretty fast in itself. You would use this to make people's heads spin with something like 2A TK 214x for that instant overhead. It doesn't matter which button you push for this move, as they all do the same thing. This move can also be used as a quickfall of sorts if you need to get to the ground without wasting precious homing gauge.

Ancient Talisman - 632146A/B/C (Air and Ground): Powers up Yoriko(Part 1)

  • Yoriko will hold Spike the same way she does with her 3C, minus the fist uppercutting the air. Spike will give the players the stink eye, and will continue to hold that position for about 1.5 seconds(if the player does not touch anything after the attack comes out. As a standalone attack, this is horrible. Depending on what direction you push with the stick, a fireball will come out in that direction(up to six can be spit out). The recovery is appalling, you cannot HC out of the attack, and it does crap damage. The real purpose of this attack will be explained in the next special:

Talisman Follow-up - 819738 | 837918 | 273192 | 291372: Powers up Yoriko(Part 2)

  • Wow. This is Yoriko's most useful special in her arsenal, no contest. When you perform the special before this, and input the directions in this move(you can use any four of the directions above), Yoriko will do her burst animation and a giant pentagram will appear over her. A bar will then appear right under her health bar that will steadily decrease as time goes by(approx. 6 seconds going by the Arcana timer). So just why is this move so good, and why is it so difficult to do? Well, the rewards for successfully getting this move off completely justifies the difficulty of the motions(you're actually drawing a star with the arcade stick). What happens is that Yoriko's specials(all of them excluding the talisman itself) get major power boosts.
  • With her 236A/B/C, each now get five hits instead of one, and they can be comboed into each other(236A 236C 236A 236C 236B is an actual combo when in pentagram mode). You know Yoriko's 421x, with its extremely bad recovery? It now gives you an EXTREME frame advantage if used on a blocking opponent, and the attack is near unpunishable if whiffed. You can actually do blockstrings using nothing but the attack itself, and the opponent would not be able to do anything about it. 214x in the air gains an extra three hits for a number of FOUR overheads, which can be used for various traps and unblockables. Yoriko becomes a top tier contender when in pentagram mode EASILY, its just that good. This is a must for any Yoriko player to become a scary opponent.

Super Moves

Demonic Power to Control the World - 236AB: * Start-up invincibility until fist comes out | 6912 dmg.

  • Yoriko does her 3C animation, and on connect it sends the opponent flying before coming back down to a nice surprise. What happens is that Spike blows himself up to a MvC2 Sentinel size, with Yoriko in his arms scared and everything at the sight of her staff as a giant cat-man. Spike shoots fire out of his third eye, but this time its so powerful it makes a beam of sorts and shoot you all the way up into the air until Spike is out of sight(so he can revert back). This is an okay super for jump-ins and IADs, and can somewhat be used for stopping opponents who are GCing towards you. Can be comboed into using the 3A normal(best for opponents coming in from the air), or can be comboed from Yoriko's 236A(Ground only). Does okay damage, but nothing to be excited about, as she has BnBs that do way more damage than this super.

Necromancer's Forbidden Sorcery - 63214AB: * Grab * Start-up invincibility until grab judgment commences * 18 Pumps maximum | 5800(Max) dmg.

  • Yoriko does her grab animation(recycled sprites are fun), and on connect Spike'll suck up the opponent before wrapping up the opponent, himself, and Yoriko up with the cape. When the cape comes off Spike has Yoriko on a makeshift cross using the cape and himself, and the opponent in on the ground in front of Yoriko. Basically I call this super 'Sacrifice your soul', because Spike is taking the life out of the opponent and putting it into a Yoriko that doesn't want it at all. You can mash this super for more health regen, using both the stick and the buttons for mashing(yes it counts if you wiggle the joystick like a madman). This super is funny because the more you mash the more Yoriko whines during the super. You can also see her fidgeting on the cross while shes being regenned. Not a good super for damage at ALL, but great for getting health back(You can back roughly 2-3x as much health back as the damage you give to the opponent).


The lowdown:

Yoriko is mainly regarded as a defensive-tech character. Being the worst character in the game, it isn't unusual to see a Yoriko rely on gimmicks or her bizzare playstyle to win. Playing Yoriko requires a strong sense of what the opponent can do, and a moderate ability to control space. In no way is Yoriko regarded as a top-tier contender, it is unusual to see her win, and her rushdown is very limited. A good Yoriko needs brains to win, and can't make too many mistakes. If you like a character that makes you think while you play, then you should be reading the Liese page. But in all seriousness, Yoriko is a good place to start out for that type of character.

Yoriko has the farthest reach in the game, and has combos that do moderate damage for 1-2 homing stock. She has a lot of recovery on most moves, and she is the only character with a health regen/mashable super. She features a move that powers all her specials for a set amount of time, and is generally regarded as "annoying." Her problems are too much recovery from *everything*, not enough damage output, and not enough abusable moves in her arsenal.

