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Motion Input Chart
7 Ub.png 8 U.png 9 Uf.png
4 B.png 5 N.png 6 F.png
1 Db.png 2 D.png 3 Df.png
Notation Meaning
(Leave a space) cancel from the previous normal to the following.
, Link from the previous move to the following.
> Cancel the previous move into the following special / super move.
~ Cancel special into set followup or plink previous attack into the following.
dl. / delay Delay the following move.
whiff Must whiff the following move.
land Must land on the ground before the next move.
rejump Must land then jump again before the next move.
j. / sj. Move is done in a jump / superjump.
jc / sjc Cancel previous move into a jump / superjump.
ia./tk. Instant Air or Tiger Knee Special or Super Move.
XX Any two attack buttons excluding S.
NXX Dash / Airdash in N direction.
X+S Any other attack button and S pressed at the same time.
AA Anti-Air
[X] Hold input
-X- Release input
(N) Connect with only the Nth hit of this attack.
(Move) Move is optional.
[sequence] x N Repeat sequence N times.

Beginner Combos

Combos One Star.png
Basic, simple combos with few requirements or restrictions.
  • Work on all or nearly all characters.
  • Require little to no resources (Meter, Assists, Character Specific Stocks).
  • Need minimal adjustments for positioning or starter.
Akuma Solo BnB Route
Damage: 545,000 (with 0 bar) , 700,000 - 750,000 (with 1 bar)
Meter Gain: ~1.2 (costs 1)
2L 2M 2H 5S sjc. (j.M j.M) j.H > j.421L > L, j.H rejump j.M j.M j.H > j.214L, land 2M 2H 5S sjc. j.M j.M) j.H > j.214L > j.236XX ([H])

Fortunately, Akuma has a very reliable and highly damaging solo combo route that does not require any special execution tricks. This route can be done off basically any hit-confirm into a 5S launcher, at any screen position, against any character.

In the initial Air Combo sequence, the two j.M hits are optional. They cause extra damage scaling, resulting in the standard combo doing about 10k less total damage. However, they do build a small amount of extra meter, and also make timing the combo easier (if you do j.H > j.421L too early, Akuma will not be high enough to connect the falling j.H afterwards).

Almost all of Akuma's combo routes will end with the j.214L > j.236XX sequence. When ending with Akuma's air hyper, you can choose to either do the normal "cotton candy" projectile spam version, or hold H to perform the alternate beam version. The projectile version has a higher potential damage ceiling, but its average damage is more inconsistent. It also offers better post-hyper frame advantage. The beam ender has more consistent damage and is OTG-capable. Generally, you will use the projectile ender if you are in the corner, where the hyper is more likely to "shotgun" the opponent for higher damage, while the beam version will be more damaging midscreen. The projectile version is also preferred for enabling Akuma's post-hyper extensions when needed (see below).

Post-Hyper Extensions

Akuma's j.236XX air hyper has very short recovery, and opponents tend to bounce on top of the fireballs. This gives Akuma the ability to continue the combo after the hyper, usually with a short sequence into a second hyper for very high total solo damage. Akuma can extend post-hyper both Midscreen and in the corner, but the extensions are different depending on Akuma's screen position.

Notation Damage Meter Location Video

(Any normal combo route into) j.H > j.214L > j.236XX (mash), j.5S, land, jump back j.236L > j.236XX [H] (mash)

~204,000 extra damage



  • In the corner, mash S after the hyper to connect an Air Combo Finisher, land and rejump to OTG with a beam hyper afterwards.
  • The L Fireball is optional but is free extra damage.
  • You can instead link j.2S (or j.6/4S against certain characters) to pull out a cute TAC exchange against opponents who aren't prepared for it.

(Any normal combo route into) j.H > j.214L > j.236XX (mash), falling j.236H land 236XX [H]

~196,000 extra damage



  • Midscreen, the fireballs will carry the opponent too far away for Akuma to connect any normals, but they also juggle the opponent for a long time. Long enough for Akuma to land and connect a beam hyper before they reach the ground.
  • The j.236H is optional but is free extra damage.

