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Tiger Megazord (MMPR:FE)

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Move List

Wind-Up Punch -- f, d, df + Y/X

White Tiger Thunder Bolt -- d, df, f + B/A

Two-hit Elbow Strike -- dash + X

Double Kick Dive -- d + any two buttons

Thousand-hit Combo (next to opponent) -- b, d, f + Y/X

Super Move - Phoenix Strike -- d, df, f, d, df, f + Y/X



While jumping A + (d + Y) + (d + Y) + (d + B) + (d + X) + Double Kick Dive

While dashing Y + Y + X + Phoenix Strike

While close Thunder Bolt with Y + Phoenix Strike

Basic Strategies

While it doesn't have much range nor speed, it is very strong and only a couple of hits should be sufficient for almost all opponents. Your White Tiger Thunder Bolt (I swear that's how it was called in the TV series!) is quite unique: if you use it with the Y button, it will have a short distance but it is a launcher which allows for juggling and if you use the X button then it comboes with a longer distance without launching the opponent.

Advanced Strategies