Character Specific Strategies:

vs Kamui:

  • This is a hard match-up, as Kamui's priority is far better than Yoriko's, and her range is almost just as good. To add to the problem, Kamui accels when she can keep the opponent out of her face, while Yoriko *tries* to stay out of the opponent's face. Be patient, and try not to find yourself blindly rushing in. Use 236A a lot, and wait for an air-pattern that can be stopped with 236C. GC4 236B whenever Kamui is close enough to get hit.

vs Konoha:

  • To start it off, all of Yoriko's standing normals go over crouching Konoha. Konoha's 3B is a great tool for clashing air attacks, so try and mix it up with air 3Cs. Try to use the burst safe combo and keep your blockstrings short. Konoha's speed will always get her a combo from a whiffed 2C, or a burst during a normal combo. Beware of her Iori crossup as well, so try to anticipate them and 236C for a nice followup combo. Kunai stop 236x

vs Maori:

  • In my opinion Yoriko's hardest match-up, Maori does a much better job at what Yoriko tries to do, zone. With Maori's long range specials/supers, a turtling Yoriko will undoubtably lose. Yoriko needs pentagram for this match-up to gain space, and to do damage to Maori. Usually the opponent will throw out cranes to keep you from getting too close. A regular 236A will not clash with this, which is what you'll be using to move in on Maori. A powered up 236A however, will move right though the cranes. Watch out for Maori's sick high-low mixup, and her HC6 > sister punch. Don't get hit.

Arcana Breakdown


  • Lang Gong
  • Otsuchi


  • Moriomoto
  • Partineas
  • Gier
  • Niptra


  • Bhanri
  • Orichalkos
  • Tempestras


  • Anutpuda
  • Dieu Mort


(Pentagram Setup): 2AB > 3B >2C > 236B > 5[D] > j.B > j.C > 632146x

(Pentagram Combo): 2AB > 3B > 421B > 421B > 236C > 5[D] > j.B > j.AB > 236A > 236C

(Demonic Power to Control the COMBOOOOO): 236A > 236AB

(Burst Safe Combo aka Funky Combo): 2AB > 3B > HC6 > 5B > sj.3C > j.B > 66 > 3A > j.B > j.B [j.C]

Brackets can be optionally replaced with 236C into whatever, can be followed up with an optional pentagram, or an arcana specific combo such as Lang-Gong corner loop or Otsuchi fist.

Arcana Specific


  • (Standard BnB): 2AB > 3B > 2C > 236B > 5[D] > j.B > j.B > 214x > j.B
     (If opponent is cornered): 236D >j.B > 632146D
     (Midscreen): 632146D
  • (Corner Loop): 2AB > 3B > 2C > 236B 5[D] j.B > 236D > j.B > 236D > j.B > 632146D
  • (Advanced Corner Loop): 2AB>3B>2C>236B 5[D] j.B>236D>j.B>236D>j.B>236C 5[D] j.B>236D>j.B>236D>j.B>632146D Land j.B>j.AB>236D>j.B>236D>j.B>236C


  • (Standard BnB): 2AB > 3B > 2C >
     (Ender 1): 41236D
     (Ender 2): 236B > 5[D] > j.B > j.AB > 41236D
     (Optional Pentagram at end of both enders)
  • (Corner Loop): 2AB > 3B > 2C > 41236D > 2C > 41236D > 66 > 236C > 5[D] > j.B > 41236D > 41236D > j.B > 236C > 5[D] > j.B > 41236D > 41236D > j.B > j.BC > (Optional Pentagram)

Frame Data

Big ups to for being asian enough to post framedata

2A: Sliding cape poke

  • 5 Frames

2B: Cape smack

  • 10 Frames

2C: Spike's rising hunger

  • 17 Frames

5A: Spike's 'Talk to the hand' technique

  • 5 Frames

5B: Spike's lunge

  • 10 Frames

5C: Spike's angry lunge

  • 14 Frames

j.A: Wanna fight? Spike's boxing dreams come true

  • 8 Frames

j.B: Spike's headbutt

  • 9 Frames

j.C: Go to hell! Spike's angry hammerface

  • 14 Frames

Command Normals

6C: Spike's secret waltzing passion

  • 17 Frames | [35] Frames

3C: Shoryuken! Spike's heavenly uppercut

  • 13 Frames | [28] Frames

6A: Gimme those knees! Spike's low blow

  • 9 Frames

3A: Spike prods the sky

  • 5 Frames

6B: Super headbutt tackle! Spike's ferocity shows

  • 13 Frames

3B: Spike kisses the ground

  • 11 Frames

Special Moves

Hell's Punishment is Coming - 236A/B/C

  • 236A: 22 Frames[22 Air]
  • 236B: 27 Frames[18 Air]
  • 236C: 7 Frames[5 Air]

Hades Spouting Anguish - 421A/B/C

  • Close: 17 Frames
  • Mid: 17 Frames
  • Far: 17 Frames
  • Powered up: 12 Frames

Drill Bad Spin - (In Air) 214A/B/C

  • 16 Frames

Ancient Talisman - 632146A/B/C

  • 8 Frames

Talisman Follow-up - 819738 | 837918 | 273192 | 291372

  • 4 Frames

Super Moves

Demonic Power to Control the World - 236AB

  • 0 Frames for the lights to dim, then 30 frames of the lights dimmed, then 5 frames for the attack to come out after that.

Necromancer's Forbidden Sorcery - 63214AB

  • 0 Frames for the lights to dim, then 30 frames of the lights dimmed, then 3 frames for the move to start the active frames