There is also a "sour spot" where Akuma is too close to the corner for the Midscreen extension, but not close enough for the Corner extension. In this position, Akuma can not extend post-hyper and should stop at the normal 1-bar ender into beam hyper.

Core Combos

Combos Two Stars.png
Core combos that balances reward with execution and reliability.
  • Works against a selected set of characters.
  • Can require adjustments for positioning and resources.
  • Are expected to be consistently performable by a skilled player who main the character.
Akuma Ground Confirm into Jump Loops
Damage: 602,000 (no bar), ~820,000 (1 bar), 1,024,000 (2 bar)
Meter Gain: Builds ~1.5 bars of meter (costs 2)
2L 2M 5H 6H > 421L > L, [rejump j.M j.H j.S > j.236L]x2 rejump j.M j.H j.S > j.214L land 2H 5S sjc. j.M j.M) j.H > j.214L > j.236XX etc.

If Akuma can connect Gosho palm (421L > L) outside of a Launcher Combo, he gets access to highly damaging and very meter-positive jump loops. You can not do this off a normal 5S launcher into magic series into Gosho, because the subsequent j.S hits will then force a Hard Knockdown.

The difficult part of this combo as a is effectively confirming into 6H. 2H into 6H does not combo, and 5H into 6H can drop if the opponent is airborne but lower to the ground. If you are able to connect 6H however, it is pretty trivial to go from there into the loop.

The third rejump is cutting it close in terms of Hitstun Deterioration. It can drop if the initial confirm is too awkward (such as from an anti-air 5L), or if the previous loops are not done properly. You can omit the second j.S > j.236L loop and skip directly to the air tatsu rep if you are worried about it dropping.

Air-to-Air Confirms

Hyakki Gosho (Palm, 421L > L) causes a Ground Bounce from any hit, combos easily from j.H, and lets Akuma easily follow up with Jump Loops or another combo of your choice. Akuma can convert essentially any air-to-air normal hit at any height by canceling into 421L > L. If Akuma attempts an airthrow, he can buffer a 421L motion during the attempt, which will not come out if the throw is successful, but will give Akuma a chance to confirm the OS j.H otherwise.

Notation Damage Meter Location Video

(Air-to-Air) j.H > 421L > L, (falling j.H) rejump j.M j.H j.S > j.236L rejump j.M j.H j.S > j.214L land 2H 5S sjc. j.M j.M) j.H > j.214L > j.236XX etc.

582,000 (meterless), ~808,000 (1 bar), ~993,000 (2 bar)

Builds ~1.15 bars


  • If you air-to-air and confirm into 421L > L, you essentially get a normal Jump Loop combo.
  • Airborne hit-confirms scale Hitstun Deterioration more harshly than grounded confirms, so you will usually only get 2 rejumps max. 3 can be possible off a really fast confirm, but only looping twice is safer.

Throw Combos

Notation Damage Meter Location Video

(Forward Ground Throw), TK j.2369XX [H]




(Backward Ground Throw), Neutral/Forward Jump j.236XX [H]




(Forward Air Throw), 421L > M, rejump j.M j.M j.S > j.236L, rejump j.M j.M j.H > j.214L, land 2M 2H 5S sjc. j.M j.M) j.H > j.214L > j.236XX etc.

509,000 (1 bar)

Builds ~1.1



  • Airthrow into jump loops. The Ground Bounce from Demon Flip Divekick is lower than the one you get from palm, so use j.M j.M j.S instead of j.M j.H j.S
  • Similarly, the lower Ground Bounce means that Akuma tends to jump over the opponent and sideswitch during the jump loop. If this happens, you will need to input the air fireball backwards, as j.214L.
  • If you don't feel comfortable with the jump loops, just mash 5S after the divekick into a normal launcher combo.

(Back Air Throw), 421M > M, rejump j.M j.M j.S > j.236L, rejump j.M j.M j.H > j.214L, land 2M 2H 5S sjc. j.M j.M) j.H > j.214L > j.236XX etc.

