Ukyo Tachibana (SamSho5Sp)

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Ukyo.gif Ukyo's cronic illness becomes more pressing and he is ever closer to death. In his travels, he meets a woman, Osaki, who also shares the same sickness as him. Upon their meeting, Ukyo realizes that Osaki also looks identical to Kei. Reminded of his former love, he takes pity upon her and decides to find an cure

Character Moves and Descriptions

Hiken Oborogatana qcf + S
Ukyo's image dashes forward and hits up to three times, depending on the
strength of the slash.
Hiken Tsubame Gaeshi db,qcf + S in air
Ukyo spins in the air with his sword extended and set on fire for effect.
Hiken Sasameyuki qcb + S
Ukyo tosses up an apple and with a number of strikes cuts up the apple.
Hiken Sasameyuki (feint)qcb + C
Ukyo throws up only an apple great for faking out other players.
Tsubame Rokuren qcf + CD
Ukyo hops threw the air with sword out if it hits he will do several slashes in
the air and disarm the other character.


Standing medium slash, qcf Fierceslash