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Happycloud's MVC2 Project Overview

-Can be found here. Contains much useful info.

Happycloud Mirror

These links are from Happycloud's page, so I am just mirroring them.

-Wiki Resources-

-Upload Links- - use this to upload files to the wiki - use this to search for files that have already been uploaded

Useful Links: SRK Forums - Marvel 101 thread - Deconstructing the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 CD

Useful Links: Good Resources - Marvel 2 Deconstructed. A huge repository of information. - Frame data for move startups, recorded by joo. If used on wiki, add +1 to each. - Damage for each character's normals - all character images, in RAR archives. does not include hitboxes, but comprehensive animations are included. - pretty much just raw data, but this has individual frames both with and without hitboxes. if you simply need character animations, I recommend the link.

Useful Links: Good Stuff by SRK Wiki Editors highly recommended for all MVC2 editors- god tier page template. this guy's sandbox page also includes useful information about assist types further up - GeeDee's Navbox template for Project Justice. Useful when renovating any wiki here in general, not just Project Justice's.

Useful Links: Technical Info - a WIP disassembly of MVC2. It's assembly code, but it has lots of comments that explain what does what. If you're into this kind of thing, I can't recommend this repo enough. It contains tons of useful information.

My Music - links to my music

Born2SPD's Awesome SF2 Display

  • Far Standing Jab:
Damage 12[1] OSagat stfarjab1&3 stfarstrng2&4 stfarfrc2&4.png OSagat stfarjab2.png OSagat stfarjab1&3 stfarstrng2&4 stfarfrc2&4.png OSagat stfarjab4 stfarstrng6 stfarfrc6.png
Stun 0~5
Stun Timer 40
Chain Cancel No
Special Cancel Yes
Frame Advantage +4
Frame Count 3 4 4 1
Simplified 1 + 3 4 5

Why this here? Because it looks cool, man!