509,000 (1 bar)

Builds ~1.1



  • Same as forward airthrow, but use M Demon Flip.
  • You are less likely to sideswitch off this version.

[LL6MH] (Raging Demon), TK j.2369XX [H]

621,000 (4 bars)



  • If you actually land Raging Demon, you get the same Hard Knockdown as a forward ground throw, and can link TK Beam Hyper.

Comboing in X-Factor

Since Akuma is most commonly played as an anchor character, he typically has access to X-Factor level 3. With the very high buffs to damage and scaling, Akuma does not need any particularly special extensions to kill characters in XF2/3. Instead, Akuma's XF combos should be focused on killing as quickly as possible, omitting unnecessary intermediate hits in order to consume a minimal amount of Akuma's X-Factor duration.

Notation Damage Meter Location Video

2L 2H 5S sjc. j.H > j.421L > L, land, 5S sjc. j.H > j.214L > j.236XX [H] (mash)

883,000 (XF1), 1,030,000 (XF2), 1,187,000 (XF3)


Minimal hits combo to quickly kill the majority of the cast for 1 bar as quickly as possible.

  • In any level of X-Factor, Akuma can link 2M after a grounded 214L, then chain back into another 214L for an easy loop.
  • In XF3 specifically, 214L links into itself. It is not a true infinite, and eventually drops after ~8 reps, but is enough to kill any character meterless with minimal effort. Video Example

Assist Extensions


Advanced Combos

Combos Three Stars.png
Advanced Combos are specialized in usage, require awareness, execution, and have advantages over core combos.
  • May only work on a few characters or in specific circumstances.
  • Can have any amount of requirements such as meter, positioning, starter.
  • Are not necessarily harder than core combos, but require more specific knowledge.

Fireball + Gojin Divekick Relaunches

Ground Bounce Circumvention with Hyakki Gojin
(Air Back Throw), j.421L > H, land 421L > M, dash 5S sjc. j.M j.H j.S, falling j.236L, land 421L > M, 5S sjc. j.M j.H etc.

Usually, Hyakki Gojin (divekick) is a worse use of Ground Bounce than Gosho (palm). It is more awkward to combo into, and gives worse follow-up options due to a lower Ground Bounce. However, a specific quirk gives Gojin OTG an edge in difficult, optimized routes. If Gojin hits OTG while one of Akuma's fireballs is meaty immediately above the opponent, then the divekick will not consume Ground Bounce, allowing Akuma to relaunch multiple times for higher total damage. The example combo shows using this to get a better pickup off Air Back Throw than just using raw Divekick OTG, but similar setups can be incorporated into most combo routes. However, the spacing and timing requirements for Akuma's air fireball to be at the correct location when the Divekick connects are very precise, so this is a difficult combo route to attempt in-match.

Same concept off a midscreen jump-in combo
Similar combo off 6M overhead

Big-Body Exclusive Combos

  • j.M is an Instant Overhead against very large characters, like Sentinel. j.M (delay) j.M j.H > j.214L land 2M 5H etc. allows Akuma to confirm an IOH hit into a regular grounded combo.
  • If Akuma Air Backthrows a big-body character into the corner, he can link a falling j.214M before they reach the ground. With an airthrow at regular jump height, this juggles long enough on its own for Akuma to land and relaunch without needing to OTG>
    • For an airthrow at higher altitudes, confirm with j.214M > j.236XX, j.214M Video Example

TAC Infinites

Note: Akuma's known TAC Infinites are not considered to be human-practical

Midscreen Up
Midscreen Side

Corner Down
Corner Up

Other Combos

Compilation of Advanced/Situational Combos by Hayd3nPlz
Compilation of Advanced/Situational Combos by Clayton Chapman

Extending after Corner Beam Hyper Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

Corner Tatsu Relaunch Loops

Forward Ground Throw w/ Meaty Fireball pickup
Forward Airthrow w/ Meaty Fireball pickup