Vegito (HD)

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In a nutshell

Vegito is an offensive mixup character whose strength lies in getting in close where he dominates. He has the best hop in the game, all of the fastest standing normals in the game, incredibly effective lows and he is the only character with a standing overhead. Vegito is a very imposing character capable of advancing forward very quickly and suddenly, possessing an infinite restun combo off of successful jump-ins, and is more than able to hold his own in the midrange with strong footsies. Although he lacks a reliable way to negate heavy zoning, his sheer mobility and large area of effectiveness make Vegito one of the strongest characters in Hyper Dimension. Good choice for players who like to chase their opponents down.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Close st.Y - A quick elbow to the ribs. Fastest standing normal in the game, allowing easy hitconfirms off of early jump-in attacks.

Close st.B - Fast, upwards-angled kick. Strong, close range anti-air, useful for stuffing hops and jumps. Can't be special cancelled.

Far st.Y - Vegito launches his palm into the opponent's stomach. Really fast for a far standing normal, but angled a bit too low to hit hops.

Far st.B - Vegito slides forward with a high angled roundhouse kick. Fastest far st.B in the game and a very strong midrange poke. Great for stuffing hops.

cr.Y - Vegito swipes at the ground causing sparks to fly forward. Hits low. Can't be special cancelled. Very strong hitbox on this move, the sparks are disjointed from Vegito's hurtbox making it hard to counterpoke on the ground. The fact that it combos into cr.B which launches, makes this move a very threatening low by this games standards.

cr.B - M.Bison slide with launching properties. Hits low. Can't be normal cancelled or special cancelled. Essentially has all the properties of M.Bison's classic sliding cr.HK, except this move launches on hit, allowing for followup combos. Very fast and sudden low, using it in neutral can take many people by surprise. Is almost always negative on block, but whether or not it is punishable depends on spacing; at max range it is +1 on block.

F.gifB - Vegito drops his heel onto the opponent's head. Hits overhead. This move can only hit once, but has two hitboxes. The first hitbox hits very high, and will whiff against all crouchers except Cell. The second hitbox hits much lower and a bit further. If the first hitbox connects, this move becomes very punishable on both block and hit. If the second hitbox connects, it is only slightly negative on hit, and on block, only a few characters can punish it due to the pushback. (Vegito can punish it with cr.B). So it is a bit awkward to use, and impossible to combo off of, but it's still the only standing overhead in the game and adds an element to Vegito's mixup that no other character has. Use with caution, but don't forget that it exists.

j.Y - Basic jumping punch. Can't be special cancelled. Not very impressive, but it does have a slightly better air-to-air hitbox than j.B. The other use for this is as a tick throw tool since it is very easy to whiff it against standing opponents. Hop forwards, press j.Y early, whiff, land, throw.

j.B - Downward angled flying kick. Standard jumping normal, nothing particularly special about it. Vegito's amazing hop is what makes this move seem better than it really is. Go-to jumping normal.

Neutral j.B - Horizontal kick unique to neutral jumps. Good air-to-air to use to stuff regular jumps and late hops on the way down.

Special Moves

Elbow Dash - Qcf.gifY - Vegito dashes forward with his elbow out, performing a 2 hit combo upon making contact with the opponent. Knocks down. Safe on block, but still not very useful; easy to guard counter, plus you have better ways to close the distance.

Geri Combo - Hcb.gifB - Short roundhouse kick, followed by a quick 3 hit combo. Knocks down. Not very useful; far st.B is a better midrange poke and you have better combo enders. Safe on block at least.

Quadruple Aerial Kick - Downleft.gifUpright.gifB - Vegito kicks his way to the heavens. Not invincible. Strong anti-air attack with the same animation and hitbox as close st.B, although 2 frames slower. Each hit of this attack launches, so if it trades, you can continue the combo with other attacks. Vegito's best guard counter option due to its speed and easy input.

Double Slashdown Kick - F.gifDown.gifB while in the air - Vegito comes down with a double divekick. Knocks down. One of the best divekicks in the game; depending on the spacing, this move can be anywhere from 0 to +10 on block, although it can be interrupted between the first and second hits by exceptionally fast or invincible attacks. Especially good for footsies given how good Vegito's hop is.

Kakusan Energy Dan - Qcb.gifA - Vegito leans back and pitches 3 generic fireballs at once. Costs 5 health to perform. Good okizeme tool, especially against cornered opponents; lots of blockstun and recovers quickly enough to run behind. Best used should you ever score a knockdown that doesn't result in your infinite combo.

Big Bang Attack - Hcf.gifA - Vegito throws a powerful energy blast diagonally up-forward. Costs 10 health to perform. One of the faster generic anti-air projectile attacks in the game. Does its job for the most part, too slow to use on reaction to hops but is still useful as a preemptive anti-air or on reaction to full jumps.

Final Kamehameha - Qcb.gifF.gifA - KA! ME! HA! ME! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Standard chargeable projectile attack that most characters have in some form. Costs 10 health to perform. Hold down A while performing in order to charge it up to a maximum of 3 power values. No charge will quickly release a level 2 projectile. Medium charge will release a level 3 projectile. Maximum charge will release a highly damaging level 4 projectile.

Desperation Attack: Galactic Juggle - Down.gifDownleft.gifHcf.gifY - A yellow glow surrounds Vegito. If the opponent is hit by it, Vegito flipkicks his opponent into the air and fires a beamsword at them, ending by catching and throwing them into the ground. This attack hits all around Vegito, and acts as both an attack and a parry: if a physical attack connects with the glow, it will be parried and the opponent will be sucked in for the desperation. This desperation has slow startup and very long recovery, so it's best used as an anti-air for full jumps due to its wide hitbox and complete invulnerability to all physical hits while active. Can also be used pre-emptively against cornered opponents, as it will beat almost all active attempts to escape the corner.