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Zangief, the Red Cyclone from Russia, is a world class Street Fighter. Between wrestling bears in the far noth Zangief travels the world to bring honor to his mother country.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Knee Dive (in air) {{ D.png + Mk}}
Body slam (in air) {{ D.png + Hp}}

Special Moves

Spinning Lariat (also in air) 3p.png or 3k.png
Green Hand {{ Dp.png + P}}
Spining Piledriver (also in air) {{ 360.png + P}}
Flying Smash {{ Qcf.png + K}}
Dashing Grab {{ F.png , F.png , then Mp or Hp or Mk or Hk}}

Super Moves

Final Atomic Buster {{ 360.png 360.png + P P}}

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


1) C.HP XX HP-Banishing Punch
2) J.HK , C.HK

1) Jump over the enemy. J.DN.HP , S.HK [2 hits] XX LK-Aerial Russian Slam

  **Note: The timing of the SPD is VERY hard, but it CAN add to the
          Combometer.  Try putting a small delay between the SJ.LP and the
          SJ.MK.  Then, put an equal delay in between the SJ.MK
          and the SPD.

3) J.T.HP , C.MP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.MK XX Kick Lariat , S.HK (2 hits) XX LK-Aerial Russian Slam

  **Note: More often than not, the Aerial Russian Slam will not count as part
          of the combo, but it is possible to have it add to the Combometer.

4) J.DN.MK , C.MP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.MK XX Kick Lariat , Kick Lariat
5) J.HP , C.MP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.MK XX Kick Lariat , C.LK (OTG) XX Kick Lariat

Expert 1) J.HP , C.MP SJ SJ.LP , SJ.MK XX Kick Lariat , S.HK (2 hits) XX LP-Banishing Punch, FAB

  **Note: If you time it right, after the enemy bounces off the Green Hand,
          you'll start the FAB even before they've landed on the floor.
          Thus, after the initial Chi Gathering of the Super Combo, they'll
          fall right into your arms with no escape.  Only a perfectly timed
          Reversal Attack will get them out, but 99% of the time, the enemy
          is doomed.

2) Jump over the enemy. J.DN.HP , S.HK [2 hits] SJ Kick Lariat, J.LP XX Kick Lariat , J.LP XX Kick Lariat , [repeat as often as you like] , C.MP SJ SJ.LK, SJ.LP , SJ.MK , SJ.HK (FS)

  **Note: The only way to do this combo is to MANUALLY cancel the
          S.HK into a Super Jump.  You actually have to do the entire
          Down, Up motion to do this and you have to time it so that you
          press Up right AFTER the 2nd hit of the HK connects.  Then,
          IMMEDIATELY go into the Kick Lariat.  Land and do the Infinite.  At
          then end, I suggest a Team Super Attack, because it's the only
          thing that's interesting enough to finish it off.

Ways to Land SPDs
2) J.DN.MK , C.LK, SPD. Time the SPD so that you finish the code RIGHT when the enemy comes OUT of block stun.
3) Jump over enemy. J.DN.HP , C.HP XX FPB
4) Jump and do nothing, FPB/SPD/FAB upon landing.
5) Block a character switch, FPB/SPD/FAB.
6) After you defeat one teammate out of the two, wait until the next enemy

   jumps into the screen and RIGHT when they appear into the screen, FPB or
   FAB so they jump into your arms.

7) If the enemy misses an uppercut or Razor Kick etc. and leaves him/herself

   open on their way down, C.HP XX FAB.  The C.HP anchors Zangief to
   the floor and since you can cancel normal moves at ANY point with special
   moves, you can make sure you don't accidentally Super Jump when trying to
   perform the FAB by throwing out the C.HP first.  Of course, make sure
   that the C.HP MISSES the enemy.  Then, the enemy will fall right into
   the FAB after you start it up.

8) MP Throw the enemy up into the air. On their way down, FPB or S.LP

   XX FAB.  On their way down, they'll fall into your arms for both the FPB
   and the FAB (the S.LP is used as an anchor for the FAB, but you don't
   necessarily NEED to use the anchor.  If you can do it frequently without
   problems, skip the S.LP anchor).  Even though the enemy recovers on their
   way down, hitting you from the air won't be easy.  They barely have time
   to do a move and if its not a HK or HP, it won't stop your FAB
   or FPB anyhow.  If they can manage a HP or HK, yes, they will
   get away.  The only way for the enemy to escape 100% of the time is if
   they perform a special move in the air that makes them float (e.g.
   HaDouKen, Kinetic Card, EM Disruptor).

9) Use Zangief as a Team Counter Attack. He does the FPB and is completely

   invincible for a long time so he can go through Super Combos and other
   moves.  Plus, it does a great deal of damage and can even be used to catch
   jump attacks.

10) Tack an FPB, SPD, or FAB to the ends of Beginner Combo #1, and

   Intermediate Combos #4 and #5.  Generally, after a Kick Lariat, you can
   SPD the enemy RIGHT when they land.

11) Instead of canceling the S.HK with Lariats or LK-Aerial Russian

   Slams, cancel it into the FPB or the FAB.  If the enemy does not strike
   you on their way down, they get caught and can't escape.  Cancel the
   S.HK kinda late.

12) After an FAB or SPD or FPB, if the enemy rolls, do the FPB or the FAB

   again and the enemy will roll into your arms.  They can escape the FAB
   easiest because the Chi Gathering will tip them off, so they can hold Jump
   and get away.  The FPB is the best because they can't see it coming as
   easily and it requires least timing.  The SPD, of course, is the best,
   causing considerable damage and not easily seen coming, but it takes the
   most timing.

Lariat Infinite

  • [Jumping Kick Lariat]
    • Done close to the ground. Can add J.Lp or J.Lk before the Lariat.

Air Combo Infinite

  • [Cr.Mp, /\ Sj.Lp, Sj.Mk XX Kick Lariat]
    • Can switch Sj.Lp for Sj.Lk. Can also skip the Sj.Mk.


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