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The only FG I play seriously is ST, but I can also gamble a bit in Hyper Fighting (HF Zangief can be fun).
My main is Zangief and my 2nd is O.Hawk. I also forced myself to learn DeeJay (just so i'm not totally owned by Honda and Claw users). I also do OK with Dictator.
Zangief-mp.gif Thawk-old2.gif Deejay-mk.gif Mbison-mk.gif
If I am bored, I may also play a bit of Fei, Blanka and Ken, but I suck with all these.
Feilong-lk.gif Blanka-start.gif Ken-mk.gif Ken-old2.gif

I've contributed to the ST wiki a lot, my main contributions are:

  • Hitbox images for all ST characters;
  • Frame, damage and stun data for all ST characters (Oldschool BR helped with it too);
  • Tons of information on the Zangief article, as well as on other ST character articles;

I made a Sako tick training script in lua for MAME-RR and FBA-RR. You can download it here.

I'm also the author of the ST romhack called New Legacy. Its main focus is balance, although i did also add other cool stuff (stage select, more character palettes).
You can read more about it here:

B2spd lmao.png